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heated and cooled seat in the front and DVD player for the kids

I love my Buick, it is perfect for a big family, like the one I have. We all fit without them being crowded and fighting constantly. There is a DVD player with the screen in the back. They can plug in headphones while I listen to my music in the front. There is also a plug in charger which is so great! The seat are leather so if there are spills, they can be swiped up easily. The trunk can be propped open with the keys and can be started in the house which is perfect so when it is so cold or so hot outside, I highly suggest this brand of SUV for any family.

- Samantha M

BMW 128i: small but mighty.

The BMW 128i is a great car. If you are someone looking for a car that is classy looking at a decent price then this is the car for you. The car is a 2 door coupe which does provide a good amount of space for the size, but at times it may be difficult for a larger taller person to get into the car. Along with the visual aspects the car performs very well. The car is very fast. Not really one for someone who is just starting out driving because the breaks are very touchy and the acceleration is quick, but if that what you are into it is very nice to drive.

- Alyssa W

An interesting detail about my car is that it is blue. I wanted a black car.

My car sucks majorly because it is expensive and does not go fast. The main problem is that it is blue when I want it to be black, and I hate that it has a power steering problem that makes it hard to turn the wheel. The plus-side of having a BMW is that I get to call it a 'Beemer' and feel really cool about driving it around the town.

- Andrea C

our great big family car.

This is a fantastic vehicle, I have had a lot of problems with the vehicle's air conditioning and the heating, but that is it. Besides that it drives great and has plenty of room. My family loves the vehicle, it's been named the family car. We hope to continue calling it the family car for more years to come.

- taylor B

The car is very comfortable and its seat is more comfortable.

The guide to creating BMW is very good I have used it and I say to everyone that this car is for doing because the car is luxurious enough to run very well and this car has many benefits. It is very nice and I am telling everyone that to use it. Everyone who is willing to buy cars, come today.

- J L

Beautiful interior that drives well.

The leather seats are my favorite feature. It rides very smoothly and corners well. I do not like how often I have to make oil changes, I feel it goes through it much faster than other vehicles. Bluetooth comparability is my favorite technological feature. My car breaks well.

- Crissa K

An excellent job with my car and I love your model with its attached work body.

An excellent job with my car and I love your model with its attached work body, I like your mileage work well for driver comfort and finding the spare parts is very easy, distinctive is one of the best models for the community car of the united states of America.

- Jose J

It has super low mileage.

Things seem to always go wrong. They repairs are always very expensive. I like my car, but it has caused me many headaches. Most of the service advisors at BMW are untrustworthy. I found someone else' glasses in my car once. Gross.

- Kym K

The safety features, gas efficiency, and the availability of its parts.

The vehicle that I am using is highly efficient on gas and I love the physical features it has. It directly fits my lifestyle.

- J C

Safety features to avoid any high impact from a crash

Very fast , There really is no big problem .Love the color .The exhaust would sound better .Wish the seats were leather

- Nico C

It's very nice for families and can pick up the children very well.

It's very roomy, however, it doesn't quite run correctly after all the mileage I've got.

- Kyle W

Outstandingly fun to drive. Not just a means of transportation from one place to another.

Very Stylish. Extremely Great Handling. Fun to drive.

- rick b