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Total package-never thought a convertible could be so fun!

Love my car, extremely comfortable with many features that make driving fun! A/c blows amazingly, heated seats are probably my favorite and Bluetooth features make for going from place to place fun. Another favorite I must add is the speed. . . You know how it is when your at a red light and it turns green? Yes, I am first one out the gate! No buyers remorse here!

- Angie C

My car is an amazing car! It has a great set up system and I just love it.

The only reason I do not like it is because you cannot sync your music without plugging your phone into the car but others it's pretty good. The car sometimes just like glitches and does weird stuff but that only happens every great once in a while. I love the car though.

- Carrie K

In conclusion, my car BMW has a few issues but it gets me places.

It is very comfortable, and the features are okay. The car is not the best but it gets around. I had to bring it in to bell tire a couple of times because the brakes went bad. It has a lot of storage capacity and it is great if you want go on a trip/vacation.

- Nathan C

My car is solid, sturdy, and provided excellent confidence behind the wheel in all driving conditions.

My vehicle performs great, handles wonderfully especially in traffic, has been reliable and is easy to park in small spaces. I'm not thrilled about run flat tires but with minimal trunk space it's what you get.

- Bryan A

Is reliable and drives well.

The make could use a seat cooler and a seat warmer as opposed to just the latter. Other than that, the car is basically flawless. It would also be nice if it had the same cup holders as the 2004 model.

- Beth B

It's a sports car and has alarm on it and will shut down if you are not me driving it.

I love the color, the style of the car. And I love the way it drives smooth and picks up speed when I accelerate it. Plus it looks good. No complaints

- Mathew C

That it is stick shift and it has good seating that is soft.

That it is easy on gas and I do not like that it takes a lot of gas it has a lot of space. It is a nice car and it also has navigation and a sunroof.

- Kris R

That it has no cup holders! This is very inconvenient when driving on your own.

This is my dream car. I love the colour and I love the way it drives. The one thing that I don't like about my car is that it has no cup holders!

- scott g

One important thing is it fits 2 children in back.

Like that it's a convertible with a backseat, dislike that you have to take it to dealer for some fixes, no complaints otherwise so far.

- Darcy V

It is very comfortable and spacious.

I like the space in the trunk and passenger seats. I enjoy the easiness of car seat installation. The car drives smoothly.

- Alessandra D

It is very important because it helps me to move quickly

If I like it a lot because it is very comfortable and I like the mocelo of the car, it is simply marvelous. I love it

- mic 1