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One of the most reliable cars I've ever driven or been taught to drive in.

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i

The only problems I've had with this car has been the inside door handles melting in the Florida sun. However, BMW released a way to fix this problem and that has worked very well. The performance of the car hasn't been disappointing in anyway, through many different kinds of weather the car has been superb. Even in the torrential downpour of Florida the car doesn't slide around the road. The car is one of the most reliable my family has ever had, many other cars have had problems throughout the years but, my BMW always drives smoothly. I learned to drive in this car and I am a better driver than my brothers at this point in all of our lives. A feature I use everyday is the Bluetooth to my phone, being a young adult driver it's very helpful to be able to use this feature when I am trying to listen to my music.

- Rebecca P

The ultimate driving machine

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i xDrive

The BMW 3 series is really the ultimate driving machine, I love driving the car. It is not a supercar but it has just enough power to kick you into the back of your seat. Even though it is a 2011 it aged very well because it's still has the modern features of a 2018 and 2019, it has a navigation screen that it more than big enough, Bluetooth access for your phone to connect to and also two USB ports also for your phones or tablets. It does come with PDC (parking distance control) Performance wise I'll give it a 8/10, comfort and features 9/10. The BMW 3 series is a reliable car, it's just like any other car that if you take care of it then it'll take care of your wallet! This 2011 BMW 3 series still looks up to date in style and performance.

- Ulysses S

Fun and Young to Drive: BMW 328

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i xDrive

This car is very fun to drive, has great pick up (6 cylinder), and a tight suspension so it handles well around turns. The space is small, both in the cabin and trunk and it is low to the ground. People have a hard time getting out and the backseat will not accommodate people that are tall- especially if the people in the front have the seat pushed back. It is difficult to get a car seat in and out of the back seat as well. The trunk has limited storage and won't hold more than one full sized suitcase. Mechanically I've had few problems and they have largely been covered by the warranty or recalls. All in all I would say this is a good vehicle for someone that would also consider a coupe. It's driver-based, fun, and young-feeling.

- Jessica B

The most interesting detail about my car would be the black leather seats.

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i xDrive

I love my BMW 328i xDrive. I got it as a graduation gift, it was pre owned. I love the comfort in the seats and love the sound system and sunroof. BMW's are luxurious cars and will automatically draw you in once you sit in one. The only issues I've had with my car is having to deal with maintenance that the previous owner did not take care of such as oil changes, alternator problems and my coolant hose. After fixing the issues my car is 100% in great condition from the body and interior. I would recommend a BMW to anyone looking for a reliable car. Great gas savers as well, I travel from my hometown to my college town about 30 min away from home everyday and I get great gas mileage!

- samantha G

Love and hate my BMW 328i.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I bought this car used. It is beautiful but an absolute lemon. I have had nothing but problems since I purchased. I do love the look and leather interior. I am glad I kept my Kia as a backup car. My BMW has had over $10, 000 in repairs this year. I do not like the front seat cup holders. I do like the safety features. I like the classic look and the fact that even though, it is 2011, it looks like a newer car. The seat warmers and location features and great. Buyers should know that at around 100, 000 miles they start to require repair and it is always costly. For example, I need a new alternator. The part and repair is $988 at a local shop. I do think this car is safe.

- Jessica B

BMW awesome hardtop convertible.

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i

My convertible is so fun! Since it is a hardtop one, it allows me to have fun in the summer while still being able to endure colder conditions in the winter. Wonderful exterior look and interior as well. Perfect car in my opinion. The convertible is the main feature but my second favorite is the parking sensors that tell you when you are getting too close to objects or other cars when parking. It also has a really fast defroster in the winter. The push start is convenient as well. And another favorite feature of mine is the ability to save a music collection in there, almost like an mp3 player in your car!

- Lynn M

Fast accelerating BMW 2011 3-series xDrive.

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i xDrive

I love my car and have grown to be very attached to it despite some issues has the mileage has gotten higher. I had issues with my steering angle sensor and transfer case which cost nearly $4,000 at around 70,000 miles. The tire sensors seem to be a bit hyper sensitive and give false readings of low tire pressure when actually they're at the recommended PSI. Noticing my spark plugs need replacing more often lately. But I love the quick acceleration and smooth driving. I love the way it drives and handles. And I love the body of the car.

- Taylor G

Great car - best I have owned so far.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Since buying my BMW I have had no problems whatsoever, aside from occasional excess wind noise which is an easy fix. The car is surprisingly fast for a wagon you honestly cannot even tell, also it is extremely comfortable I take it 4 hours too Atlanta and back home at least once a month and cannot complain about comfort. The only downside to the car would be the $124 oil change and the fact I have to put 93 in it I work for he dealership though so it is not as expensive plus the car is extremely well kept up so I have been quite lucky.

- Spencer H

My 3-series "Betsey" has been a great fit, just minor drawbacks.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I bought this car as a salvaged title which worried me, but after a bit of work on it, it's been an amazing car. We had new tires put on it and I have had no problems with how it runs. The inside looks great and I love all of its features. The only things I would like to add would be heated seats and a back-up camera. I really love the fact that all the radio controls are also on the steering wheel. Overall the car has been good for me, just minor changes I would make.

- Kayleigh P

Convertible hardtop is not a noticeable feature until it is brought down.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I am not too crazy about my vehicle in the sense that the maintenance on the vehicle is a higher cost than the value of the car now. The moment I bought the vehicle it was beautiful however, once off the car lot, the value of the vehicle decreased significantly, and I cannot sell it for the loan is worth or more. The reliability of the car is good, performance is good, problems would be coil misfires, and dc fuel pump, otherwise normal wear and tear.

