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My fancy white 3 series BMW with tan leather interior.

No problems performance is wonderful comfort it is a little small but leather is very comfortable have good features as well like drive time lighting automatically comes on depending on your location and weather the tires handle the road very well sunroof is very awesome in this car this cup holders they can be positioned a little better because their position right over the passenger's leg area so they do not have very much room when you pull out the cup holders but I like the way that they're inserted into the dash but they could have moved him over a little towards the middle console so wouldn't be in someone else's weight but overall the car is wonderful it is awesome I love it.

- Robin L

How reliable it really is, people just think of BMWs and the one thing that comes to mind is how expensive parts are when in most cases that is not true.

The BMW 3-Series is actually a great and reliable vehicle, i guess my only complaint would be the amount of money they charge for labor for doing anything to it! Just because its a "BMW" I've owned the car for a year already and it really hasn't given me any major problems. I even drove it to Michigan from Texas and back with absolutely 0 problems! I think this is a problem because of Texas' killer heat but some plastic pieces in the window mechanism have broke this summer but i believe it is because of the heat. They're easily replaceable and not very expensive, but other than that, I love my car!

- Jesus G

Heated seats are amazing for long distance.

Fully loaded no mechanical issues best car I have ever owned. It is computer let's me know everything is working even low tire pressure it is a luxury vehicle yet very efficient eco friendly and wonderful on gas. I can get around 24 mpg traveling and about 18 mpg in town. Sunroof all leather interior and I have back problems and the seat adjusts for my comfort and both front seats are heated so that adds to my comfort in long trips. Very roomy great for carrying my grandkids around with car seats and I feel safe in this vehicle and caring my babies in it.

- Tamara D

Always take it to a BMW dealership for maintenance.

My BMW is the best of all the cars I have owned. It is a pretty shade of white and very comfortable. It is a smaller size SUV so it is easy to get in and out of. I use synthetic oil in it and only have to change it every 10, 000 miles. I have had no problems whatsoever with this car. Even though it is 12 years old it only has 130, 000 miles on it. I use hi grade gasoline. It gets about 23 miles to the gallon. It handles very well and my favorite thing is the great visibility being that it is up higher than a small car. And it is so much fun to drive!

- Kathleen V

It is a very stylish vehicle.

My BMW is comfortable and stylish to drive. It has many luxurious features. The vehicle acceleration is amazing. I can feel the force of the quick acceleration every time I drive. The interior is red leather. It looks very impressive. The bucket seats in both the front and rear seats are very comfortable. This car is great to drive on long trips and just around town. The black exterior is classy. The radio and speakers are very high quality. The sunroof adds a great option for ventilation.

- Sunny L

That performance steering..

I originally was unsure of the tight performance steering, but that ended up being my favorite part about the car! I do gave some small issues with it. However, it was pre owned. So, it could be general wear and tear. There is a minor oil leak that I haven't looked into yet. The quality and placement of the cup holders is very disappointing. I often don't use them at all because of this. I also am not a fan if not being able to manually check my oil.

- Jennifer H

Fog lights, auxiliary cord, sunroof, am/FM radio.

This car has been really reliable I have not had any issues with it. The only maintenance I have done on it is just oil changes and gotten tires and breaks. Other than that it has never giving me any problems. The car runs really smooth and it has a lot of really awesome futures. It has a sunroof to enjoy when the weather is perfect outside. It also has fog lights to make visibility easier when on the road. It has warm up seats and leather interior.

- Felipe A

BMW 325xI safe, reliable and fun to drive!

It is a beautiful and stylish car - has an all leather interior, excellent sound system. Luxurious ride, no noises or loud motor, very low maintenance as long as you keep up with general needed maintenance, such as oil changes. It is held a good value, it is extremely safe and reliable with traction control and all wheel drive. A lot of attention was paid to detail, especially for the driver, easy to use and reach all features.

- Sandra K

Fast but thirsty: This car is a naturally aspirated 3 litre and great if you want quality and a good bit of speed and response but don't want to get into the turbo territory of 335's or M3's.

Since purchase I have been fairly happy with the reliability of my vehicle. I would say that I find the ride comfortable. The features are adequate but anything lacking is more due to the age of the car. Also many option were not installed at point of manufacture. In terms of performance I love this car as its a 330i coupe with 270bhs and really flies, although it can be thirsty on fuel when driven vigorously.

