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Satisfied customer of BMW

The BMW is an incredible vehicle. Performance wise it handles the road like a dream. Suspension is outstanding, and the overdrive ensures that you are going to have the power to pass someone if needed. Electric seats make the ride even more comfortable. The dash is driver friendly with everything you need well placed and within reach without having to search or take your eyes off the road. This is a fantastic car whether it's in town driving or traveling. Leather seats add a touch of class and the wood grain is a thing of beauty. On top of that BMW offers incredible support, warranties, and discounts on extended coverage. The vehicle is 4 years old and no major issues only standard scheduled services have been needed. Luxurious, fast, easy to maintain, comfortable... I just can't say enough great things about this vehicle

- Tina C

Black on Black 2015 BMW Series

I am in love with my BMW 320i, it has 3 modes it could go into sport, comfort and eco mode. I'm not quite sure what that is because honestly I wasn't told or explained what it was when I purchased my vehicle. It is the perfect size, a little long but the body of it is really nice. So is the all black grill in the front. That has to be my favorite part is the front feature of it. It's is black with all black leather interior and a nice screen with navigation and Bluetooth for music and phone calls. There is also a BMW connect app that is used to help find location of where you're parked, you could even unlock your car through the app. It is awesome! Overall there isn't anything bad I could say about the car. It's a beautiful car and runs great

- Andrea L

Great car, not perfect car!

Car handles very well. The appearance is sleek and sporty but not over the top. Several issues though that I have noticed that might make you hesitate on making this car purchase. For one, the car must use premium gasoline. With prices being what they are I am spending an additional $10.00 with every fill up. Also, there is a feature that when you stop at a red light, the engine will cut off..effectively saving you fuel. It is an annoying feature that I have yet to be accustomed to. I have turned the option off. Also the steering wheel design makes it difficult at times to see certain options on the dashboard. And finally..when turning to my left to look out the side window, the seat belt strap obscures my vision.

- Joseph C

Love the Functional BMW Screen Display

I really enjoy my car and have had few problems with it. The performance is great and the car is very easy to drive. I love that the screen display allows me to see specific details about what is going on with my car. I can check the air pressure of each tire, I am notified when my car needs regular service, and I can see what specific issues occur when warning lights go on. For example, I had a warning light for a 'parking light malfunction' and it was an easy fix. I did not have to replace the bulb. I just opened up the hood and made sure the connection to the bulb was tight and the warning light went away! I also love the sleek interiors. The only thing I wish the car had is a backup camera.

- Marissa M

2015 BMW 328i Base Model Black

Vehicle is very quick, superb handling and control. Good fuel consumption and easy maintenance. Care is easy to clean and keep clean. So far no mechanics problems to report. Replaced chrome kidney grill with all black kidney grill, also replaced door entry lights with lights that emit the BMW logo in color. Had to replace interior door handle pull, rubberized substance became sticky and very messy, replacing the handle took about 30-45 minutes and wasn't too difficult at all.

- Alvin S

So very many reasons why I love my car!!

I love my BMW. . . It handles like a dream; is always reliable & fun. I love the fact that my car tells me when it needs service. I love that I have "run-flat" tires (that I wasn't even aware existed) & if I get a bolt or something in my tire, it does not go flat & it remains safe to continue driving. I love the fact that it has so many safety features; includes all service for the first 4 years/40000 miles. I always feel safe, comfortable & happy when I am driving my car.

- Melanie R

Sporty and classy BMW 328i. Turbo engine has the power to move!

Hi, this is my 5th BMW, obviously I'm a fan! My current 328i is at the top of favorite vehicles! The car has a sporty and classy feel. The GPS is one of my favorite features. The screen is large but not visually intrusive, and easy to use. It's a great car for road trips, comfortable seats and quiet. The back seat is large enough for passengers, may get tight if doing long trips. I have had no problems mechanically, runs like its still new. I would recommend this car.

- Tracy W

Air scoops on the side of the car to support aerodynamics.

I don't really have any problems, gas is wonderful. I get 20 32 miles to the gallon. I have a 2. 0 liter four cylinder engine. I have built in heating seats. I also have OnStar command, navigation system, radio, touchscreen. All-wheel drive phenomenal handling for the class, as well as accurate steering, responsive brakes and a comfortable ride. 6-speed manual is standard on most models, while an 8-speed automatic is available everywhere.

- Jonathan T

It's HOT! and SMOOTH! and allows you to be in control.

