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2001 BMW 330ci is our used purchase car that everyone dreams of getting when buying a used car. It's our good as new used problem free mobile.

We bought the car with in the last 6 months or so used and it's a 2001 bmw 330ci and so far we haven't had any major issues with it. It's been a pretty good car so far it's driven every day and it had almost 180,000 miles on it when we got it and we have put a lot of miles on it already we even took it on a short trip like a 6 hr drive there and 6 hrs back up through the pass into the mountains and it did just fine the whole way there and back. We have done just normal maintenance to it also since we have gotten it and it's seemed to be good with just that so far. We were a bit concerned with it being a 2001 and also being a BMW considering all the electric stuff that Bmw has in them but it's still been just fine all the things work in it still all the electric upgraded things still are in good working condition and it's really been a bit surprising how well it's managed so far and we are pretty hard on it honestly so this car has been one of the better used car purchases that we have ever purchased before and it wasn't a used pre-owned certified car it was a used private seller type car and the person said that it had more or less sat there for the last almost 2 yrs before he ended up selling it to us. So it's being so issue free so far is a shock to us and a wonderful surprise being that we really weren't prepared to end up with a lemon at all. On thing that had happened with it though is that we took it too Jiffy Lube to get it serviced and once we picked up the car after they finish servicing it the car was acting really bad it was having trouble accelerating and it was very very serious seeming so we took it straight home and contacted Jiffy Lube about this and they were supposed to come to our house to take a look at it but never showed up so a good friend of ours who had training working on european motor cars came and took a look at it and did a few minor adjustments and reset the error codes and once he did that the car never had a issue again it was just fine after that and hasn't had a issue since so we learned never to take our car to Jiffy Lube again cus they are clearly incompetent when it comes to working on a motor that isn't the common Honda motor or Chevy motor so other then that our cars been a absolute pleasure to have purchased and owned.

- Danielle L

BMW is hard to beat. All weather driver, comfortable, fast, classy.

My BMW 330xi is the best driving car I have ever driven, especially over 100 mph. All wheel drive helps pull it through the corners as well as keeping the tires from spinning on a fast take-off. Once you get used to getting in & out of a low vehicle everything else is pure comfort. Every function is a hand length away from driver. All wheel drive has a heavy clutch but you can carry 3 passengers. At 130 mph I still get 17. 4 miles to the gallon, and it will drive all day at that speed, no problem. The only problem is waiting on parts a day or two since it was made in Bavaria. Very little repairs, mostly normal wear & tear which can be taken care of in advance with preventive maintenance, I have never been stranded because of breakdown. Handles winter weather very well, even ice. Highly recommended.

- William P

2001 BMW wagon - the driver's wagon.

I own a 2001 BMW 325i wagon. There is a reason the 3 series is often called "the driver's car". It is fun to drive and very comfortable. The responsiveness of the steering and the throttle make you feel like part of the car (there's a reason a lot BMW drivers go too fast). The seats are comfortable, and everything is within reach and placed logically around the dash. I have over 250, 000 miles on it, and it still runs great. If you keep up with maintenance on these cars, they last a very long time. I have the straight 6 engine, which is the best (in my opinion) in terms of reliability.

- Kate K

Maintenance including oil changes tend to be pricier than the average car.

This car is older so it has its quirks. The electronic parts of the car have been unreliable. Sometimes my passenger side door will not open even when I try using both the key remote and indoor lock/unlock. Recently the air conditioning has also been inconsistent. When it works it is nice and cold, but it does not always blow air when I turn it on. Overall it is a great car that is reliable on the road and has no major issues. The electronics have been the only concern.

- Kate K

It is an overall German quality car that may have coolant system problems.

The BMW is a great car with a great transmission but has a faulty coolant system very comfortable to drive and handles well and has very little body roll very strong engine and great on mile per gallon mileage it has 17 inch rims low profile tires compact in size all leather seats wood grain chrome exhaust high quality German manufactured parts and high-quality speakers.

- Xavier A

Interesting detail of my vehicle is that the gas mileage is great.

Transmission problems, window motors and speakers blow easily. Love the gas mileage. The way it drives and handles is great. I have had to put it in the shop a few times hate paying for the synthetic oil changes. And if you lock yourself out a locksmith will cost you $200 to $500 to get back in. There is no trunk release inside of the car.

