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BMW sold with old tires, when advertised as having new tires, by autonation.

I have no problems because the car has less than 10, 000 miles on it. I like the GPS and Sirius and the many other features it offers. The car was sold as having "new" tires, but it turns out they were 2014 and 2015 tires on a 2017 car. They also did not have the correct air pressure in the front or rear tires. In fact they were reversed. I found this unsatisfactory by the autonation BMW dealer in Henderson, NV. They were unwilling to give me 2017 tires. To me this is unacceptable because cars in the desert only last five years, whether you drive them or not, due to the heat. Thus they sold me tires that are two and three years old, but they told me they were new, which I assumed to be 2017 tires.

- Sandra O

Why I love my BMW. Now have the BMW series 4 convertible it is the perfect car.

BMW is a brand that sticks. Once you start driving a BMW, your hooked as a BMW fan forever. At least that is the way it seems, often times. But the reasoning is so different for so many people. Some people like the way BMW's drive, some like the way it looks, some like how most BMW's are available with manuals and some like how they feel.

- Ashley F

I love the interior it is leather and super comfortable.

I love my car, it runs smoothly and has awesome gas mileage. It is super reliable and came with a spare tire. I drive a 2017 BMW series 4. I choose to drive this car as my primary because of the safety features and it is beautiful interior and exterior. It is a durable car that I know I'll be able to keep driving for years.

- Ari S

Great car and excellent performance.

Fun car to drive and handles the road well. Accelerated quickly but has a smooth ride. Would highly recommend this car. Wish they didn't stop making the 3 series coupe, but I am happy with my 4 series. The only thing I didn't like is they changed their warranty program in 2017, so the maintenance is not included.

- Mel P

BMW 2017 4-series gran coupe.

No problems so far and the car has 10, 000 miles. It is my first BMW and I am very pleased with it. I particularly like that the rear seats fold down to allow for more trunk space. It is a 4-cylinder car with turbos that give it a lot of 'zip. ' There are so many features that I cannot even remember all of them.

- Sandra O

BMW series 4 gran coupe review.

Love the performance of the car, the speed at which it accelerates specially when entering the highway. Love the heated seats & steering wheel. The blind spot indicator is very helpful too. The 4 year worry free maintenance from BMW is also very helpful. Roadside assistance comes with this car.

- Mona D

Fast and sleek car with minimalist interior

The car is a 440i convertible and the engine of the car performs well both in sport mode and in the rain. The convertible roof could operate faster both on closing and opening. The interior technology in the car and interior finishes could be higher end for the cost and caliber of the car.

- Nora C

BMW series 4 2017 black..

I enjoy my series 4 , it's a smooth ride haven't had any issues. The navigation system is amazing and never fails me. Very lavish and comfortable. It's my first BMW and I'm satisfied with my choice. I would definitely recommend the series 4 to anyone in the market for cars

- Karen S

I have a great car and I drive it all the time you should to

it's a great car and I drive it everyday I have a Bluetooth system in when I turn it all the way up it's loud and it drives really fast and the seats are comfortable I have stuff in car that makes it look cute so that's really good for me and here are some other thing

- kayla H

Definitely that it's high-end and it took me an arm and leg...!

My BMW is kind of good and bad at the same time. I dislike how the car was kind of pricey (i think i got it for $45,000 at the least). However, it does make me look professional and good, and I love the interior. Everything works well - price is my only concern.

- Ashely O

It looks like a sporty car.

I dislike the dash being black and the limited choices of exterior and interior colors... I like the turbo power and that the rear seat folds down to allow additional trunk space..

- Sandy O

elegant authentic, reliable, fast safe and beautiful

the bmw i4 is a fantastic car, fast and safe, its interior is incredible and with a motor that when driving feels the aggravation without removing the elegant side of the brand

- vince l

It is a 4 door model even though it looks like a 2 door.

It is very sporty and sleek. The only complaints I have are with the gear shift function it is quite clunky and it has a manual handbrake. Aside from that I lover the car.


You feel and are very low to the ground.

I love the drive and take-off the BMW. The seatbelt feature - it is far back and has a lever to help you reach it - is a bit annoying because it does not always work.

- Nathan M

BMW: the ultimate driving machine.

Sporty, reliable, fast performing, and luxurious car that drives well. Great for younger drivers and very fashionable. Provides excellent speed for freeway use.

- Annie B

It's very pretty and cute.

I like the look of it but it doesn't drive too well because of an issue with the motor. My family loves it and I will be selling it to my uncle for parts soon.

- Emily B

That it shows the same characteristics as me as a person shiny and hard working.

It is very reliable, great on gas, very roomy, smooth ride mechanically sound smells great does not burn oil wasn't made in America.

- Craig B

BMW Black 4 series is a safe and reliable car

BMW 4 series is a great vehicle to drive in. Safe and reliable . Easy to use. Fits 4 to 5 people. Has a sports function as well

- Prescott T

It is sporty and fun to drive.

I love my convertible and driving it makes me happy. It is fun to drive and maneuvers well. It has good fuel consumption.

- Sheila M

The most important thing is that it was my dream car & I got it.

It is fast and sounds amazing. Handles like a champ around turns. Accelerates quickly and smoothly. I love the 440i.

- Mel A

Good mechanics, good dark, good technology and quality.

Mu vehicle is 100% operational has never been crashed, has no details of use, is a new. Has a beautiful dark blue.

- ethan M

The way it moves feels natural

I had no problems with my car, I have been taking good care of it so far, and it works just fine. It's very comfy

- John J

Great mileage, reliability, and rides smoothly.

Efficient and fast. Good breaks love the color. Quick on the acceleration. Easy to maneuver. That is all I have.

- Chris C

That it is a M-package BMW.

I like the comfort and speed and reliability of the BMW 4 series I currently own, it's a great all around car.

- Dwayne B

Gas for the miles of the vehicle and compact but very accommodate

Unique, beautiful, very compact and convenience to go around and drive for the milage of the vehicle

- Jennifer P

All around amazing vehicle. It is amazing for families and has great gas mileage.

My vehicle has stellar gas mileage. It is easy to change oil. It has plenty of room.

- William B

Great gas mileage. Heads Up Display. Hatchback car.

Loaded vehicle. Built in navigation. Leather seats. Looks and rides good.

- Carl H

Safety ratings, crash testing & insurance ratings

Extraordinarily luxurious, comfortable, reliable and easy to drive

- Donna G

Others should know that the car is good

I like how It's easy to control. I like the doors.

- Ryan O