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I absolutely love my 3 series BMW despite the constant problems.

I truly loved our BMW to begin with. I actually fell in love with it at first sight. Then came the problems. It was one thing after another and my husband had to fix several problems on this car. Mostly the problems had to do with oil leaks or the gas cap not fitting snug. Also the lug nuts being on really tight to where they cannot come off. Also the ac went out a couple of months after we got it out of nowhere. Other than that, it is truly a car of luxury and it definitely turns heads. I am not very materialistic but this car is it one of a kind and it is hard to get rid of even with the problems. It has all the bells and whistles, twin turbos, and very fun to drive. For a smaller person I would say it is very comfortable. Although someone a little heavier or taller may not be as comfortable. At the end of the day I'll always love the BMW.

- Crystal B

The BMW 335i embodies sportiness and is extremely engaging to drive.

The E92 BMW 335 is by far one of the most fun cars one can buy used, although it can be expensive to maintain. Before 2011 the BMW 335i came with a twin turbocharged inline six cylinder engine, abbreviated as the N54. The joy of this engine is immediate when driving the 335, though where this engine shines is modification. Modifying the N54 engine is growing increasingly popular, with good reason. Commonly, a well maintained modified N54 can expect to increase its power potential by 30-40%. Therefore the 335 is most suited to those who are apt to perform their own maintenance and modification, otherwise it can be overwhelmingly expensive. As far as comfort goes, the 335 boast typical BMW comfort and is an overall joy to drive on short or long trips.

- Alejandro M

2008 BMW X3 showing its age, but is still reliable

I love how substantial the car feels, as in handling isn't affected by wind and other air currents while driving. It has a lot of features to customize the comfort level of the front seats. It has never failed to start, but I address any warning dash lights promptly. That said, because the mechanical systems are so uniquely laid out, few independent mechanics will work on it, so dealership maintenance is costly. Now, at 10 years old, sealants around window control panels and backseat ashtrays are starting to give out, and there seems to be a leak from the sunroof that drains into a reservoir in the trunk area. Overall a great car, but keep a fund on hand to address any costly tuneups.

- Elizabeth H

My love for BMW is lifelong

The luxury you experience driving a BMW is unparalleled (it is called the ultimate driving machine). Handling and performance is excellent, as is expected for a sports sedan of this nature. Aesthetically, I love the lines of BMW's design; even with some scrapes and dings after 11 years, I always catch myself staring at my own car in the parking lot. Admittedly, maintaining a car with 140k+ miles on it that happens to be European can be expensive at times, but with a great mechanic it has been less than what people warned me about. The only complaint I really have is having very low ground clearance living in an area with rougher roads.

- Jess F

Information on 2008 BMW 328i

I purchased the car used and have had it for almost a year now. It had over 100k miles when I bought it and was only owned by one other person. I had to replace the starter eventually and the dealership I bought it from replaced the fuel pump. Both interior passenger door handles in the front and back were made with some type of artificial material that melted and leaves behind a sticky substance if touched. Other than that, if you take care of the car and keep up with regular maintenance check ups it could be a reliable vehicle.

- Sami C

Driving the fabulous 2008 BMW 328i: 10 years later.

Only problems I have had with my car were a starter going out, engine coils and spark plugs needing to be replaced, and a new coolant system, due to my car being 10 years old. Other than that, it drives flawlessly, still looks brand new, and is so reliable. I have fallen in love with BMW after owning this car! It is so comfortable to drive, and the special features like how the passenger side mirror shifts to face the ground when put in reverse, and how the windows can all roll down without me in the car are so handy and cool.

- Lindsey R

Fun to drive car that is reasonably priced.

Very reliable car, the BMW 328xi is all wheel drive, 3. 0 6 cylinder 230 hip plenty of power and it corners very well, I get about 17 mpg city 24 mpg hwy. It looks very good and fun to drive. Plenty of room in the front. Seats are very comfortable. The back seat is kind of cramped but plenty of room for children or small adults. Only issues I have with the car is finding parts. I have only had a few repairs that needed to be done and I did find the parts but it took me a little bit and some repairs need special tools.

