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My car is probably part of who I am as a person.

My vehicle is probably one of the best cars I have ever driven. Its reliable, very comfortable, a little pricey, but It's an amazing brand. It features comfort, productivity and a great engine. . The sounds are dominant, loud and nice to listen to. The radio is pretty good to. Easy to hook up car Chargers and other small things. This car should be on a top ten list of the cars to get in 2018, along with a Bentley car series.

- John S

Beautiful car with one problem.

The only problem I really have with this car is that it is really low to the ground. The bottom of the car is going to get scratched up no matter how hard you try to be safe with it. Speed bumps and going up/down driveways are always going to be a hassle. This makes it stressful when you are trying to enter a busy road with cars behind you.

- John Y

The sleekness and good looking aspect! This car is fun to drive, roomy!

I rarely drive it, my husband does the majority of the driving. We live in NYC so I mainly walk, you we, subway, bus to get around! The car is comfortable and very good looking, it has been reliable although we've only had it 5 months. The storage is pretty good and you can fit 3 people in backseat pretty comfortably.

- Wendy M

I like the Carolina sticker I have on the back.

The seats are slightly stiff and hurts my back sometimes. I have a medium gas mileage of 60000 miles and I have gotten a flat tire before. I do not feel like buying another car and keep mine clean and polished, it is important to look like you care at work. My car is not common, because I like my cars to be special.

- Bill R

My BMW car has no issues on a scale of 1 to 10 its a 10.

It works and is very reliable I know I can get anywhere in it and I wouldn't trade it in for the world cause for one I paid a lot of money for that. My mama bought it for me as my 8th grade present it literally has no problems. It is capable of running in all conditions and also it does not drink up a lot of gas.

- NoKia P

I love it and enjoy it. I am having fun.

I love it. It's easy to drive and I love features. It's not expensive fuel. Nice car and I am happy about it. The steering whale nice. Windshield nice. Tires good. Chair and music nice. It's not hard to drive. The speaker music good. Aircon and heater good. Smooth to drive and breaks good.

- Mandy T

My car is the BMW the model is the 2 series and the year is of course 2018.

This car is a very smooth drive while comfortable interior and an exterior to be jealous of. If you haven't purchased your dream car yet, the BMW is it. The windows and doors open and close like smooth butter and the air and heat blow at a comfortably constant rate. I love my make.

- Terry M

Why pick BMW or why bam are the cars to get.

Very good vehicle parts are a little expensive and gas but great car design and interior. Very fast also. I also get a lot of complements and it's a very good brand overall. It has a very good engine too and I havent had to buy any parts yet. The car is very sturdy and nice.

- Brittany S

Fantastic comfortable car.

It is very reliable and comfortable to ride. It has great comfortability and has great features that anyone would want. Love the handling and smooth ride it give me and very spacious for a midsize car. I would recommend this car to anyone who can afford it.

- Karl B

It handles very well on curves and safety. Agility and beauty rocks.

It's smooth and handles well. It does the job with good features. An expensive item in your life should make you feel great. Media center needs improvement

- Mary Ruth S

It goes fast and the color is appealing.

The seats are amazing and so comfy. It drives smooth and it is great in gas. I love the color of it. The horn is loud.

- Matt M

That it cost a lot of money.

It has a lot of room and can fit my friends. It's also nice looking and is my dream car. Its beautiful and love it.

- Donovan K

I like German made cars I like that how they do not slide on the road.

It is not a reliable car. The seats are terrible. The radio is not loud enough and the ac and heat never work.

- Jess G

Need tire warranty run flats need to be replaced frequently.

Love it. Tires not greatest with potholes. . . Replaces a few times already definitely get tire warranty.

- Denise R

It drives great and it looks great!.

Love it I like that it runs smooth but dislike how much I had to pay for it I wish it was more spacious.

- Priya R

The way the vehicle handles the terrain, and the body style.

I love everything about my vehicle. The ride is very smooth, the interior/exterior look is stylish.

- Floreana B

Safety with BMW is very important and so is my car

BMW is a great car company. I have been driving BMW for 40 years. Nothing to dislike about my car

- Elke S