- Gareth R

Very safe, but maintenance costs are high after the warranty period.

The car has been very reliable and very safe. I had a previous car just like it totaled in an accident in which I was hit from behind. I left the wreck with very minor pain. In a lesser car, I would have been in the hospital. City miles are average, but highway mileage is excellent. I have recently replaced the radiator and battery. I will need a new headlight soon, as one light is flickering.

- Regina L

Reliable. Luxury. Efficient.

2006 BMW 325xi has 127k miles, well it's very reliable, drives smooths has no major issue since buying it used. Handles very well throughout the seasons. Especially during the winter snow. Hold enough cargo space in the trunk. Interior design is excellent for its time. Has enough leg room in the back seat for a small sedan. Overall love it.

- Sou K

The perks of this great car.

This vehicle it is extremely reliable, stylish, comfortable, and luxurious. Goes easy for all seasons of the year. With all-wheel drive you can go from sunny to snow within minutes. This vehicle has all the bells and whistles standard, leather seats, sunroof, navigation, Bluetooth, automatic rain wipers. It is the best vehicle that I own!

- Alis V

Fun fact about BMW and if it's worth it.

The car personally is a great car drives smooth and the steering wheel is amazing to control. The major thing that I hate about my car is when it breaks you would legit spend more money on the car fixing it than what you actually paid for it. If I could go back to the days when I first purchased the car I would not make the mistake.

- Ahmed A

The vehicle is nice and healthy. It is very desirable vehicle.

The vehicle has very desirable performance and it is comfortable. The seats are designed in such a way that makes it comfortable for your rear end when you go on long road trips. The car is sleek but sometimes it has problems with the engine but this shouldn't interfere with your experience driving her around the neighborhood.

- Matthew B

All wheel drive and plenty of room. Great car to drive.

My 2006 BMW 325xi is a great. Handles great, and the all wheel drive feature is wonderful. Most people don't realize that with all wheel drive vehicles, you have to change all 4 tires at the same time. Other than that I have discovered that maintenance on my BMW is a lot cheaper than I had expected. I'm very happy with it.

- Adam G

Comfortable but problematic.

Very comfortable and great sound system, have trouble with the check engine light always coming on even when something is not wrong as well as headlight socket burning out. I have had to replace the headlight and turning signals bulbs several times. Also gas is very expensive considering it takes premium gas.

- Ryan S

The ultimate driving machine for a sedan.

Drives great, the ultimate driving machine. The backseat passenger door lock stopped working- have not replaced. Not a door I have used often. Minimal maintenance has been needed to maintain. Thoroughly impressed. Would recommend for a safe and reliable car- yes can have expensive upkeep. But as expected.

- Jamie D

A BMW 3-Series is a beautiful looking car and performs amazing. However, the car can be very expensive to ensure and to keep tuned well.

I really love the look and the luxury of the car. The interior looks great and the car drives fantastically. I do dislike how wide the car is, making some parking spots quite tedious to get into. I also dislike the need to pay extra for things such as an oil change just because the car is a BMW.

- Chance M

The fabulous BMW 325i comfort.

This is a smooth driving, very comfortable car. It has all the bells and whistles = heated seats, sunroof, automatic seats and mirrors and side mirrors that move down to see the road while in reverse. It has pull down shades on the rear window and the rear seat windows. It also looks nice!

- Tracy T

Feels luxurious, drives with performance.

Led displays going out. Sensors. Had to have rear view mirror reattached 3 times, rear passenger window motor went out early, several issues with bearings and belts. Overall really like my BMW but they are expensive to repair and unfortunately if made in us do not seem to maintain as well.

- Kevin C

Great car with amazing acceleration!! Drive responsibly.

BMW's are great cars. Comfortable and sporty. The performance on these cars are great for the average joe looking to get a well designed sports car. Beware, as this car is a German car, the price for parts and labor will not be cheap. But if you can get past that then welcome to BMW club.

- Ronald R

BMW qualities: the best part to me about the car is the performance.

The comfort of the vehicle is wonderful. When you are driving you will not feel every bump in the road like some cars. The features that the car offers are wonderful if you want the extra stuff in the car. The car has been good so far, just this year has major things happen to the car.