- Chloe K

Great car, excellent safety, unbelievably comfortable

2011 BMW 3 Series

The BMW 328i is an excellent car that excels beyond competitors and other vehicles in terms of comfort, space, and safety. The vehicle has many features that propel the car, even at its time and current times, into an advanced group of cars. From seat warmers, to sun roof, ability to memorize your seat orientation with up/down/forward/backward and lower back rests that are adjustable, this car is great. It also has a safety rating unlike any other.

- Akin E

Maintenance can be expensive.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Highly reliable. All wheel drive performs well in wintry conditions. Very stable in and out of turns. Quick pickup when accelerating, no wacky skidding when having to brake hard and fast. Heated seats make for a warm car on cold days. Sound system is extraordinary! Very quiet while driving. Although run flat tires can induce some unwanted noise. Maintenance can be expensive, make sure to take advantage of all warranty offers.

- Lisa Y

It is a silver BMW 328i coupe edition, love it all around

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i xDrive

The car is great. Love the sleek look of the exterior and interior of the car, but it also has good gas mileage to the gallon, is reliable meaning it has low maintenance requirements, honestly not much that I can complain about except that when there are maintenance requirements that all cars are going to have, depending the parts for repairs are more expensive because it is imported from Germany

- Crystal R

Beautiful and reliable car

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i xDrive

Handles very well in snow/icy conditions. Interior space is small but I am a smaller person. Drives well, hardly any repairs needed and I'm at 122k miles. Headlights are a bit spendy to replace. Look into having a certified BMW technician work on your car because I have had many non certified technicians mess up on my car. I find this car gets decent gas mileage too. 24 highway and 19 in town.

- Terri M

I'd say to non BMW owners - don't let the price tag put you off. They are a more expensive car but are also a well engineered car.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I like the fact that it's a very well made and robust car which performs well and is a very comfortable drive. My dislikes of the car are generally to do with its age - naturally repairs are more frequent the older the car gets and BMW repairs are much higher than other car manufacturers. Also gas mileage isn't particularly good and increasing gas prices make it an expensive car to drive.

- Scott M

The BMW model 3-series details.

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i

I have not had many problems at all with my BMW. The minor issues needed were: a new battery, new tires, and an air filter. The leather seats are in good condition, the body is in good condition. I garage my vehicle therefore keeping it in good shape. I consider my BMW series the sports model, and it really gets up and goes! The power is amazing on the freeway, gets good gas mileage.

- Sheila N

The BMW three series is a dream to drive.

2011 BMW 3 Series

My BMW is the bomb! I love the safety features it offers, the care free driving, the ease of driving. This car is my favorite and keeps me safe as I drive. It handles so smoothly on the roads. I have not encountered many problems, the one problem that I recall was the cup holder would not return to its position. I called the dealership and they had it fixed within a day.

- Sarah P

I like that the steering wheel can be adjusted to wherever I need it to be.

2011 BMW 3 Series

The problem that I find the most problematic is how expensive it is for maintenance on my car. I also think that I need maintenance a lot, especially with my tires. Also, in the winter my car is very low to the ground so it is important that I do not drive in the snow or that if I do I am very careful. The same goes with rain when it is cold because it can turn to ice.

- Evan B

328i convertible is a great ride.

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i xDrive

A very reliable car great with traction. A lot of power that handles easily. Convertible hardtop very easy to use. Slight problem in the summer with humidity getting stuck, but easily fixable. Driver seat settings allow for more comfortable ride. These models are known for slight oil weeks overtime. There was a recall for the driver side airbag which BMW will fix.

- Francine P

Features to help while driving.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Love the leathers seats and they electronic dash to give alerts. Especially love the tire air sensor to alert if the tire pressure is getting a bit low and it's very accurate. The seat warmers are amazing in the winter time and wonderful to have. The gas tank symbol pops us at 60 miles remaining and at 50 and 30 miles left in gas range. Very helpful.

- Felicia S

I feel safe and it is reliable.

2011 BMW 3 Series

We have been buying BMW for years. I wouldn't want to drive any other car. They have great get up and go. Dependable and quality product. We have never had many problems at all. We have had several models including sports car. It was great. My only problem is I need to go back to the x3 because I have trouble getting out of a low sitting car now.

- Nancy S

BMW do have expensive maintenance fees.

2011 BMW 3 Series

The 2011 BMW 335is coupe is a really great car that takes premium gas only. If you've got a need for speed and a great take off than this is a great car to get. Not to mention the great leather interior. If you are lucky like me you'll find one with red interior which is something pretty unique in a car unless it is been customized to the buyer.

- Sabrina V

My 328i BMW still runs great!

2011 BMW 3 Series

My vehicle is very reliable, it has never gave me and issues. The seats are comfort. It is a small car but it is perfect for me since I am single and do not have children. The car is low so it is a little harder for older people to get in and out of it. I bought it used at 30, 000 miles. Only issue I ever had was a recall on I believe the ac.

- Christina S

Car that's made to drive..

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i xDrive

My car is a BMW 328i sport, it has the option of either manual or standard transmission built into it, pretty cool option. I've only got 52,000 miles on this ride. All the maintenance has been thru a certified BMW dealer. My car is fully loaded with electric windows, sunroof, powered door locks, tinted windows, and so far no side work.

