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It's a very safe car with great looks?

This car is running well and has the usual signs of wear and minor body issues. The mileage is only 116, 000 miles leaving plenty of life in this car. The exterior is a sharp black and the interior is tan, reducing the heat the car accumulates in the fun. The convertible is great fun for kids as well as adults. We especially enjoy driving through town on warm summer lights. Like all BMW's, the handling of this car is amazing. I have avoided several highway accidents due to the superb handling and braking. All together this is a sharp looking car with the performance to match. There are no current problems with the car that need immediate repair.

- Eric W

You will have no other maintenance problems other than wiring issues.

The 2002 BMW 3-series 225i is a fantastic car and feat of German engineering. Even almost 20 years old this car still has tech feature that were cutting edge at the time keeping it young for a while. The engine runs strong with smooth rides all over town. The maintenance problems you'll run into is its electric wiring. Sometimes lights will come up on the dash making you think the engine is ruined, but is only a wiring issue. Always such a relief!

- Luke Z

Great driving vehicle, some general issues, but if you are willing to do or know someone who can do the work I would highly recommend it!

I was informed that these types of vehicles are known for having AC issues. I haven't experienced any yet, but there have been some other issues that have come up. I was also told that on average it costs about $1000 a year for maintenance, but I've spent about half of that in the almost 2 years I've had it. Most of it was just general maintenance (brake system; Filters; oil changes & Tires), in my opinion that is great for a 16 year old vehicle.

- Daniel C

2002 330ci BMW - fun to drive, not fun to maintenance.

The car drives very smooth with a fast pick up and easy steering. Feels comfortable to drive, low to the ground and compact size for driving easy in a city. Does not do great on gas and takes unleaded plus. The convertible top has many issues as well as other costly fixes from the age of the car. The engine lasts long if maintenance frequently though.

- Victoria O

She is a great trooper and been through a lot.

It has 160, 000 miles so being a college student it is going to cost a lot to properly maintain the car when things start going south. I need to replace the head gasket cover and that is also why there is an occasional smell of burning oil. I really do get overwhelmed owning this vehicle sometimes even though I love saying that I own a BMW.

- Diego T

I like it a lot, it is comfortable, reliable, overall great car.

It is a silver hatchback, I like the trunk space. The car is very comfortable. It is reliable, I have gone on many road trips in it, and it is still holding up great. The only problem is it leaks oil, I have gotten multiple oil changes in the last year, I do not know why it does that.

- Skye K

My vehicle is my first vehicle I have owned and I love the way I drive it.

The problems I have with this car would be the radiator, thermostat, & ͏oil. The radiator would be a #1 problem for these types of cars, they overheat. Other then that the vehicle is amazing I drive it everywhere. Very comfortable & relaxing. The features in the vehicle are decent.

- Elisa E

Great everyday and sport vehicle.

My BMW is great in every way. It has a great engine and runs awesome and handles great. The seats are very comfortable and the interior is very nice. Also the headlights are bright. It has a great transmission and is very fast too. I love the car. It suits me perfect.

- Jacob G

Cool wagon great for adventures.

Pretty reliable, has the problems an old car with over 200, 000 miles would have. Has some pretty nifty features including being able to roll up or down the windows and sunroof from the outside of the car with a simple turn of a key. Over all great car for adventures.

- Heather L

Great vehicle, you should get one.

My 2002 BMW 325i is a very reliable vehicle. It has had to have one of the electric windows replaced, the air conditioner filled, and a new radiator put in it, but for a 17 year old car it is still in great running condition. It seems like it is going to run forever.

- Edward P

it is a 2002 and does not have many issues

my car is a sedan and it is 2002 so it is older. It has some problems and I am scared to take it across states but it works great around my city and has made a 9 hour drive in the past 6 months. It had a cooling problem. Has had many parts replaced over the years.

- catherine A

It has Barghini rims and the front windows are tinted, I love my car so much.

I love my car, everyone loves, not a day goes by where I do not drive it. I do drive it a lot and I always drive round with my friends or my significant other just travelling and listening to music really loud with the windows rolled down and the back window out.

- Trin S

Fast and furious, great car for your midlife crisis.

Car has good acceleration, handles extremely well especially through the curves. The biggest downfall is that since it is an older BMW the cost of repairs can be extremely expensive. Also finding an auto mechanic you trust besides the dealer is challenging.

- Connie C

Bow great driving experience.

Enjoyed driving this car. Smooth driving. Great braking system. Can get you to one place to another. Good storage in the trunk. Easy parking in small spaces. Would like to let others test drive it before purchasing a new car. Can be in a small car garage.

- Bonnie Y

Very expensive to maintain when it is out of warranty. Codes difficult to diagnose actual problem. Many, many times told that there was nothing wrong - only to be left stranded the next day! Wonderful car when it works! I have less than 63,000 mile (car bought new 2002) (now 2018!) and have had to replace a computer, motor engine throttle, door handles/lock (twice!) and door moldings! Looks great - drives great - but I cannot trust it!

Wonderful when it works and totally undependable after 30,000 miles! Replaced motor - throttle harness ($2000) and replaced fuel pump COMPUTER ($2000) Driver door handle/lock continually fails ($800)

- Judith B

It is a good car to drive and it handles the road good. The BMW cars are made for the road and they made you feel very good when you are driving them because of the way it handle the road. You feel good in the driver seat.

