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I love my BMW 228i, it is fast and reliable!

This is the perfect car for someone who wants a smaller zippy car. I love this car, I have had it for a few years now without any issues. The only thing I would say is sometime the technology within the car can be funny for example if its too hot or cold sometimes it causes the cars computer to get a little confused. Otherwise I have no complains! It is a smooth drive, quick, and looks very nice.

- Blake G

Great car to have, comfortable, trendy and safe.

Mostly I do not have problem with my car, great performance. It is convertible, very sporty.. I can ride very comfortably during any weather. The break works well, the gear is solid even during winter time. Features are lovely, I can any anytime to ask about the road, traffic. On the dashboard speed limit is shown, map and navigation shown if activate it.

- Monica P

2014 228i fun performance car!

I love my car. It is very comfortable for long drives. It performance really well. I enjoy the ability to change the way I drive between the sport mode/ eco pro/ comfort. Only problems is, it is a European car so maintenance is typically costly. But I honestly won't steer away from BMW anytime soon. Very nice cars.

- Nikki P

Just perfect the way it is

I love speed and I don't want to get a ticket so maybe if there is something that could Do you check the radar gun pointed at the car, but if not then the car is perfect just the way it is or put a speed Control in the car so someone like me wouldn't get a ticket

- Liz N

My New Good Reliable Car: New paint job, headlights, tires, Good on Gas

I love my car!! Super reliable, everything works heat/AC. Just got new tires, new radio. Also improved my windows and headlights on my car to go along with the new paint job. I love my car it's so good to me. Oh it's very good on gas. I save a lot of gas in my car

- Nina M

BMW Review- Great but Pricey

The car is luxury! It's looks great and is very elegant looking. The interior is very dependable. However, when something tears up it is very expensive because these are foreign products. It's is also difficult finding people who work on BMW's in small cities.

- Breanna B

The life of an automobile.

I love them because of their reliability and when the engine roars it feels like on your face there are sores from the scores of all that fast wind rubbing against your face while your scurrying to win the race.

- Conor Q

It's a little slow, but it's for anyone that doesn't do that much driving.

I love how the car just shows who I am as a person. Along with the price of the car. Also the color, I just love the color.

- Emily T

The best bang for your buck.

It is a great car.The car has great gas mileage .I drive alot and it is very dependable and I am hoping to pass it down.

- Rhonda R

The one most important thing is that this vehicle is light and quite quick.

No complaints, this vehicle handles very well, looks fantastic and isn't awful on gas unless you drive like a maniac.

- Joe S

It has been a reliable vehicle and still looks great.

No complaints about it. Like the way it drives. It is easy to maintain. It has all the features I wanted in a car.

- Peg P

Old has been needed to upgrade

It's getting older and starting to break down little by little and warranty is expired so I just need a new car

- Joe C

It was given as a gift - loved it for the most part.

Oil changes needs - and has general problems mostly - sometimes dealer takes longer to book as well mostly.

- Austin R