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Audi symbol of luxury. New q7 makes driving experience comfortable and smarter.

Sturdy and comfortable vehicle not very luxurious but with the basic comforts. Good driving experience. It can be better by adding hi tech facilities related to safety and luxury combined. It should have the basic facility of tph. It has a good suspension for a comfortable ride, trunk space is reasonably good.

- Reddy H

This is an amazing SUV to purchase.

It is a very reliable car. Great on gas and great for families of 5 or more. I haven't had any problems with this vehicle. The ride is really smooth and affordable if it in your budget. This vehicle includes in dash screen, heated front seats, automatic everything, third row and even a panoramic sunroof.

- Diana K

Love the CarPlay. Good for hooking up your iPhone to.

I love my Audi, q7. It is sporty and has a powerful engine. Lots of quick pick up power. Only downfall is that it takes premium gas and is a gas guzzling car! I like the dashboard screen. I can hook up my phone to use CarPlay on it. Convenient to use my phone map system or to play my music on my phone.

- Susan S

Quiet and Comfortable luxury SUV

This is a very comfortable car. It is one of the most quiet SUVs on the road. It makes good gas mileage and aside from a few problems with the steering column at the beginning, we haven't had any problems with it. It is easy to drive and looks great.

- Barrett R

My car is a premium ride at a premium cost. Although the car is expensive, it seems to match the value.

My Audi is very comfortable to ride in. My car also has a beautiful and refined interior. I love that my family can fit comfortably and we still have room for luggage. My only complaint is that sometimes Apple Carplay gets wonky with my iPhone.

- Nicole H

It has a large amount of added safety features that will keep you and your passengers safe.

I love that it has great safety features such as extra airbags throughout the cabin. It is comfortable while driving, has great tech specs and a great sound system. I also like the quick acceleration.

- Renee B

That it is a super roomy and comfortable driving vehicle.

My Audi has great pick up. It is comfortable. I like all the safety features.... One thing I do not like about the car is the brakes squeak when backing out and braking..

- Ellen P

It drives very well and it is very comfortable even on longer trips.

Vehicle is luxurious and built with quality materials. The interior is very comfortable and works well for our family. Road performance is great and very enjoyable.

- Will S

Great smooth comfortable ride, multi console display options

Smooth ride, can carry all family members when they are in town. Seats in first and second can be heated in cold weather, car also has four section heating system

- Irene S

Its dependable good on gas and has many built in features that make it worth it.

It's definitely one of the most reliable cars I've ever had would not trade it for any other would recommend to everyone no question so if you need one get it.

- Lance C

It is a great Luxury car for a working mom that does not want to go to a minivan

I have no complaints about my Audi, I love everything about it. It is a comfortable dive that provides me with the space that I need for my family.

- Aleshia K

Amazing Vehicle!! Definite buy!

It is amazing, it is easy to drive, and is safe being in 4 wheel drive. I also feel very safe when backing up because of the cameras and sensors.

- Caroline E

it is the most comfortable car with the most interior and exterior style ever

i love my vehicle! it is comfortable, stylish and has the latest technology. The fuel mileage isn't the best but it doesn't matter.

- Melissa R

It is a very very safe vehicle and good looking

I absolutely love my Q7! It's by far the nicest vehicle I've ever owned. My dislike is how often I have to buy tires and brakes

- Kim K

It needs premium gas. a least 91.

I absolutely love my q7. It is super comfy and all the smart features are so amazing. My favorite feature is the full sunroof.

- A S

It is very family friendly.

I think he car is great overall. There is a lot of room so it is very comfortable. Great if you have kids or a lot of friends.

- Angelina U

I love the way that it drives

I love this car very much it is perfect for our family with small children. The third row seating is easy to use

- Kelli M

Family safe vehicle, perfect

It family safe, I can drive my son to school and myself to work every morning without being hurt in the process.

- Cameron J

comfortable, relax, high performance

is a high performance vehicle with great reliability, very comfortable when making a long trip, i recommended

- Rich R

so good and very nice and softy

so good and nice i love my car its so good car i love it and i will care to my car to stay good and nice

- Thion b

The Audi Q7 is not only reliable, it's also fun to drive!

It is very reliable. My car drives well in al weather, including snow. There is nothing to dislike.

- R C

that it a great car, have many great things and it's very comfortable

i like very much my car and enjoy to have this brand, there's nothing that i dislike about my car

- Thomas P

Great attention to detail, quiet, very little road noise

Love the design, power and overall quality. Got a great deal on a certified pre-owned

- Jennifer Z