- Carlos E

Love my BMW! Best car I've driven so far!

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i

Love this car! The only downfall is it only has low profile tires so I go through tires like crazy. Other than that I love the way it drives it knows the road! It's super comfortable. It gets up to speed pretty fast! Other than parts being expensive, I'd say this car has been amazing for what I've needed it for! And super fun to drive

- Jasmine A

BMW 328i, perfect car for a bachelor

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i

It's a very fast and sporty car. Haven't had too many issues, however upkeep is expensive. Not the ideal car for a family. It would be suited best for someone who lives in the city and needs to travel places quickly. Not the best on gas but also not the worst. Would love if this car had a Bluetooth feature, but only has an AUX cord.

- Hannah D

This car is very maneuverable and fun to drive.

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i

I have had zero problems with my car, great gas consumption. Its sporty and has plenty of room to haul four people. The interior has held up really well. The only thing I would say is that the car suspension is pretty tight, so if you live in an area with bumpy roads you might want to think about a different car.

- George H

Decent vehicle for the money

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i xDrive

My vehicle is good for a used vehicle. Performance is good and the vehicle runs quite well considering the age. I am noticing the gas consumption is a bit high for the mileage but it is a V6. The interior on this vehicle is leather and unfortunately there is a faint odor of cigarette from the previous owner.

- Samuel D

Good car but high maintenance cost.

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i

Sensors are an issue. More specifically the seat sensor and the brake sensors. Make sure you get someone qualified to work on it. Other pain points includes maintenance over time including oil. Make sure you keep an eye on the millage because that will give you the best indicator on when to send in your vehicle.

- Andrew A

What it is like Driving a diesel BMW

2011 BMW 3 Series 335d

The car is very reliable and gets me around town, it has very good cruising and feels very comfortable to ride in. Driving in it is safe, the gas is efficient and lasts quite a while. The ac runs amazing and the seats are very comfortable. The speakers have a very nice sound and the car is great for road trips

- mackenzie D

The car comes with twin turbo and armored doors, the car is safe and durable.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Too much oil changes and a lot of maintenance, waste too much gas, it is great car, to travel the wheel is stiff and turns really good. The performance of the car is great, but a lot of things happens to the car frequently. But other than that is great, just do not purchase it if it is over 100, 000 miles.

- Victor M

A very nice looking sports vehicle.

2011 BMW 3 Series 335is

Nice looking car. It has all the eyeball. I love the m package. It has a great sound system. It is a bumpy ride but it is a sports car after all. It is a very nice car. It is a head turner. You'll want to buy this car. It takes premium fuel, but I have no regrets. I am glad I bought this car.

- Jay P

Luxury and quality in a sporty little car.

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i

Nice intuitive interior. Comfortable heated seats with plenty of adjustability options. Great sounding stereo system. Computer controls at your fingertips, easy to navigate. Smooth running engine that gives you enough performance when needed without being overpowered. Comfortable ride. Sleek design.

- Rachel L

Purchased 2 identical cars, dealer provides better discounts on 2 cars.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Love it - heavy car, instrumentation on steering wheel, seat comfort, sound system, hands free technology. Hate it - cost to diagnose problems, horn only works when car is on, when away from home, automatic open functions do not always work (work fine when at home in garage), poor gas mileage,

- Sammi S

Expensive doesn't stop at just purchasing it, everything about it is a headache.

2011 BMW 3 Series

The car is beautiful and runs good but there is a lot of headaches that go along with it. It costs waaay too much to maintain it ,parts are obviously expense but bmw's also only take fluid specially designed only for bmw's and it only take premium gas. It's hard to find people to work on it.

- Bonnie D

Handling and acceleration

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i

I personally love my car as far as performance goes. The handling is fantastic as is the acceleration and speed. The downside of owning this car is the expenses involved when taking it in for servicing. It is very expensive whenever something goes wrong or when something needs to be repaired.

- Jake F

It is a BMW with tinted windows.

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i

I have had no problems with the bmw vehicle, it is fuel efficient and drives nice. The oil change is expensive but worth it. The inside is up to date and technical it has a gps inside and rides smooth I would one hundred percent recommend this chemical to anyone it is very nice and I love it.

- Sarah F

Performs Great! Would recommend.

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i

No problems. Great car, performance is superior. Everyday driver. Gas mileage is consistent and good. Have owned two years, was an everyday driver when I purchased. Maintenance is a little expensive but car is well worth the cost. First time owner. Would buy again. Would recommend to others.

- Jaime C

The way it drives and the gas to mileage I get from it. I love the look of it.

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i

It has been a great vehicle so far to be an older model car and I would love to buy me another one but a new model. It would really be a pleasure to have a great new BMW. So will be working on that soon. I'm pretty sure it will be a great buy and will enjoy having it like my current vehicle.

- Ann C

With routine maintenance, this car has not given my and serious repair issues. Very reliable vehicle!

2011 BMW 3 Series

Very reliable performance, smooth handling on all road conditions, and very comfortable ride. Maintenance is somewhat more expensive than other brands, but I think the extra money if worth it. Love the heated seats, heated steering wheel, satellite radio, and all wheel drive features.

- Kay M

The car is safe. It is a tank and absorbs impact well if in an accident.

2011 BMW 3 Series

The car is very well made compared to most cars. It is a tank! My only complaints are it sits a bit low making it harder to get in/out, and I have light bulbs go out on a regular basis making it more expensive to maintain than it already is by default of being a German luxury vehicle.

