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Ride with an awesome Audi

Audi Q7 is great. It's ideal for four passengers it gets 5 but backseat is tight. Performance is great runs smooth. When going grocery shopping it has a nice space for groceries or anything. I fill the gas tank with $50 -60 depends on gas prices. I love this car is neither to big or small it's just a good size. It has a nice moon roof that you can open during summer. My kids and I really enjoy it.

- Daisy V

The seat warmer is very relaxing in the winter time.

There are no problems with the car other than the backup camera does not work but I can back a car out without it the radio does not work either but that is fine the seats are very comfortable it is road trip reliable the kids love it the Audi is also good on gas $20 get you half a tank of gas that is not bad at all in my eyes.

- Diamond S

Reliable and spacious car.

Best car, very low maintenance. I do need to get new tires every 4 years, and they can be quite expensive. The check engine and low tire pressure light stays on but the dealership is too far away to get this taken care of. The car is spacious and is great for carpooling.

- Ashley D

A great mid-size SUV comfort and style in one.

I have loved my car. It is dependable and I love the folding down back seats. It provides lots of room and can seat 7 if needed. It is easy to park with a great turn radius.

- Misti G

Outlook and interior design so beautiful. And also comfortable.

It was really comfortable and luxurious. No problems at all on my vehicle & when I go out of the city for long journey it was good feelings.

- Thomas R