- Nicole R

BMW's are long lasting, impressive, fast cars with great performance.

Problems are that because it is old it runs into a few different issues. It is made some weird noises, the coolant has had problems, and at this point the interior is falling apart a little bit. It still performs very well though, the breaks are amazing, the comfort is amazing, and the car itself is very impressive in its appearance.

- Ashton R

BMW experience in the USA.

German built cars use rubber designed to more easily recycle thus break down sooner. Unfortunately, as the car ages, so does all the rubber including gaskets. So oil leaks are common. This model has had a dashboard short, also a pain. Be sure to use all season tires in winter as high performance once cause fishtailing.

- Julie K

First luxury vehicle I have owned and I really love it.

My BMW 330xI is a very decent car. It performs very well in the snow. We have had some minor issues with an oil leak and a hole in the intake but they were easily fixed. I like the heated seats and sunroof. I upgraded the stereo in it so now I can use Bluetooth for music and calls. Gas mileage is ok.

- Stefanie V

Fully loaded older BMW convertible.

I love how smoothly my car drives and the quality of all of the amenities that it offers. Even though it is an older car, it is fully loaded and still has a luxurious feel to it. Convertibles are notorious for having a lot of noise while driving, but this car has very little road noise.

- Christine R

A trustworthy vehicle you will not regret it.

I like the comfort and stability behind the wheel. It's very reliable except for the repairs. The parts are very expensive although they don't break often. Otherwise than that it's a very good car and I recommend for people to go test drive one in there local BMW dealership.

- Clements M

Excellent dependability and performance.

My car is very dependable and low maintenance. I am very pleased with the car and am amazed at its reliability for so many years. It still runs and looks great. I find it very dependable and still great on mileage and other forms of maintenance throughout the year.

- Joanne D

Very smooth driving, amazing and reliable car!!

My car drives extremely smooth. My front tire on the passenger side is kind of wobbly. The body and the interior is very nice. It is a good and reliable very dependable car. This is the first and only BMW I have owned and I will never get another strand of cars!!

- Mariah Sioux H

Luxurious, reliable, and fast!

The car runs great! Very smooth and reliable, although it is very important to buy quality parts for this vehicle. It has electric car seat adjusters, windows, and seats are comfortable. It has over 200, 000 miles and still going strong. Would buy this car again!

- James S

Great car that has been a very good purchase.

My vehicle has problems with its electrical system the windows do not work nor does the sunroof the latch for the rear window pops open on occasions but I love driving it the power and the steering is exceptional and the sense of security comes when you drive it.

- Tim P

We are lucky to have a vehicle to get us places.

Ac/heating does not work, engine performance is bad, and shifting is backwards. It just really is bad and old. Plus it was sitting for awhile without being used in someone's yard. It couldn't back up at first when we got it. So, it was a mess when we got it.

- Emily D

Good car I have not had any problem yo car still run good.

The car is nice looking no many problems but when you do have a problem it's a big issue expense. Example new water cooler system $1000. New brake $1500. . The body is still in good. No accidents. The tires for the cost anywhere from 350. 00 to 500. 00.

- Tina A

Old BMWs are still worth the investment.

Because of the car's age, we have had a few problems. The radio/GPS system drains the battery. Most recently, the heating system burned out. The check engine light goes on every few months. All said and done, however, it is a very good, reliable car.

- Barbara M

My car is a real gas eater.

My car is pretty beat up, the ac does not work, the radio does not work, and the headlights just died on me. I only bought it for 1000 so I am not mad. It eats up your gas too, over $70 to fill up the tank. The engine is pretty powerful though.

- Allison W

It is a great car for everyday driving.

I have a BMW 328i. I love my car. It runs great and had good gas mileage. I didn't like the interior so I changed it to all black now I love it. The only thing I don't like now is how expensive the parts are. It is also easy to fix.

- Chris D

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it's the most reliable car I've ever had and the body style hasn't gone out of style.

There's nothing that I dislike about it; what I like about it is that it's safe. It's a reliable vehicle that I've never had any issues with at all. It's very comfortable and the only thing I've ever had to do is maintenance.

