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My experience with my favorite car.

My car has good performance when I use it since his speeds work very well, has very comfortable seats united a service of effective GPS also has an excellent performance of petrol and provides a few conditions of excellent dulling since it makes you feel in the air. The space in the suitcase is big and it does the life easiest to the moment to realize the purchases, a lot of safety for my family.

- Victor B

The car has a high safety rating.

My vehicle performs very well, the gears are exceptionally smooth. This vehicle does not have any problems, the only downside is the turbo can be loud at times. The leather seats are extremely comfortable as long as the air conditioner is on during a hot day. The speed and style is very impressive especially driving fast around tight corners.

- Adam B

The vehicle is great and I love it the vehicle is great and I love it.

The vehicle is great and I love it the vehicle is great and I love it the vehicle is great and I love it the vehicle is great and I love it the vehicle is great and I love it the vehicle is great and I love it the vehicle is great and I love it the vehicle is great and I love it.

- Deja S

Broken car especially broken airbag and have aNC engine light on

I love my vehicle. It have the most outstanding performance for the past year I really don't have that much of a problem in this type car. It's just the engine light is on and the airbag im the passenger is broken the aircon is not that cool especially on the summer time

- Alex S

Open road dream come true.

No issues, drives well very comfortable. I have not experienced any negatives with this vehicle at all. It is definitely one of my favorites to drive. It looks as nice as it is comfortable. You do not feel like you are trading one for the other like some vehicles.

- Maria A

Most important seats in an Audi.

The vehicle is very comfortable and has lots of legroom that you're able to use. The fronts seats as well as the 2 outside seats in the middle row are able to be heated if added in a bundle, this really helps if you live in a colder part of the world.

- Sam D

It is top quality. Big and loud. Mud tires that purr like kittens.

Love it so much. Luxury at its finest. Navigation, leather seats, surround sound. Rims, all black, camo on the inside, lifted 6in,

- Kali S

good engine, nice comfort with lot of style and good value for money

Love my A8 because its a strong, luxurious and powerful car with lot of style, nice design, don't need lot of maintenance

- Michael R

That it is a very secure car and that it is very stable while driving

It is comfortable, spacious, stable when driving on a road, I love the design, the color, and it is a very secure car

- Tyler P

The car is super fast, so once you start driving the car, you must really get used to it after a while

There are no complaints about my vehicle in any way, the car is simply amazing, it's the greatest car I've ever had

- Zebulun A

Wonderful style. Safety guaranteed.

The car works really well. It creates a safe feeling for the driver. Also its design is very stylish and cool.

- Katisa K

My car is a great car, it's safe for me and my whole family. I seriously fell in love with my car model because of this.

The car is definitely a family car, i would highly recommend it to you if you have 2 kids like me.

- Luke W

The mileage is great and wonderful

I don't have any complaints about my car

- Stefany E