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Fun, fabulous, and safe family vehicle without sacrificing style and speed!

The front cup holders are kind of flimsy and are not big enough for American size coffee cups. They are built to pull out of the dash in front of the passenger causing them to be less convenient and making it more likely to have a spill due to the passenger accidentally hitting the cup from the bottom. Other than that, I LOVE MY CAR! The seats are comfortable in front and back! The dash and display screens are easy to see and the feature on the key fob to not only lock/unlock the doors and open the trunk... you can roll all the windows down and open the sunroof before you get in which comes in handy on a hot day to let the heat out before getting in! The way the car handles is smooth and efficient! Not to mention the turbos make this car feel like your driving a sport car but it's a sedan. Ample trunk space for groceries, luggage, kids sporting equipment! The sensors that tell you anything that may need to be addressed such as any lights out, need air in tires, how low the oil is, and when maintenance needs to be scheduled. Also has built in navigation and Bluetooth for your cell phone. I would like to have Bluetooth for my music on my phone to play through the speakers but this isn't an option. There is however an aux outlet as well as a USB outlet in the console and that works well.

- Colin B

A wonderful luxury car for a first time owner.

The perfect first car I could own. The ride is always smooth, though very pricey for maintenance which is understandable for a BMW. I don't run into problems often with performance. I do wish it was Bluetooth compatible but the system is compatible to plug in extra accessories for Bluetooth connection. A most favorite feature is the heated seats and steering wheel for the cold months and the extra trunk storage compartment. It's an all around wonderful car to own.

- Jasmine A

BMW 3 series: where rubber meets the road.

I drive a BMW - 3 series - 328i Xdrive. Handling is tight and car is solid. For the most part it is a very smooth ride but the 3 series is the sportiest of the line so you will feel more bumps. X-drive is the way to go as driving in the winter is super easy and I always feel safe. The car is a beast in the snow. In car entertainment is 4/4 as the 2010 model has most features but no apple carplay and Bluetooth for music. It does has in car phone and backup camera.

- Molly H

Buying a previously owned quality vehicle from a dealership.

Runs well. Economical to operate. Good transportation for the family. Decent sound system. Maintenance is on the expensive side, however considering I purchased it with 37000 miles on it and in 6 years I have only put another 30000 on it, the maintenance equals out over the duration of time. This BMW is basic, no electric seats or upgraded sound system. It does its job and it does it very well!

- Douglas E

The vehicle is great to look at and gets attention.

Not in love with the vehicle. Shortly after purchasing the airbag light came on. It was on recall. Took it in, was repaired, but the light is still on. The technician stated the repair would not turn the light off. I was told after purchasing the vehicle that one of the issues was that all of the dashboard lights would pop it. They have and it is nerve wrecking.

- Cassandra W

Custom colors. Exclusive materials. Personalized details. An

Custom colors. Exclusive materials. Personalized details. Anything is possible in the world of BMW Individual. A virtually limitless range of options, from one-of-a-kind paint finishes to bespoke interior materials, lets you create a custom vehicle that's as unique as you. Or grab attention with an exclusive Limited Edition BMW. The choice is all yours.

- Reyes R

Powerful vehicle, that looks professional, but exciting to drive.

Comfortable, powerful, and classy. Fun to drive while still having elegance to it with its trim. Not too big. Perfect for personal use, and or family use. This was the first vehicle I owned and I would recommend it in a heartbeat. Maintenance is key, keep up with it, and the vehicle will last. Gets great gas mileage, on and off freeway.

- Sammy E

It's fun and low maintenance if you keep up with the oil changes. Even though It's small you can fit a lot in it. The fact that the cupholders disappear into the dash is the best part.

I love everything about my car. Reliability, It's fun, looks beautiful, interior is beautiful w/wood accents and easy to clean and care for. It's quick with good suspension just wish i didn't need to rely on run flats for it. All wheel drive has been great! Overall no real complaints after 2 years of owning it.

- Kaylyn W

Love the body style and performance!

First 5 years no issues. Recently have a lot of oil leaks in different places. A lot of fading in the exterior as well as body paint fading. Plastic parts melting or coming off. Have to drive on sports dives as there is a shaking which happens on regular drive. Performance is still excellent.

- Sylvia H

It is very fast and efficient with gas.

