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My car was driven by my mother who now wants a BMW herself!

My vehicle is very beautiful dark grey color. It is very functional and has great gas mileage. Although, I only put premium gas in my BMW, it still doesn't break the bank to fill it up. It usually takes me around 40-50$ to fill up my whole gas tank. The only part I dislike about my car is in the summertime, the black leather seats can get quite hot and make your legs sweat. It also has a blind spot, however most cars do. This vehicle is such, a smooth riding car. It can be easy to go over the speed limit in these types of cars. Other than that it is a great car and would definitely recommend to other people looking for a nice luxury car!

- allie R

The safety features and driving capabilities use cutting Edge technology.

The vehicle is one year old and the only issue I have encountered is a small one. When I have my phone connected to apple carplay, and than try to use the wade app for navigation, the audio will skip in an out regardless of the input (Sirius xm, radio, aux, etc. ). This is resolved from disconnecting my phone from apple carplay. I have read other reviews that this is an issue among other owners so I know this is not simply a user issue. Otherwise the car is amazing. It is powerful, beautiful and highly functional. The wagon body style is rare and are sought after as used vehicles.

- Jennifer G

2017 3 series BMW, smoothest car you'd drive.

My vehicle is a BMW 3 series, year 2017. It runs so smooth and the miles on it is great. I always feel so comfortable whenever I drive it, makes me want to drive it out for hours and I am usually not that type of person to be driving in a car for a long time due to how uncomfortable it is. It is very reliable out of my 2 cars my BMW is the one that I constantly go for. The best features on this car would have to be the front and back of the car, the paint job is amazing and the seats are just a dream.

- Savannah P

My BMW series 3 is a very reliable and stylish car to drive.

My BMW is a very reliable and durable car. It has been through a lot, but the inside does not stay put together as well as I thought it would have. Some parts inside chip off of my dash and pieces of plastic start detaching. It is a very comfortable car and I love the look of the exterior portion. It is a very fast car that is fun to drive if your looking for a sporty feel and look. I love the orange lights that come on inside of my car at night time.

- Parker S

Great car with plenty of features. Well worth it.

There have been absolutely no problems with my car. The interior is extremely comfortable with a great entertainment system and apple CarPlay. Adjustable seats form fit nicely to the body. Plenty of trunk room. The car rides extremely smoothly, even on bumpy roads. Eco-friendly mode is great when trying to save gas, and has helped me conserve up to 20 miles worth of gas between refuels. Sport mode is great for when you want the full BMW experience.

- Brady P

The door lock system does not allow for easy break-in access

Problems are limited to still getting used to non-traditional features, as simple as the door lock system, hard to see trunk button. The performance is bar none better than any other vehicle we have ever owned, some in the high performance arena, as well. It is very comfortable, but can feel small with all the items my family seems to carry everywhere. I feel safe when I am in this car. Noise level reduction works fantastic

- Liv G

The paint finish is very high quality.

Nothing ever goes wrong with the car. The heated seats are comfy and have good support. I love the heated steering wheel! The heat and air conditioning come on very quickly. It performs well on the highway and has a very solid ride. The sound system is great and the car has many accoutrements beside the Bluetooth. When the windows are closed it is very quiet. I've driven BMW’s for decades.

- Lauren M

BMW 3 series: Overall good vehicle, with some glitches

The car performs well in most conditions. There is often a low tire pressure warning when it is too cold though. I like the seats. The car I used before had worse seats. I definitely like the console in the car and it can navigate the radio for the station I want to listen to or what I want to play from my phone. I like how it automatically connects to whatever phone is plugged into it

- Matthew P

The car of my dreams: BMW 3 series.

My 2017 BMW 3 series is the car of my dreams. It is extremely fast when you need it to be and feels very safe. The brakes are fantastic and it has run-flat tires so you never have to worry about being stuck with a flat tire. It is extremely comfortable and has a lot of features such as heated seats and front/rear ac. It is extremely durable and has been with me on very long road trips.

- Alexandra T

This is a safe car that is still fun to drive. It gets good gas mileage while still having the power to push you back in your seat.

I like that the vehicle is a lease and that I do not have to worry about any maintenance on it. It's comfortable and gets good gas mileage. It's small enough to fit in parking spots. I do not like paying the bill every month. I've found a few things in this particular car to be cheaper made than the previous one I had. That's discouraging to see the company cutting corners.