German engineering at it's best! It takes corners like it owns the curves (very smooth handling). I love the options of changing from eco to sport to comfort while I drive. I also like the convenience of changing from automatic to manual when I feel like it. The technology package allows me to focus on the road while having a straight eye on the speedometer and navigation. The seats are so comfortable I feel it's cut for my body.


Great value, great company!

BMW is a great brand for a young professional. Driving a BMW makes one feel like they are rewarded for their hard work, but motivates one to work harder for the next prize. Service may get costly, but this is to be expected. The value received at each service appointment is worth the cost of the service. BMW employees are very attentive to the needs of the customer. I feel like I will be loyal to this brand for years to come.

- Michael D

BMW 328xi high and low lights

I love the interior, reliability and the exterior look of the car. The engine noise while idling is a bit rattling, I like the option of turning the eco drive off. The trunk size is nice and big two large suitcases fit easily. I love BMW valet service for service. There is plenty of room in the back seat as well. Not great as far as no Apple play- for phone syncing and I find the navigation hard to program and figure out

- Colleen B

BMW really is the "ultimate driving machine"!

Performance is fantastic as well as the comfort and reliability. I haven't had any problems with this vehicle. The overall aesthetic of BMW is pleasing. I am not a car guy but I can totally see how people get into the BMW culture. It's an amazing machine. When you sit in it you can tell that every single detail has been considered. It's just a really cool car and incredibly fun to drive for a sedan.

- Justin O

I love how smooth the ride is and very roomy and spacious.

I love my BMW because it is so comfortable. My car has a very smooth drive and gets me to point a to point b. The gas mileage is not to horrible also. I love the heated seats and safety features. The heat and air kicks in super fast. I also love my sunroof. The sunroof is perfect for the summer sunny days. The color is a pearl white. I love my card it completes my total ideal package.

- Ashley D

Basically if you would like to save money on gas, this may be the car for you

I really love this car! In my opinion, I don't think it's too big or too small. And if you have a small family like I do with maybe one or two kids, it's the perfect size. It doesn't burn gas and it's really good at not taking too much money to fill up the tank. The only thing I don't really like about this car is, that the trunk space seems to be a little on the not so spacious side.

- Lorena H

Very nice car, foreign vehicles must be constantly kept up with.

I bought my car used, no engine light and no problems that I was aware of. I drive my car a lot at least 3000 miles a month. After 6 months of driving I noticed a power loss when I accelerated I took my car into the dealership and had to. Replace my fuel pump and fuel control. I love the car the inside is great but it was used so problems are to be expected.

- Lisa C

All the features I need wrapped in a luxury car

high quality inside and out. Looks great. No complaints so far. I've had it six months with no issues. Recommend getting a certified pre owned for the warranty coverage. Bluetooth connection for phone is probably my favorite/most used feature. Definitely get the winter package if you live in a cold climate. The heated seats and steering wheel are amazing.

- joe W

The headlights are difficult to change

I have a 2015 BMW 328I with black leather interior the color is silver the car is very well-made handles very well on the roadways. It has an electronic dashboard system that is very reliable for telling me if any issues arise with the vehicle. The cars oil changes are all up-to-date and I do have a warranty on the vehicle up to 75,000 miles .

- Andrea L

Black on black great amazing BMW.

I have no issues with my vehicle. I purchased from my job recently and haven't had anything come up. It is a German vehicle so I did purchase a warranty. It has great pick up which I love, the color is black on black which I also love. Very sleek looking and I am very happy I finally had the opportunity to purchase the vehicle.

- Meghan B

I really love my BMW 3 series.

This car is very easy to drive - good wheelbase, I think. Great for highway or street driving. Sporty interior. I have had no maintenance issues, just regular oil changes. This is my 3rd BMW 3-series car, and I can see myself always driving one. I get it serviced at the BMW dealership and that is always a nice experience.

- Toni B

Luxury car with advanced technology.

Great performance: x drive feature is a necessity during winter months with icy roads. Average 27 miles per gallon on suburban streets. Smooth drive. Xenon headlights move with road turns which keeps roads illuminated while not blinding other drivers. Great for long distance road trips where eco drive can be utilized.

- Jordan G

Perks of a BMW cause it�s awesome and you need it

Camera helps make revising easier, with an easy to use gear shift. Bluetooth, and built in GPS. Can set the car so it automatically adjusts to seat/ steering wheel preference when car is started. It's white with tan seats which is nice in the desert heat. Separate air condition settings for passenger and driver.

