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BMW 328xi is a very enjoyable car to drive on my scenic commute.

I really enjoy driving my BMW 328xi. My car is a 6 speed manual and I have a long winding and hilly scenic drive to my office and driving this car makes it much more enjoyable. It handles well over the mountains and the heated seats are fantastic on cold days. There have been some issues as it ages, and it has been in the shop for repairs often this year. But it is to be expected with the age and mileage. If you work on your car yourself it's a bit obnoxious how tight the engine bay is to access things but also to be expected with a 3 series given the size. I would definitely consider purchasing another one.

- Sarah H

I love my boyfriends black BMW 3-series. It is a push to start and is very sleek.

I love my boyfriends BMW. It is black, and all the under the hood parts and outside parts are factory made. The inside of the BMW could use some work. It has Bluetooth connection, social media connection, USB connection and standard FM/am radio and CD player, however, the speakers on the radio do not work. So the radio needs to be fixed. The door panel on the back passenger side needs to be put back on and the cruise control no longer works. Other than that, it has black leather seats and runs great. It is very reliable and I never have any issues with it.

- Jacob B

07 BMW 3 series 328xi 4 door sedan.

I feel my 07 BMW 3 series is very reliable, great on gas I travel over 600 miles per week for my full time job and it gets excellent gas mileage. I have never really had any problems or issues with it. I love the heated leather seats in the winter that is a huge plus and it is pretty roomy as well the 4 door sedan is perfect for my sons sports equipment. I would highly recommend this vehicle to moms and dads with 1-2 children.

- Melissa F

Dual climate, leather seats, and greet steering!

Our BMW 328i is a great highway cruiser, we get almost 30 mpg with cruise control while on the highway. The inside of the BMW is large, and has plenty of room to stretch during a long ride. The smooth braking, and steering make for a fantastic ride. We've never had a smoother ride besides a BMW. The only downsides is that the cupholders can break easily, and parts are not cheap. But in the long run, a BMW is a perfect ride.

- Gabrielle P

I like that people are attracted to it. Most people think its a big deal when i mention I have a BMW

manual transmission is fun to drive but the delayed response in the throttle pedal is annoying. The seat is comfortable. The shifting is fun. Not super thrilled with the twin turbo power it has. was hoping for more. Leaks oil a little bit right onto the exhaust manifold causing it to smoke and smell like burning oil frequently. Very smooth car to drive though and all around fun.

- gabe m

Own the road and turn heads.

Performs like a true sports car hugging the curves making it super fun to drive. It is fairly comfortable although somewhat difficult to climb in and out of especially if you are older. Also their is very limited luggage space. The convertible top goes down or up with a simple push of a button. And I really get a lot of attention when I am riding with the top down!

- Lucille D

In conclusion, I only dislike the BMW trunk and it is blinkers.

As you see, I currently have a 335i BMW. I love the features, what I dislike is how the trunk is. I wish it would lift up on its own. I have to make sure I always close it properly and locks. I wish the voice command was more updated but. Of course this is a 2007 car. I�d like the blinkers to have a sort of design not like the plain ones you get to see daily.

- Melissa G

Loving the heated seats & steering wheel

This car is wonderful on gas , navigation is great , very comfortable for long distance drives . Wonderful panoramic sunroof. Oil changes every 3-5 thousand miles . Alerts to tell if tire pressure is low . Heated steering wheel , heated seats . Car heater & ac come about very quickly . Cargo space is ok . It's a great car !

- Denise Z

Family vehicle or not? Looks better than a minivan.

We live this vehicle with all the room bit changing out the battery is tough. Plus other foreign pieces to work on the vehicle. We love the gas mileage and the sunroof fully opens. The kids love it. We did need a bot more room for car seats but still spacious for cargo. The vehicle is fast but has a lot of go.

- Autumn S

Hyundai Elantra, surprisingly fun to drive.