- Pat E

BMW hardtop convertible.

I really enjoy my car. It is sporty. It is black and the interior is red- love the color combination! But my favorite part of my care is that it is a hard top convertible, no one knows it is a convertible but when it is summer I love being able to put my top down. I get so many compliments on my car and how nice it is! It is super low which I love. It has 13 built in speakers so the music sounds amazing and it is super loud. It has a lot of little hidden storage spots in the car as well. Very useful for road trips!

- Amira B

BMW 335i has pretty good performance

Performance-wise this car has so much potential. From the factory you get a fairly quick quarter mile time. As long as you take good care of it by performing standard oil changes and make sure you put the right kind of oil, gas, and engine coolant, then you really shouldn't run into any major problems. My car has 140k miles on it and I've only had to replace the fuel pump, water pump, and some oil gaskets. Not bank-breaking maintenance, although I have to replace the tires often and that can be expensive.

- Nick P

Awesome car, lots of maintenance.

I love how the car drives, has strong & and sturdy feel to it - like a race car. The only problem is that I feel like I am constantly having to take it in for maintenance, like almost BMW owners, I suppose. I do have a sulev engine, which has been a life saver since everything is covered for up to 150k miles. But with a sulev, I heard that it may be the reason why I am always having engine issues. Also, the passenger side door handle is completely melted. Heard it is a common issue.

- Rhea D

The BMW 3 series experience.

I haven't came across any problems with my vehicle except for, there is not a spare tire place in the trunk. The tires that came with the car are suppose to last until you can replace them, even if you run over something. I do like my car because its small and rides very smoothly. It's great on gas and loves that it tells me when something is wrong with the car, for example, it tells me when my cooling is low and when my tires need air.

- Alex H

2008 BMW 3 series, if you buy one have enough to buy another.

My vehicle looks and performs great. It is ok with gas mileage but paying for premium gas can get expensive. There is no dipstick to check oil so you have to rely on an electronic gauge. Being a ten year old car my gauges occasionally malfunction (ex. Says all tires are flat when they are not, inaccurate oil reading). I would not recommend this car unless you have extra cash to maintain and care for it.

- Jamal D

Dashboard and smartphone compatibility and hard to find oil entry.

The only problem I have with my vehicle is how difficult it is to connect my smartphone to the Bluetooth. I guess I have to buy an adapter on the website but I think it should come with the car instead. Other than that the dashboard is nice because it lets you see real time updates on what you car needs. From what I hear, it is also hard to see where to put in the new oil for the car.

- Hazel R

My BMW cars pros and cons.

The car has amazing pickup and acceleration. It handles very well. Unfortunately I because of those things, it is horrible in the snow. It is too powerful. It is a beautiful car, and it is very comfortable. The stereo system is great too. Another bad thing is that the air conditioner stopped working two summers ago and my mechanic cannot seem to find a permanent fix for this.

- Susan B

Used BMW - Worth purchasing

Well, I've only had the car for a year and I bought it used, but so far I am happy with the performance, comfort and features included with the car. So far the only issue I've had with it is a cylinder misfire, but I only needed to replace a spark plug for it. Sound system in it is great. Love having a moonroof. And it's quite peppy for an automatic.

- Erika C

Good AWD car and solid power and responsiveness.

Water pump/ transmission/ issues along with random check engine lights and vibrations from the drive train fuel mileage is poor due to the AWD as well the inside door handle has deteriorated and is sticky the stereo is well balanced and has great audio and the seats are comfortable the ride is stiff and precise steering is very responsive as well.

- Jeff M

It drives very smooth and ensures a comfortable ride.