- Des B

The brand is prestigious.

I like It's look and Its performance. It has relatively a good value with the good performance and it's enjoyable to handle and drive the vehicle. However, the maintenance cost is a bit on the high side and I can see it will continue to increase with increased mileage and it's going to be out of warranty soon.

- Jan M

Excellent handling and good design.

Not enough room for rear seat passengers. Seat belt clip on driver side often difficult to use. Cup holders not large enough for some cups. Bluetooth phone connection excellent. Radio sound system excellent. Handling very comfortable. Mileage as expected. Nervous as to no spare tire. New tires very expensive.

- Spencer L

I love my BMW! If I were president everyone would be driving one! BMWs for all.

Extremely reliable have never had a problem with it other than the run flat tires which can be expensive. I love the way it handles and locks and would definitely buy it again. I find the gas mileage is good and it handles beautifully in all kinds of weather. I also love the way it handles curves thank you.

- Lynne B

Great for commuting, gas could be better.

Excellent vehicle for style and comfort. Realizable to get me everywhere I need to go. I travel and commute a lot for work and my vehicle allows me to do so in maximum comfort. The only issue that I have had is that the gas mileage could be improved upon but otherwise an excellent addition to the family.

- Nina R

Fun to drive- a little behind on technology

Love driving my 320. Cure, fun. Has plenty of power when you put it in sport mode. Less features than I've had previously in cheaper vehicles. I don't have heated seats, auto seats or touch to open, which is a pain to always have to get out my key. Not a ton of space, such as no spot for sunglasses.

- Brenda T

The car is very smooth and nice.

The car drives very smooth. The inside is very nice. The acceleration is very fast. The sound is very good. I really enjoyable the Bluetooth and the inside. I really like how fast the car is. I like how smooth the drive is. I like how fast and smooth the case is. I like how fast and smooth the car is.

- Paul H

BMW 3 series is an ideal car for any person looking to buy a car that changes to.

I love my BMW 3-series. It has beautiful lines & body style from signature front grill all the way back to eye catching tail lights. The ride is comfortable, smooth & consistent whether using sport, comfort or eco mode. The handling is tight, accurate & leaves you wanting to just continue driving!!

- Melanie R

Nothing like driving a BMW

There's nothing like driving a BMW. It drives well and is exceptionally reliable. Leather seats, sunroof, heated seats, and driver memory make it an even better option. With the BMW driver assistance program, you won't ever question when it's time to rotate your tires or change your oil ever again.

- Jake M

BMW squeaky brakes but of course I still love it!

Of course BMW are known for having problems, but my car doesn't have much problems. Though when I do brake sometimes it does make squeaking noise. I have taken it in many time to the dealership but they end up giving it back to me telling me they either don't hear it or they don't see any problems.

- Emily H

I have the sport model, which is more comfortable than the comfort model.

I love my car. It is so comfortable, even during long trips. Being diesel, the gas mileage is phenomenal. I like to listen to podcasts on my phone and one thing that I wish was different is that after a couple days of not driving it, I have to restart the podcast as it tries to play music instead.

- Angela R

The car is the best looking compact on the road.

My car is an awesome looking car. I do not like the braking system, they seem to be very grabby. I also do not like buying premium gas because of twin turbos. The headrest in the back seat, there are three of them cause too many blind spots. The car has a four cylinder engine and is very fast.

- Vicky D

Luxury BMW with smooth drive.

The performance is wonderful. Acceleration is like no other. High end features for a lower price point. Gas consumption is a downfall in city driving but long drive trips do well as far as gas goes. Drives smoothly. Inside feels homey. Heated seats and heated back seats. Heads up display.

- Rebekah G

50/50 weight distribution for the win.

The x drive makes me feel safe. If it is raining or icy conditions, I know that my car will get me to where I need to be. As an anxious driver, the BMW's 50/50 weight distribution is so helpful and makes handling the car a breeze. I will never be able to drive another make of a vehicle.

- Nikki S

My BMW 328i Gran Turismo!

Love my BMW! It is a 3 series, the size of a 5 series and the back seat has the room of a 7 series. It also is a hatchback with the room of a SUV. It is very reliable and comfortable and drives amazing! You can drive the car in 4 different modes and overall has the best of everything!

- Nancy C

Three series BMW are really nice vehicles.

The only problem that I have ever had with my vehicle is that the window gear broke. Apparently this is a common problem with three and five series BMWs. Thankfully it was easy to repair and not very costly. Other than that, I cannot think of any other major issue with my vehicle.