- gail s

The ultimate driving machine !!

I really love my car. The horse power is my favorite. In my opinion it does not compare to how other vehicles drive. There is just no comparison. The run flats for tires are a great feature as well. That helps my anxiety, I worry god forbid something happens with a tire, I know I won't be stranded with the run flat. I really have no complaints on the ultimate driving machine !

- Erika C

Great car to own, fun to drive.

It is a great vehicle, enough horsepower for most of the time. The transmission is nice, it really feels comfy when you are driving it. Both inner and out designs are good. I like the monitor it has for this year's model, it is convenient to use, the GPS function on this car is great as well. Leather seats for me is a must when buying new cars and this one is just perfect.

- Jack S

I love driving a hybrid car!

I absolutely love my 330e and I appreciate that it is a hybrid, that is why I chose it. The performance and drive is unbeatable. The one problem I have is how small the actual gas tank is. I get about 15 miles on a full charge and then it will switch to gas. I suggest BMW making the gas tank bigger so I wouldn't have to fill up so often. Other than that, I love my car

- Alyssa G

I love how luxury and sophisticated the overall look of the vehicle.

The BMW x3 performance is excellent. The steering on the vehicle is smooth. Not a very comfortable vehicle for long trips, the appearance of the seats it beautiful how ever the seats are not very soft. I love the speed warning setting, the eco friendliness, the digital display of the speedometer, however I dislike that it does not come with remote start.

- Fab M

It�s a great car, not the best option if you want to use baby car sit in it

I love this car, it's very reliable and comfortable. It is all what you expect from BMW. There are only a few things that I don't like in it - cup holders they are too close to charger, so I have to be very careful with it. Also, I don't like the height (space) inside of the car. I found this disadvantage after trying to fit baby car seat in the back.

- Camille M

I love my BMW - never fails always reliable and dependable.

I have no problems with my BMW comfortable stylish. I only wish it would use regular gas. Interior is very comfortable considering it is not a big car, I know that my car is very reliable and know that considering I lie in so. Fl and the temperature has been I the high 90's my air conditioning never fails and, y car will be cool in a minute or so.

- Jacqueline G

BMW are crack a jack of the lack of de way, I just wanted to say hey.

This car sucks, it only was useful one time then it broke down on me because I didn't pay for it to be repaired when the seller said it was in perfect condition, I never thought I would get such hollow realization until I thought about getting it and trying my best to get it and when I have it, I will be the best character on there.

- Vito B

My BMW is fun to drive. It has good and quick acceleration. it also brakes and stops quickly. It handles well and hugs the road around curves.

I like my BMW greatly! It is fun to drive and it handles very well on the road. the ride is smooth and the seats are very comfortable. The technology is great for hands free but can be difficult to operate at times. The only complaint is that the engine has become too difficult to do simple tasks such as check/ change my own oil.

- al g

Amazing and affordable worth the purchase.

Great it is a car worth buy-in, very good standards and would recommend this make of vehicle to any of my friends or family in the future, I believe it is great for families and or classy traveling and or business related persons, all white is the door I would go with to be safe on the road and you have yourself a great car.

- Corey M

The BMW is expensive but worth it.

The car is extremely reliable. Fuel efficient and manufactured with safety as its highest priority. This particular model is very sporty and cutting edge. The biggest problem is the complexity of the electronic components. The ride is so smooth you forget the fact that you are probably exceeding the posted speed limit.

- Pat W

Definitely the censored beeping length of next vehicle in front and back

Not that I don't like the vehicle but got into numerous accidents that none of them were my fault and had and still do have problems with the other insurance company. I love the heated seats in the winter and the sport mode and the backup and front camera plus sos security and activated programs name in vehicle

- Sharon D

Awesome sports luxury sedan.

.It's really a powerful car with 250 hp. Goes to 0 to 60 in 5 secs. It's a very comfortable car. It has fuel efficiency option using which one can save money on fuel as well and sports mode is really good too. Legroom for passengers seat is slightly less. Overall it's an awesome compact luxury sports sedan.

- Harsh K

Great vehicle for families.

I love the performance of this vehicle. The size is perfect I own a 328xi it is just the perfect sized sedan for everything. Handles very well. I wish it was a little tighter around corners but that is the only complaint I have about this vehicle. I love the sport setting which gives a lot of extra boost.