It great car with great speed and is very durable it is one of the best cars I have ever had. This car is compact and saves gas. This car is a black series 3 BMW foreign car that will take you where you need to go. The BMW is a great brand and my car is one of the best out of the brand.

- Jesus E

Pros and cons of BMW 328i.

Our BMW 328i is a nice car, with nice features like heated seats and a heated steering wheel, but it has a lot of fuel problems. We've had to replace the fuel system twice in two years. And it blows fires a lot, and guzzles gas. It is fast and smooth riding though which is nice.

- Kayla K

My vehicle is for people who want sports car.

The performance is really great and I really love it I love the speed I love the looks and design. I love how smooth and quiet it is when your inside the car and how comfortable it is. The features is really great I had lots of features you'll love it if you want a sports car.

- Pa U

It is both good to drive and very fast!

Amazing car, great performance. All around amazing car to drive. My daily driver. I drive it to and from work everyday. I also have a lot of fun driving it as well with friends and family. Would highly recommend it to anybody looking for a car. Can't say enough about it!

- Anthony Z

My BMW have been with me since 2010.

Very good with my car as of now, I really do not have and problems as of now, and would keep driving it as of now, and had many other choices with getting another one but not now. But I will look for another one in time. It was given to me as a present from my husband.

- Carol A

Pros & cons of the BMW 328i.

My BMW has fuel pump and fuel system problems very often. It guzzles gas and needs oil changed frequently. It only takes premium gas so it is costly to fill up more so than need be. On the bright side it is a comfortable, decent sized car and can be pretty fast.

- Michaela E

It's fast, has a really good engine, but it uses a lot of premium gas.

Dislike how I have to use premium gasoline and fill it up often. Eats gas like crazy. It's a luxury car so the leather seats, interior, and exterior is what makes me love the car. It's very roomy for my friends and grocery trips.

- georgia s

it has problems after the first 5 years so it is not meant to last for a long time

I have had my car since 2013 because I bought it pre-owned. Last year is when I started noticing a lot of problems with it like my ignition coils, AC, and a few recalls. But the car has a lot of features and drives well

- aarti d

It is the perfect size for a family of 4.

I love my car. I bought it used and even though it is eight years old it is in very good condition. It is luxurious and roomy and was very well taken care of. The trunk is very roomy and it can fit a lot of groceries.

- Kim G

My vehicle BMW series 3 can be super quick and is very well put together.

My car has issues with some of the plastic breaking in it. The blinker broke, so I had to replace that. I just replaced the brakes as they went out. So overall, there's a lot of maintenance you have to work on.

- Zach N

It is modern and yet very comfortable. It is an Ultimate Driving Machine and they deliver exactly what they promise.

The 3 Series is a brilliant example of a well-made, well-balanced sports sedan. Highlights of its fun-to-drive nature include responsive handling paired with a selection of robust engine options.

- nisha S

It Is a luxury car. Be prepared to come out of pocket with quite a bit for any repairs. Not all mechanics are certified to work on luxury cars, trust the dealerships. They are pricey but they do it right the first time!

I love everything about my car. The only downfall is the price of repair and upkeep. I spend well over 100$ just to get an oil change and 10-20$ for replacement light bulbs.

- Brandi G

Hardtop convertible, ocean blue color. Nothing like it around here.

Hard top convertible, what's not to love? The only thing I dislike is that the hardtop will leak at times. I guess sometimes it seals better than others when it is moved up.

- Erika H

Sports car in a European kind of way

It's a reliable German built car that I use every day. It starts every single time and I don't have to worry about it. The engine is powerful and I enjoy it very much.

- Julien F

All functions of the car are monitored electrically.

Like the basic functions of the car. Specifically, navigation, the electronic monitoring of the cars status and the speed/engine. Don't like expensive service.

- Jay K

My car fits into my lifestyle. It is fun to drive and has a great moonroof.

This car is fuel efficient, reliable, the seats are comfortable, and I feel safe. There is not a lot of legroom in the back seats, but it has a sleek look.

- Tori S

The grunt you need at a fraction of the cost

The 320D is a very powerful machine. It has hands free, which is very helpful, and cruise control. It is an ultra reliable vehicle and very fuel efficient.

- Lehan V

Best car that I have ever owned.

I have owned this car for over 3 years now and I haven't had any problems with it so far. It runs great, gets good miles per gallon, and is a smooth ride.

