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That a bmw needs constant attention. regular oil, pressure, and brake checks are essential for a well-functioning bmw. and it will save you a lot of money on repairs due to the german engineering in bmw, most shops will charge extra fees because the repairs are time-consuming and more intricate than others.

My car is an E46 chassis BMW, that being said it is well-sought when it comes to the modified car community. in E46 bmw's the main problems you hear about are the front window regulators (my right regulator is broken) , and that various seals within the engine bay are notorious for cracking due to the high-pressure and functions of bmw. some features that i enjoy are the "sport mode" that allows me to turn from an automatic transmission into a manual for better control over the car in race-like situations. also my car has a dynamic driving feature that learns how i drive and automatically adjusts to make my rides more comfortable. i also enjoy the speed of my car, at a straight 6, im able to have a little fun on the highway and let loose on my speed while still having maximum control over my vehicle.

- Sabian L

Fun, fuel economical, sports car.

The main issue with BMW's is the cost of repair. Very reliable car. I find it comfortable but most do not due to the hardened suspension. The newer models are very comfy. I mainly drive the car, and not to be cliché, because it is the ultimate driving machine. It can handle turning, corners in the mountains, and speeds better than most cars I have driven. Even basic models have almost everything you need in a car. They have excellent fuel economy, I get 30 on the highway and 25 in thick stop and go traffic.

- Blake N

It costs a lot to maintain.

I do love my BMW. The other issues I have with it really is cost. It performs beautifully as if it is glued to the road even at high speeds. The ride is comfortable and for a smaller model it is actually a good fit even though I am taller than most. But when things go wrong they go wrong. Parts do last longer than on other cars. But simple fixes that should be under 100. Soon become a couple of 100. Any major damage is major pay. Its too much of a money pit to hold onto.

- James Z

BMW has nailed its design! I get compliments on it daily.

I love my car! It fits me perfect. It has heated seats, leather interior, and it handles like a dream. It's had a few issues but if you keep up on preventive maintenance it runs and drives great. The seats are a little tricky to figure out at first but once you do it's a very comfortable ride. My BMW is not meant for large people it not comfortable for extra tall or round people. Besides for that its an awesome car and I would recommend it to anyone.

- Jessica W

How durable and reliable it is.

My BMW is my best friend. Although my car is a older version of BMW (2003) it still gets me from point A to point B with little to no problems. Of course it can be a bit pricey when something goes wrong. Foreign cars can be a bit expensive but I feel that It's not a bad thing because the car is worth it. Smooth, still runs quick. Like anything if you can keep it clean and keep up with maintenance than you'll have a car you can hold on to.

- Alexis G

Stick shift is the best to drive this car.

I have a 2003 stick shift BMW 425ci. When I first bought it, I did really like it but the times goes by Its giving me more problems and going to a BMW dealer is so expensive were sometimes I cannot afford it. Maybe if I bought a newer one I would've love it. I just wish that the service is not expensive. I guess the expensive car you get the more you pay in a service since Its a European car.

- Christian C

A pure driving machine, consistently delivering performance and reliability.

My vehicle us a 2003 BMW 325i sport. I commute approximately 60 miles per day. My car makes my commute incredibly fun as the steering and throttle response are very crisp. This makes it easy to carve a path through humdrum traffic. My car takes any abuse I can give it, and does so all while delivering reliable power coupled with seamless shifts. My car is an absolute joy to own and drive!

- Amber C

Great drive, but getting old.

The drive of the car is simply amazing. I have never ridden or driven another car that provides such a smooth ride. However, it is old and having a lot of maintenance issues, so it is getting quite expensive to fix. I love this car, though, I and I will be sad to see it go, but it has served us well for over ten years.

- Ana T

My vehicle (2003 BMW 325xi) is a nice car and I would recommend to others.

I live the performance of my vehicle and it has been very reliable. However, there have been some issues with the engine light coming on despite multiple repairs. The computer system is very sensitive and easily triggered. I have had numerous repairs completed and the light would come back on shortly thereafter.

- Carol K

Love the automatic manual transmission.

It is extremely dependable, performance and handling are excellent. Comfortable all controls are placed logically. Maintenance and upkeep are a little expensive but worth it. The price of car was very reasonable. The motor is solid and produces plenty of power. The look and color are timeless and still modern.

- Ester W

Vehicle holds up great to wear and tear.