- Danielle G

Spectacular and Eye Opener

My BMW 320i is fast, efficient, and great on the road trips. Gas is economical and I fill up the tank once a week. My car is comfortable and reliable with a lot of comfort. The leather is very cool and easy to maintain. The seats are comfortable and great for my back. Overall, a great car and affordable.

- Joy L

The Best car you could ever have

The 2017 BMW 3 series is the best car you could ever have. It runs so smoothly and fast. But in the past months somebody scraped up my car bad in the parking lot and those costs to fix it wasn't cheap. So that's one con about it the prices you will have to pay in order for it to get fixed and maintained .

- Tiffany C

My beamer is my favorite car I have ever had.

I haven't really had any problems with the car. I am prone to flats and love that I have run flats so it takes the worry of how I'll get somewhere after getting a flat. And love the feel of the car. It is comfortable but sporty. I also love the different features like the eco mode so I can save on gas.

- Daphne M

Check your care of your vehicle because of the year.

Right now my car does not have any issues. I get the smoke check when its suppose to be for. And I check it before it gives me problems. And also take it so they can turn the tires around every season as well too. I recommend to every new driver to always check it before other things happen to it.

- Sam S

A BMW handles the twists like a champ.

The leather gets so hot but I love it BMW owners do not dread the mundane driving tasks. If an errand needs to be run, you can almost always count on a BMW driver to be excited about it. They do not need a fancy destination or wide open roads to get excited about getting behind the wheel.

- Christina F

I strongly recommend customizing your vehicle to your liking.

The maintenance fees are a little overpriced but the ride is smooth. I enjoy the comfortable seats, new features, and driving options. The vehicle is reliable when it comes to gas and speed. I would recommend definitely choosing a color that you enjoy and matching it with the interior.

- Nichita M

The BMW 320i needs more storage!

The storage room and in the vehicle is very minimal. There should be more room for everyday items. I will not be getting another 3 series for this reason. I also do not like the radio display. Also, the glove compartment could be bigger. It is an expensive car and should feel like one.

- Kendall S

All around good and enjoyable vehicle.

My vehicle is safe, fun to drive, and very reliable. BMWs historically are poor when it comes to interior design and storage, but it all balances out to have such an enjoyable car. Additionally, routine maintenance and service at the dealership is usually a pleasure and world class.

- Diana M

I like the inside of the car because it's really clean and I like black leather

I absolutely love my car and am very happy. I will drive it everyday because it's reliable and I have a good time driving it and I look good in it and I wouldn't change it for the world. Who was the best birthday gift that I ever had and I'm so happy that I was able to drive it

- Haven W

Best car I would ever have.. Speed, control and comfort.

Check coolant as well as what is maintenance charges. Seat covers, how ac runs, locks are working fine or not. Is your car a sports car or normal car. Is that electric or natural gas car. Price of the car.. How much extra you can put on warranty. More warranty more benefits.

- Nisha N

My vehicle is fast and is all black with tinted windows and has rims

My vehicle is An amazing car that drives fast and the performance is excellent. I had bought it back in 2017 and my first thought was I have to buy it, it runs smoothly and hasn't gave me any troubles, never really leaks or makes noises, I get it checked on maybe 2 a year

- Lydia A

Smooth and reliable, but just little annoying things.

The leather smell is annoying but the car feels good. It drives smooth and it's reliable. Windows were sticky when I got it but it went away after a wash. The car has a tendency to blow a lot of hot air out for 5 minutes before the AC starts, despite being on for longer.

- Deep B

Excellent BMW 330 Xin series.

Excellent luxury sport vehicle. Fun to drive, no problems but expensive to maintain that is why I leased. Beautiful interior and color and performs nicely. Gas mileage is excellent even for an all wheel drive vehicle. Dealerships are helpful when you need maintenance.

- Valerie M

Thanks so much for the update and for the record.

Thanks for the update and I will be there at the same time so I can get a ride to the store and get some more info on the house and the same to you and your family have a great weekend as well and I will be at work tomorrow and Friday I have a meeting at the church.