For being a 10 year old car, the performance is still quality and impressing. The car is fast and is decent in gas. The only problem is there is occasionally engine problems but nothing a trip to the mechanic cannot fix. The interior seats are leather and comfortable, however it can get hot when there is sun directly hitting the seats.

- Natalie D

It is a hardtop convertible that folds into the trunk.

I love how it handed. I also love the hardtop convertible. The sound system is really great. There isn't really anything I don't like about the car. Now the service is another story. BMW dealerships service departments are horrible. I have used 3 different dealerships and they are horrendous. The worst was in downtown Portland.

- Cindy G

High maintenance cost, but well worth it.

I love the features of my BMW, but the maintenance cost of the n54 engine is not for the faint hearted. Just to change 6 injectors I was quoted $4500 at the dealership. On the other side I have yet to find a vehicle that can take a corner like a BMW. I will definitely be looking for another when it is time to upgrade.

- Brian V

Great sports car for your pleasure.

That is sport model I have not problems for now, the performance is excellent, that is sport car and comfort is for that drive, and features is available. I love my car and I do not change for anyone another car. If you buy car like mine you will be satisfied in anyway. . I gladly recommend this model and type of car.

- Stephen Z

BMW - long-lasting performance you can trust.

For a decade-old car, the performance is still pretty amazing! I love the road feel, and the stiffer steering allows me to be a more alert and involved driver. The only issues I have are with the interior - the leather of the seats is starting to rip and peel away, and some parts of the computer system no longer work.

- Hannah S

My BMW 3 - series is great.

Started to have electrical issues (windows not rolling down, headlight lamps burning out); have the sports option, but never used; tires have to be continental run flat - tried less expensive tires and they wore down faster, alignment/performance issues; overall, good vehicle and hoping it lasts me another 10 yrs.

- Francine V

You must take care of it.

BMW 335i is very comfortable and reliable. I have never had any issues with breaking down or anything of that sort. It's a very smooth ride. The right side view mirror will turn to the ground so you can see as you reverse. There is a sunroof, AUX connect, charging port, 3 cup holders available upfront. Twin turbo.

- Brittany L

Baby Got Go Power to make you feel like a woman

I have on my BMW for the past eight years. It was very comfortable, reliable to always start, the driving performance is amazing I often feel like I am one with the road. Inside of my car the leather with chrome on the handles on the dash. Since I live in the desert one of my handles on the passenger side melted.

- Jasmine R

Electronic issues and undercover

Electronic problems with the door on driver side is give me problems seems weeks. A lot of people tell me that happens with BMW. Always have issues with the electronic parts. And under the car on front the cover is pushing my front wheels when I'm on the streets driving. Is like driving in a bunch of hoops.

- Cynthia A

Great handling, solid, safe car.

My car handles very well and I feel it is a very well made, safe car. The only downside is that repairs can be very costly. For a small sedan I feel it is roomy and has a good size trunk. The radio and speakers are 'adequate ', I have had better systems with other cars. Though I highly recommend.

- Natalie V

California summer party car

Very smooth ride, love the handling and the speed. The acceleration is nice with the twin turbos. Car has had a few problems and recalls but besides that I love this car. The air conditioning works very well and the parking meter helps a lot while parking. All around a very nice and enjoyable car.

- Bradley C

It is a lot more powerful than you would expect, so be careful!

It is very comfortable! And it is also very reliable, and functional, and fast. The leather seats help to keep it cool if it is in the right amount of shade, and it is also very easy to clean and take care of. The only issue I have got is the cost of maintenance and gas, but even that is doable.

- Luke H

I like the automatic seatbelts.

My vehicle is a blast to drive and has loads of safety features like front, rear, and side airbags, anti lock brakes and traction control. The steering is sharp and very precise. It has a very comfortable interior with leather heated seats. The only downside is that repairs are very expensive.

- Steven B

good gas mileage love convertible looks nice when cleaned up love to drive it.