- Amy Z

The BMW 328i is fun to drive.

2011 BMW 3 Series

BMW makes a great car and the 328i is great fun to drive. I have had no problems with the car, however, dealership maintenance is expensive. I found a local certified service shop that does a fine job at a more reasonable price. This car has been one of my favorite vehicles to drive.

- Ralph R

Space grey sedan. Compact sized and drives smoothly.

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i xDrive

My steering wheel buttons do not work anymore. Aside from that it is comfortable. I have a navigation system which is really beneficial to me. The color of my car is space grey and sears are tan. I am satisfied with my vehicle. Performance wise there are no problems with my vehicle.

- Chanel M

Runs fast is a bit expensive but worth it

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i

The car runs smooth as long as the car is taken care properly. Parts are expensive but it is worth it. All the parts are easy to find, the gear changes are easy to adapt. The only problem is that it does require certain equipment which is sometimes hard to find in certain stores.

- Guillermo B

What's up with these tires?

2011 BMW 3 Series

I really love this car. It is a smooth ride and it comes with all the bells and whistles. The only downside to this vehicle is the tires. They are the tires that you can still drive on even after you get a flat. I have had 3 flat tires within 6 months and tires are $270 per tire.

- Patricia F

Great car to own and drive everyday.

2011 BMW 3 Series

It truly the ultimate driving machine. I haven't had any problems. It is smoothly and dependable. It is expensive to maintain and gas is expensive, since you need to buy premium. I highly recommend this car. It is on board system lets you know when and what needs to be serviced,

- Se S

Super reliable BMW 3 series.

2011 BMW 3 Series

My 2011 BMW 3 series has been a very reliable car. It handles well and performs well. We have about 70, 000 miles on it and have only had one issue with it. That being the fuel injectors. I would rate the reliability on this car an 8 out of 10. It has been an extremely good car.

- Shannon M

Pretty car but expensive to own.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I love the look and performance of my car. However, I drive a lot and gas and repairs for this car are very expensive. Would not recommend as a commuter car, or if you have to transport kids back and forth. If I had to buy another BMW I'd look for a hybrid model( better on gas).

- Marian K

Old but good. Useful for what it is for.

2011 BMW 3 Series

It has a lot of problems but all in all it still runs really well. I have to get the oil changed but that is it. The wheels are turned and that needs to be fixed as well. The car could be better. It is white. And it is clean. Looks good considering the year of the car is 2011.

- Mari C

My car drives well, is easy to handle, and is comfortable.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Overall I do like my car. It handles well and is easy to drive. At times I have difficulty with the digital console controls for the navigation system and radio. It is not as easy to use as I would like, and the displays sometimes seem to change without any input from me.

- Joanne W

Compact size fits me well as I am a petite lady.

2011 BMW 3 Series

This is my 3rd BMW and I love the way it drives and is easy for me to handle. It gets good gas mileage also. The thing I don't like about it is everything is computerized. Cannot even check the oil the old way with a dipstick, but have to check it inside the car by computer.

- Karen J

2011 white BMW 328xi drive.

2011 BMW 3 Series

My 328i xdrive white BMW has been my favorite vehicle! Very safe, smooth drive, luxurious, smart and comfortable. Highly recommend BMW to anyone that is on the fence about cars. Expensive to repair, but highly worth the expenses. Very fun to drive and definitely last years!

- Kelly L

Great car, lots of Maintenance

2011 BMW 3 Series 335i xDrive

Very comfortable, not as reliable as I had hoped. Have had to replace fuel pump and new transmission all before 90k miles. Great motor and car but not ideal for a consumer who does not want to do maintenance. All wheel drive system is amazing. Quick car with sporty feel.

- Kristin W

Good mileage; looks great rolling down road. Wonderful acceleration too.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I love my vehicle because it has a lot of horsepower and accelerates beautifully on demand. It corners great. My car does not have many bells and whistles, but it has just what I need the gas mileage is pretty good, but uses premium grade gas, so is costly at this time.

- Kimberly G

My car is very nice but it should be faster and I would want more in it

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i xDrive

my car is absolutely great I have not had any problems with my car it is super comfortable and very smooth I would recommend for anyone. The only issue I've had is that it is not fast enough and I want a bigger screen and a backup camera but other than that I love it.

- winston B

The most important thing about my car is that it is reliable and is always getting me where I need to go.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I love the way my vehicle rides. It is 8 years old and still drives like I first got it. It is a low maintenance vehicle, but when something does need fixing it sucks because it is costly. The car is beautiful, but the parts are so hard to find if a new one is needed.

- Paul S

It is a diesel model and has a cold weather package.

2011 BMW 3 Series 335d

It has to have a treatment because it was 'carboned up'. It was in the garage several times for the same problem before they did the treatment and it only had 40,000 miles on it. Since the treatment it has been running fine. It is a nice-driving, comfortable vehicle.

- Momma J

white, tan interior, navigation system

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i

Maintenance cost high, comfortable, easy to drive, expensive gas, long lasting, looks good, good gas mileage, good sound system, navigation, reliable, good trunk space, easy to park, fast, safe, not affordable but has lasted a long time, good color, nice interior

- Hannah L

Why BMW is a great brand and it is my vehicle of choice.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Super reliable BMW is a great brand, it is been my car of choice for 25 years. I highly recommend it to you. I has a worry proof service plan and warranty for 4 years. I am on my second BMW. It is a really safe car in an accident and saved my life more than once.