I love my BMW the style, the way it handles the road . The style of the car how it drives on the freeway. The only thing that I might not like is how expensive it it to have things repaired..

- Renee M

2002 BMW Series 3 2 door convertible midnight blue

It's a convertible which I love. It had 120,000 miles when I purchased it. A few weeks later I discovered an oil leak. The car runs well and did great in 2 in state road trips

- Brenda C

Although it can be on the older side, it still looks pretty great.

Can be kinda slow sometimes, but still sturdy. The air conditioning did get weaker a one point, but I got a tune-up were they cleaned it, and it really made it stronger.

- Aaron H

Luxury vehicle but don't like. manual transmission.

very nice vehicle I bought real cheap due to computer problems and reprogramming car after all work is done going to trade in for a 2011 Mercedes c class luxury vehicle.

- Robert G

My BMW is very comfortable to drive.

I have had my vehicle for 8 years. I am very satisfied with my BMW. I rarely have any problems with my vehicle, which is very reliable and comfortable to drive.

- Ilkem I

Fun to drive and perfect for a single male.

Overall my car has been reliable and fun to drive over the past 15 years. It is compact, but very practical for living in a busy city with a lot of traffic

- Craig C

They are incredibly expensive to repair and maintain.

I love that it's compact and fast, but dislike that it gets poor gas mileage and only runs well on premium gas from stations that use minimal ethanol.

- Nikki L

Highlighted Features , Emergency communication systemAuto-dimming rearview mirror

Check out this great value! It delivers plenty of power and excellent gas mileage! A turbocharger is also included as an economical means of incre...

- mary s

Classic style, easy to drive, very comfortable.

I love this car, it rides nice its comfortable and good on gas. But the rims are aluminum and bend very easy and causes problems with the tires.

- Marie D

Bmw has great features and safety. I cannot imagine having a different car

No problems! Maintenance is expensive after warranty is over. Buying an extended plan is worth it. I would gladly buy another BMW after this one

- Marcy R

It is easy to drive and extremely reliable on the drive which means that it handles well, especially on the curves.

It is very reliable. It has great speed and easy to drive. No complaints because it is a smooth machine - the ultimate driving machine.

- Jay V

Great ride, great pick-up starting speed.

4-wheel drive great in winter, love performance. Expensive to repair. Parts are flimsy. Mirrors and headlights do not stand test of time.

- Lina D

BMW the ultimate driving machine .

Expensive problems , high performance and the cars is very reliable I can take her anywhere . I love my car because it fits my style !!

- Quateshia C

Very good on gas I get 23 miles per gallon but it can a lot of money

I love the gas mileages very dependable get me where I need to go I never have an issue with it but the Maintenance is very expensive

- Cody T

Its fast and ride great, gas usually lasts for a while but only uses CD player.

Great, fast car good on gas only downside is not Bluetooth. But it rides very smooth, and I have not had any problems with the car.

- Michelle I

It has to warm up before it can be driven.

I like very little. I dislike power windows and locks. I dislike the leather interior because it is too much trouble to keep up.

- linda D

That the emergency brake light is not on. a brake light turns on but that is just so we know it works.

My car is pretty reliable at times. the only problem i truly have with it is that it glitches multiple times. can be annoying.

- Victor P

It makes a lot noise when turned on, and the brake light is always on.

It is a good car that treats me right. It gets me from point A to point B. Has not ever met me down when it comes to driving!

- Victor P

Needs to be maintained and kept up with exterior and interior.

Has problems that need to be addressed, like oil filter housing gasket drive shaft bearing. . . Other than that it is good.

- Jerry T

Repairs are very expensive. Engine is of the highest quality.

Great engine power. Breaks down too often and parts are too expensive. Also not a comfortable ride since I have a bad back.

- Cindy T

It is good on gas and gets from point a to point b.

I like the weight and feel of the car. I wish that it had more features such as a better stereo and phone capabilities.

- Jane D

It is a reliable vehicle for short or long trips.

I like the way the car handles. It is a convertible. The gas mileage is ok. Repairs at a dealer to expensive.

- Dennis Q

You have to have expendable cash flow to use a old BMW. But fix it up,you have a keeper.

The fix up on the Engine is expensive! You have to get in there to fix a part. You can say you have a BMW!

- Ed D

Makes you feel younger,stronger,faster.

I like that's convertible. I like that it's BMW. It makes me look young. Too much money to repair it.

- Ed K

Black on Black and Easily does 120 in 5 seconds

It's a BMW, it's awesome and it doesn't have any problems, because it's a BMW, that's why I bought it

- Teela R

It is fun to drive, it is stylish and fun to drive.

It is comfortable, and stylish. It is reliable and rarely needs service. Gas mileage is not too bad.

- Lisa P

Twice needed to have driver side door handle repaired (about $800) (cannot open door from outside - inside only) and car still under 63,000 miles!

Like the way it handles! Dislike major and costly repair bills starting at 30,000 miles

- Judith E

it gets me to and fro in comfort. It is not an image statement for me. However, it is nice to drive newer vehicles.

drives like a dream, runs great still, but normal wear and tear for a 15+ year car

- terry o

Very expensive to repair. Parts are expensive. Headlight bulb costs $100.

Like the style and how it drives. Hate how much repairs cost.

- Linda M

Runs well and lasts long. However repairs can be expensive.

Like it very much. Needs more leg room in backseat

- Shane R