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Very nice luxury car that needs little maintenance.

The comfort and reliability are better than most other cars I have been in before. As the years go on the seats stitching and upholstery may seem to wear and tear, and the car needs more and more frequent oil changes. The breaks need to be fixed at least twice a year lately and the oil needs to be changed at an increasing rate. The leather is also prone to sun bleaching over time as my dashboard and steering wheel have quite visible discoloration in certain spots and areas. The standard speaker systems is decent as is the air conditioning unit. The sunroof is a nice feature that helps air out the car and give it more of a roomy feel. The tire tread gets worn down too easy though. Besides that the car handles quite well and I would recommend it to anyone seeking a luxury car that is not too much of a problem to deal with and requires little regular maintenance besides those adjustments previously mentioned.

- Holden M

Mostly reliable after one major hiccup.

My car was bought certified pre owned. Shortly after purchasing the car, the mechatronics unit went bad in it and it stated that the transmission failed. It was covered under warranty. The brakes are not very sensitive and the pedals are not adjustable so being short is a disadvantage to driving this car. Overall the features are nice and it has been reliable since the transmission failure, just hoping it holds up for multiple more years. The extended warranty was bought on the car just in case since the maintenance is so pricey.

- Jill S

Elegant and comfortable vehicle

My vehicle is easy to drive. It is comfortable and has enough room for 5 people. It consumes more fuel than other cars but it is a good vehicle overall. It has different features to use but I do not use them most of the time because I prefer to trust my instincts. One of the features I like the most is the back up video that helps a lot during backup parking.

- Maria U

My Audi Q5 has performed above and beyond my expectations.

I have owned my Audi Q5 for four (4) years and it has been very reliable. It is very comfortable and love where all the controls are located. It has not given me any issues, however I have taken it to the dealer for all of its Maintenance. I am considering purchasing another Q5 within the next 12 months since it performance has been outstanding.

- Susanne L

It is safe and easy to drive. Light and stable.

My vehicle is a good one to choose. It is safe and comfortable. Audi is from Germany, usually the cover of it is very hard, so it protects the driver and passengers. As well, the design and outside look is kind of cool. We've been riding with the car for around 3 years, we haven't seen any major problems. It is really a good car.

- He S

Great car for taking up to the mountains!

I really like this car, I have not yet experienced any problems with it, the only thing I did not know is that on the base model a backup camera does not come as a standard feature, so I am looking to install one in the car. Other than the car is very comfortable, handles well in all weather conditions and it stylish as well.

- Laura V

The luxury car that does the most.

My vehicle rides so smooth and the interior is amazing! Navigation and Bluetooth work really well and the sun/moonroof is so worth it. I have not had any problems with the vehicle yet. All wheel drive performs really well. The car is a great size, big enough to sit off the ground but still small enough to get around easily.

- Georgia N

Audi Q5 black with limo tint windows and black interior.

I love this car because it drives so smooth and is the perfect size to accommodate my lifestyle! The leather seats are super comfortable and easy to clean! Also this car is a 3.0 turbo so it definitely picks up and goes which I also love! Another thing I like is how you can start the car without inserting the key

- Jamie J

It drives like a car not an SUV

Repairs and maintenance care is expensive. It is also hard to go to any auto shop because some repair guys hate working on Audi's and some parts you need Audi only. Other than that we love the vehicle it drives great and it's good in the snow. There is plenty of room and fits 5 people comfortably.

- Ronald S

The panoramic sunroof is amazing. It is my favorite feature.

No problems! I love my vehicle. It is the perfect size, plenty of room but not too big. Great gas mileage and very nice features and interior. Everything works perfectly. There are plenty of options. The panoramic sunroof is the best. Audi is my favorite brand vehicle and I will never own another.

- Kelly S

An honest review by a normal driver.

Very good gas mileage but does require premium. Took on vacation -500 miles one way - very comfortable. I found a little difficult to program garage door opener. Have not had long enough to experience performance on snowy roads but the a4 all wheel drive car I had prior to this one did great.

- Regina P

Gas efficient and spacious.

I love the Audi q5 it seats 5 people comfortably and is extremely gas efficient. My friends love to go on road trips in it. The only problem I had was a minor gas leak. But, that was fixed with ease. It came with an amazing sound system, 8 speakers. For a 2015 model it holds its value well.

- Ray D

Audi q5 is an all star car.

The Audi q5 drives really smooth! It is seriously the best car. Amazing gas mileage, handles well, drives like a car but is an SUV, great entertainment and luxury features as well such as heated seats, panoramic sunroof, Bluetooth, nav system. Killer Audio system. Overall the best car.

- Katie O

I love this car, it is a member of our family!

It is so reliable, comfortable, and so user friendly. It has great features, plenty of legroom and the trunk space is just right. I feel very safe in this vehicle. My whole family agree with me that is the best car I have ever owned. I would highly recommend it highly to anyone.

- Jane F

The Audi q5 is a great family car!

