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Good car but breaks down a lot.

Very good car however when car gets older lots of very expensive problems occur. My car is close to 130,000 miles and it's starting to break down. The transmission does not work like it used to. The engine also is always leaking oil and coolant. Have put about 11 grand into a car that is only worth about 7 grand.

- Zoe D

Fun Midsize SUV that drives like a sporty Audi sedan.

I have an Audi Q5 which is a midsize SUV. This is my second Audi. I really like the Q5. It drives great, is excellent in the snow (important in Buffalo!) and is a fun car. It is a little bit smaller than I need to haul 2 busy kids around so I'm looking to upgrade to a Q7 in the near future.

- Megan L

Looks more expensive then what you pay for used one. Makes you look successful.

My car is 9 y/o. I had to change alternator and fix secondary water pump to have heat. Pump stopped working which only affected heat. Otherwise I'm happy with my car.

- Pet B

Perfect for going the distance and looking classy

This car is a really good size and has a lot of awesome features, I wish it had better gas mileage and stronger AC, living in Texas it can get pretty hot.

- macey g

Comfort, visibility, and acceleration.

My q5 is a reliable and comfortable vehicle. It has great acceleration and cruise control. You sit high in the car which gives great visibility.

- Susan M

It's pretty, but It uses a lot of gas.it is also expensive to repair

It's all wheel drive and safe in bad weather. It also has quick pick up speed.

- Linda B

Love the suv feel, back seats are comfortable. Don't like the windshield wipers because they stop in the line of vision .

Drives smooth and reliable. Appearance is very sleek looking.

- Gretchen G

The Audi q5 premium plus is a safe, yet sporty small SUV.

- Emily T