The parts seem to go often. It is high maintenance because it is an older vehicle although it isn't expensive. Most parts can be found in great condition at the junkyard. All repairs are usually done very fast. For the most part the vehicle is very reliable great in all weather conditions I love it.

- Bob A

This is a comfortable and good gas miles with good looks.

All around reliable and great I have one of the best vehicles I've ever had in my flipping entire time ever driving and living, comfort, quick and the thing gets good gas mileage with the looks. The luxuries is even nice compared to others then my look at vehicles is quite negative most the time.

- David C

It drives immaculate and smooth.

I bought the car with high miles (180,000) but it always ran great! I replaced the water pump, thermostat, and the radiator for just under $700. So it is a little spendy for foreign parts but it drives like a beauty and looks good while doing it. I wouldn't trade this vehicle for the world.

- Emily L

Comfortable cool car awesome.

It is a really good car, it gets me from place to place and it rarely breaks down. I make sure to repair it every so often to make sure the damage from driving is does not get too much and kills the car. Also it is very smooth and comfortable which helps a lot during long drives.

- Bobby M

Awesome women's sports car.

I just can't explain it's definitely a women's luxurious sports car it is go the hid and her sports package silver in color I absolutely love my car. My papaw bought it on my 23 birthday it has more meaning to me than anything I'd die if I ever separated from it again.

- Miranda W

My oldest car BMW 2003 series 3.

Our car is not so much comfortable because it have just 2 doors, it is a oldest car we have a little problems with this car. It is not too much stylish. But it is safety also with economy consummation fuel. It is a we like it because is the first one we bought it.

- Sara F

It drives very well. Accelerates, maneuvers, and brakes smoothly.

It's a reliable car that has aged well despite being more than 15 years old. It's is comfortable to drive as well as be a passenger. My only complaints is that the repairs and routine maintenance are expensive. Regardless, I'd buy the same make and model again.

- Christine C

BMW, is a nice reliable car and it roomy.

So far no problems, it is very reliable and the inside is very comfortable, it travels nicely, lots of legroom, the trunk is also big and hold lots of items, easy on the gas and oil. Fits 3 easily in the back with no complaining about room. Easy to keep clean.

- cassandra L

A good car that won't break your bank, and that you can hit the track with.

To start off, the E46 M3 is an amazing vehicle, great mileage, comfort, sporty, and convenient. Definitely a car I do not regret getting and may even consider another one. Major problem is the smg transmission, best thing is to op for the manual transmission.

- Christian G

Pay attention to it. The way it runs, sounds, is working together as a whole.

Our vehicle is nice to say the least. We are currently looking to invest in a family care for our first child is ready to make her debut. Our BMW will certainly be missed. It performs well when everything is intact, it requires lots of maintenance & keep up.

- Joanna P

Convertible with a custom color.

Engine power, gas mileage, easy to drive, fun to drive, classic looking, wears well, authentic, great reputation. I like the convertible feature - fun to drive in summer and even in winter with heat on. Good running car which can last for at least 20 years.

- Cindy T

I have 180,000 miles on my car and it still has plenty of power and speed.

I really like the ergonomics that BMW has. I love that the window controls are in the center console and not on the door. My car is now 15 years old and still runs beautifully. I am very impressed with how long this car has lasted.

- Jane B

BMW 325 the best choice for a used car.

Great car. No real problems with this vehicle. I can not say enough good things about it. Even though it is more than ten years old it is very reliable and runs like a dream. The three series is the best of the BMW accomplishments.

- Craig B

It is great for beginners.

I love my car. I love that's it's a BMW and it's nice to drive and it drives nice too. I don't like that it's very small because I have a baby and not the best car for a baby. I really wish I could have a BMW SUV instead.

- Mariana C

Its a quality, safe vehicle. I like the viability from large windows.

Too much exterior plastic. I prefer more metal such as the 1980's BMW models. I like the safety features, door locks, security system. I'd like to see the classic body styles re introduced with modern features.

- Gregory G

It is comfortable and easy to operate, it is there for the driver.

It is a joy to drive. It has excellent pickup, and is comfortable enough I do not get any aches while driving. Only downside is as it gets old it breaks, and the repairs are costly.

- Kevin M

this BMW is good on gas that's the one good thing I can say about it but maintenance not that often but when it does when you do need maintenance on it you're going to pay a lot of

wonderful car love it maintenance have on it is extremely expensive so if you going to own a BMW of this series just make sure that you have the money to keep it maintained

- Taylor B

It is good to you if you are good to it.

