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I think my vehicle responds well to directions.

It's a good car and works well. It drives well and has nice brakes. If I were to purchase a new car, I might go for something a little larger. I could use more room for traveling with a lot of things. More seating would also allow me to drive more of my friends around.

- Nicole N

Love minivans and kind of love Bentleys.

No problems with the car except for price I don't care about this car as much as I care about my minivan because it holds my entire family and is easy to get out of the car when parked because the doors don't swing open.

- Emily H

My car is a good car and it does get you from point A to point B.

I love my car and only problem there is with it is it use so much gas it is very comfortable I got bass in my car and I love that it is a baby blue.

- Timmy S

My vehicle is a 2010 Honda Civic with a broken front bumper.

Really not any problems it's still a very good car and I am blessed to have it. And I would love to get more precious stuff.

- Jess L

Its ok but not good for a first car.

to high cost to much time out my day to get it all done I want a car that fix it self drive itself and everything.

- Bree B