- L M

Comfortable fashionable car.

The car drives really well and smooth. It feels smooth to drive the car on the highway or street. The car is very comfortable. The seats are very comfortable and the features the car has are great. The car has many features for driving and listening to music to maps and sunroof.

- Brittany F

I am very happy with my BMW 3 series.

I really enjoy the sports feature and being able to pick up speed quickly, the car runs smoothly and quietly. It is very comfortable and spacious. The sound system is great. I appreciate having a reliable, sporty car. It is has a great eye appeal and many people comment on it.

- Stephanie F

BMW: Endless Luxury & Comfort

I find BMW's to be highly reliable, stylish and comfortable. BMW is always introducing new technology and their newer models tend to introduce and include these modern features. BMW's also have an extremely smooth drive, thus making the BMW experience that much more appealing.

- Jacqueline H

The car of a bachelor or bachelorette.

This car is so easy to drive with good gas mileage and the best interior. I did notice a few things about the tires lasting very well. Haven't had to change tires in years. I would suggest this model to anyone looking for a comfortable drive. Not spacious for a big family.

- Joseph M

The color of the vehicle was a sleek blue.

Overall it was a very good vehicle. It was a bit pricey but worth every penny. For any potential customers I ask that you go into the shop and have them tell you about the car. Also do some research online. It helps to check out other dealerships to for more information.

- Bill E

The BMW 2015 328d is the most efficient vehicle I have ever owned.

I have a 2015 BMW 328d. The diesel engine is awesome when it comes to mpg. The handling of the vehicle is awesome while driving around sharp corners. The leather seats are very durable and very comfortable. I would recommend this vehicle to everybody reading this review.

- David S

A great car for millennials, middle age, or anyone that enjoys luxury.

Great car for the price. Fast and efficient. Maintaining is expensive as mechanical engineers will take advantage at every opportunity. The factory warranty does not cover anything that you'll ever need within 200,000 miles, so do not let the dealership sale you on that.

- Saint M

Center console technology is superior.

Drives smoothly, vehicle safety features such as engine oil check and tire pressure check, push start, handled well. Reliable, but expensive maintenance. Comes equipped with run flat tires, but does not include a spare since run flats are safe for 50 miles at 50 mph.

- Jasmine S

The BMW is an amazing and versatile car

There are no problems this is the greatest car ever it has never broken down and it never will. it's comfortable and it has a radio and speakers and it drives me where I need to go. It is midnight shade blue and it has spare tires on each wheel and the ac does not work

- Miguel D

My car has yellow fog light with red leather interior

Engine light always on and I always have a new issues each month it feels like, the gas is great but expensive and the mpg is could be better. Parts are expensive to fix and always have trouble finding cheap parts, great cars to put work on, respond well with new parts

- Alex J

BMW why I like it. Please read.

Who does not love a BMW. It is super cute and fast. I like the features and it is pretty. The heated leather seats and steering wheel are my favorite. My son seems very proud of me. I have wanted one for years and happy to fondly get one. Very happy with my purchase.

- Paula D

I can control the windows and sunroof with my key fob.

This is the first luxury car I have owned, I will say that the car drives smooth, it is very good on gas, it handles good, has a good stereo system in it but it is not the most comfortable and it does not have much storage or little extras like sunglass holders, etc.

- Kris V

I have owned 3 of the same model, so that says how much I love my BMWs!

I love how I get performance, a sporty look, and first class safety! I have had several BMWs and all have been reliable which is an important feature that I look to for all cars I have driven. The BMW wagon gives me the sleek look; while the wagon is very practical.

- Francine P

Better car. My car is white on color.

My car does not have any problems. As per performance it is the best. Many cars have came in the market with new and advanced features but still my car is not bad in features and it is very comfortable compared to others. It is very good car if anyone wants to buy.

- Riza A

My BMW is all blacked out with the M-sport interior package.

I absolutely love the speed, style and image that my BMW relays. My biggest complaint is the navigation in the car. I pay $50 a year for traffic updates which are typically wrong anyway. I am looking to upgrade just to get CarPlay to avoid the current navigation.

- Sean C

The Difference between stock and modded.

Stock, the car is too slow for the price you pay. But besides that. It is the ultimate driving machine. I have modded my car to the point where it feels like a new vehicle. The dinan modifications make the difference. BMW needs more power in their stock vehicles.

- Matthew W

Nice yellow type lights on door handles, inside and out. Nice outside lighting.