I love driving this car but when something goes wrong with it, it is expensive to fix. Gas mileage isn't bad and I love the convertible top. I bought my car in 2012 so I've had it for 7 years. It is a little small only two people fit comfortably and only small people in the back seat.

- Kathy P

Quick, ride is perfect, highlight is the condition it is in.

My BMW 335 is phenomenal, 99. 9% of the time, only problem I have ran into is the oil filter housing and oil filter thermostat -there’s a gasket that goes in between and it tends to leak due to the metals of the parts being aluminum, but other than that minor problem car is fabulous.

- Justin S

Why I chose BMW everytime

I love the smooth way it drives, the features it offers, as well as the look of the car. It's sleek style is what initially drew me in and I don't think I will buy another car besides a BMW. The quality is well worth the price and I will invest in this company for as long as I live.

- Bob R

My favorite part is the twin turbos and the paddle shifters.

the car is very reliable. It is good on gas and take premium gas. It's a luxury car with leather seats that are electric and heated. It has twin turbos so it's very quick. It puts up very good with daily driving and is a very smooth ride. Never has any problems, and I love it.

- Mike M

BMW 3 series is fun to drive but expensive to own.

Love the way it handles & rides. Hate how once the warranty is over it is so expensive to own. Tires are very expensive since only 2 options. I onl6 have 50k miles on it but am getting ready to have to put another set of tires on it. Overall love it while it is under warranty.

- Beth P

The BMW are very good cars and reliable.

My car is dependable and reliable. I get good mileage out of my car. It is comfortable for me. I have a nice size truck space. It holds the road very good and I love the way it handles. Excellent for road trips, does not need a lot of maintenance. The value is worth the money.

- Esther C

BMW 3 Series: A lot of work but worth it

Bmw 3 series drives very smooth and has great acceleration. Leather seats, navigation and entertainment system are great perks. As our 2008 model gets older it we have been getting a lot of error codes and have to fix small things such as window mechanisms and a lot of fuses.

- Kimberly S

Always breaking and the part are expensive to get fixed.

There’s always something that needs to be fixed and the parts to get it fixed are ridiculously expensive. Also the car is very low to the ground so every little bump hits the bottom of the car so very hard. It is only a car that you can drive on a perfectly paved even road.

- Simona V

The 328i is a 4 door sedan. It has a sunroof and electric windows.

Smooth ride that looks nice. It has nice acceleration. Sometimes the ride is quiet enough that I find myself going faster than I thought I was. On the downside repairs and maintenance are much pricier than average. The rear wheel drive can be a problem on snow and ice.

- Rob B

The suspension and the 350 custom horsepower.

It's really reliable 350 hp the interior is really soft and new. The performance is really tip top shape. The only thing I say is wrong with it is the tires getting bald so I need to replace them soon. The suspension is amazing very jumpy all in all a very good car.

- Jordan H

Greatest car I ever bought!

Con: the interior door handle can become sticky & the rubber has started to come off almost like it is melted. Pro: everything else, this car handles very nicely & there have been no major engine issues. We would definitely buy another BMW, this car is awesome.

- Candice K

My kind of car, has to provide the things I want and need.

I enjoy driving my car, it holds the road. Excellent driving car, not a lot of maintenance, but expensive on repairs. It is a good fit for me. I love the comfort of inside and seats. The music system is excellent. I cannot think of anything else to say to you.

- Esther C

BMW is a driving machine.

This is the first BMW I have ever owned. We bought it 6 years ago and absolutely love it. BMW's slogan is a accurate...it is a driving machine. Handles the road like no other car. Drives great in the snow. The BMW Service is the best I have ever experienced.

- Linda B

The Stylish BMW Coupe is fun and fashionable to drive.

The, BMW is stylish and comfortable. The red leather adds a certain amount of appeal. It is well built but can be costly to repair. Being all wheel drive it handles well in the snow. The 330 horsepower has enough power to get you to the store and back.

- Tammy B

Good quality, last long, comfortable driving.

