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BMW's are proficient in all.

When it comes to performance and reliability, I believe it is safe to say BMW is among the top companies who ensure that their products are both great performers and reliable. I have not had any problems with my car that were not sell inflicted, meaning my 18 year old car has never acted out of the norm without a logical reason (I. E. Not starting due to an old battery). Comfort is also a feature luxury cars like BMW excels in. I could always use more features, like heated seats but you get what you pay for.

- Perry P

My car is dependable, safe and very fun to drive in town and on the highway.

I live in a very busy city that requires mostly freeway driving. I love my 528i BMW because it is very comfortable to ride in especially when stuck in traffic. The car also has a v 6 engine that works performs like a workhorse. My only complaint is the car does not get very good gas mileage because it is an older model.

- Alice B

The BMW 528i series it a great car.

The performance of this car is great. It has been very reliable for the 19 years that I have owned this car. The car is very comfortable. I do not want to give this car up. The car also has very good gas mileage. What can I say, but that it is a great car and I love my BMW 528i car.

- Jennifer M

The seats are very comfy.

IS this vehicle because it has many miles and it can go very fast. The sears are so comfortable and soft!! I would totally recommend someone in the future buying this car because it is also completely worth the money. I hoped that you enjoyed my survey about why I love my car!

- Jeff S

It can hold a lot in passengers, cargo and on the roof rack if needed or helpful.

It is a very comfortable car to drive and for trips. I prefer a standard transmission which this has. It is a wagon which I prefer. It is a great to drive and fun to drive. I dislike the cupholders. The cup holders aren't very effective. It is a great car.

- Wendy S

It has been extremely reliable.

I love how long it has lasted, the handling, the power, and how comfortable it is to drive. What i am not sure how much longer it will run without costing a bit for repairs.

- David V

Reliable and a classic design.

The BMW 5 series year 2000 is great. I got the car used and although I have had some issues, well, it is 18 years old. I am going to drive it forever.

- Denise P

My vehicle runs smoothly.

I dislike my vehicle because the electrical system gives me issues. I want to purchase a new vehicle..... What I like about it, it is paid for..

- Kelli H

4 door luxury sedan. Big back seat. Room for everyone

This car works amazing. Almost 20 years old and still no problems that are major. We replaced the original spark plugs just last month

- Marissa H

It's comfortable, stylish, saves gas and money, and gets me from here to there.

I love the style and color of my car! I love the way I can save a lot of money with gas because it has great gas mileage!

- Kayla K

That it is easy to drive and it is affordable.

I like that it is small and compact. I like the heated seats. I like that it is not too expensive to fill the gas tank.

- Katherine Y

It is a very dependable car.

I like it because its smooth and has plenty of power. It looks good for its age. I dislike nothing about it.

- William I

It fits all of my family it's a very safe vehicle.

The miles per gallon sucks so you have keep feeling up the gas tank so you spend a lot of money on gas.

- Joseph P

Many sensor and electronic issues, great performance, great quality, very high maintenance (worth it)

Costs a few dollars to keep her running but it is a pleasant experience to drive

- Raymond C

I am use to driving an SUV, but have enjoyed driving a sportier car.

- Dana S