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Excellent vehicle when given regular preventative maintenance.

This vehicle has been exceptionally reliable. The vehicle came with included service for the first 30, 000 miles but the dealer would not perform oil service before 15, 000 miles. I know better and because I serviced mine every 6, 000 miles, my vehicle did not fall apart a week after the warranty was up. You must use only supreme unleaded fuel. This vehicle or risk problems with the fuel system. (This is explained at the time of purchase). The alignment is set a bit aggressive which can burn through tires quickly. This can be remedied by having the alignment set a bit less aggressively by a qualified shop. The convertible top liner is held together by cheap plastic and shoelace quality cords. This last about 2 years and cost about $800 to replace at the dealer. An upholstery shop can usually do the same job for less than half the price. To make the cords last longer, put the top up whenever the vehicle is not in use. I love this car and if you care for it, you will too.

- Sharon S

It keeps Its value over time.

The BMW is a beautiful stylish design, ours is midnight blue with silver trims and a medium brown leather interior. The interior is extremely comfortable and spacious inside with adjustments to ensure your seat is in the perfect position, one of my favorite features is the miles showing on the windscreen, it helps me to concentrate on the road and keep to the speed limits which is not distracting. There is a small pop up screen in the center console which is fantastic for sat nav and radio controls, it is contemporary and well designed. We've owned our car for 5 months and Its always been reliable with no problems, we often get compliments from people on the look of the car and the space inside, the trunk has plenty of space.

- Krystal A

Most interesting detail is that the key does not connect with the car anymore.

I have an 04 BMW 330ci coupe. Not as comfortable as desired but enough as long as only driver and passenger ride. Very speedy with good control. In good condition but maintenance is not cheap. Very reliable with appropriate maintenance. Electrical problem that keeps airbag lights on. And car key does not lock the doors.

- Bob D

Reliable with minor issues.

Very reliable but have run into problems with the catalytic converters and interior problems. My car was used before I got it so this might be due to prior user error. Best driving car I have ever had and many people feel the same way after driving it. The features are very nice and are just what you need in a vehicle.

- Maggie M

BMW 325ci, is a very good performance car. Also very luxurious.

I don't really have any problems with my car besides the interior, but then again I brought it used. Absolutely love the way the car feels in the turns. Also the seat are very comfortable. No motor issues at all with the car. Everything is very enjoyable with the BMW 325ci 2004.

- Annie R

It is expensive to maintain.

I've never driven a car with as good of handling as my BMW 325xi. The car is good on gas. It is fast and accelerates better than most with the v6 engine. The only thing I dislike is that it requires a lot of expensive maintenance and it's not very good in bad weather.

- Brant B

Everyday problems of a BMW owner.

Always has window problems often does not want to go up once it is been lowered. Love the speed, power and handle however does has a lot mechanical problems and the grilles often fall out of their socket. Also has electrical problems with the lights and the locks.

- J W

BMW 2004 x3 sunroof problems,, over all good vehicle.

I love my BMW,, it takes off smoothly,, it also has plenty of space for traveling. I wish the fog lights wasn't orange. Sunroof issues is all I have in countered with my BMW. It sticks and will not close at times,, that is all the problems wrong with my BMW.

- Helen K

Do not keep the roof off even if you are leaving it for a few minutes during the summer. The seats will burn your butt

I like it because it is a convertible and living in New England it is a good thing to have. Unfortunately it holds in the heat and cold and it doesn't have heat anymore. Two years ago I had to replace a bunch of things, but that's expected.

- Ashley R

It is a European car, so it can be harder to find places to fix it and it can be more expensive.

It's a little old and it has an oil leak that keeps getting worse. It has good gas mileage. I don't like that in general, BMWs are more expensive to get stuff fixed, and not all car places will fix European cars.

- Hannah J

It is a luxury vehicle and needs to be treated like one. It requires regular maintenance that usually must be done by a certified professional.

The performance is excellent. Reliability is excellent. Usually when there is a problem, the car will give you plenty of warning that something isn't right. Comfort is medium, but performance makes up for it.

- Jonathan M

My black 325i is entirely stock, but still looks modern.

The car originally had one owner who took great care of it for 10 years. It still runs fantastically. If you look after this car you will surely end up with a vehicle that will last as long as you want it to.

- Alex B

My current car is a lot better than my last car and this car is good for the next few years I'll have it.

I like the speed of my car and how it looks. I don't like that the passenger window is off the track and doesn't work. The sunroof cover is also off the track and I don't like that. Overall, I like my car.

- Khatlyn M

It's a great luxury car and very stylish. We are very happy with BMW

This vehicle was great car for my daughter. It was small enough for just her to handle. The mileage was good gas for her in what she used it for and she was very happy with the way it drove.

- Billy B

It feels great to sit in.