It last pretty well for its age, BMW has very good customer services so no need to worry much, gas assumption is big but the car drives very stable. So far no big problems, I choose leather seat and I am happy with my choice, it still works very well.

- Ling W

My 2008 BMW is a gorgeous car!

It is expensive to maintain the BMW, but overall I really love the car. It is a good size, and there's plenty of trunk room. It is good on gas, though it requires premium gas. I like the size and style of the car. It could use some cosmetic tlc.

- Karen B

The smoothest comfortable the ultimate driving machine.

Great mileage, for the gallon, very comfortable, handling is smooth on the road, the ability notify you of problems with built in sensors, side mirrors tilt when backing up. Wipers rain sensitive. Great speed balance. Trunk spacious...

- Vanassa M

It is fast and powerful, and always reliable. It has a nice interior and will get you anywhere

I like the power of the engine, how fast the pick up is, and how driving makes me feel. However, it has had some issues that just don't seem to go away, and warning signals show up randomly without there being any actual issues.

- Lucy B

The reliability of a vehicle is more important than its mechanical properties.

The appearance is compact, the fuel consumption is not very high. Generally, it is open motion mode, the power is quite strong, comfortable entry, the induction of the trunk is started, the electric seat is quite satisfactory.

- jackson j

Zippy and responsive steering makes it fun to drive

The car really feels like it hugs the road. The steering is tight and responsive. Have had several sensors go out that need replacing. Carpet and some of the coatings on the door handles is wearing out earlier than I expected.

- Jack N

it was my dream car for as long as I could remember and It is a car that never goes out of style.

I like that even though it is ten years old it still looks new and in style. It is a classic style that looks premium. I don't like the high maintenance costs to keep it. They're customer service is not great.

- Lynne P

The fuel economy is not amazing.

My BMW 328i convertible is a very reliable car. Even for a 2008 model it has a decent amount of technology. I rarely have it in the shop compared to the other cars in my household.

- Gary L

It's great for heavy drivers - put 200k miles on it in 5 years and it's still running strong at 270k

I love the stance/way it hugs the road. I also love the interior design and comfortable seating. I dislike how expensive it is to fix, even minor cosmetic issue are insanely high.

- Janelle N

It is reliable. It would be good for someone who didn't have to load things.

I enjoy driving my car and the luxury additions but it is very expensive to repair. I do not like that I have to use premium gas because it is so much higher than regular gas.

- Jill B

The car drives incredibly smooth 10 years after it was bought.

I like the size of the car. The dashboard is not too high. The car has heated seats, and drives very smoothly. It also can be driven in standard or automatic. Dislike nothing.

- Amanda D

It is turbo charged with the most comfortable seats. It's luxurious.

I like the luxurious feel to it, however there are a few things that bug me. The cup holders are cheap & break easily & the seats are light tan when I prefer black interior.

- Brandi H

Fun to Drive vehicle that makes you want to take a drive

So far it has been a reliable vehicle that is fun to drive and looks great. I love to just take it for a ride in the Summertime and then I store it during the harsh winters.

- Mark N

Car will work great for about 6 years after that the repairs will be very costly. If you don't mind then by all means by a BMW.

My car drives amazing. I can always count on my car. Very comfortable and stylish. The only concern I have is the price of repairs and pieces. very very expensive.

- Mars G

Great drive and handling!

I absolutely love this car. Bought it used and it drives and performs great!! I would definitely buy a new one when I am in the market to purchase a new vehicle.

- Susan K

Luxury seats, enjoyable ride, and nice interior

The car is a very sporty and luxury like car. It was my parents car but they gave it to me. It has some problems here and there but it still drives very good.

- Jordon M

Best car purchase i could have made

My car was well maintained prior to me being the owner. I have had it for 8 months and i LOVE it. It is reliable and is fully equipped with everything i need.

- Angela C

BMW 3 Series is an overall good purchase with the exception of the repair costs as well as the paint failure on both the hood and the trunk.