Comfortable, sleek. Nice heated seats. Bad gas mileage. No auto start for engine. Heated steering does not work. Trunk pop too hard of a reach. Does not alarm when lock on fob is pushed. Radio too hard to work. Presets do not hold. Cup holders too far forward.

- Wendy L

Amazing vehicle. I love it and will stick with it for a while.

My vehicle runs well. It has been made to last quite well. I would probably work on the fuel efficiency so that I could save on gas money. There are not many problems with the vehicle yet because I haven't has it for very long but it is doing great. I love it.

- Adam D

You get what you pay for in quality. It is an amazing crafted car.

I love the handling and pick up of my car. It is very spacious but still same. I love the luxury of it as well. It is very well made and has great attention to details and safety. For example the power windows will not automatically go up if the door is open.

- April s

Its a BMW that has a high performance engine.

I really enjoy my vehicle because it is extremely reliable and takes me where I need to go when I have appointments. Also, the car I drive is very cheap on gas and has the capability to drive long distances on a single tank of fuel without stopping for gas.

- Jesse C

My care is base model. But I do like that the dealer can detect through my key fob from any location if something is wrong with the car, or if service is needed.

Excellent performance, handles well on road with quick response time, quiet, very reliable car. Comfortable but drivers seat is kind of lower than I prefer, I wish cup holder was larger. BMW offers excellence in customer service, that's what keeps me loyal.

- Renee R

Love BMW and would never get any other car ever again.

So comfortable. Rides like a charm. Love all the features couldn't ask for a better made car. Out of all the others I have driven this is definitely worth the extra few dollars. BMW customer service is great also. They really do take care of my every need.

- James I

Second BMW 3 series, still love it.

Very reliable, comfortable ride, classic looks. Love the metallic blue color. Repairs are expensive. Use mid range price gas without issue. Keep battery charged via trickle Charger if not driving frequently due to all the electronics draining the battery.

- Karen C

The 3 series is perfect for both commuting and getaways.

The handles like a sports car and has a sports car mode. The exterior of the vehicle is slick and is a nice looking car. There is plenty of room interior to comfortably sit five and can easily go on a long road trip sitting this many with no discomfort.

- stevie S

Decent car missing features

I enjoy how sturdy the car feels when I drive it, however it's missing features one would expect from a BMW. The back seats don't fold down so you're unable to put anything large in your trunk. The radio stations also no longer program in my vehicle.

- Sue B

Sport mode, Comfort mode, and Eco mode!

I do not have any problems with my vehicle. I love that it has a sport mode, comfort mode, and eco-friendly mode. I have had BMW's in the past and have never had any real complaints. I love the treatment I receive at the dealership!

- Jess N

meanwhile they are fine to pass the time standing at a traffic light or waiting for the bride at the door of their house.

Anyway, all those options will be fine when the cars are driving alone, like the ones that Google is testing, meanwhile they are fine to pass the time standing at a traffic light or waiting for the bride at the door of their house.

- Sergio S

Super sleek, gorgeous car.

I absolutely love my car, its super comfortable and very reliable. I did trade in an SUV for this smaller car, and was a little afraid of the transition because all I have driven was SUVs but this car was very easy to get used to.

- Frida S

bmw very comfortable but seat not very adjustable

i love the look of my bmw, inside and out. very classy. the only problem i seem to have with it is that i am short and the drivers seat doesn't go up high enough for me. i had to purchase a cushion to sit on to boost me up.

- missy m

It drives like a dream. It responds quickly and it is really fast.

The car drives really good but the biggest problem with it is how much is costs to fill the tank. Driving back and forth to work all the time, it costs a lot because of its low fuel mileage. I like the speed of it.

- Ada W

That is drives very smoothly, you can barely feel the road.

My car drives better than any car I've ever had, however, I wish it came with a backup camera. I also don't love the high maintenance costs of a BMW. It gets decent gas mileage but I wish it was slightly higher.

- Paula K

it's expensive to fix if any body damage happens! and the sound system is a bit lacking

love the 4 wheel drive, i can get through anything. in addition, the navigation system is very user friendly. i like the different options of eco/comfort/sport and how they are actually different from each other

- rachel s

The stylish design includes a beautiful exterior with a technologically advanced interior that works for you.

I really like the shape and interior design of the car along with the unique technology features. Only dislike is that the seats are shaped weird and the black interior makes the car really hot in the summer.

- Andrew W

A top of the line sports car.