- Chandra J

Reliable car, great on gas and well worth the money!

Great for comfort and on gas mileage. Automatic, keyless entry, AM/FM radio, CD player, rear wheel drive, a/c and heat, leather seats, electric windows, sunroof, alloy wheels, child lock power window control, power steering, cruise control, keyless trunk. Overall a good reliable car.

- Stephanie F

Yes!, I love this car except for the bumper issue.

Biggest problem is the front bumper is to low it comes off when parking other than that the vehicle performs well and the control are very helpful has excellent gas mileage I enjoy the ride and the I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking a great ride and great performances.

- Rubin M

Black BMW with tinted windows.

I have had problems with the tires and water pump after 2 years, but in all, it drives very good and gets me where I need to go. I have had to replace the tires 3 times and had minimum had to replace the water pump but that is about it. I love owning a BMW! They are great cars.

- James R

Performance, and maintenance.

Nice smooth ride. Great on gas. Very reliable. Sporty looking. A little price on the oil change. But good for 5000 miles. Only thing wrong with it is hard to clean interior. The paint comes off easily. Carpet is easy to clean. But the mats help keep it pretty clean.

- Barbara S

Need to drive to understand it.

Very comfortable inside. Does not seem like a small sports. Cat at all. All add ins work exactly as they were intended. Very smooth drive and can go very fast without knowing you did. Very easy on turns, can made a you turn in the middle of the street.

- Dominic O

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it goes fast

I like that my car still looked like a modern car. The white exterior is very nice and doesn't show the age of the car. I like the tan seats and the fact that it's a "push to start" car. My only complaint is the radio system is not as modern as I would like.

- Yen M

It is a very safe and reliable car. It is a high quality brand and you will have it for years to come.

I love the style of my car and the blue color. I also love the way it drives, especially on city streets, where I need to make quick driving decisions. The only thing that I dislike about the car is that it is more expensive when I take it to the mechanic.

- S M

It is a blue BMW convertible.

I love my BMW we bought it used, so it came with its issues, but all were fixed no problem. It needed to have the bushing system replaced about 3 years after buying it, which was the biggest issue. But other than that it rides great and it is fantastic.

- Katie C

I was blown away by the number of features this car has.

The only problem I have had with my 330xi is a bad ignition coil which was easily resolved. It is a blast to drive and I get compliments often. It drives great in the snow and is very quick. Also does pretty well on gas even with my heavy foot.

- Christian N

It cost a lot of money to fix than most cars.most other cars don't cost as much because they aren't imported vehicles.

First of all I love bmws to begin with. I really like my car for the luxurious feel it gives, and drives. I don't like the fact that It's automatic, but I'm definitely going to purchase a manual next time. Probably going to get a M serious.

- Brandon S

The most important thing about my car would be that it may be an older year but the car runs very well.

I love that it is a luxury car and runs very well. What I don't like is that when it comes down to mechanical issues it costs a lot. Or when you fix one thing the next thing you know there's something else you need to fix.

- Jenny N

It is durable and easy to drive.

It is a very compact but durable car; this car performs perfectly well and I've been driving it for over 5 years now; barely have any problem with it. I feel safe driving it just because it feels so heavy and strong.

- kaying l

It's very expensive, but it is not flashy. When people see the car, they think that it's someone who is successful but not boastful. It has just the right amount of class.

I love the speed of my car. My complaints are that it is very expensive to fix and I also don't like how low it is to the ground. I like that the trunk is very spacious. I also don't like the price of the car.

- Ashley D


The car runs well if you are maintaining it right. Costs tons of money to keep up with a BMW though. If it's not one thing, it's another that you have to fix. Don't purchase an older BMW, get a brand new.

- Jenny N

BMW's are luxury cars, so the maintenance on them are very expensive.

I like that it is fast and sporty. Also, I like that it can convert from automatic to manual. I dislike that I have to use premium gas. Also, I like bigger vehicles like SUVS oppose to my small car.

- Jennifer R

It is an exhilarating experience to drive the BMW 330xi.

My BMW 330xi is fun to drive and very sporty. It has great acceleration, tight cornering, and it is very responsive. I do wish the suspension was no so rigid because I feel every pothole and bump.