Performance exceeds my expectation of a small sedan. I have not encountered in maintenance issues in my Hyundai Elantra. Surprisingly great gas mileage. Spunky start in sport mode, greater gas mileage when in eco mode. Excellent trunk space. All controls are in reach and efficient, this car is just enough!

- Liv L

2007 BMW 335I bi-turbo coupe.

This car is amazing in performance, styling and reliability. It drives like a dream and definitely gets one’s blood pumping in and out of curves, up over hills and mountains and even on run-of-the-mill highways. Regular maintenance keeps this car in fine form and well- into the 6 digits on the odometer.

- Dr P

Classy vehicle picked up at the BMW factory in Germany.

My 2007 BMW series 3 convertible is sleek looking. It has a hard-top convertible, slate grey and red decor inside. It is fast a six speed manual. It is luxury all the way. Just love it. Picked it up in the factory over in Germany and drove it in nine countries before getting g it shipped home to the USA.

- Virginia F

2 Batteries. Key built in the remote.

What I love about my car is the power, the classy look. And having 2 batteries, one in the front, and another in the back. What I hate is when you have an electrical problem it shuts down. You can't use any electrical device in your car. But a key is made in the remote, so you can get in the car.

- Constance B

Comfortable and reliable car for modern adult.

Car is extremely comfortable and easy to drive. Good over bumps and decently quiet cabin. Gas mileage is definite downer. For city driving, it only gets about 17 mpg. It is pretty reliable, but should definitely be more cautious when driving in snow and rain. Heated seat are definite bonuses.

- Sophia V

Great performance great detailing great tires.

No problems excellent performance nice color great gas mileage sunroof top great interior great sound system great tires door traction no bents or dents good window tinting good air condition system good lights and rear defrosters great light front and back sunroof top and excellent windows.

- Ruth B

Nice BMW nice ride 150000 miles and still run strong.

I have a BMW 328i 2007, it is one of the best car I owed,I drives very strong,I would tell anyone that they have to get one. It is a very comfortable ride it gets you where you need to be. It is a pretty gray color 4 door and no issues at all. Engine is like new no leaks runs very nice.

- Donald R

Being able to roll all windows down with just a click on the key fob.

My car is an older BMW but some of the features of the car are hard to match in any other car I have ever owned. From heated seats to sunroof I love the car. Buying parts for the car though are very expensive. The room in the backseat is also pretty small for a mom who has three kids.

- Sarah M

Excellent for the family.

This vehicle is what my family needed after our truck was ruined in the Harvey flood. I love it because I can say no if someone asks me to do something for them. I do not have a truck and that is the way I like it. My kids love this car so much. It is reliable for work and school.

- Rose C

My experience with the ultimate driving machine.

My car is not the most reliable, it has had a few issues stemming from the high pressure fuel pump but it is very comfortable and packs plenty of performance for most people. It is outdated so it doesn't have any great features, it's a pretty basic vehicle in terms of features.

- Nicholas D

My vehicle is pretty great. Anyone should buy it.

It works well and has good gas mileage. Not bad I really like it and have been using it for quite a long time. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone that wants a car. Yeah it is pretty great so why not go ahead and buy it is affordable and not much else I can say about that.

- Emi D

Review of my silver 2007 BMW 335i.

Love the car but sucks in the snow. Has rear-wheel drive so the Minnesota winters are a pain at times. Problems with the rims and needed new tires but they were not original to the car. Overall, not too many problems. One of the halo lights is out but you can hardly tell.

- Taylor B

Unique color BMW 328xi 2007 low mileage.

The car drives great. Handles very well. As the car gets older more maintenance is needed and it does start to get expensive but the car still looks great and I intend to keep it. Had all coil packs replaced. New tires. Air pressure sensor for tires is way to sensitive.

- Judy G

It is a stick shift, and man do I love how easy it was to learn stick in my car.

I really love my car. Comfort is really nice not bad at all. But parking is hard when you have little room to get out. Driving is amazing hugs turns amazingly. Sometimes the charger for charging phones sometimes does not work. Other then that the car does great for me.