Its amazon it has every you need from cup holders two seat belts what I like most about my car is how fast it can go it has so much miles on it you can drive for days that is why I love my car.

- Jay Howard J

It is the ultimate driving machine. ahead of the competition by far

i think is the best car to drive out there is the ultimate driving machine. I have test drive various brands and maybe are better in confort but in driving conditions there is no one like BMW


BMW: À Conservative Luxury Vehicle

It is a very professional, buttoned-up car that gives the impression of comfort and luxury. The car is comfortable and very conservatively laid out in the interior. It drives well overall.

- Perry R

It is very user friendly. No one should have trouble with it.

I love all the features it comes with. I have a navigation, sunroof, and backup camera. It does not beep when you lock the door though and I wish it did. I also love the aesthetic of it.

- Zachary H

it is very reliable and i really enjoy driving it. it's a little flashy but i kinda like that and my daughter loves that i drive this car.

it's a great mom car to drive where we live. it is very reliable. it also has great style and is very comfortable. it has the best interior of a car i've ever owned, very nice.

- heidi b

The run flats that are expensive to fix

I like the car's ability to easily go through the snow. I like the looks of the car especially the red color. I don't like the run flats and how expensive they are to replace.

- Kay M

The vehicle’s maintenance upkeep is pricey.

I love my BMW! It rides so smoothly and all of the interior features are great and easy to learn to use! It is a beautiful car and the 3-series is the perfect size for me.

- Nautica L

Expensive repairs, reliability is an issue.

Car is very fun to drive, practical, and convenient. Gas mileage is acceptable but reliability is a concern. It is comfortable but sporty and has decent creature comforts.

- Nicholas C

It displays the navigation on the actual windshield.

My BMW has a great look to it. As well it has the power to drive through traffic as well as power home on the highway. It also has all of the technology upgrades I need.

- John L

Love the car. Have not owned long enough however.

Love the looks of the car and the fact that I subscribed to Sirius radio. The non key need has grown on me. Curious on how it will perform in inclement (winter) weather.

- Kate C

It is dependable and since I have owned it now for three years it has a warranty that has not cost me anything.

I like my BMW sedan because it is a 321 and is not so big that I feel like a 12 year old driving it. It get great gas mileage. This car also has lots of "Pep" to go.

- clydene j

Great handling and fun to drive

great handling and performance and fun to drive especially on the open road but service costs (maintenance, replacement tires, etc) can be higher than other brands

- Michael C

My vehicle is AWD. The seats are leather and are very comfortable. The dashboard is very easy to use.

I have not had issues with my vehicle since I have owned it. I love that is AWD and performs well in the snow and rain. The car is fun, easy and enjoyable to drive

- Stephanie S

Safety features are great.

Like - handles nicely, quick pick up, looks classy and nice interior. Dislike - bit small, seat belts in back seat fall into the seat making it hard to find.

- Pollyanna W

I feel safe when I drive it.

Likes: BMW safety, handling and aesthetics are all great, big trunk space, not a gas guzzler. Dislike: no real complaints except wish it would faster speed.

- Jackie G

it was a great deal. it is great on gas and is a diesel. it has auto shut off to save even more gas

diesel, sporty, good on gas, family car, small interior, helpful, technologically advanced lots of gadgets, bmw connect, sound could be louder in speakers

- andrew g

The car handling is extremely smooth.

It's an extremely smooth ride. I don't like that it didn't come with a car alarm and electric seating. But pretty much everything else is pretty great.

- Ernie G

The handling on this car is better than any other car I've ever driven .

I love the handling on this car . The reason I got this car because I'm a fan of speed and this car is super fast! I hate how expensive maintenance is.

- Kristina D

They are nice and I love them very much.

I love my cars very much. I have a 2015 BMW 3 series, 2013 Cadillac and tesla model s. I hope by filling out this survey and adding details helps you.

- Yu L

It has a great feel for the road so I feel in control all of the time.

BMW is the ultimate driving machine. It has an excellent feel for the road, great turning radius and great acceleration. It truly makes driving fun.

- Edward S


I love my car because it is fun to drive & handles the roads beautifully. I do not like the price I paid for my car & hope it lasts longer than most.

- melanie p

This is my fifth BMW and I love my car. I will get another BMW for my next one.

my car is very good looking, runs great, I love the way it handles, going around curves is so fun. The navigation/BMW on board system is very useful.

- Jana H

Long lasting and durable vehicle

I have a diesel all wheel drive car. It is small and easy to drive car but has the ability to go well in winter weather and 4 wheel drive situations

- Emily T

If u want a nice car with smooth handling an drives pretty fast this da car u need.

