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BMW 5-series ery good and recommend brand.

While some of its rivals have worked hard to catch up to BMW’s 5-series in performance and handling, BMW seems to have switched gears and taken a more luxury-oriented approach with its mid-size sedan. What was once a driver’s delight is now more of a boulevard cruiser—one with a posh interior, plenty of people and cargo space, and a range of efficient and strong-performing engines. When the m550i performance model was introduced for 2018, we were hopeful that the ultimate driving machine was returning to the BMW showroom, but it too suffers from a mixed bag of dynamic traits.

- Han A

BMW 4 series convertible hardtop.

I haven't had any problems with my car. I went from a 3 row SUV (Hyundai Santa Fe) to this small convertible. Drive is smooth and sporty. Back seat is small but I can fit comfortably (I am 5'2"). Gas mileage is a huge improvement. The hard top makes it seem like you have 2 different cars (sedan and convertible). It is very quiet when the top is up. I would recommend the 4 series convertible for anyone that is smaller and looking for a fun car.

- Kathryn M

Perfect combo of performance and beauty.

I love my BMW 428i, convertible. I has amazing pep and is very responsive. It is a very comfortable car for long rides, even in the back seat. Mine has red leather interior, which is what drew me to it in the first place. I love the interior lighting at night. The are does well on gas. Maintenance costs are high, but it is all part of having such a high performance vehicle. I love it!

- Maria D

Great ride and stylish looks and feel.

Very reliable and great to drive. Very responsive and holds the road well. Ok on gas. It looks very sharp and gets lots of compliments. Interior is very nice and I like the leather color. The stereo is good and I like how I can switch to play my own radio station from online as I am tired of radio that just plays the same songs. Solid doors.

- Nic N

I would have to say the sunroof is the most exciting part of it!

The BMW 435 car is fairly new, just had it less than 6 months ago so no problem, yet. It fits my style and suits me perfectly. Though I had quite a time to figure what's inside of it, I finally got it. The dealership where I got it is quite helpful too whenever I pass by to ask further questions about the car.

- Donna T

This is a great car, very luxurious.

I really enjoy the luxurious feel of my BMW. It drives very well. It is also very comfortable. Since purchasing the car approximately 5 months ago, the only issue we have had was something with the temperature. This was covered under warranty. So far the car has been very reliable and enjoyable to drive.

- Brittany N

I truly love driving this car.

The car runs very smooth and is very controllable while driving. The interior and exterior is a good quality and it provides comfort during all car rides. The updated technology is spit on to the current time period. Great color choices as well. I truly love this car.

- Kabab D

Reliable, beautiful, comfortable and fun to drive and own.

I love my BMW 428i Convertible (hardtop). It 'fits' me perfectly and rides so smooth it's like you aren't even driving. I love just looking at it. Because it's so comfortable and easy to drive, I jump in it and drive to visit family and friends at the drop of a hat!

- Mary M

The Ultimate Driving Machine

4 series -I love BMW's - the only issue with this one is that it is a 4 door and it has a 6 cylinder engine - I am used to driving a m-series or a 6 series which both have a v8 engine - but the styling and the drive of a BMW cannot be surpassed

- Aubrey H

Safety features. Backup warning if someone is walking or car pulls behind.

I like it least amount of problems, of any other vehicle I have ever owned. I feel it is a very safe vehicle with side view mirrors that warn you if a vehicle is next to you so you could go into the next lane.

- Michael S

It has a lot of bells and whistles, most of which I wish I used more.

I love the fact that it is a BMW because this is the third one I have had and it drives so well. It is a convertible and I love the style, and color (blue). It is a quality car that has given me so much joy.

- Alice D

It's a lot different from what we've had before but exactly what we want and need.

I like that it fits me, just the right size for me and my husband since it's only the two of us riding it; it's easy to maneuver,.. Dislike nothing about it.

- Md T

When BMW says their car is the ultimate driving machine, they mean it!

I love the way this car drives. I'm a car person and the way a car responds when you drive it is as important as how it looks. This car is the bomb!

- Jacquelene I

Loving My New Baby Bimmer

Love the way this vehicle handles! Very easy to drive. The options are endless. Lots of toys in the vehicle. I cannot wait to buy another one.

- Marianne T

Great gas mileage. More than indicated on seller's documentation.

It's easy to drive. Very high tech. Back up sensors are very useful. Complaints - no lock volume. The seat position memory doesn't always work.

- Stephanie J

The interior is a blessing going on long trips is a no problemðŸ‘

The bmw is by far the best car I have ever ridden. Never has any other car even come close to the comfortable ride I get in my bmw🙂

- Olga R

The interior is just beautiful and the exterior I love also.

It runs really great! I haven't had any problems out of it thus far.The interior I'm in love with! The engine runs really well also.

- Tonya J

Its size is big so it makes it easier to get around.

I like the color and the size of the car. The gas mileage could be better though. Since it can fit 5 people it is easier to umber.

- Kendall B

It has the premium car feel and is very quiet with a powerful motor.

It's everything BMW cars promised to be. It is, however, a huge vehicle and sometimes I feel that it is too big for city living.

- Kai K

How the car drives for example the smoothness, next the features.

I like the attention it gets I like the way it starts off with a smooth and clean ride, I dislike the features in some parts.

- Gabrielle A

It should be the one they want/prefer/need, or else they wouldn't be satisfied.

It's fairly new, I got it less than 6 months ago. But so far its not giving me ant problem yet. The size is right for me.

- Donna T

It is fast and will not loss to any one,

Clean and runs great, very few breakdowns, drives well and fast, easy to work on, beaver to slow for a new horse to run,

- Ron H

Sofa on wheels, relax and drive.

It is quite comfortable and reliable. No issues to report, it runs smoothly, very stable and with good consumption.

- Rita C

BMW. Huge interior. Amazing look

My car is a really good car. It´s really comfortable and it has a huge interior.It looks and drives amazingly.

- Anne I

I love the way the hard top folds down into the trunk, I think it is really cool!

I love the way the car looks, drives, and feels but the navigation system and phone system I feel are cumbersome.

- Barbara D

Good grief folks, it's a BMW drop top. What more can I say about that. Drove them in Germany, love the ultimate driving machine.

This was the only one I could get with a drop top. Wanted a 3 series but BMW quit making the 3 in a drop top.

- Doug D

Great on gas since Its a hybrid car.

The 4 series is conventional, runs smoothly and is easy to drive. Great on gas and has a lot of room inside.

- Jack M

I enjoy using the dial feature, allowing me to access various aspects of my car.

My vehicle is very practical, user friendly, good on gas, and has all the necessary tech options I need.

- James W

Great car. Looks amazing. Very cute

Just got it and it fits me very well. It's a hard top convertible and I look amazing driving it. Love

- Michele K

BMW is a great looking and running Automobile. Low maintenance and great accessories.

The shape of the car, response and shear look of the car. The car is affordable. Low maintenance.

- Michael G

That it's a fun car to drive.

I love my car because it's sporty, speedy, and great looking.

- Kristin B

The car should have good mileage,Brake systems should be perfect, should be all wheel drive which is one important for icy roads

Likes: Colour,sports mode,driving smoothness dislikes: nil

- saranyaa D

value and consistency in advertised options

like- style, features dislike- gas prices, maintenance

- Tasha S

BMW workmanship and excellent quality. Love the sporty lines and fast engine

Sporty car and beautiful lines, fast no complaints

- Erin M

brand most important.....

very good service much more likely... almost good

- hazel L