I love my Audi q5. It is very comfortable and reliable. I also love the look of the car. It also comes with a great service plan and the staff are always so friendly and helpful. The only thing I am not pleased with is the navigation system. I find it very difficult to use.

- Robin F

Great Audi SUV with huge sunroof and roof rack!

My car is great! First diesel vehicle I have owned and it gets awesome gas mileage. Super roomy and functional. I have had Mercedes and bmws before and this is my first Audi and it definitely will not be my last! I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a nice SUV.

- Courtney G

Audi Q5 - Reliable and built well

Car has been very reliable, no major issues in 4 years. The interior held up well, it doesn't look like the car is 5 years old. The maintenance is expensive, including oil changes. Sunroof makes a creaking noise after a few years, not sure why. Ok on gas mileage

- shown S

Best car very easy to drive.

No problem it is the best car I ever drove. Most reliable and very comfortable. Have all the features that I have look for in the car it’s a diesel and I am saving a lot of money on gas this car do not have aNY problem so I would recommend it to everyone.

- Ings G

Heated seats. Navigation. Satellite radio. Bluetooth connectivity. Panoramic top.

The Audi has a clean sleek look, it drives smoothly and is not bumpy. Has heated leather seats easy to maintain. It does not have a USB outlet. The car is all wheel drive which makes it drive smooth. Has navigation, satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity.

- Susan S

Reasons Why I love my Q5!

Quiet ride, stylish, compact yet roomy, responsive, dependable, nice interior, good for winter driving, good mileage, priced reasonably, good warranty, good trade in value, good vehicle to transport my dogs in, gets up to speed on the highway quickly

- Greg L

The cost of ownership (maintenance, gas, etc) is much less than one might think.

I think it is a great size generally, but the shape of the cargo area makes it difficult to store anything more than medium-sized. I also think Audi could do a better job with the combination of options in each trim package.

- Kyle H

It's solid, sturdy, and very safe. We really enjoy the feel and ambiance of the vehicle while driving.

It's a great riding and driving vehicle that fits our family needs. I wish it came with certain features like navigation and a backup camera but those features would've priced the vehicle outside of our budget.

- Phil M

It's very comfortable and fun to drive. The moon roof is huge and divine.

I love the handling and comfort of it. I love that it feels premium. I don't think the navigation or any of the console menu is intuitive. I don't like the terrible gas mileage.

- Stephanie B

That the brand is very solid for the most part but is more about doing everything well enough instead of doing one thing really well.

I like Audi's creature comforts but do not like their braking system as it is far too loose. Although the car performs fairly well, I would like a faster and smaller car.

- Tom E

Great Style, Comfort and Mileage with Plenty of room

Great Comfort and Reliability. Good Mileage. Hitech package with less outside noise or engine noise.Panoramic Roof. Maintenance is premium.

- MohanKrishna S

Sleek, comfy, smooth ride!

Very reliable, smooth riding and quiet. Awesome features and love that it is a tdi, which equals great mileage! Has great power!

- Brian B

Sporty Black 2015 Audi Q5

This is the most comfortable and best driving car I have ever had. It is sporty in style and look. Lots of extras. I love it!

- Margie S

Q5 is sporty, fun and handles like a dream.

Love the q5. It handles better than any other crossover we have ever owned. It is comfortable and we enjoy all the perks.

- Karen S

Not a bad car but I expected more

Exterior finish is not high quality and pits easily. Also quite a few recalls. The trunk space is ok for the size SUV

- Rebecca F

The space inside the car is very large and the interior is beautiful.

Very comfortable, Safety performance is also very good Accelerate very fast, with sufficient power I like this car.

- jac j

Great service and quality!

reliable, smooth ride, good gas mileage. Excellent service!~ Very confident it will perform. I am very happy

- Jon P

Most important about the car is that it is very reliable.

Love diesel style exterior and color comfort and handling. Dislike Audio nav system and console and dashboard.

- Cindy S

Easy to use and not as complicated as some new cars.

Love Audis. Fun to drive comfortable on long trips.. Not very tech friendly. Does have some rattles.

- Rhonda G

It gets good gas mileage. The storage capacity is pretty decent.

Has great pickup and is very good in the snow. Size is good. I love the cruise control.

- Karen B

The performance and handling is everything I was promised

The comfort and quiet while driving is perfect The handling is responsive

- Ken L

comfortable seats, smooth driving which is easy to maneuver, lots of capacity for cargo

Comfortable ride, smooth drive, backup camera, automatic tailgate opening

- Veronica O

it is reliable and economic it never gives me any issues

My car is reliable, economic, love everything about it. no dislikes.

- desi d

Luxurious, good gas mileage, nice technology package

Good acceleration, prestigious, nice interior, easy to maneuver

- Greg L

My Audi Q5 is an affordable luxury car and great safety features and great technology.

Navigation, backup camera, side assist, smooth steering

- Kathy N