- Wendy L

BMW great car to own and great for long trips.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Great car, engine perfect, but actuator on door windows go out easy and maintenance is a bit pricey at once, but in long run is about same as domestic cars, drive is very comfortable and smooth, great performance, great looks, great sound system and accessories.

- Patricia S

Lemon car that gives me a huge headache daily.

2011 BMW 3 Series 335i xDrive

Having a lot of the same issues that I have fixed in the past. Gas is so expensive. Mileage is a joke. Expensive upkeep! Most people I know don't have the same issues that I've been having so maybe it is just my car. Love the car. Hate the issues it brings me.

- Cassie K

Fuel efficient, yet possesses a decent amount of hp

2011 BMW 3 Series 328i

Reliable, relatively fuel efficient with a great interior dashboard to match its eccentric exterior proclivities. I've never had to get any of its parts changed. Because it runs incredibly superbly smooth on both the highway and the city, regardless of weather

- Joe J

I think the most unusual thing for my personal vehicle is that it has low miles.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I love the styling of my vehicle and the way it drives. It looks sharp and it has low miles. I enjoy the sunroof and the sound system. Has a lot of power or at least enough for me. The only downside would be repair costs for many things can get expensive.

- Kris P

I has been extremely reliable and definitely fun to drive.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I really do love this car. I've had a few problems with it but the dealer fixed them promptly mostly under warranty. There are some convenience things I would like to see added or fixed but mechanically it is a reliable vehicle and extremely fun to drive.

- Henry H

SUV BMW vehicle. Passed down. Still drives great and feels great to drive.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Excellent, smooth drive for the vehicle. Easy to control and drive at higher speeds. Car is comfortable for the driver and has excellent handling capability. Has some trouble in bad weather conditions, especially snow and ice during the winter months.

- Steven F

It is dependable, well made and a lot of car for the money.

2011 BMW 3 Series

My car is easy to maneuver and park. It has a nice leather interior that is well made and has held up well. It has great power and drives well on all surfaces. It is 4 well drive and I like that. I get excellent treatment when I go for servicing.

- Barbara H

High performance vehicle with diesel economy, but M3 performance

2011 BMW 3 Series

Quality engineering and features abound in the BMW 3 series. The car has a good blend of comfort, performance, and economy. Maintenance costs are slightly higher than domestic cars in its class, but not so high as to be prohibitive to owner.

- Mike L

BMW are fun to drive because of their great handling.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Excellent handling, good gas mileage. Interior finishes are top notch. Some problems with symbols wearing off of A/C controls and drivers side cup holder breaking. Have owned BMW's for over 25 years. My first choice in automobiles.

- James B

It has a great ride and has been very dependable.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I love that we have no problems with it since day 1 - only oil changes. I dislike that the drink holders block the air conditioning. We have had both tow hooks taken and the price to match our car color - black - is not cheap.

- Gloria S

If you buy it you will love driving it and will probably be spoiled.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I think it is really fun to drive my vehicle. I love how comfortable the ride is and the stylish look of the vehicle. Overall I give my BMW 5 stars. The only drawback to owning a BMW is the expensive repairs.


With a BMW, it is a very well-maintained vehicle by the dealership...so you will always know that it is in tip-top shape!

2011 BMW 3 Series

I enjoy the smoothness that the BMW has while on the roads. I also really like the size of it...it is a crossover so it is not too big and not too small. I do wish that it sat a bit higher off the ground!

- Christina D

Just give it one test drive. You'll fall in love. It's a great ride.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I love the power and handling of the car. Also love the looks. I have the 335 with the m sport package. Not a big fan of the run flats. Had to get them replaced multiple times already.

- Tony L

I like that I can go fast quickly in the car. In Los Angeles it is important to be able to move around quickly or you can be in trouble of getting in a car accident.

2011 BMW 3 Series

It is jet black and looks great when it is washed and waxed. But, it gets dust/dirt the next day. The non flat tires always seem to get nails and replacement costs are way too expensive.

- Chris M

BMW love: reliable, trendy, beautiful vehicle.

2011 BMW 3 Series

This is the second BMW I have owned and I will probably only purchase BMW from now on. It is a very reliable vehicle and although repairs can be expensive they are far and few between.

- L F

The 3 Series sets the Bar

2011 BMW 3 Series

The car is very strong and reliable. It seats for passenger comfort. The Idrive system is the highlight of the car. BMW makes the best cars; with the drive being the most important.

- reginald l

My 2011 BMW 3-series is very stylish and fits me as a person!

2011 BMW 3 Series

I enjoy driving my BMW 328i, it's a very comfortable and fun car to drive. I would say my only issue is that the gas mileage is not the best. Other than that, it's a very nice car.

- Lauren R

The performance is beyond excellent and the driving long hours is comfortable.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I have never had any issues with my car, I had it for two years. The only thing I will complain about is the cost for replacing the air cabin filter, you can change it yourself.

- Hadi Z

I feel very safe in this car.

2011 BMW 3 Series

The car is dependable. I dislike that it requires premium gas. Maintenance and upkeep through the dealer is costly. However, said maintenance has kept the car running smoothly

- Phyllis B

Handles really great. Pleasure to drive.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I like the style and looks of my car, I like the performance and smooth ride, I dislike that it is a coupe, as I now have a grandchild, and it is hard to get in the backseat.