Enjoy the interior of the BMW 3 series however the paint has not held up in both the hood and the trunk areas which has resulted in getting a new paint job.

- Kelly P

It is a black BMW, and appears to be very expensive.

Status of BMW, very sporty. I do not like that it tends to cost more to repair. It is very fast and more compact which fits well in my urban neighborhood.

- Ben S

THe expenses after the warranty wears off. It seems as if something goes wrong all the time. It gets very frustrating.

Love the way it looks and it is very sturdy. However, always seems like it needs repairs and is very expensive. Like the way it handles on the road.

- Suzanne S

There is some sort of leak and it tries to cut off while sitting at a light.

I dislike how this car seems to continuously have some sort of problems. The lights always come on even after work is done to resolve the problem.

- Betina D

It has less than 50, 000 miles on it.

I like the reliability, but not happy with the boot style of the car. . Have always had sports cars, and this car does not meet my expectations.

- Candace B

My 2008 335i BMW personal review.

Great performance, power, handling curves and comfort along with great body style. Comes with cold weather package that has room for snow skis.

- Michael V

It is fast and looks great. Love the look.

Leathers and sunroof are what I love the most and kind of good on gas because of the size. I do not like that the car parts are expensive.

- L R

Powerful torque and acceleration, feels great driving it around town.

It's a sporty car with powerful acceleration. Some reliability problems and the repairs are about 3x as expensive as their Japanese cars.


BMW honest review for 3 series

It is very reliable and safety is an assurance. The engine does not consume that much gas and it is comfortable to use for short travel.

- Ida A

It is the ultimate driving machine

I like the performance and overall quality of the vehicle. I also appreciate it's timeless design. I dislike the expensive repair cost.

- Don H

People should know the BMW maintenance costs are higher than average. But are well worth it.

No complaints. The BMW is a very nice car. I love the 338i. It's fast but luxurious. The ride is smooth. And the engineering is superb.

- George S

Always dependable. Starts on first try. Love my SUV.

I like that the look and features of the car. It feels classic and something that I can pass on to my kids. I dislike the maintenance.

- Frances M

It is kept very clean and maintenance is performed on schedule

The car is good looking. It has been a reliable car with few major repairs needed. I only use it once a week or so. I like the car

- Karen O

Most important thing is that is fast and sharp and have specific sound

I like how it is looks and I like my engine, sound, sped and cubic. I like how is made inside. That is like sport car sharp and fast.

- Stevan M

High end repairs. BMW 3 series

Too expensive to maintain once one thing goes bad it seems it's a never ending story. Oil change are very expensive. It drives great

- Armand S

Ultimate driving machine but money pit

Electrical problems throughout the car, some mechanical problems here and there. However it's the bet driving car I've ever owned

- Jim P

Drives and handles wonderful. Really love this car.

Had several problems. Oil issuers but I still love the car. Have a recall but the dealer puts me off in getting it taken care of.

- Sharon J

Timeless, Sleek and Reliable Performance Vehicle

I enjoy the reliability, comfort and performance agility of my vehicle. I especially love the classic and sleek appearance.

- Vanessa S

It is a very good reliable car.

Seats for long distance are not very comfortable. I love the power of the engine, that if I need to it will get up and go!

- Sharon P

Buy it for the driving experience it offers.

It's a gas guzzler and spare parts are very costly. Even the service costs are higher when compared to other regular cars.

- Mohammad M

My car is really good on gas. $20 going to school and work will last me at least 5 days.

The only issues with my BMW is it is expensive. As far as oil change, gas, repairs it's a lot more than the average car.

- FaBianca T

It is a generally comfortable car for a family of four.

The vehicle BMW rides so smooth the extension on the car is insane but I do not like it because it is an older version.

- Anthony C

Great gas mileage. To get good gas mileage you sacrifice for room.

Drives great, easy to handle, tight steering, powerful engine. Only complaint is repairs and maintenance are expensive.

