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Audi Q5-beautiful vehicle that everyone will notice

I love my Audi Q5-it's a smaller compact SUV, which is great for me because I don't want to drive something too large. The interior feels spacious enough and comfortable and I've had very few issues with the car since I purchased it. The only issues I've had are very minor- there is a slight whistle from the driver's side window while driving high speeds and I can't figure out what is causing this. The brakes are in perfect condition but have squeaked slightly since I purchased the car. There have also been numerous recalls (at least 3) on the vehicle since I purchased it, but there appeared to be no real issues with the car when I've talked to service techs. All in all, I love the car because it's a great looking vehicle, suits my needs, and has a very comfortable interior. It drives smoothly and my husband prefers it to his Civic which has all the bells and whistles.

- Fran L

The beauty of the Audi q5.

My q5 is definitely the most comfortable SUV - it is even more comfortable than the 4-door sedan I had. Between individual heat/cool controls for the front and back passengers, individual seat heat controls, and great sound system. I love the "smart" dash that indicates when it is close to time for the vehicle's next service. People love riding in my "luxury" car compared to having to ride in theirs which means I am usually the designated driver.

- Hazel T

Great luxury, all wheel drive, and smooth ride.

I love how this car drives, very smooth ride. I like that it is all wheel drive, it handles very well in the snow. It is very reliable, I never have to worry it will not start. It is very comfortable to ride it, very luxurious. I like that the seats are fully adjustable. The only thing I do not like about it is the navigation and stereo system are not touch screen.

- Val D

That it has good mileage for less gas.

It is fast and has good mileage. This car can get you to places in no time. There sunroof is awesome because it expands all almost to the back seat. The seats are very comfortable. During the winter the car heats up fast and the seat warmers are amazing. Also the sound system is pretty awesome because if you turn up the bass, it makes you feel like your at a club.

- Abby C

Why I love to drive my Audi.

My Audi q5 has been a very reliable vehicle for me. It has never left me stranded or had any major issues at all. I love that it is very zippy and accelerates quickly and smoothly. The control and steering are awesome. I have driven up and down the west coast and the car is comfortable and the hands free tech is very convenient.

- Mary F

It's powerful and luxurious. When you go from driving an average car to an Audi, you notice the upgrade in comfort, speed, and the quiet drive.

I love the interior and the power of the vehicle. It is comfortable and handles very well. The heating and cooling system could be stronger and the brakes should respond more quickly. Overall, I have had few problems with the vehicle. It rarely needs service and it's usually minor. I love the brand.

- Melissa L

This is a fun and versatile vehicle that works for family and fun while being very stylish.

I like that it's a versatile vehicle. It's not to big and not too small. The ride is very smooth and the power is adequate. I don't care for the constant need to maintenance checks because service lights are always coming on. The repairs are rather expensive compared to other vehicles I had owned.

- Ananda H

Audi q5 is a dream on wheels!

Rides like a dream. Beautiful car inside and out! Full moon roof with panoramic view. Full power features that set to each individual. Luxury sound system with 8 speakers. Good gas mileage for a SUV. Q5 is on the sedan frame, so it rides like a car. You never feel it shift. Love it.

- Cindy M

Audi diesel good power and great gas mileage.

I have the tdi and it has great power and great gas mileage. Steering is tight and seats comfortable for long trips. I like the roof rack for extra cargo and have towed large trailers successfully. Radio is ok but not as good as the newer Audi sound.

- Steven B

All around a great vehicle.

The vehicle is absolute perfection. The performance sold me immediately on the test drive. It is the perfect size for my family as well. Its extremely comfortable and handles amazing. It truly is a blast to drive, while also efficient and reliable.

- Daniel K

This car is great on gas mileage and low cost in maintenance. Extremely reliable.

I like that it has a lot of power and gets great gas mileage. I like that is has a lot of room for cargo. Low maintenance. I don't like how hard the seats are in the car. I like that the nav system is built in to the dash and not a pop out screen

- Chris P

Audi Q5: The good and bad definition of luxury vehicles

Size, engineering and dependability are the primary reasons that I like the vehicle but when it comes to maintenance is where the luxury comes into play. Simple replacements such as the battery can run you $500.

- Kent S

It's a diesel, need to have the emissions updateS.

Has lots of room and excellent engine. The diesel is fuel efficient and remarkable acceleration. I don't like how bumpy the ride feels, for a semi luxury vehicle my 10 yo sedan had a smoother ride.

- Susan P

This car is just really smooth to use and reliable.

This car has been very reliable through the couple years I have had it. This car has never broken down on me and it has been fantastic having the pleasure of using this car.

- Logan T

It is very dependable & comfortable.

It is dependable. It is beautiful. It is comfortable. No complaints. It has great features like the roomy back end & the seats lay down.

- Gwen G

It's very reliable and safe.

I love how smooth it rides. The seats are heated. It has xm radio. The sun/moonroof is very large. Build in navigation system.

- Stephanie M

Mid size vehicle with space of an suv and maneuverability of a compact car

Very reliable and smooth ride on the highway and the back windy roads. Mid size SUV, very easy maneuver into parking spots.

- Jamie S

Latest technology for safety-blind spot detection

Vehicles with high towing capacity Vehicles have high MPG and fuel economy ratings Vehicles with a stylish exterior

- Robert B

Just a very good car to have.

Has the horsepower I need. The cushions are comfy and easy to sit upon. Gets me through the winter without trouble.

- quincy s

It's mirrors fold in which make it fit better.

My q5 is Soo comfortable to drive and is really quick off the line. I love the color and how high quality it is

- Your M

Great for families, and long trips.

Like the smooth ride. Like the luxurious feel. Dislike the repair costs. Like the compliments I receive.

- Jimmy M

The car has very good safety features and also has a hybrid option.

It is my dream car, which I love. I wish it had an option for a usb. It drives really well.

- Ashley B

It looks sharp and drives well.

Technology is already getting aged. The care drives well, handles well and is comfortable.

- Ray P

that it's a nice car, decent price

i like having a luxury vehicle, he q5 has a nice design and the sizes is just right.

- Paul S

Expensive to maintain car

I like the way it looks and handles the road. I do not like the cost to maintain

- Nicole g

It's great to drive on open road

it drives very nice great for road trips.very fast.dependable and safe.very fun

- matt s

handles well in all conditions including ice/snow.

comfortable, safe, attractive handles very well, no complaints

- John C

Gets you from point A to point B

The car is great. Gas mileage isn't too bad and it runs good.

- Maria H

that it wasn't that expensive even if it was a luxury brand

it's the right size, decent gas mileage, luxury car

- Carolyn S