- Lori S

smooth handling and fun to drive

2011 BMW 3 Series

I enjoy the way my vehicle handles. it is comfortable and fun to drive. I wish it was a little roomier, however. I would absolutely purchase another BMW when the need arises.

- janet b

An excellent choice for those looking for a fine luxury car.

2011 BMW 3 Series

The BMW 330xi is a fine luxury car for It's class and price. It offers a very comfortable ride with power behind it when you want or need it. Overall, a pretty reliable car.

- Michael J

It's super fast, although it's very expensive to maintain my vehicle.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I like the speed of my vehicle, but I hate how pricey the repair bill gets whenever it breaks. As such, I'll have to reconsider buying another luxury vehicle in the future.

- Sally G

It is a great car. Good gas mileage. Holds up great.

2011 BMW 3 Series

What I dislike in the car that we have is it is a 2 door car and some our things cant fit in there. What I like is it is easy to drive, automatic and a known brand.

- Meryl C

My car is a very reliable vehicle.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I like the way my vehicle rides. I also like the way my vehicle handles. I like the way my vehicle has had few repairs. I do not dislike anything about my vehicle.

- Punch H

It is a very fast car with good acceleration.

2011 BMW 3 Series

The drive, the handling, the speed. The look of the car and style. Interior simplicity. Really a large 2 seater. It's not comfortable for people in the back seat.

- Ses S

I have put a lot of aftermarket work into my car. It's a sedan and doesn't scream sports car but it is. It's a sleeper and I love that people don't expect it to have the power that it does.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I have no complaints about my car. I love all of the features that it has, both inside and under the hood. I can't see me getting rid of this car for any reason.

- Michael T

BMW the best car I have had, and I have had many.

2011 BMW 3 Series

BMW is sturdy, comfortable, has many features, small ones that you don't realize are helpful until u use them. The power is exceptional with decent gas mileage.

- Jesus O

Fast, comfortable, and great in the snow

2011 BMW 3 Series

Very fast acceleration. Handles well in snow. Good technology in car for It's vintage. Only complaint is not a lot of room in back for additional passengers.

- Eric S

It drives like a dream. It is so smooth and comfortable.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I love the way my car handles. I love that you have a certain status you give off when people see you in a BMW. I don't like the maintenance costs of it.

- Claudia N

It is very safe. I feel comfortable and secure driving it. It also has get up and go

2011 BMW 3 Series

Love the style. It has lots of safety features and high safety rating. The gas mileage is good. My only complaint is where the cup holders are located

- Kathy P

Chicks dig it and so do men I guess.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I love the push button drop top. It is quick and easy. I do not love the acceleration of the vehicle. It looks great sounds great but is a but of a slug.

- Kendal K

If you can afford a BMW it's a great luxury car. Comfort assist is a must if available. Find a good mechanic outside of the dealer that will work on it.

2011 BMW 3 Series

The quality is very good. Gas mileage is not the best. Maintaining is higher than a normal vehicle. If you can afford a BMW it's a great luxury car.

- Michael G

It is diesel which is not very common in America. Also no power steering.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Drives very well and powerful engine. Also fuel efficient as a diesel. However maintenance is expensive and it is uncomfortable on long trips.

- Josh F

I'll buy another as long as its a six cylinder model

2011 BMW 3 Series

Really fun to drive, especially on road trips. It's very solid and feels very safe. The only downside is it's a bit expensive to maintain -

- mario p

It is affordable luxury that looks great!

2011 BMW 3 Series

I like the look and reliability. It is fun to drive and I know it will last a long time. I wanted something classier than I had in the past.

- Tina E

The cost isn't difficult to overcome.its the hardship created by maintenance issues.

2011 BMW 3 Series

It's a great car the challenge is having to pay large amounts once the vehicle is out of warranty. Small things like oil changes are costly.

- Darian B

With proper maintenance it continues to be a great working car after seven years.

2011 BMW 3 Series

It is seven years old and still in great shape. It has very low mileage. Regular maintenance keeps it running without problems. I love BMWs!

- Yasmeen F

It is fun to drive and is super sporty.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I love my vehicle. The quality is like no other vehicle I have owned. Although I haven't had much maintenance to do it can be costly to fix.

- Natasha P

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is powerful.

2011 BMW 3 Series

My vehicle in a 2011 BMW 335i xdrive. I love it. I don't have any complaints. It has a perfect amount of power and it is all wheel drive.

- Erin M

Luxurious ride but with plenty of power from dual turbochargers.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Great smooth ride, comfortable, powerful, great brakes, handles well. Some driving electronics get in the way, gas guzzler in city driving.

- rantz c

You get what you pay for.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I love the sturdiness of the vehicle. it's a fast car and the handling is great. Even though the car is older, it stays in good condition.

- Shereen S

That it is very reliable.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I think I looks beautiful. It handles very easily. I have had very very little problems with it throughout the years that I have owned it.

- Susan O

Easy drive, extremely reliable

2011 BMW 3 Series

I love my car. It has been extremely reliable. I have been in several accidents, and after some quick fixes it still works like a charm.

- Veronica H

Great performance and smooth ride.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I love my car, very smooth drive. I has a lot of power and gets great gas mileage. Very comfortable with plenty of room for what I need.

- Sue H

I think the most important part that people should know is that parts are expensive and fixing older bmw takes some money

2011 BMW 3 Series

There are exhaust leaks constantly happening, my acceleration is horrible, the parts are expensive so fixing a bmw gets very expensive

- Eugene J

My car it is the most beautiful car I have ever had thank you.

