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Amazing car, amazing speed and horsepower, not designed for a short person.

Problems - it comes with a cigarette lighter, which has blown the fuse that works my car charger multiple times. I advise to remove the cigarette lighter so it does not accidentally get pushed in and blow the fuse. The fuses are easy to replace, but hard to understand from the user manual. Performance - my favorite thing about m car, is it gets up and goes. I do not have to worry about pulling out in front of someone. Reliability - I have never had any problems with my car starting, stopping, or malfunctioning. Comfort - the seats are incredible, extremely adjustable to each individual. I HATE that they visors are very small, so if I am driving into the sun and have my seat lowered, to my comfortable setting, then I have to raise my seat or drive with the sun in my eyes. The visor should either be longer or have an extra visor inside to pull down for more sun protection. Features - I do not find anything on my car to be particularly special. I do know that there are some things that I feel were overlooked. The hatch has a 'net' that you can put items under to keep them from moving, but it does not work. it is designed to hold the items against the floor, but when you stop or accelerate, the items come out of one of the sides.

- Megan M

Very happy with my purchase!

Very reliable vehicle. Maintenance is relatively easy and scheduled at the dealership. My local dealership service is good and they provide a loaner vehicle which is very convenient and it is fun to try something new. The seats are very comfortable and I love it for even long trips. I travel a lot for work and always enjoy the ride in my q5. It also gets pretty good gas mileage. I probably average about 23 miles per gallon highway although I tend to drive over the speed limit. I have owned this vehicle for about eighteen months and so far have not had any issues. I am very happy with my purchase and intend to drive it as long as I possibly can!

- Caitlin N

My Audi Q5 is a very safe to drive and reliable vehicle!

I love, love, love my Audi Q5. When I got my first car, it was a VW Beetle; I loved that too - so much so that when it "died" after 12 years I bought another. Then, my brother became an Audi salesman. I was in heaven. I always liked the looks of Audis - and was pleased that Consumer Reports usually did too. I drove, and loved Audi A4s for my next 3 cars, but be because I am shorter than average was looking for a car where I would sit higher up to see better. Well, my last A4 was totalled by an inattentive driver and my wish came true. I got my dream vehicle, an Audi Q5, last December and couldn't be happier! No complaints at all!

- Carey R

Affordable luxury that cannot be beat.

When looking to replace my former SUV I was looking to be brand loyal to VW, with that said I knew they were discontinuing production of the touareg a vehicle I had my eye on for years. When we got to the dealership the associates had been friendly and welcoming and made the suggestion of an Audi. We (my husband and I) had never considered the brand before. We took a test drive and were impressed immediately. Test drove beautifully, drove very effortlessly, extremely comfortable both front and back. Plenty of legroom for short and tall. I believe we are now Audi brand loyal!

- Jennifer J

Educate your mechanics on car issues!

The car is very loud inside. I continually hear a noise that sounds like something is grinding. Audi can not figure out the issues ii also complained that water sits in the gas tank well. I shared that they just need to pop out an area to let it drain. The first repairman said he didn't know what I was talking about do I want to someone else who knew how to quickly fix it for free. No more water issues.

- Cathy S

Audi's Q5 is the German brand's entry to the luxury compact crossover segment

No problems at all. I really love it. Comfortable, quiet, and handsomely styled, the Audi Q5 provides the premium look and feel . The Q5 is stylish, relatively spacious, and has standard all-wheel drive. Those looking to turn their Q5 into an all-weather missile should consider the SQ5, which is the most powerful variant available.

- Viktoria F

Overall my vehicle is very sporty and dependable.

My vehicle is very dependable. It is comfortable and drives very well. It is very reliable as I have had it for almost two years and have not had any problems. There is heated seats, a backup camera, motion detection, auto locking, and much more. My vehicle has a covered trunk and automatic lights as well as Bluetooth connection.

- Kirby S

Love my Audi! I will continue to buy Audi vehicles in the future.

The vehicle runs and looks great. It has older technology and was revamped with the 2018 model. It seem each option I wanted was in a different package. I live in Florida and didn't want the glass roof but it was a standard option. The glass roof makes the car interior really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter.