I like that it is comfortable. I like that it is a very safe car to drive. I like that it has a extra long side window so It's easy to see cars. I dislike that it is getting old.

- Rene k

Ease of handling the car, terrific smooth ride and control.

Like the way it handles at all speeds. Control panel is easy to use. Gas mileage is good. Low to the ground easy to get in and out. It uses premium fuel which is expensive.

- Mike G

My car has great pick-up. It is the perfect size.

It burns oil. I am constantly changing the oil or adding oil or changing the oil filter. The oil light will come on immediately after servicing the car.

- Pua D

German engineering is good but when it goes bad it is expensive.

I do not like how high the vehicle is for a sedan. Bumpers could look better. I like that it is fast. And that there’s a lot of things to customize.

- Jared L

It gets great gas mileage, ours gets like 36 miles to the gallon

This car is very reliable, but does require a lot of maintenance, ours is kind of old so as you'd expect the interior isn't so great anymore

- Maycee P

It is a well made and quality car.

My BMW is a grey 2 door coupe. It has a sunroof and a screen with navigation. I bought it from my neighbor and it is stylish and reliable

- Marlina M

BMWs are reliable and safe.

It is old, so it requires a lot of maintenance. But I love it because BMWs drive very smoothly and they last a long time.

- Josie T

it's fast on the starting line.

I like everything about my car. Mileage. speed, looks and size. The only thing I dislike is it's a 2 door instead of 4.

- Susan h

It can mess up or go out sometimes

My vehicle is decent, it takes me to wherever I want to go, although there are problems with things such as the engine

- Christopher s

Compact and a nice addition to anyone's first car.

Since it is an older model, there are some complications, but none that are to the extreme. Nice tight wheel as well

- Peter L

BMW 3 series cars are the best, especially manual.

I love it BMW all the way manual is awesome I love BMW so much I would recommend to a friend one hundred percent.

- Kon M

It's all wheel drive hidden under the comfort of a luxury sedan

I love my car. It's my first luxury car and i won't drive anything else. It drive's smooth and has many amenities

- Rob L

It's very unstable at times and needs constant care or it goes

It's ok but needs a lot of work it is blue with nice interactive controls and nice interior design with good gas

- Karen F

That it's 14 years old and only has 50K miles, is in great shape and I love it!

I like that it's a convertible and it's quick and easy to get around town in. It's size makes it easy to park.

- Susan c

Inline six engine is extremely reliable and powerful

Wonderful car very comfortable and well equipped. Engine has plenty of power and still gets good fuel economy.

- Joey H

Why I love my awesome car

I love this car. It is beautiful and drives like a dream. I will never drive anything but a BMW! So happy!

- Brianna P

Body in great shape for an old girl.

Horrible acceleration. Engine blew up at 60,000 miles! No warning. Should be better from a German maker.

- Joseph N

It's a really nice blue and it has a brown interior that I really like

It drives great and I really have not noticed any problems so far. I just really love this car a lot.

- Jordan K

Paint is chipping off the back end which is not good.

Great ride, easy to handle, controls excellent, good gas mileage, needs premium gas which is to high.

- Mike G

I do not know much about cars but my car fits me and I am comfortable.

I love my car and for almost 15 years I have had no problems. I do not drive often so I save on gas.

- Mary H

It has very bad electrical problems the lights are always shorting.

It is old and everything is breaking and the interior features are also breaking. It is a money pit.

- Michelle L

It's a BMW. So it's better than their car. Faster. Nicer.

It is very reliable. Very good gas mileage. Very good ride and control. Comfortable.

- John J

My BMW 330i has been a very good car, but it is now 14 years old with 85k miles, so it's beginning to need some maintenance. Because it's a BMW, the maintenance costs are higher than they would be for a non-luxury brand. Overall, I've been very satisfied with the vehicle. It is a 6-speed manual transmission, which is difficult to find today.

It has 225 horsepower and a 6-speed manual transmission, so it's very fun to drive!

- Sam C

My car is fast and a lot of fun to drive, i drive it everywhere.

I like the interior and manual transmission, i dislike the lack of bluetooth / aux.

- Caleb R

German engineering is quality compared to American engineering of vehicles

Like--The quality Dislike--that it is an older vehicle without gps and touch radio

- Laura W

That is reliable and safe.

There is nothing I dislike. I have always loved bmws. And I'll keep buying them.

- Ricardo S

It's fast, reliable, luxurious and spacious enough for my family .

I love the way it drives. Also like the interior. It's a great car.

- Melanie B

I bought the car brand new in 2004 and I still love it just as much as when I bought it!

I Love the heaviness, lines, Durability, Safety,Dealer service

- Jac R

It's a convertible and has very low mileage for a 14-year old car.

Convertible. Powerful. Love the car. Fast and responsive.

- Derek F

The car is very Reliable.

Convertible. Reliable. Still looks good after 15 years

- Andrew R