2011 BMW 3 Series

My BMW is most comfortable car and I love to drive around and it is sports car and it is red leather in the inside and white outside.

- Kim H

The ultimate driving machine

2011 BMW 3 Series

I love my BMW, it is really a fun fast and reliable car though if there is any work to be done to the car it can get a little pricey

- rodney L

It's very easy to park in the city.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I have not had any issues with my car. I bought it used in great condition. I just take it in for oil changes and other check ups.

- Kristen H

Good for one person but not for 4 or 5 people with luggage.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I like the power and the sunroof - I do not like the small issues that go wrong 0- trim is loose the cup holders do not come out.

- Cindy S

It rides comfortably and it is smooth on rough terrain.

2011 BMW 3 Series

It rides smoothly and the doors light up at night. I dislike the brake light sensor that is faulty. But overall, I enjoy the ride

- jerald b

I love my car, but repairs can be expensive so I would advise others to save for unexpected emergencies.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I love the speed and acceleration. The interior is reasonably large and well-appointed. I wish the fuel efficiency were better.

- Dee K

Super roomy- it's a wagon so great for transporting my animals

2011 BMW 3 Series

No complaints really. It runs great and has great power. Bmw really makes a great vehicle. I have dogs and it is great for them.

- Heather c

That it has been a dependable car.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Love the styling and performance. No real complaints on my vehicle. I have very low mileage so I will keep it for quite awhile.

- Kris P

Not a fan of BMW car maintenance is too expensive

2011 BMW 3 Series

I've had it for a little over a year it has 50k miles on it and it just started giving me problems I'm planning on selling it

- Denise T

It gets great gas mileage.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Like-comfortable, it is quick. It is attractive.. Dislike, the repair costs are too high. It uses run flats. It has no spare.

- Charles P

A fun fast sedan that I love

2011 BMW 3 Series

I love my 335i Xdrive. It is surprisingly quick and a blast to drive. The seat warmers are amazing on those cold mornings!

- Jonathan M

It's great on long trips even tho the gas mileage sucks

2011 BMW 3 Series

Overall I love the bmw 328i it's great in the snow because of the XDrive and rides great all year long but it sucks on gas

- Jerry G

That it is very fast and fun to drive. Great on sharp turns and mountain roads.

2011 BMW 3 Series

It gets very hot during the summer weather and the door starts to melt. It then takes a long time to cool off with the ac.

- Maura E

It is a high performance machine that has incredible handling. It has been free of repairs save normal maintenance.

2011 BMW 3 Series

It drives like no other. It's styling is classic and still looks great after 8 years on the road.Superior paint & finish.

- Doug W

It's well made, sturdy and solid.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I love the look; it's a sedan but still sporty and sexy. It's built very solid. And, of course, it's an impressive brand.

- Patrick T

Expensive to drive, , overall a nice car.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Love car all except for repair bills, , had a lot go wrong with it, , get one with a warranty, gets a lot of compliments.

- Gregory G

My experience with my 2011 E90 BMW 328i

2011 BMW 3 Series

The E90 straight 6 BMW is a wonderful mix of performance and luxury. The engine is smooth and accelerates very linearly.

- Donald H

BMW pretty much says it all

2011 BMW 3 Series

great car in the snow however don't buy if you can afford to shell out an arm and a leg for repairs I mean it is a BMW

- robert b

It is reliable, versatile, and most of all really smooth to drive.

2011 BMW 3 Series

It is really good at turning. The color scheme of my car is great. The engine is also so smooth. I really like my car.

- John M

It's meaner than it looks

2011 BMW 3 Series

I love the power and the control I have over the vehicle. It drives like no other. But I hate the cost of maintenance!

- Erin P

My BMW is so nice to drive, very comfortable.

2011 BMW 3 Series

very safe, reliable, comfortable car. It does have a problem with revving up out of nowhere. Also a very beautiful car

- Erin G

That it is a luxury & sports car and that it is expensive & fast.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I like the leather seats. The speed is great. The color is unique. Its loaded with technology. I hate that its small.

- De A

It can fit a lot with the third row folding flat.

2011 BMW 3 Series

BMW are just nice fast clean cars. They do not rattle. They have nice braking systems. And cool technology inside.

- Zach N

It was paid for in full over a year ago. .

2011 BMW 3 Series

I like that my car is fast but I do not like that it is not good on gas mileage. I love the color of the car also.

- Robert G

Costly to fix,,seems to have a problem every couple months

2011 BMW 3 Series

Nice driving car,very reliable,,very costly to fix it,, smooth drive,,nice features..gas mileage is not that good

- Greg G

That it can get you around good.

2011 BMW 3 Series

It's a great performance machine. It's luxurious. It's fun. It's a great passenger vehicle. I love how it drives.

- Randy M

If you purchase a BMW also purchase the extended warranty.

2011 BMW 3 Series

BMW makes an awesome car. It is great to drive but, when there are maintenance issues it is a pain to deal with.

- Darian B

The comfort of my car makes me want to travel.

2011 BMW 3 Series

My car rides smoothly. It is very dependable. I love the heated seats, it makes the car even more comfortable.

- Stacey B

Drives smooth and is a very good family car.

2011 BMW 3 Series

The car has lots of issues. It is a little older. It is not a lease so I have to fix it is issues out of pocket.