- Britney L

The ultimate driving experience is a true statement

Enjoy BMW's for traction in snow, quiet, excellent handling, gas mileage, style and dependability. Excellent service, great dealerships surroundings, excellent staff, safe feeling when driving car, 4 cyl. Turbo is a fantastic engine with plenty of power when needed.

- Robert L

BMW 330xi. I wanted it cause I need a 4WD/AWD car for snow I do not like SUVs.

The vehicle is sporty and luxurious. I have had no problems with it, but I know that the maintenance is expensive and that is why I leased it. Even with a lease I have to pay for the brakes and tires which I have not had to pay for yet. Otherwise, the car is great.

- Valerie M

Title: more fun for less money.

The BMW 3 series is a good mid-priced performance luxury vehicle. While it does not have all the ultimate technological and/or luxury items in very high end vehicles, there are enough useful ones to make driving exciting and pleasurable for a fraction of the cost.

- Pau N

Not too expensive compared to other similar less known models.

It is a BMW 3 series - great handling and performance, good looking styling inside and outside, color combinations for interior/exterior could be a little more, but there are enough combos to make it work for most people who are interested in the car.

- Paul N

It is very reliable and attracts.

What I like about the car is that it is easy to drive. I like how smooth it is. I also like the look of the car... What I dislike is that it is basic. No rear view c camera and the seats are leather ( too hot in the summer and too cold in winter)..

- Jamie M

The lease price is very low due to BMW's subsidies.

I don't pay much for the lease because BMWFS has strong incentives. The car drives well and is fun. Additionally, I get decent gas mileage. I don't like the lack of entertainment options and the stock speaks are bad.

- Anthony A

Bmw positive and negative feedback

Bmw are expensive and overall made with cheap parts so that the company sells more. The only good thing about them is that they were made with a frame that will save your life if ever in a bad high speed car accident

- Brandy L

It is a wonderful car and it is great on gas mileage. It is very comfortable and a great family car.

The only complaint I have about my vehicle is that the driver seat does not have electric seats. I have to manually pull it up or slide it back. Other than that, I love everything about my car.

- cheyenne c

For a BMW, this car leases much cheaper than other cars of lesser standards.

The car is really nice and drives easily. There is enough room and it comes with a sunroof. The gas mileage is also pretty good. I don't really have any complaints about it right now.

- Yace b

The most important thing others should know about my car is it is comfortability.

I love the fact that you could put it into eco friendly gear when you want to save gas and the environment. I also like the fact that you could put it into sports gear to make it zoom.

- Jason G

That it's a BMW and BMW's are great performance vehicles with german engineering

2017 BMW, white exterior, red interior. Love the styling inside & out. Love the handling and features. Dislike the # of BMW's now on the road. Leasing has lowered the brand's prestige.

- paul n

I have a 330e, so it's a hybrid. The electric range on the car is nothing extraordinary and won't get you too far. You will still gas up. Or you can last on the electric portion if you don't commute far.

I like the sleekness of my car. The inside is black with red stitching. It's a very sporty and young looking car that doesn't make me look old (I'm 24). It's also affordable.

- Ryan V

It's a safe ride, comfortable, easy to drive and park has eco friendly mode.

It's a smooth ride, great on gas, and the dealership where I bought it takes care of us, on oil changes, car washes and even offer you a ride if you need one.

- Rudy R

2017 BMW 3 Series, Luxury at its best!!!

The 2017 BMW 3 Series is luxury at its finest in your motor vehicle. It has all the flashy accessories that you would expect plus is great for daily driving.

- Jeff F

PHEVs can be sporty and fun to drive.

Sporty, fun to drive. It is a PHEV, so gets effective mpg of more than 40. Very fast. Stylish. Only complain would be very limited pure EV range.

- Tim L

It is extremely safe and secure.

I love that my vehicle is high tech. It feels safe and is easy to drive. I do not have any dislikes about it except that it was expensive.

- Lexie T

I love my BMW. It makes me feel safe and secure.

No problems. Performance and reliability cannot be beat. The car is very comfortable with individualized settings. Loaded with features.

- Barbara N

Service is the best and smooth drive

Love the service that comes with the BMW. They offer free oil changes, maintenance, etc. Love how the care drives smoother than others

- Casey G

it's a BMW and it's fun to drive and gas mileage is pretty good

love the styling. Love the handling. Love the interior features. Dislike that leasing has diminished the exclusivity of the brand

- pa n

BMW 3-series, the perfect Los Angeles sedan

The BMW 3-series is a highly reliable car that is small enough to fit into those valuable but rare parking spaces in Los Angeles!