It is good with handling, its fast and it rides smooth. It picks up speed real quick. Rides over bumps like it is nothing, u do not even feel them.

- Jean P

its nice and has several nice features and drives welland as long as you are under warranty it is affordable

i like the gas mileage and style but I would rather not pay for expensive car services, which were included for the first years but not afterwards

- jose t

Best entry level luxury car for the price. Great customer service at the dealership.

Love the style and beautiful interior. I like the smooth ride and driving on the highway. I am not looking forward to paying maintenance costs.

- Michelle K

Like the quick acceleration.

Fun zippy ride, but vehicle is small and not super comfortable if a little larger in stature and size. Also, not ideal for kids in the back seat.

- Jan K

good mileage; great driving machine

like safety features such as automatic braking when getting too close to car ahead; like stay in lane feature; like all-wheel drive; like luxury

- rc W

It is fast and very cool to drive.

My car is super fast and it is very fun to drive, the only thing is that the oil changes are $100. That is the only thing that I do not like.

- Bobby B

It's very comfortable to ride in it and love all the gadgets

I love the look and sportiness of it. It's very peppy….I don't like the visibility, have to rely on mirrors and back up camera too much

- Rick k

The maintenance can get expensive on BMWs since it is considered a luxury vehicle

Very comfortable it has great MPG and is efficient on gas. It is a luxury car but still affordable. The car is also drives very smooth.

- Lily L

It has an M sport package in it

It's a 2015 bmw 335i, I love my car its really safe as well as reliable, to me it's really comfortable and the performance is the best

- Alex G

It drives nicely and also can go pretty fast.

It is a fun car to drive. It is nice to have a car that is thought of as a luxury or high end vehicle. It gets great gas mileage too.

- Karen L

My cars does do well when it comes to gas and miles.

Often have leaking and only 3 out of 4 windows currently work at this moment, also I notice the air conditioner starting not to work.

- Isaiah T

Lighted outside door handles, pick up is great, luxurious all around.

Not used to so much technology. Do like how outside sounds and smells are muted. Less feeling when hitting a rough patch in the road.

- Wendy R

It is fast also very smooth in the high way I love driving my car.

The BMW in general has expensive car parts I would love be if it was better on pricing but you do get what you pay for in the car.

- Edwin A

It is very nice on the outside but is a very fast car

it has a nice lather exterior and has a back up camera and is push to start. The ride is very smooth and the car accelerates fast.

- jane s

I love the color! It is a bronze colored BMW.

I really only have problems with the Bluetooth when I get iPhone upgrades. Runs smoothly though with eco comfort and sports mode.

- Shay R

Buying pre owned vehicles are the way to go to get a nice and safe car.

Having a convertible has been a dream of mine since I got my license. This car runs very smooth and looks great! Just love it.

- Rebecca S

Robust stable good performance car

Beautiful car, beautiful design Very good response in acceleration, turning. A bit expensive in fuel Sound system not very good

- Emilie S

The car has a great ride and safety is feeling very solid construction.

I love the color. Great gas mileage. Love the power and the feeling that is solid. Great comfortable ride, smooth and quiet.

- kelly s

BMW series 3 325i 2015 xdrive

A very enjoyable car to drive. It is very comfortable and easy to drive. BMW is a very good brand and theres cars show that.

- Brandon C

It drives and handles like a dream. It is very fast and has good fuel economy.

I love german vehicles and german engineering. I have a four all wheel drive model. It is very well designed and stylish.

- Abdrew H

Drives excellent, good power and handling.

I love the way it handles and the acceleration. The build quality also feels top notch. I do wish it was a little larger.

- Peter M

It drives great in the snow.

Super reliable. Very fast. Tons of upgrades and cool features like heads up display. I feel very safe when I am driving.

- Christy W

Has run flats that do not last and are expensive.

Cute and is very reactive and tight steering. Reliable. Tires are expensive to replace and do not last long, run flats.

- Angela S

It's a black 2015 bmw 320i w/ tan leatherette.

Love the car. Good size, great handling, adequate pick up, good gas mileage, it feels simple, classic, and baby luxe.

- Ahmed F

The technology package with heads up display.

I love my car, it has heads up display with navigation. I wish it had apple airplay, and wasn't as expensive monthly.

- Angelo A

Style, Class & Dependance

My car has a few different driving modes for a change in handling. The gas mileage is superb and the ride is smooth.

