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The quality of the car is everything.

2002 BMW 5 Series 540i

My car is extremely reliable but when problems do occur, super expensive. Any little fix costs a lot. Any maintenance work requires legit knowledge and even so, you need a professional for a lot of the work. The comfortability of the car is amazing! When you drive you feel like your floating in the air, the car runs smooth, that is if everything is up to par and maintained well. The features in my car are more than I need. BMW puts off a lot of little detail into their cars. Overall very good type of car.

- Vanessa H

My car is a 2002 BMW 530i 5-speed. At 18 years old still fun to drive!!

2002 BMW 5 Series 530i

My bmw is a 5-speed manual. Old as it is, it is still fun to drive. It has an upgraded sound system. And a moonroof. It beeps if I get too close to an object like another car( especially useful when I am parallel parking), or even a bush, et al. I can recall replacing the clutch. I know there others, but I cannot remember them. No engine repairs.

- Sherry B

It is a great long lasting car that can be driven up to almost 300,000 without too much maintenance. These older BMW's actually last a lot longer than the newer ones.

2002 BMW 5 Series

I love this car. It is very comfortable, luxurious and durable. Everything still works great in the car after all of these years. The A/C is still better in it than some brand new cars. The suspension is also still very good and the interior is simple and classy. Parts are a little more expensive than an American car but it is well worth it!

- Ray k

Great car. Luxury sedan with affordability all tied into one.

2002 BMW 5 Series 530i

Great car. Drives as if it were brand new. Purchased it with less than 3000 miles. The sears are comfortable and do have seat warmers. The car's sunroof makes any road trip that much better. The car has standard sized wheels, so finding rims is easy. The car does offer Bluetooth connection for a hand-free phone experience.

- Juliana R

Cool BMW station wagon. . . Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

2002 BMW 5 Series

My car is an amazing 2002. . . BMW. . . I have 107, 000 miles on it and the only thing I do these days is replace the oil every once in awhile. . . It is my 4th BMW and I love it!! Reliable, beautiful and fun to drive! I love it because it is a “standard “ and I feel I am. Truly driving the car!

- Kat S

Old, ugly, comfortable, and reliable.

2002 BMW 5 Series

My vehicle is old but reliable. It still drives like a BMW, but a lot of the electrical systems are beginning to fail. It is a sleek vehicle that does great in all sorts of driving conditions. It currently has over 100, 000 miles it. I have driven it cross country many times as well.

- Anna I

Old to new hopefully baby blue.

2002 BMW 5 Series

It is old cannot wait to purchase a new one. Maybe my spouse will surprise me for Christmas this year. It is cheap with gas but I really want a newer model. Maybe a new Lexus or Audi preferred color baby blue 4 door leather interior year 2016 or a maxima 2018.

- Ashley A

Expensive to maintain, as far as gas, maintenance, and insurance.

2002 BMW 5 Series

The vehicle is very roomy, and I love that it has a sunroof and heated seats. Also the back row folds town so if needed I can tow things. I dislike how much gas it uses. Even a short in town trip seems to take more than it should.

- Tiffany R

It gets fantastic gas mileage. To me, that is the most important thing about a car.

2002 BMW 5 Series

I like that it's a smooth ride. It gets great gas mileage. It's lasted a while but I have had to make some major repairs while I have had it. But that's understandable since it's an older car.

- Lindsey B

Others should know that my car does great with gas mileage city and highway.

2002 BMW 5 Series

I like that my car is a BMW. It is a luxury car with leather seats. I like that it has a sunroof but is still a 4 door. It is great on gas but I don't like that it only takes premium gas.

- Tre J

Luxury and Performance Above and Beyond All Other Brands

2002 BMW 5 Series

I love the luxury and performance of my car. What I dislike is when there is a repair issue, it can be difficult to find a qualified mechanic and the labor prices are always high.

- Diana M

My car is spacious and safe, and it drives very smoothly.

2002 BMW 5 Series

It gets me where I need to go, a little bit old but it still works. It has a lot of mechanical problems that have to be addressed constantly but other than that it is fine.

- Eric S

German engineered expensive to have worked on.

2002 BMW 5 Series

Nice looking good gas mileage sporty and luxurious fun to drive all modern accessories very well designed very nice sound system and GPS and backup camera.

- Anthony M

It requires a lot of upkeep.

2002 BMW 5 Series

Great comfortable ride. It is a BMW so it is leaky and expensive to fix. It is durable and i almost have 200,000 miles on it and it is still going strong.

- Marie L

I find my car to be really unique and cool.

2002 BMW 5 Series

I love the comfy factor of my car, including the interior. I also really love the old aesthetic of my car. That is probably my favorite thing about it.

- Claire H

It's was a pretty good deal.

2002 BMW 5 Series

I pretty much like everything about it. I wish it were newer and had more modern features. I would also like better mileage.

- serg D

A car that has four wheels.

2002 BMW 5 Series

My seats are old everything else is perfect, engine is great and paint as well, the shape of the car is great for its years.

- Natalie P


2002 BMW 5 Series



The way it drives and the great gas mileage it gets. The low maintenance I have.

2002 BMW 5 Series

I like the way it drives. I like that it gets good gas mileage. I like the low maintenance. No complaints.

- J M

My car has been very reliable.

2002 BMW 5 Series

Handles smoothly and beautifully. Has great features not found on other cars.. Parts are too expensive.

- Valeria C

Nothing really. It is very old and needs to go to the mechanic every now and then

2002 BMW 5 Series

Very old car, it gets the job done, takes me where I need to and takes me back home.

- Erick D

It allows the driver to have a high sitting position

2002 BMW 5 Series

I like that I can utilize it when shopping to have room for items that I purchase

- Cassandra C

it has been well maintained. it has never been in an accident. it still has a lot of miles left in it.

2002 BMW 5 Series

repairs are too expensive. gas mileage is poor. ride is great.

- rollyn z