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Audi luxury and comfort in one car

The Audi Q& drives great, the price is what you really pay for. Luxury and comfortability. The best car I've ever owned. No problems yet and don't expect any. I love the moon roof and so do my kids. The sound system is top notch so there's no need to add anything to the car system. I also love my Parking assistance it helps with backing up and anything around the vehicle.

- Maria G

Audi q7: best soccer mom car ever.

I live the way it drives. It has blind spot lights that come on if there’s a car in your blind spot. It gives reminders when maintenance is due or the car detects a problem. The seats are easy to put up and down. The seat warmers and seated steering wheel are the best. The back of the car has its own temperature control.

- Sarah A

Audi review and my personal experience with the car.

Its reliable no problems smooth drive easy on gas great overall was good when I would drive in the snow in NY I am in FL now it's a great car I would recommend buyers to chose it it's a family car I have one in red details are nice fits 2 big car seats I have two boys and they love it.

- Christine R

Audi SUV review comfort and reliability.

Very reliable. Nice family vehicle with 3 row seating and plenty of space. Navigation and backup camera are nice features and add to the safety of the vehicle. Goes great in all weather including snow and rain. Heated seats and climate control add to the comfort of the car.

- Melissa M

Good car for family, detailed luxury.

Car is not very good on gas. Have to fill up at least weekly. Leather seats with heater are comfortable. Love the luxury look of the cabin and red/orange lighting. Love the third row of extra seating. Ride is not as smooth as I would like. Full length sunroof is great.

- Dom F

I love my car. Highly recommend.

This car is the best car I have ever owned. I have no issues or problems with this car. The only downfall about this car is that it is expensive just for basic maintenance. But it is well worth it. Absolutely love my car. I suggest and recommend this car.

- Martha T

Audi reliable and stylish.

I love this car. It has many helpful features such as backup camera and side cameras. Navigation system is very reliable. Lots of room in trunk for groceries and third row seating is great for kids and extra passengers. Easy to drive. Car handles great.

- Missy M

Audi 2014 Q7- buyer beware

I bought this car certified-used from the dealer less than 1 yr ago. It has been in for repairs 4 times for different sensor issues. It is a comfortable ride, however the non-stop issues have overshadowed anything positive about the car.

- Courtnay M

That is from a very trustworthy and very luxury brand.

I like the model and the looks of it. I also like how spacious and comfortable it is. The only bad thing about it is that it's service and mechanical repairs are very expensive.

- Nance D

This is a great family vehicle.

Most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven. It is roomy enough for my tall husband. The cargo space in the back is convenient as well. The third row is kind of small.

- Marissa M

High quality, reliable car.

Very comfy, love the exterior, love the size, love the brand, feel good when driving around in it, the only thing I dislike is the expensive repair.

- Fang H

Luxury car that is nice to drive

I like the way it drives and the moonroof extends to the back seat. Love that. I have the TDI model so that is my complaint about the lawsuit.

- Susan R

Very dependable, no issues.

Very comfortable, smooth ride. Difficult to learn technology. Expensive upkeep. Very luxurious and comfortable car.

- Pam C

It is comfortable and I love it.

I it is very comfortable and easy to drive. You can easily feel the luxury of a German car when you drive it.

- Pedro D

The cost which is up there quite a bit

Lots of power, comfort and space. Plus it is a safe vehicle. The color is pleasant and I really like it.

- James B

Like the size; don't like that it only takes high premium gas

It's a very large car that works for large families, but takes up a lot of room.

- SharraLee L

Price of service, price for parts etc I would say be ready to overpaid bills

German quality is a first Reliable for all the time I have it Comfortable

- Ihor C