- Julia J

That it was imported from germany to here recently making it 100% from germany with real leather interior

I love the It's a beamer and how smooth the ride is. But the thing with the these types of cars there a lot of maintenance which can cost a lot of money over time. So i'm willing to drive this for the rest of my life.

- Wilfrido L

It has withheld the test of time. It is still a vehicle that I am proud to own and was used to raise four children.

This was a hand-me-down from my dad and has lived through a lot. It is one of the last stick-shift cars and still drives very well. It is fun to drive and regularly completes a 5 hour drive.

- Allison K

It is long lasting, meaning that the body style is timeless, and it is durable.

It is a convertible. It is small and maneuverable. It is sporty. The only complaint is that it is getting older and is having problems. And it does not have all the new safety features.

- Mona S

After 17 years, It is still a little rocket. Very responsive.

The car is a classic. It has the power and responsiveness of much more expensive cars. I like the fit (I'm a big guy). And repairs are not more expensive than I can afford.

- Steve D

I think my car is really reliable and it drives very well.

I love my car. It gets me where I need to go and has held up well over the years. I bought it used from my brother in good condition. It has worn down quite a bit now though.

- Andrew B

It handles the road very well.

I love my car. Only reoccurring problem I have is the blower motor resistor. Otherwise I keep up with regular maintenance. I love the luxury features like heated steering.

- Jennifer D


Has over 100k miles. 18 years later it is still in good condition. The cooling system is breaking down and have had to bring it to the shop 3x in the past year.

- Kate B

It is a BMW that functions well and looks good.

Great in the sense that it works, brakes are stable, the ac functions, passes smog, looks aesthetically pleasing and lastly can bring me wherever I need to go.

- Christopher J

Drives great but challenging to maintain.

My BMW is great car but it also has problems with the cooling system but it drives great handles tightly and ride smooth and has a great transmission.

- Xavier D

Still looks like a new car.

I love the comfort and speed the handling is excellent what I don't like is the exorbitant cost for repairs of any nature the cost are incredible.

- Timothy P

Fast and very cool looking

my vehicle is very fast and it has amazing features and great quality. my friends really love the car and I would definitely get another one.

- asia L

The important thing for me is fuel efficiency.

I like my vehicle because it is fast. It is really good on gas, and it is a small car, which allows me to fit in tighter spaces.

- Carla S

The Money I spend on gas, it's ridiculously high. No one wants to be paying $3.67 per gallon, it's expensive

It's ok, it's comfortable. The gas usage is too much for me because i'm broke sometimes and don't wanna buy some gas??

- Susan N

Its drives very good I had no problems. No maintenance I am planning on buy.

Run very good I had no problems with car. I am planning to buy the same make on 2 years. But different color.

- Tina A

I don't like my BMW, yuck

The parts are expensive and so is the work that it needs, I do like the AWD but it's not worth it's weight.

- Breanne O

Vehicle has top reliability and extreme performance

the 2001 bmw 330ci coupe inline 6 cylinder is very reliable and full of power even for an older vehicle.

- corey p

It has held up well over the years with relatively low maintenance/repairs.

I like the tight steering. Easy to park. The car rides too low and has challenges driving in heavy rain.

- Debi N

Handles great with very little body roll

My BMW is a gray car it has a great transmission dependable handles great on the road great gas mileage

- Xavier A

BMW is a car that looks great and runs well.

It runs great after I had problems fixed from the previous owner. I like having a convertible too.

- Shawn M

I like the model and that it takes me where I need to go

I like the color and model of my car. I dislike the parts are very expensive when it needs repairs

- Evelyn D

It is good and I love it.

Works good for long trips. I like the color. It is big enough. It is fast and good. I love my car.

- Mary Y

It's one of the best models BMW ever made, according to my mechanic

It is ultra safe and extremely reliable. It's fun to drive, but expensive to repair.

- Su b

It is a reliable car that does not require extensive work to keep running.

It is a reliable vehicle that I have had no significant mechanical problems with.

- ed W

that it drives so smooth and comfortable and that it has a little prestige

I like its speed comfort and amenities don't like the exorbitant repair cost

- timote p

it runs great and its fast.its comfortable and pretty

i like its performance,not so much the gas mileage and defects

- daniel b