- Mari C

Great Performance, Great Gas Mileage, Amazing Features

2011 BMW 3 Series

Great Car all around. Great gas mileage. Requires a lot of maint. Good looking car. Handles Great, drives smooth

- Jeff C

BMW comfort and style with safety.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Comfortable, sporty has the power yet the comfort to get you around in style yet is safe. Gas mileage is great.

- Glenn S

My favorite car I've ever driven

2011 BMW 3 Series

Great acceleration and turning radius. Gas mileage could be better, but to be expected with the drive quality .

- Danielle E

If they drive it they will fall in love with BMW.

2011 BMW 3 Series

It is a beautiful car. I love how smoothly it drives. It's easy to drive too fast. That is my only complaint.

- Raquel W

Beast of the road with great mileage

2011 BMW 3 Series

The vehicle is great is good ground clearance, even at good speed there is no jerk or twisting in the vehicle

- John K

How reliable the car is. I have had so few repairs to make.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Handling is great all mechanical and not computerized. I wish it had sunroof and better seats for children.

- Stephanie T

I have the two door coupe. It is safe and performs very well.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I have always wanted to get a BMW. It is fun to drive and reliable transportation. It is perfect for me.


A car that's beginning to have a lot of problems

2011 BMW 3 Series

It's at the point where the warning lights keep going on. It's super annoying. I want a new car. Like Now

- James K

It is entirely paid off and it is all mine.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Due to age, the display is very dated. The overall interior of the 3 series is not very nice. That is it.

- Chip S

Great performance car....

2011 BMW 3 Series

Best car I've ever owned. I intend to keep it for many years to come. Handles well. Comfortable. Reliable

- Nisa Z

Reliability for the whole family. Good gas mileage

2011 BMW 3 Series

Luxury it's also very reliable . Very stylish and safe to be able to feel comfortable with my kids In it

- Tara L

They are expensive to maintain but are very fun to drive.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I recently got my car three months ago. I've had a few issues so far. It really sucks because I love BMW

- Danielle S

My vehicle is a BMW 335i.

2011 BMW 3 Series

This car performs very well. It is very comfortable. Great as a family car and still sporty. Nice.

- charlotte d

I will return your call y

2011 BMW 3 Series

Talking about the price of the store and get some sleep and then go to do it I can get the one I had

- John A

It has been taking very good care of and had low miles.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I like the styling and sporty look of my car. I do however dislike how low it is getting in and out.

- Kris S

It's a treat to own and I really like the way it looks and drives..

2011 BMW 3 Series

I really like my BMW. It is fun to drive and has a rugged feel to it. It also is nice to look at.

- Sandra S

As advertised, a BMW is truly a great driving machine.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Wonderful car to drive. Has great gas mileage. Great with the windows down and the roof open.

- paula l

It is very dependable and fun to drive around. I love it.

2011 BMW 3 Series

No complaints. It is a great car; good gas mileage, good size (not to big and not too small)

- Barbara G

Costs a lot to maintain the car and keep it healthy.

2011 BMW 3 Series

High maintenance vehicle. Looks beautiful inside. Don't care for high cost maintenance.

- Cici C

BMW makes comfortable cars.

2011 BMW 3 Series

My car is very comfortable. It has the speed that I want. The BMW is trouble free.

- Jack P

It really is the ultimate driving machine!

2011 BMW 3 Series

The styling is beautiful. Excellent ride and handling, fast. Expensive to maintain!

- Bernd d

It is a hard top convertible and perfect for my needs.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Love the shape. It is comfortable and fast. It gives a perfect driving experience.

- samir k

Great car! Very comfortable, with lots of power. Definitely expensive to fix/maintain, but a wonderful car all around.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Twin turbo inline 6 cylinder with over 300hp, and 0-60mph in the sub 5 sec range.

- John C

That it should not be messy and it is very cool yea.

2011 BMW 3 Series

It is very cool, I like it a lot. The NAV system, air conditioning. No complaints

- Ross H

Typical maintenance is very expensive. Takes premium gas

2011 BMW 3 Series

Love the color. It's fast and very sleek. Don't like the cost of maintenance

- Lisa W

It's a high class brand. Very reliable. Very great looking vehicle design.

2011 BMW 3 Series

Love the customization. Love how fast it is. Love the color and the brand.

- Andres R

It is dependable. It is comfortable. It is easy to drive.

2011 BMW 3 Series

It is comfortable and easy to drive. I like the features. It is reliable.

- Tammy S

The one thing is that the cost to repair is not as expensive as you think

2011 BMW 3 Series

Love the ride very smooth great on gas sound system is great comfy seats

- John L

The car i own is pretty good on gas and makes my life easier.

2011 BMW 3 Series

it is a reliable car to have. it is built well and i would recommend.

- Chey A

it's a quality ride that is dependable and reliable

2011 BMW 3 Series

I love the way it drives, the quality of the car, hate the dealership

- Nope N

My BMW is very much fun to drive. Handling is great.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I like my BMW. BMW is my favorite brand. Repair is very expensive.

- raj t

it handles like no other car i have ever driven. one of a kind.

2011 BMW 3 Series

it has great gas mileage and handles the road so well.

- josh K

It's been a good running car for a long time with minor issues.

2011 BMW 3 Series

I've had very few problems and It's got 120000 miles.

- david s

It handles great and feels safe.

2011 BMW 3 Series

It's the ultimate driving machine and I love it.

- Tom S