- Shan S

The integration of technology to ensure safety is amazing.

The luxury and technology is unparalleled. The voice recognition is amazing. Bmw is the best handling car I've ever owned.

- Jon L

Ultimate driving machine. Bmw has a refined sedan while implementing a hybrid feel to their 3 and 5 series. It doesn't sacrifice power while providing a refined look.

My bmw is an hybrid sedan. It runs on electricity and gasoline. Electricity is very short so it runs on gas most of the time

- Stephan C

It is very safe and reliable.

It is very reliable. Haven't had trouble with it yet. It is very comfortable, and has features such as hands free Bluetooth.

- Jennifer W

It's awesome and I love it so very much. It is fancy.

It's fancy. I love the gray color. Sirius XM is amazing. It handles like a performance vehicle. It was my birthday present.

- Christina B

It's a high quality vehicle.

I love how it looks and how it runs. It's a high quality vehicle that provides me with safety and luxury at the same time

- Vilma A

It is a good solid car overall.

I like the way the car runs and how spacious it is. I like the interior design as well. But it does use up a lot of gas.

- Kimberly C

that it drives better than any other car i have - the interior may not have been as fancy but it's a great car

i love the way it drives and i love the way it feels on the road - the handling is awesome and it's pretty good on gas

- diana w

It has special features that other vehicles do not have.

I like that it's a luxury car, it looks nice, however, I dislike the maintenance for it as it is expensive to upkeep.

- Maria Y

I think the safety of the car and its durability qualities are the most important things

my car is very good and i like it very much because it is of high quality and I am satisfied with this brand of cars

- Luke M

Long lasting, well built, good mileage, over 250,000 miles.

I love the color inside & out. I love the handling of the vehicle. The seats are really comfortable and supportive.

- Lauren G

It rides very well very much like a car vs. A SUV.

I love the look of the automobile. I love the power of the engine. I dislike the sticker price of the automobile.

- Tiffany Z

Gas saver around 30 mpg. Great car.

Very comfortable and a gas saver. The look of the car. I dislike the trunk space too small. Great car. Love it.

- Luis P

Dependable. Classy design. Very comfortable ride. Proud to own a BMW

Love style inside and out. Love step out light. Wish more room in front passenger space. No light in glove box

- Kathy F

It's fun to drive. I like the way it looks and drives.

I really like it. It has good handling and makes my very long commute very comfortable. I am glad I got it.

- Stuart B

BMW is fun to drive, secure and reliable

BMW is a great brand. It is fun to drive. It is also safe. It has many different options you can purchase.

- Donglin P

Grrrreat 🚘 has tinted Windows

Great car good transmission. Got windows tinted. Awesome feel. Just feel great sitting in. Love my auto.

- Amar P

Bmw 3 series review......

Reliable quality brand with advanced technology... Reliable quality brand with advanced technology...

- Edwin B

I've had several people compliment my car and how beautiful the color is

I love this car. It Is so comfortable. I love all the technology that it has. I got a very good deal.

- Beth J

the all wheel drive is the best in the business

the car is great in the snow and is very economical on gas. i absolutely love the car

- justin R

The cost of maintenance is kind of high and that might be a problem.

For the most part I really like it. However I might prefer more of a mid size.

- John H

It's my favorite color and I also bought it myself!

I like the look and how it drives. The tires are very sensitive though!

- Jamie G

I would like my car to have heated seats. I like the handling of it. It is speedy and fun to drive. It is a manual.

It is speedy and fun to drive. It also has plenty of room inside.

- Katrina M

It is a BMW and it shows that I'm successful.

It is a BMW so I feel good and rich driving it. I earned it.

- Joe S

Dependable, free maintenance when you lease the car.

Like the German quality. Good performance. nice gas mileage

- Lou K

Safety is key and you should always be safe in the car

We love the vehicle. It is comfortable. It is stylish

- Jenni W

All maintenance is included in the lease price and warranty

Great car and my 11th BMW in 30 years! A true fan.

- David K

Its fast Reliable I have no problem except for doing oil change

Quality and Reliable awesome vehicles and cool bmw

- Rob K