- Karen M

BMW 328’s are a comfortable sports sedan at a reasonable price.

I love it. The car is comfortable, quick, and reliable. The only negative point is that repairs can be very expensive.

- Connor F

Our BMW is very comfortable to drive and to ride in.

I like that it is comfortable to drive and ride in. I like my BMW to travel in. I don't like the high cost of repairs.

- Kay K

It's expensive but worth it. It goes very fast but is very low

My car is very comfortable. I would recommend it to anyone who can afford it. It's old so all the maintenance is due

- Leslie R

Make sure you take it to a legit car maintenance shop.

Parts are expensive and there is not enough body shops but overall it is an amazing car reliable and everlasting.

- Nina I

It has some problems but still drives good.

I have had this car for a couple of years. It wasn't mine a first. But I love the car, it is sporty yet luxury.

- Jordan M

BMW not reliable car for beginners.

BMW parts are expensive and not so reliable the convertible coupe is pretty hard too BMW is still dope though.

- David K

It is pretty fast and low.

I love the sound system. I love the speed. I hate the maintenance. I love the looks. I love the leather seats.

- Ralph J

Excellent performance and comfort.

Maintenance is expensive but worth it, I love the way it performs an hugs the road. It's a very reliable car.

- Eric P

It's very fast and sporty.

It is great with gas. It is really fast. It is sporty and small. It is perfect for a small family. I love it.

- Amanda B

It's powerful and should be driven with care.

It really is the ultimate driving machine. The car hugs the road and corners like no other car I've owned.

- Eileen G

That it's very low to the ground

It's a silver car. And it has a sunroof on the top that's pretty awesome. It also has wheels for it to move.

- Odner P

Love my BMW 328i stick shift

Very sporty and smooth drive. Love driving a stick shift. Very reliable and little maintenance or issues.

- Lisa P

BMW 3 series older models.

It is ok runs good but does have high maintenance and is starting to have more problems after 100k miles.

- Dave N

My 328i sedan gets an estimated 21/30 mpg (city/highway) with the automatic transmission and 20/29 mpg with the manual.

My 2008 BMW 328i, styling; the 2008 BMW 3-Series wears sculptured lines, while its cabin is more sedate.

- William V

It's a fabulous car and I'd recommend it to anyone

Very dependable. Even though it's old it still looks classy. It's got great get up and go.

- Christine Y

They say the valve covers leak easily on my make, so be weary of that.

It's sleek and cool. Very fast. Coup style which is my favorite. Solid and reliable.

- Roger W

It runs fast. It takes premium gas.

I like the performance and acceleration of my car. I do not like it being so small

- Wai i

Pretty car but has some EXPENSIVE mechanical problems

Lots of mechanical issues and a lot of buttons that aren't useful/do weird things

- Elizabeth J

it has been pretty reliable with only minor problems

i like the style of the car. it has good handling and it accelerates well

- mike l

The brand and the build quality But be aware to buy extended warranty

Like: fast, performant Dislike: not fuel friendly, maintain cost too high

- Ray Z

This vehicle is very comfortable for me being a tall guy it suits my special needs for a car. Drives smoothly as well.

That it's great on gas and requires a person to keep it running well.

- Kortez M

BMW is a Brand Name Recognized Vehicle. It performs well

Great performance. Fun to Drive. Expensive to maintain and repair.

- Thieu N

When the weather's nice It's fun to drive when the top is down

It drives nice it's a convertible and lots of fun. Great on gas

- Jogi V

It is really cool to drive. It handles incredibly well too. It isn't too expensive to put gas into.

I like to drive it in any weather, including snowy conditions.


The Brand BMW is noteworthy.

Quality Vehicle. Smooth drive. Maintenance cost is high.

- Thieu J

it's well cared for and very trendy

drives well, loaded with features, comfortable

- irene D

BMWs truly are the ultimate driving machines.

- Raquel I