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Traveling with the moonroof open in my comfortable and stylish Audi Q5!!

I drive a 2012 Audi Q5. I love the size of the vehicle and how comfortable it is to ride in. I have two children and both car seats fit well and there is still room for someone to sit comfortably in the back with them. I feel very confident in the safety of my Audi. The only issues we've had is having to re-ring the pistons, a common issues with this make and model but otherwise the Q5 is in perfect condition and very easy to maintain. My favorite feature is the moon roof, great for road trips!

- Cecil H

Audi q5; fast, reliable, and safe.

I love the performance of my vehicle, it is fast, reliable, not gas guzzling, and safe. The quattro system helps keep the vehicle from sliding around on the roads and helps you to feel extra safe and in control. The inside is spacious and comfortable as well as luxurious. The moon roof really adds a wow factor when you are inside also! Only downside is how few Audi dealers are near where I live, so for any serious maintenance I have to drive an average of 2. 5 hours to the closest dealer.

- Kelsey W

Great safe and reliable car for the mountains!

This car has been very comfortable and very reliable. The inside is roomy and great for car trips. This car is all wheel drive and feels very safe driving in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Only a couple of issues that aren't ideal. One is it's a 2012 and the GPS system isn't easy to use. Also, the back seats don't have heated seats. And the last thing I would love it if I could start the car remotely so it's warm when I get in.

- Ilan P

Where? The dashboard does not correspond with the control buttons.

As a tall woman I would prefer more room in the driver's seat. I would even go add fat add saying the vehicle is simply not roomy enough to accommodate my three grandchildren, the dogs and space for the groceries. Not comfortably. Mileage is closer to good than fair. Drive is smooth and easy. More than likely would not purchase this make and/or model.

- Amy S

Sleek look and smooth to drive this vehicle.

Drives smooth, runs great. Love the interior and it is options. Nice sleek look to it with the sports package it adds a little different style. The sport model gives you the option of automatic or shifting it manually which makes it even more fun to drive. It has plenty of room for 5 passengers with a good size back for storage.

- Lori H

Luxury SUV with media and oil usage issues.

Mmi plug in is in the glove box, no capacity to upgrade media system on q5 of that year. Car goes through oil 1l every 1000 miles after 80k miles. Car runs quiet, smooth, quality interior, reliable. Base model does not come with a lot of features. Profile similar to a car but has higher ground clearance.

- Jennifer B

my 2012 Q5 is amazing. there is nothing i don't love about this car

i love my car so much iv had no problems it runs like a champ grate performance, daily driver and never worried if it wouldn't start grate reliability, love the interior really comfortable and and iv upgraded some features new sound system that has navigation Bluetooth and a few other bells and whistle .

- zac a

Comfortable and reliable vehicle

very reliable and comfortable vehicle. I enjoy driving it long distances and the leather seats are very comfortable and easy to adjust. The controls are easy to navigate. The only issue I have is that you can't play music through the Bluetooth but the phone does connect for phone calls.

- Rebecca F

More pros than cons with the Audi q5.

Vehicle is reliable - love the car's features and it is comfortable. When pulling onto the highway though, sometimes there's a hesitation then the car speeds up. Next time I need front brakes, I will not use graphite - makes the hubcaps filthy. I would recommend this car.

- Jan C

A highlight that was mentioned previously was the performance on the highway.

Great on highway, good gas mileage and great leather seats. Fun to drive and take others for a ride. It is great to take out as it impresses others as a luxury car. I feel important in it as well. I like its performance overall and all the bells and whistles are terrific.

- Lou R

My old but reliable Audi Q5

I really love this car. I think it's very cute, comfortable and easy to drive. It's very good on gas mileage. I've had it over 6 years and I am just now starting to see signs of wear and tear with it. But overall I do love it and would buy the exact same car again.

- Alison G

It is very safe, especially in winter.

I have had no problems with performance, it is very capable of rough 4-wheel drive roads, it is very reliable and has never (yet) broken down on me, it is very comfortable, carries a lot of stuff, the dog fits in the back. Features are easily used and reliable.

