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The color is white an makes you look rich in it.

I have a BMW, the year of the car 2016, the color is white and has good miles on it. The car itself is good but it has little problems here and there. When you push the automatic it sometimes does not work that happens when you have used/had the car for a long time. The interior design of the car is beautiful and can get you your money's worth. The car is about 35, 000 to 45, 000 dollars sounds kind of expensive but it's a good car. Fits a family of 5. It is more for a 3 family car and makes you look like you have so money. It is a good car you should buy it thank you.

- Roberta H

If you want plenty of passenger room and a quiet, easy-to-live-with cabin, this is definitely has what you're looking for

This has some of the swoopy curves of the previous version for more conservative lines that take the styling uptown. Overall, the basic proportions and the sweeping roof line carry over, but the car is a little bigger than before and rear passengers benefit from a little more hip- and legroom. The chassis has also been overhauled to improve both handling capabilities and its ride quality.

- willie c

The BMW 235xi is an absolute joy to own and drive!!

I simply love my 2016 BMW 235xi!! It is very fun to drive. After years of owning "family cars", it was different and exciting to buy a new 2-door sports coupe, but I have been very satisfied with my purchase. I have owned a BMW before, and so I was familiar with the quality and reliability of their vehicles. Everything has exceeded my already high expectations!!

- Valerie S

The several driving functions from eco to sports plus.

The 2 series is a step up from the 1 series. The drive is pure comfort and luxury while still getting the sport functions. When changing driving functions the car quickly changes with no issues compare to the 1 series. Some features that are great is the sport seats, emergency calling, 7 gears when driving as manual. Great car.

- April B

This car is all class and will hold resale value when the time comes to upgrade.

Love this car, its a two door, but 4 seater. The trunk has good room for a small car. Lots of power and good gas mileage. Has run flat tires that eliminates a blow out at high mph and can drive to get repair. The convertible is electric and easily operated. Corners exceptionally and holds cruising speed well.

- Gretchen C

My BMW 2016 2-series car is very cozy.

I really love my car. It may not be the best out there, or the most expensive, but it is really comfortable and it does its job very well. The seats are super comfortable and make me feel very relaxed. It is an amazing feeling after a stressful day at work. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

- Emma B

Best performance, comfort, leg space, color, look, sunroof.

Performance is best, and good comfort and features. And good mileage. And look of the car is good and seats are comfortable to sit on. Automated and rear view mirror and reverse video cam, and sun roof and smooth. And good leg space and seats allotted. Also look is great.

- A W

I believe you get free service for 3 years and minimal miles when you lease the car. The cost to return the car from a lease is more expensive than other manufacturers.

It is little smaller than I would have liked. The car was more reasonable than SUV X1. My lease is due in January might spend more money and get SUV. I love that get 3 years of free service. The car does not have enough horsepower.

- Michele R

It is a beautiful convertible that is easy to drive and something to take pride in.

My car is a convertible which I love. It is very sporty and good looking. It has all the extras that I want. It gets good gas mileage, which is a plus. I have no complaints about my vehicle.

- Gary A

It suits me well and is fun to drive! It's not practical but that's ok.

It's a really fun car to drive. It's really pretty. The compliant is it takes more expensive gas and tires that are only 20,000 miles need replacement and they are so expensive

- Terri B

That a two door is good for those who don't want a spacious car but want speed.

So far i can't say I have any complaints. Car drives very smooth and has quick response, which is what I wanted. Good on gas as well which is very important. Satisfied customer.

- Mav C

It is reassuring that my husband picked such a safe a reliable vehicle.

It is got heated seats and do not like it because it is a gas sucker. And also all the lock buttons are in the front. And only way to lock it is on the driver's door..

- Michelle E

BMW It causes a lot of money

Fix in the car a lot and he keeps on breaking a lot in the injury and family members have it alive With the steering

- Asma A

I love my 2016 bmw m235! X

Terrible gas mileage, but it's super fast and I haven't had any problems in the 3 years I've had the vehicle.

- Lindsey J

Gas mileage is not as expected, much less.

Love the manual transmission. Love the m sport package. Hate the rear headrests, blocks entire rear window.


it has great audio and is comfortable on long trips.

there have been no problems with my vehicle lately. one flat and that's it. love the car. drives nice.

- jaden l

it is a beautiful car and it is a very nice car to drive

performance is not consistent and it takes quite a bit more time to start

- Sam K

It has 6 speed manual transmission but is economical.

It is sporty and fun to drive. It has 6 speed. It is comfortable.

- R V

Fun to drive in either city or highway. Stylish body with BMW grill

it is a 2 door, convertible,great handling and fun to drive.

- Joe D