- Hannah K

Sporty design, good performance.

Every inch in a this sedan, with rear wheel drive, interior makes my every Journey a joy, as good performance as a dream. If you love the power of BMW vehicles, if you love the power and innovation of BMW, show your support for BMW sedan. Sporty and elegant in design.

- Jake E

The mediocre 2007 BMW, 3 series.

Lot of maintenance required with this vehicle. I have had numerous repairs. Does not perform as you would expect a luxury vehicle to. Exterior is appealing. Interior is mediocre. Would advise to choose newer model BMW or different brand of vehicle. Overall okay.

- Brittany D

Sporty yet durable and once you get one you will not change to another kind.

Love it I am ready for a new one that is a sportster and is the orange one. Great mileage. Love the running flat tires. Never really any issues. Best one. Once you get one you will not change because they are stylish and durable. Many options to choose from.

- Tammy F

2007 BMW 3 series sports coupe.

No problems outside of the normally expected wear and tear for a vehicle of its age and quality. If you are wise and know how to do your homework, you can save a considerable amount of money on many repairs. Otherwise, a smooth and powerfully graceful ride.

- Bmw P

It is a very fast car. . I love driving it cause it is the perfect size.

It is an amazing car to drive. It drives very smooth. It is my first car. I was able to choose the details I wanted the car to have. The people are the dealer we're really welcoming and helpful. I do recommend this car for someone who loves fast cars. And.

- Jessica V

It handles extremely well when driving especially on curvy roads

It is a beautiful classic car that is also incredibly fun to drive. It handles extremely well and hugs the road in curves. I don't like the fact that is sits so low to the ground that it is hard to get in and out of. Also there is limited space for luggage

- Lela D

Why I love my car: how smooth it is.

It has a lot of miles on it, but it works very well. I have only had a few problems with it such as ants haha my own fault. But everything I payed for works very well. I love the stereo and how smoothly it drives even though it is about a decade old.

- Luke N

Very durable, reliable and fast.

It is a black 2007 BMW 328xi sedan. It is fast, reliable and durable for the most part. I only wished it had more features for a 2007 vehicle; such as heated seats and being able to adjust the seats electronically instead of manually.

- Damian C

It was able to fit plenty of boxes and stuff as we moved across the country, unexpectedly

I really enjoy that my car has a seat warmer. Car repairs are incredibly expensive however. Car doesn't drive as smoothly as other BMWs I have driven. Passenger door handle got screwed up and all sticky, had to pay to repair it.

- Kateryna M

BMW is worth the price tag because it is a sharp car to drive.

This car is great because it has all wheel drive which is helpful living in central New York. I enjoy how fast this car can pick up and go with a light touch to the gas. And, the gas mileage is reasonable too.

- Trisha M

Can have problems and it can be expensive to fix.

Very comfortable to drive, sharp looking, clean interior. When it has problems it is usually noted on the dashboard with sensors. It has had some problems since it is a 2007 but we drive it only in town.

- Paula H

German parts are much pricier than other cars so buyer beware when purchasing a pre-owned bmw.

I love the luxury elements and the bmw reputation but I've had it many years now and it needs regular expensive repairs. Other than how old the car is, I still think BMW is a great brand.

- Janin B

It seats four, it can get up and go, and it's a convertible.

I love that it's fun and sporty. I wanted a 4 seater convertible, and that's exactly what I got. The only downside is that it is very expensive when something isn't working correctly.

- Andrea G

It's so damn expensive. I mean I replaced the water pump and it was over two thousand dollars. I'd rather get something a little cheaper at this point in my life

The car is way too expensive. I can't stand the fact that I have to practically go into debt in order to afford the thing. As soon I get enough money that thing is going to the trash

- Riss C

it requires most expensive gas and i do a lot of driving

i like the features and that it is small and good on gas. i dislike that it requires the expensive gas and it is very expensive to have worked on and requires a lot of maintenance.