Having a BMW is easy to maintain the 1st two years, . After that, expect to come out of pocket for every little thing to fix. After 2 years, there's problem after problem.

- Leslie H

It has plenty of space for moving people or items.

I like that the vehicle is small, but efficient. I also like it is fast and definitely handles well. I dislike the gas mileage and that it requires constant work.

- Ariel S

It handles well going fast around a curve.

I like the fact the my vehicle handles well when taking a curve. And, is very comfortable to drive. I do not like that there has been recalls on the airbags.

- Anthony W

All black low bar rims real fast with white stripes at to custom wheel

100 miles per hour all black BMW I got it for my 18 birthday I took a ride to Virginia and back I bought it at my uncle's house it was given to me as a gift

- Timothy G

BMW dependable luxury vehicle high performance.

Drives smoothly. Have had a few electrical problem this year. Seems dependable. Like heated seats and leather interior. Sunroof makes it bright and airy

- Mary M

Some people have had transmission problems with this vehicle.

I like the power steering, the radio source that can be accessed through the steering wheel, but I hate the amount of money for upkeep.

- Leslie H

The most important part of my car is the fact that it has a manual transmission and the seat warmers were deactivated

It's a little low to the ground and hard on speed bumps. Performance is really good. Its a manual transmission so easier to drive.

- Manny F

Others should know that my car is fast.

I like the design. I hate the price for parts. I love the driving. I just love the BMW brand cars they are top of the line.

- Mike J

Fun to dive, sleek look, great on gas.

Transmission problems, power steering issues, lots of engine codes, I like the car but it has been an expensive journey.

- Devon K

I purchased it from a man who took very good care of it. I plan to pass it down to my daughter when she gets her licence.

I love my care. It is fun to drive and habits of bells and whistles. However it is a little too small for my lifestyle.

- Tracie M

It is a great dependable car.

Sporty and fast. I love the sunroof, the leather seats. Headlights are wonderful. The headlights turn as your turn.

- Angeline J

bmw cars are reliable and fun to drive

my car is blue. the performance is awesome and I love to drive it around. It provides a smooth comfortable ride.

- ryy w

It is an estate wagon. I have driven it cross country 3 times now and it's never broken down.

Things are expensive when they break but the drivetrain is invincible.it's also an easy car to work on yourself.

- Wes R

great to drive, expensive to fix!

I love the drivability of my car. It has guts and gets up and GOES. I hate to fix it. IT cots LOTS of money!

- susan R

I love my car because its a bmw. Its blue and that's not my favorite color. I think it's pretty neat.

The one most important thing about my car that other people should know is that it's got a lot of miles on it.

- amber w

I like the interior very stylish.

Great reliability. Maintenance and upgrades are costly. Occasional parts that need replacing are expensive.

- Isaac S

The amount of gas you put will have an effect on the way the car rides.

Expensive gas. Reliable acceleration. Be sure to research which gas stations work best with this car label.

- Peyton L

It has rear air which is really nice for the people in the back seat during the summer.

I adore the sunroof and the heated seats. The back window opens on its own sometimes when I open the trunk.

- Wendy M

It is a heavier vehicle, so it provides a much smoother ride than most cars.

It's getting old and needs repairs that are costly. The interior is leather and his hard to keep clean.

- Sarah D

Nice leather seats and drives smooth.

My vehicle is black, fast, clean, runs perfect, very comfortable and gets me to where I need to go.

- Cameron S

Reliability - only thing that wears out are the tires.

Fun to drive - not one complaint. Had it since new and still do drive the same. Well made car.

- Mark K

Sport suspension vs luxury = dislike Premium fuel = dislike

It is a black car, it has 4 doors and a moonroof. Does not have cup holders in rear seat.

- Kerrie C

My car has to have oil that is synthetic. If the oil is not synthetic it will lock up.

My car is blue. It is a 325i. I like it a lot. It is very reliable.

- Ethan S

I like that it is a sedan but by using a roof rack I can travel and carry a lot of gear. My only complaint is that this particular one does not have a sunroof or fold down seats like many others of this generation

It takes premium fuels. But goes from point a to b quite smoothly

- Elyssa R

It accelerates quickly and can be fun to drive. It is a bit small for a family.

It has good trunk space and it is a very fun car to drive.

- Raquel C

that it's really fun to drive around

my car is great and fun to drive. no complaints here

- r C