- Austin R

Very reliable and dependable. A long lasting vehicle with minimal maintenance.

BMW is a very reliable car. There is plenty of space to put personal items as well as passengers. BMW is very reliable and a love using this car daily.

- Sylvia S

This car has a very intricate parts, meaning services can be quite expensive.

My BMW 3 series is a very steady and smooth vehicle. It is a very reliable car that has given me very few issues. The vehicle is also very comfortable.

- Ali K

Its sporty and it handles really well and it's well maintained.

I like the way the car drives and handles but it's a little rough when the roads aren't great and it is a little bit of a pain having just two doors.

- Ming C

It's expensive to maintain after it's out of warranty.

It's comfortable. It has room for my whole family. The built-in navigation feature was a key factor in my decision to purchase this car.

- Erin C

My BMW. Its ub Unlike any other car

It's a dream to drive and the steering is excellent. The black color is awesome with gray interior. The ride is smooth and very quiet.

- Donald S

It is very good at handling.

The car consumes a lot of gas. The parts are very. Expensive when it needs to be replaced. It is black color so it is hot in the summer.

- Jessica H

It's efficient with fuel. I can get far and not wasting too much money on fuel. Also better for the environment.

It's a namedul brand. It looks very valuable. It's very comfortable even on long rides in traffic. It's also very efficient with fuel.

- Alessa B

It's a european car and it accelerates very fast. It is a nice car that i worked hard for

I love my vehicle because its a luxury car. It has leather seats, navigation, sunroof etc. I don't like the maintenance on it though

- Bryan R

It is paid for and has been very reliable.

I dislike the expense of light replacement for burnt out led and oil and filter cost. I love the comfort pick up and handling.

- David H

It is great on gas and has a strong engine.

I like how it is good on gas. It is such a great looking car. I have lots of fun miles on it and it takes me on long trips.

- Jordan E

Rides great and is very dependable.

Dependable. Low maintenance. Fast. Good engine. Very safe. All wheel drive. Dislike-. No Bluetooth. Expensive maintenance.

- Tricia R

Kos important to know about the far is safety.

Performance is great. I love how fast and smooth and quit it is. Love driving it I feel really safe when I am driving it.

- Pau M

I love the way my car drives, it's pretty and fast and comfortable.

I dislike that it doesn't get the best in city gas mileage. It doesn't have the best air conditioning. I love the style.

- Sarah M

Easy to maintain and good gas mileage.

Easy to drive. Low maintenance. Good gas mileage. Fun to drive. Sporty. No complaints except tires are hard to clean.

- Joy R

BMW comfortable and nice upper middle class vehicle

The bmw has a smooth ride, but it is an expensive vehicle to maintain and repair. Interior features are very basic.

- Erica b

Be prepared to pay more for parts because of the brand of car.

Expensive to maintain but very few things have gone wrong. Very reliable, worth the money invested in it.

- Jennifer D

High quality and fun to drive.

Very reliable, rides smoothly, fun to drive and high quality. Can be pricey when it comes to maintenance.

- Jennifer D

Requires premium gas which can get very expensive.

Great sound system and comfort features. It is very comfortable for the driver and drives really well.

- Winnie H

It's very comfortable car It runs very smoothly. nice car

I like everything about my car. It runs smoothly. It's high maintenance car.

- Mike K

Nice quiet ride on the highway. My mechanic tells me that it needs expensive premium gas, and that we don't drive it enough, so I've been spending a lot in repairs as soon as it was out of warranty.

Expensive to fuel & expensive to repair. Not a great car for city dwellers.

- John D

The interior is easy to maintain and local service is available. Any recalls are most difficult to obtain!

I love the engine. I love the retractable hardtop. I hate run flat tires.

- jer H

Awesome ride for the price.

Never left me stranded. Costly to repair. Oil changes cost a fortune

- Beth P

That's it's reliable and It's well made but the maintenance is high

It's very reliable. And you feel safe when you drive it.

- Jalal M

I like it: it is a classic car.

It is a black sedan. It drives well. It is getting old.

- Gregory C

safety alway come first , and It's a solid car over all

nothing i don't like about it , overall a solid car

- joe R

It's a convertible so it's really fun to drive on cool summer nights. The ride is really smooth. Gas is good on the car. I really don't have any complaints about it except it is a little small for me.

It is a BMW and the brand alone speaks for itself.

- Nick Y