- Yarmen G

This is a very reliable car! no major problems so far.

My car is 11 years old but it's still running. It's pretty reliable, unlike what some people say about BMWs. I like that even though it's 11 years old, it still looks brand new.


It's worth the money even if you have to break the bank for it!

I love how the sports seat holds you firmly in the seat. I Love the engine power. I love how it handles. I do not like the run-flat tires because they are very stiff when cold.

- Steve G

The car takes a lot of responsibility and it can go very fast.

My car is expensive to care and it has many problems. I like the design and how smooth it drives. One complaint is that the car is sensitive and many problems can happen to it.

- Arturo C

It is a small reliable pretty quick car

It is a really reliable car if you keep it maintained which is really expensive and sometimes I don't know how I'm going to pay for the parts oil changes and or breaks

- Issa A

It controls very well and reliable in all weather conditions.

Drives great, reliable, the features could be a little better given it is a luxury car but still nice. Only downfall is that the maintenance and parts are expensive.

- Brittany H

It is a very safe and reliable car with lots of power.

I like the way it drives, it is fast and reliable. I also love the style of the car, it is a sporty sedan. The only thing I dislike is the cost of parts and repairs.

- Tory C

It is fast and a fun safe car to drive in all weather conditions.

It is a very nice car. It fits my personality. I can do work to it. I like the color. I like the leather seats. I do not like the headlights, which I will replace.

- Jayden O

It is pure Luxury, rides very nice. It is a very smooth car.

It is a great Car. However, because I live in the northeast, and it is a RWD Car, it does not perform well in the snow. This can be liability during the winter

- Nick L

Great car. Lasts long time. Still looks and drives well for a 10-year old car.

Great performing car. BMW reliability is average for my older model car. The build on this car is good that it does not make me want to buy a new model yet.

- George S

Its dependable it will last a long time.

I love that its fast and has 2 batteries.. And a luxury car I hate everything is computerized. Also my neighbors went out and bought one for them self.

- Constance A

It's one of the best cars I've driven in and that it's very comfortable to ride in and sounds nice.

I like that it's comfortable to ride in. I like that it's a luxury car that works really well. I dislike the high maintenance costs associated with it.

- francis C

Maintenance on the car is expensive.

Vehicle required a lot of maintenance. Repairs are expensive. I would not recommend. Exterior is appealing but does not perform like a luxury car.

- Brittany D

It is very fast, it is owned by the bank.

My car is awesome! I love how it drives & the way it makes me feel. It has a great time too it & the seats are fantastic. A/c works very good.

- Andrew B

My special ride. My bmw 335I is very fast

My BMW has every accessory you could want in a car. The ride and handling are exceptional. The only drawback is the cost of repairs and parts.

- Stephen c

Gas is very expensive and gets like 20 mpg.

Great vehicle, gas can get very expensive. And since its old it may start to break down. However if you can get it cheap it may be worth it.

- Drake T

It runs. The car is not really that important to me.

I love my car because it always takes me where I need to be but has certain more defaults that I'd wish weren't as big of an issue as it is.

- Ana A

How good the gas mileage is. It's definitely worth paying for premium gas.

I like the technology in my vehicle. I like the space in my vehicle. The gas mileage is awesome. Very smooth ride with little Road noise

- Karegan R

It is a very reliable car assuming you keep up with scheduled maintenance.

Working on the car is sometimes a hassle. It does not have an oil dipstick. That makes it hard to physically see the life of the oil.

- David A

It's very reliable and good on gas mileage.

My vehicle performance is great just minor problems like starter issues and minor cosmetic body damage that can be easily repaired.

- Calvin L

It works well. Good investment, stable and reliable.

Very sensitive controls. Nice and comfortable seats. Good speed, fast and stable. Parts are very expensive if something breaks.

- Stacy K

I love the convertible top.