- Desiree B

Great car with its quirks

Performance is great but you tend to run into these weird issues every once in a while such as a total engine failure issue where it limits your car and forces you to slow down to a crawl.

- john s

The BMW Connects You to the Road

The BMW 3-series wagon is a true drivers' car. Unlike many cars I've driven, the BMW connects you to the road; it doesn't make you feel like you're not really driving. You are in control.

- Brent C

Black exterior, tan leather interior, fast, sporty, compact, cute, sexy, speedy, fancy, luxury

My bmw is the ultimate driving machine. It handles perfectly, it accelerates beautifully and is a true pleasure to drive. I absolutely love it and it has made me a bmw owner for life.

- Kelly D

It has a lot of room on the inside.

I like how it drives. I do not like how it is hard to get a car seat in and out. I do not like that bigger things are going wrong with it and it seems to need constant maintenance.

- Sam S

That it has a new engine, transmission, etc.

I like the handling, the amount of speed, and the comfort it has. The only problems I have is the lack of space in the back. Also the price of managing any problem the car has.

- Cody P

Problems are minor, great car.

Problems include lights coming on such as check engine light that isn't correct as well as issues with turning signal bulbs burning out. Very comfortable and great sound system

- Rylan S

If you don't stay up to date on repairs then you shouldn't get this car

Only complaint is repairs can be expensive compared to other vehicles. Otherwise, the car runs amazing, very smooth, feels like I'm on the ground. I wouldn't switch brands

- Bryant b

High mileage BMW with 228000 miles.

Had issues with suspension/transmission due to rough roads in my area. Dme went out due to car sitting for a few months. Very comfortable, great ride and fun to drive.

- Jeff S

It's fun to drive and a joy to own. I feel very special when I am behind the wheel.

I love the way it takes the curves when I drive. It accelerates with quickness and ease. It has loads of features that make it a wonderful car. I have no complaints.


It is a smooth sailing vehicle.

I like the way the engine runs, smooth and quietly. The interior is a nice, cool leather which is comfortable to the touch. However, it does do a lot of gas drainage.

- Jason O

I have the 330xi (AWD) which drives and handles turns great.

Performance, speed, looks good, drives smoothly and very comfortable. Gets horrible gas mileage, has electrical problems, issues with back windows not rolling up.

- Stefanie S

They should know that it is a good car for commuting.

I like that it is sleek and can perform the way that I need it to. It can speed up quickly but I never lose control. It is difficult to afford premium gas though.

- Caleb F

Driving Performance and speed is the main abilities of the car

maintaining it is expensive because its an import car. But, the drive is great specially when your making your turns. It feels like you're driving a sports car.

- lynn a

Bavarian motor works 330i.

This car handles everyday use while still being a fun leisure car. Though the repairs and gas may be expensive for some, I wouldn't trade this car for any other.

- Anastasia C

BMW's are great fun to drive, so if you love driving you should own a BMW.

I have only owned my BMW for a few months and so far so good. It does burn a little oil so if you buy an older model you'll want to keep an eye on that.

- Michael J

It is very reliable and has lasted many years. I have had no problems with it.

love the way it handles, smooth, quiet ride and reliable. Never had any issues with it. Has a lot of miles but no problems. Gets me where I need to go

- michelle m

The back wing of my car is one of a kind

This car is very unique. There are many customization you can add to the car. Although I've had some issues with the engine. It's a Great car overall

- Jesus P

It has plenty of space. It also contains butt warmers

I absolutely love my bmw 325I! It is very roomy and has plenty of space for your passengers. It also contains but warmers and a very roomy trunk.

- Dylan S

Auxiliary cord, sunroof, heated seats and fog lights

Very reliable car. It has high quality performance. The car has unique features. It's overall performance is very good I would recommend a BMW

- Felipe A

You have to turn it on by inserting the key and pressing a button.

My car is very reliable even at almost 100,000 miles. It accelerates quickly and handles very well at high speeds. I have no complaints.

- Kristina P

BMW parts (no matter how old the car model may be) are VERY expensive.

I love the features on my vehicle although it is a bit older. However, it requires a lot of maintenance that can be expensive to upkeep.

- Diana C

It is an iconic good looking car. Really sporty and handles great.

I like the speed and the look of my BMW. I wish the lights were brighter as I have a hard time seeing at night. It is a great car.