- Shannon S

I love this brand of vehicle

You should always follow the brand of your vehicle. It tells you about the vehicle. Price is also a main fact. Always check the engine capability of the car. What is you want to buy. Always share with the company about all the question about the vehicle. If you doing this things properly you will be a good decision maker.

- Nick J

The sun room is amazing!!

This SUV is the most comfortable and most reliable car that I have ever owned. The only problems I have had is having the recalls fixed and brakes. The car runs great and is awesome on car trips. I love the huge sunroof IN. This car and the screen that covers it if you want to window open without the bugs or wind.

- Stephanie S

The navigation gets you up to the minute details on travel.

The car has a comfortable and safe ride. It has great seats and you'll feel like you are on top of the world with its luxurious appointments. The radio, navigation, and phone are within easy reach as you motor along the highway. It has an understated look and the lines on the vehicle look awesome.

- George M

Driving an Audi makes you enjoy driving.

I love my Audi! The seats are comfortable and the ride is super smooth. Plenty of legroom in both front and back seats. The interior is nice, great features for your radio and phone makes you feel pampered driving an Audi. The service department makes you feel like a VIP.

- Jeannette S

Good reliable car, more expensive than I would like.

It gives a smooth ride, and feels like a very safe car. The cons are that it feels big to drive, and gas is expensive, we also lease but still have to pay for services. There is a good amount of trunk space and we have a toddler with a baby on the way so that is helpful.

- Christine J

Classy, smooth and comfy vehicle

There is nothing wrong with the car. It drives well and handles smoothly. I enjoy driving it very much. Comfortable ride and easy to drive. I like the Audi Connect feature so I can connect to Wifi when I'm a passenger. Gets great mileage and easy to take care of.

- Liz F

It is the perfect size and it is able to move quickly and efficiently.

The tires deflate pretty easily. It drives really well and has a great turning radius and it accelerates really quickly which I appreciate the color is nice and it is easy to figure out no need to read the manual to discover how to work the console or anything.

- Rachel D

A Very nice luxury vehicle

Handles extremely well. Needs a better GPS system though. And the center console should lock in place. I am tall and I have decent legroom which I like and have difficulty finding

- Wil H

It's a great car. It really meets all my needs and is fun and reliable

I think the navigation system in the car could be better. Directions are not always as clear as I would like and I have had better nav systems in the past in other vehicles

- Agla P

It is a great family car. We have 2 kids and this SUV is the perfect size.

This has been a great car very reliable. It has 73000 miles on it and have not had one single maintenance issue. Gets good gas mileage and has plenty of power.

- Richard D

It's a great driving vehicle and its safe with the safety package. It can be somewhat confusing when you use the navigation sometimes. It might not pick up the right town etc.

The vehicle rides very smooth, its comfortable. You feel like you have a great ride when you travel and it has all the newest tech a car could offer.

- Larry M

It is great in the snow!!

The only problem I have is a blind spot when making turns. Hard to see over the side mirrors. Also no one told me there is a battery for the key.

- Nancy D

It drives beautifully and is comfortable.

I love the way it drives. The technology is not user friendly. It is visually appealing. The sunroof is beautiful!

- Amanda D

That it has lots of space in the front. The trunk is small.

Handles well in the snow. Service is expensive-real expensive. Good/comfortable for long trips. Lots of room.

- Jacqueline S

Love the suspension. The car is very reliable. Best car ever.

I love the car. We've always had Audi in our family. Most likely we will buy a new Q7 two years from now.

- Orlando P

Very reliable. Good in snow.

None it is fine. Very reliable, good in snow. Kind of plain. Comfortable. Nothing else. No complaints.

- Judi G

I love to drive my Audi Q5!!

It is great in the snow and a very easy vehicle to drive. I love this vehicle and will lease another.

- Jeanine F

2017 Blue Audi Q5 Bought Used

There have been no issues with the car. It is very reliable, gets good gas mileage, and looks great.

- Sarah P

It is a vehicle of great quality that offers many beneficios of great demand with a great relation price quality a vajo consumption of fuel

excellent vehicle, of great quality, a very good body a great brand

- mario m

Watch the covering for the panoramic roof as it gets snagged sometimes

The car drives nice but the media system could be more robust

- Kevin L




It's safe, reliable, eco friendly, and fun to drive

It handles great but pick up is a bit slow.

- erin n