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It's luxurious but you're going to pay for that luxury.

I like that it is a sporty car and that it has two doors. I like that it's a luxury brand and that everything, down to the nitty gritty details, is quality and high end. I hate that insurance is expensive, gas is expensive, and that oil changes require full synthetic. I also hate that the second cup holder is unusable because the console completely covers it when the lid is down.

- meredith r

The car is very dependable.

My vehicle runs fine and has not broken down overall the years I have had it. The engine runs well and the sets are very comfortable. Sometimes the locking mechanism gets stuck but it is probably due to old age. The car is very reliable since I have been on many trips in California for many days and it has never broken down.

- Patrick V

My car make it look like a 30’s roadsters. Which makes it a sharp looking car.

My car has great lines, is comfortable and flies when you touch the gas pedal. The one problem is it has several wicked blind spots. My car is a 2008 and other than tires and brake pads I have had no problems. It starts right up does not shudder or shake, keeps solid to the road and is so much fun to drive.

- Christine M

The best part of the car is its speed

love my car. If your tall I don't recommend but it's beautiful and I've had no serious problems. It's a convertible the rear is glass not plastic. Its small and doesn't have much storage space. It's fun to drive during the summer. Has navigation, heated seats, and easy to use. Not very techy

- Sam C

My car and what problems I am facing with it.

The car has only been good for around 200, 000 miles. The seats are not very comfortable and their is next to zero space in the back seat if you have passengers. The cars dash is quite compact and may not be for everyone. The trunk space is pretty average so nothing special their either.

- Skyler P

I got the car a few months ago for four thousand.

My vehicle is a 2008 four door white BMW. I recently bought it and so far it is been working well I have do problems with it. I love the cup holders in the front seat I also love the color of my car. Although the car has a small crack on the front window it still looks very nice.

- Maya F

The quality is the best car I have ever driven.

The car has loads of power and is fun to drive! The console is a bit confusing to a new BMW driver and I definitely recommend reading your manual. The only negative to my car is that it is small but it is also a convertible so I didn't expect much room in the first place.

- Cheryl V

Even though repairs are expensive, there is rarely anything that goes wrong and requires repair. Once again, it is a lot of fun. It is pretty small so it can fit into some spots not possible with other vehicles.

It is a convertible and an awful lot of fun to drive and ride in. B/c it is a BMW, I often feel the upkeep is a little high. It gets OK gas mileage (i.e., circa 21 miles/gallon). I love to see my wife drive the car with the top down--she looks just happy and beautiful.

- John B

Car heats and cools within 5 minutes, works well on/off-road with original tires.

The only issue was changing a brand new belt after owning and driving it 6 months in. Also the transmission has been having issues and had to be replaced around 60, 000 miles which took a big toll on the wallet. Other than that car hasn't given me any trouble.

- Angel H

The reliability of a car is more important than its mechanical properties.

The appearance is compact, the fuel consumption is not very high. Generally, it is open motion mode, the power is quite strong, comfortable entry, the induction of the trunk is started, the electric seat is quite satisfactory.

- vaughn v



- thomas T

The reliability of a car is more important than its mechanical properties.

The appearance is compact, the fuel consumption is not very high. Generally, it is open motion mode, the power is quite strong, comfortable entry, the induction of the trunk is started, the electric seat is quite satisfactory.

- jackson j

It was able to take me to school and back

The vehicle that I drive has many problems, but is good on gas and getting me to places but it had a Engine issue when the cooler and it overheated the car and I need to get a new transmission also the tire pressure was off

- Carlos B

Year one of the 1 handling power and performance at a fraction of the price.

Amazing car to drive. Extremely powerful with great handling. Minor reliability issues with common failure parts. Car is a blast to drive and a definite head turner. I have driven many car and this is by far my favorite.

- Dylan B

It's the best car I've owned.

I wanted this car since the day it came out. I really haven't had any issues. Just normal things. It's a basic 135 with just the M package. The aftermarket coils made me love it even more.

- Lindsay M

Contrary to popular belief, I have not spend that much money to maintain it.

The 1 series is such a stylish car. I have the convertible so it makes it extra fun. I just love how powerful this little car is. It's small enough to be really cute as well.

- Terence S

BMW recommendable car but pricey.

It is a great vehicle, has not given any problems. It is an older car and only have done routine oil change. Parts are a little expensive but overall great car.

- Monica C

Bmw e82 123d impression after 1 year usage

Bmw e82 123d a really powerful car, a coupe with 4 seats really comfy and good looking. The fuel consumption it's really nice and affordable

- Raul M

Best sex car lol so much I mean so much sex in that car fam

Best car in the game I love it more then family lol but nothing wrong with it the car is 1001 move greats in gets me from A to Be Fam

- Jeff L

Comfortable ride with great gas mileage and minimal mechanical issues.

My vehicle gets good gas mileage. I've had minimal mechanical issues. I'm a lover of BMW so my rating is very high.

- Eric Y

Great vehicle that I love to drive.

It is perfect and is one of the best cars I have ever owned. It does a lot and helps me get through my day.

- Brooke M

Good car. Not for winter driving.

Overall decent car. Had a recall issue with the water pump. Also had air bag inflators that were defective

- Karl K

It works as a car and it's worth it. I also like how it's a BMW.

I do like that it's a car. I also like that I can drive the care. I also like the car because I like BMW.

- Billy B