- Walter R

Motor will last forever, BMW is built by hand, only needs regular maintenance/oil changes

Quality name. Well-made. Reliable. Strong motor, it has 200,000 miles already and will last for several more years. No car payment.

- John J

The car drives smooth and is good on gas.

I rarely have problems with my vehicle. I get my oil changed on time. It is good on gas. It drive extremely great, I love my car.

- Ashley C

Problems after the 100,00 mile mark.

Once it hits the 100, 000 miles and over there�s going to be problems left and right most owners do not replace the original.

- Jose P

The performance is incredible for the lower end model 3 series.

It is very comfortable and relaxing to drive. Gets good gas mileage. I wish the back seat folded down for more trunk storage.

- Jay A

I really love my car, its awesome.

It's a Volkswagen beetle its reliable, very gas mileage, I love the design, the color and interior. It's a good reliable car.

- Diane A

it can fit a lot of people inside and can get me wherever i need to go.

its a 4 door so i can fit with my family. its pretty fast and smooth. everything works great on it. had it for 2 years now.

- Eric E

How comfortable it is. The seats are incredible feeling. The amount of head and leg room as well.

It looks very nice. It has great performance with good gas mileage. Wish the back seat folded down for extra trunk storage.

- Jay S

As a power to run an is easy on the curves.

Like performance power of v6 gas is ok. Hate small trunk and to expensive mechanic services and I will not by a BMW again.

- Jose R

She has over 235,000 miles and purrs like a kitten.

I like the handling and comfort. The car has good visibility from inside. It is a very solid car. I also feel safe too.

- Dan D

It's a very good vehicle to trust it saved ones of my friends in an accident he had a awhile ago.

It works perfectly, Haven't had a problem with the engine since i bought it. Great for a family of 4 when I was younger

- Preston P

Interesting detail would be how flexible it is.

A BMW 2006 series 3 ac runs good does not overheat sunroof navigation system leather seats in controllable child lock.

- Scott L

It does not have cruise control.

Has some blind spots. Repairs are costly. However, other than that it is a cool, smooth, comfortable ride. I Love it.

- Kimberly R

It is worth the money. You will not find a more reliable vehicle.

This is a great vehicle to own. I have a BMW 3-Series. This vehicle is reliable and has great 0 to 60 performance.


It can go into sports mode.

Very sensitive car. Very hard to trust some mechanics with German cars. Sensors turn on even when nothing is wrong.

- Sarah C

Fun to drive, love the styling, a lot of repairs thought

Love how the car drive and accelerates. Do not like the repair bills. A sedan that drives like a sports car.

- Jim L

it is really fast and really pretty. It sounds really mean too.

expensive parts but has very high quality performance and luxury interior. Plenty of leg room and head space.

- kadie r

Its drive good. Its every stable. Its every fast. It's so safe to drive.

Its to expensive to maintain because every little thing is so expensive and it's only available at the dealer.

- Emmanuel S

The car is very powerful and fast.

I love the pore. I love the steering. I love the leather interior. I love the color and the storage it has.

- Trilby G

Good quality vehicle with a long life driving life.

Love the way my car drives and its color.It's reliable. Don't like the fact it's not good on snow and ice.

- ginny g

Its special to me, it gets me where I need to be.

Always need a wheel alignment, but it is a very great car! Good on gas, never gives me problems. Love it!

- Ka Leah A

Enjoyable German engineering.

Overall it is been a great car however I did need to fix/replace the starter 2 in a period of 10 months.

- Lars P

Luxury and performance, BMW.

It can be expensive and needs specific German maintenance but, nevertheless, it's a good fast clean car.

- Kadi R

Safety, is the most important feature of the car. I have seen people in severe car accidents unharmed in their BMW.

I love that it is a reliable and safe car. However, the maintenance and repairs can be pricey.

- Miguel S

That it drives really fast. It's the best speed ever.

I love that I have a luxury vehicle. I always wanted one. No complaints at all.

- Carla T

Comfortable car to drive. Decent fuel economy. Nice acceleration.

Nice ride. Zippy. Looks good. Stupid little things go wrong.

- Kathy M

Overall great build quality.

Great style. Quality Engineering. Expensive to maintain.

- Michael M

mtce costs are way too high and you have to use high test gas

great car on the freeway mice costs are way too high

- jim b