- Sebastian A

Heads up display and fun drive.

I like heads up display, sports suspension, car size.. I dislike suspension control, gps system and music system..

- Ch A

BMW has great performance.

I enjoy my vehicle, it runs very smoothly and is great on gas mileage. For what I paid for it I am very pleased.

- brandyn s

A fast car with excellent handling. If you like speed, this car is for you.

The power of the car is excellent. The comfort of the ride is great. The Whole driving experience is top-notch.

- jack r

It was affordable. The price for this car was comparable to a ford escape of the same year with the same mileage, but no maintenance agreement.

The design looks a little frumpy but it's all-wheel drive and has a great maintenance agreement with the dealer

- Amber V

The maintenance is very expensive.

The car is good on gas. It's very comfortable and go for road trips. It has good trunk space and it looks good

- Efren E

The title of my review is windows.

The biggest problem I have had with my vehicle is that the mechanisms in the windows break very frequently.

- Wendy G

My quality automobile It like brand new when I take care of it

it runs well looks great fun to drive always it handles smooth and has good power and I like to show it off

- roger c

BMW 3 series, looks cool .

Nice ride, handles well and good on gas. Looks sporty, upkeep is easy. Has good comforts. No major problems

- Jeannie R

It is Wi-Fi capabilities and Bluetooth functions.

Love the look. Dislike the interior noise. You can hear everything outside. Gas mileage is not that great.

- Megan A

Has good room in the back. Gets 47 miles per gallon.

Looks great. Gets great gas mileage. Drives like a sports car and is very responsive. No complaints.

- Phil s

This car is very very expensive to fix

I love how responsive the steering is. It has a ton of power. The leather interior is fantastic.

- Casey L

It's fun to drive and looks amazing!

It's sleek and fun to drive. The negatives are that the repairs and insurance are expensive.

- Alison T

It is a BMW brand so it is a luxury car that did not cost as much.

I like that it is push start and has a nice interior, but I don't like that it is used.

- Heritage P

It's comfortable to ride in. It's fun to drive. And it's good looking

I really like how comfortable the seats are. My car looks good and it's sporty fast

- Whitney D

It drives smooth and it makes me feel safe

I love my car it fits me perfectly . I'm going To get another one when lease is up

- Amy D

it was nice when I got it. It made me feel successful. Now it's just old and outdated.

I loved it when I got it. I've since outgrown it. Time for something brand new.

- deb e

It's the ultimate driving machine! It is a reflection of my personality and style.

I love my BMW! It uses diesel and gets great gas mileage. I love driving it!

- Renee H

It's fun to drive and is reliable. Love the way it looks

Sporty and fun to drive. Like the sun roof. Like the interior and exterior

- Donnan s

Economic drive. It's great on miles. I like that my car has gps option

Safe and great on mile. Very comfortable seats. I love heads on display

- Caroline K

It's quick and handles well. Comfortable interior, too.

It's a little small and underpowered. I do like the handling very much.

- Max C

Has a great ride and handles on the road very well.

I love the design, how it handles and is very comfortable to ride in.

- justin b

All wheel drive, automatic, has navigation and bluetooth

Sporty BMW with all wheel drive. Wish it came in manual transmission

- Alexandra M

It's quick and handles very well. It also gets good gas mileage.

Runs great. Info system is confusing as are the seat controllers.

- Fred P

No complaints except the high cost of getting your car fixed. But it's fast, reliable, and looks luxurious.

It's really fast and performs well. The interior is really nice.

- Tomas S

the most important thing is that it requires premium gas

exterior design, looks, performance, cabin design, seats, power

- marco p

that i care about standards, i want high quality

no not really just besides it's a very common car on the road

- lynz p

It is competitive in price to other cars in this range.

Love the safety factors. Love the styling. Love the handling.

- Jacquilene B

All wheel drive gas mileage handling is good don't care for cup holder placement

Love all wheel drive.. dislike comfort of seats Gas i s good

- Melody s

Reliable, innovative, well known car globally

innovative, reliable, premium, sporty, aerodynamic, fast

- Loren F

that it is fun to drive and that it looks good too

It gets good gas mileage. Fun to drive and it is cute

- joy d

My BMW is the "Ultimate Driving Machine"! It's an expression of my personality.

I love my BMW!! It is diesel and gets great mileage!

- Donna H

It is stylish and expensive and a symbol of success

Red BMW with light interiors and I have no dislikes

- Dave M