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Amazing interior design and comfort.

My car does not have any problems, it is a great way to travel for the whole family. Every once in a while we will have to change the tire of oil but that's very rare. Like I said it is a great car. I love the comfortable seats and the full body seat warmer and cooler, the controls are also very easy to get used to and great for first time drivers.

- Kobe Jackson J

The tires come with spinners.

The lining of the seats is really cheap. I feel like they could have done a better job especially for the amount of money we paid. Also, the thing is a gas guzzler. I fill it up with premium gas and within a few trips I am back filling it up again. So not worth the money they are asking for the vehicle. I wouldn't suggest it to anyone.

- Aisha E

It has the amazing back up camera.

It is a most reliable car there is... Cheap on gas. Great mileage. Power windows CD backup camera. It goes pretty fast... Have had no problems with since I bought it. It is the most reliable car I could ever have. Hardly have to change oil. Do not use oil much. A.C works great included the heater.

- Angela M

Not worth the money they charge for the brand.

No problems except for the occasional issues due to environment and climates. A little overpriced and a nice car for display it really does not number on gas and with the prices of gas today is that really worth the moving from the driveway or the showroom in my opinion.

- Michael R

I love my doors and my front bumper

I really love my car I bought it a couple years back, and it is still running like it was when I first took it out of the dealer. The engine is super good, which makes this my all time best car to ride. I give this a 5 out of 5 star because it really deserves it.

- Stephanie L

The smooth ride is the best part the car handles well.

It is a great car, good mileage and gas performance! The car is always a smooth ride and gets me to where I need to go. The windshield wiper blades are swift and I never had a problem with them. The tires are always an alignment and create a smooth ride.

- Kate K

Fast and furious. Old one broke down like mater from cars.

Runs great. No problems. Gas is cheap on it. Everybody such as family and friends love it. One of the cars have mechanical problems. Not the new one. We had a mechanic look at it and it costs so much so for now it has just been sitting in our driveway.

- Dylan C

About my car. Pretty nice car!

It is pretty comfy. There is a huge place for people to sit. The trunk is pretty huge, and the fact the motor makes a lot of sound. It drives pretty well. One time, it randomly stopped, and I didn't know why. But, after a while, it started up again.

- William L

Bentley SUV it is awesome.

It does not have any issues my car is new and awesome. It is a new car it is a Bentley it is awesome I only get very minor issues.

- None W

Drives great. Save gas. Stands out.

No complaints so far. Great vehicle. I love the way it drives, the seats are really comfortable and the driving wheel is soft.

- Mariana Lopez L

It's a rebuild car by myself.

Fast car. Nice inside & outside. Gas saver. A/c works good. New paint job. New tires. Mid-range miles. Clean car.

- Jarred S

Very nice car very dependable.

It is a nice bite. I enjoy the car a whole lot it is my favorite car I will buy another one like this here.

- Nathaniel L

It truly is reliable and never loses.

All good qualities,never bad or poor conditions.

- Mikhail s