- Lisa P

The Audi Q5 should be considered for your next car -

Love my car but has started to age a but. Oil light and service due lights come on often. We've had to replace the brakes twice and any repairs for Audi's are very expensive. But it is a great car, drives nice and is very comfortable.

- Beth S

Sleek and elegant mid-size SUV perfect for daily driving!

My Audi Q5 is my favorite car I have ever owned! The design is sleek and elegant, and the size is perfect (even with 3 kids). The dealership service is excellent and we have had no problems with the car over the last 6 years!

- Cristina J

Safe, reliable spacious vehicle.

The q5 has been very reliable and is spacious for a family of five. I feel very safe in it. The hatchback is awkward to close - no interior handle to pull it down - and wish an auto close button on it came as standard feature.

- Jean C

It is an awesome vehicle which is worth every penny!

I love the way this suv handles like a sports car. I love the comfort of the interior for me and my passengers. I love the acceleration of my big engine which was an upgrade.

- Steve H

The Audi Q5 is an excellent vehicle! I love the space conformation, maintenance is straightforward and cost effective, and it drives very smoothly!

I absolutely love my 2012 Audi Q5! It is the perfect size for our family of 5, our Audi dealership is very courteous and efficient, and the vehicle is a joy to drive!

- Cristina C

Best car ever to drive any time of the year!

Best purchase I have ever made. It handles really well in all types of weather conditions. Has seat warmer option which is great for leather seats in the winter.

- Liliya H

It is the greatest car, perfect size.

Greatest car on the market, however, it can have some issues with the sunroof. Otherwise it is specious and fits most situation, while you look in style.

- Sandra G

That it can be really comfortable to drive or even sit in the back for long hauls.

I like that it is spacious. It is fun to drive. It has smooth handling. Decent fuel economy and the up to date technological features you can ask for

- cyril T

Very comfortable to drive. Acceleration reacts quickly.

I love this vehicle. I feel safe and it's very comfortable to drive. It's a good size. Not too big and not too small. Perfect family car.

- Shirley f

That German cars are expensive to maintain.

Comfort of the interior, leather seat. The ease of the controls, stereo Bluetooth devices. The power due to the turbo engine.

- Jessica B

Is very reliable, comfortable y dependable.

I like everything no complains I like the color, the way it derives, I like the model, I like the comfy that t it is.

- Elizabeth W

It can hold a lot. It is reliable.

It has great mileage. It has great seats. It can go extremely fast. It does not rust easily. It goes well with dogs.

- Rebec M

Audi q5: the cost of luxury.

Features of the Audi q5 include stereo and luxury performance. While problems are few, they are expensive to fix.

- Taylor S

Cool car to drive. Fun. Expensive. Dependable. Good gas mileage.

Dependable but costs a lot when it needs repairs. Fun to drive. Looks cool. Gets reasonably good gas mileage.

- Keith T

It has a smooth ride but requires high end gas.

Likes: great handling, comfortable, moonroof, big back seat, luxury vehicle. Dislikes: gas, audio capabilities.

- Hillary H

Easy to maintain on a day to day basis. Good mileage on all conditions.

Love the 3.2 liter engine. Love handling in all weather. In board computer could be more friendly

- Frederic G

The cost of the upkeep and maintenance.

I like the mileage I get with the diesel engine. I dislike the costly services.

- lix D

it the best car they should buy as it is smooth car rider

it ride too smooth and awesome car only i don't like is average per mile

- jigna p

The car is very reliable and good service. The cost for repairs however can be costly.

I love the quality of the car. Very comfortable and very reliable

- Linda B

My Audi Q5 handles very well

Handles well. I like being higher up. Love blind spot detection

- Laura B

fun drive, unique experience safe, spacious inside, good design

cute out looking, nice drive very unique. mpg is not good though

- Rachel H

its outstanding quality, reliability, handling

fun to drive; economical; reliable; excellent fit and finish

- Eddy H



- Ernest R