BMW are the ultimate driving machines. I love mine. Seats are leather and contour to your body. Gas efficient. Tight chassis.

- Cathy A

It will run for a ton of miles.

Has a nice ride. It is a beautiful car. However, I feel really low to the ground. It is not an SUV like I am used to driving.

- Lori C

Its spacious. I love the way it drives super smooth.

I love this car. Super comfortable. Its spacious. It fits perfectly 5 people. Love the leather. It looks fancy which I love.

- Ana R

It's a fun and safe car to drive. It costs more money to operate than most vehicles.

I truly enjoy my vehicle. I love the way it hugs the road. I dislike how much maintenance it requires for a luxury vehicle.

- H D

It's fast, powerful engine. Convertible. Sits low not easy to get in and out of

Very smooth ride. Driver seat contours to my back. Handles the road very well. High maintenance & expensive to maintain.

- Deb W

Whenever it needs a repair, it's going to be expensive.

It is very expensive to maintain. My car is black and it is hard to keep clean. I like the compliments people give me.

- Joe M

Spacious & low maintenance.

Very comfortable, great in harsh weather conditions & road trips, gas and repairs are pricey but definitely worth it.

- Tiara C

Great little car to have and gets you where you want to go.

It is getting older has a few problems here and there. But overall a great car to get us to where we need to go.

- Tammy Z

That it is still a luxury vehicle and 11 years old.

I like driving a luxury car that is good on gas. I love the convertible roof. I do not like that it is an 2007.

- Jennifer D

The emergency brake does not work.

I like the performance and handling. Dislike the cost to maintain. I like the easy tunability of the engine.

- Tyler W

It drives great, very good on gas, comfortable.

Not had any problems, great car very good on gas, not really a lot of room but a very nice car for myself.

- Brittany Coker C

Awesome Reliable Interesting design

Very good , reliable and comfortable. I have been using it from quite some time , it has engine problems

- Maddy R

Great styling and excellent acceleration speed with accurate steering

I love the styling of my car since it's a coupe. It is getting older so maintenance cost is increasing.

- Derek H

It's is fun to drive. Really responsive steering. Prey much point and go!

Love the look and feel of my BMW. Drives great! Just wish the mechanics to move the seat belts worked.

- Terese L

my car is a very good reliable car that travel well and good on gas!

bmw well made and great car to travel in style is everything!! will stay with the bnw family of car!!

- lovely h

It's small and it is pretty fast

One thing I hate about my vehicle is that the radio does not work and the interior is kind of crappy

- Mike D

Expensive to keep up with.

Great drive, very nice car. The only thing I don't like is that it's expensive to keep up with.

- Hayle F

That runs great all the time and the design is really clean and aerodynamic.

The only thing I would dislike is the price for the parts. Other than that it's a reliable car.

- Javier G

I do most of the maintenance myself and enjoy doing it.

Car is good looking. Fun to drive and handles really well. Seats are comfortable and heated.

- Kevin b

Not gas efficiency but its fast has a lot of power car parts are expensive but I love the model and the shape of the car

It was twin turbo and its super fast I also like the sound system

- Chris R

It has a lot of recalls on the make model and year

It always has a technical issues arising after fixing something

- Shaila J

good engine, safe, during in time, long run, top for family travel

affordable , family, good brand, good engine, home for my dog

- gianpaolo m

bmw is the ultimate driving machine, I have a 3 series convertible that has a motorized roof. People complain that BMW cost too much to maintain but if you can DIY some maintenance work it will bring better ownership experience.

it drives great, and really is the ultimate driving machine

- marga w

It's a good car but It's slow and can get bad at times

It's a good car but It's slow and can get bad at times

- Jackie B

The repair cost of an aging BMW can be a bit high. For example, I've paid for several repairs about 3-4 years ago which are currently being announced for recall.

That as they age, the maintenance can be a bit high.

- Bernice T

Very fun to drive. Very expensive to maintain

Too expensive to maintain. Planned obsolescence

- Otto E