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BMWs get better with age.

My car is a four door BMW. It performs beautifully as it is well grounded with strong horse power. It has a sunroof and plenty of legroom. The only problem is how often we have to give it well because it's older and the electric system constantly flashes that the engine Needs to be repaired when it doesn't. That's the only glitch. I wish it also had a more updated stereo system as it only has a CD player and I would prefer a Bluetooth system.

- Stelianie T

This car is very nice and comfortable.

The car runs smooth and does not have problems accelerating when driving on the freeway. The interior is spacious and is quite comfy. While the front passengers’ seats can warm, the rear passengers are subjected to cooler seats as all seats in the car have leather. There is quite a lot of room in the trunk of the car. However, it can be quite costly to make certain repairs. Overall, the car is very nice.

- Chandra U

It is a very well constructed car and holds up well for it is age.

My BMW is very reliable, when there are problems with the car it tells you so you do not have to figure it out. It is older but very comfortable and performs well. The problems I have is the visibility out of the side of the front windows is not as great as I would like and it is expensive when you have to get things fixed on it.

- Laurie E

Great value luxury sports car.

It is a luxury sports car but drives more like a sports car. It has tight steering and hugs the ground close so it is not the smoothest of rides as far as luxury goes. It is a great car for good gas mileage and filling up but is pricey when needing service and even more so for tires. Overall it is been a great car.

- Heather B

It makes me feel Safe and confident.

My car is reliable, I feel very safe in it. In the winter my steering wheel heats my hands, and the seat warmer comforts my back. I feel safe and protected in my car. I know that even if It fails at some time, I will be safe in it till help arrives. I love my Car. It gives me confidence and independence.

- Carol F

It looks nice. It takes off when you push the gas. It has a sunroof.

I have issues with air intake, it loses power. I also have issues with the brake lights. With the coolant level sensor. With the window regulator and motor. With the dash warning lights are very blurry. The radio lights are also blurry. Other than that it is a good vehicle.

- Alma B

It has the best security features.

It provides a sense of direction, as well as a centralizing purpose as to what I ultimately intend on accomplishing throughout life in general. I also know it will provide me with some form of respectable security, as well as an abundantly light knowledgeable comfort.

- Alicia M

BMW worth the cost for the quality.

Excellent car for business travel. Strong sturdy engine. Great handling and comfortable cabin. Downside is the cost of maintenance. Can be nearly $1000 for brake job and over $100 for oil change. If maintenance schedule is followed the vehicle will last a lifetime.

- Ricky W

Great car for the summer. The sun roof and the smoothness of riding.

Car is very reliable. Car drives smooth. Has low mileage. Parts are expensive. However the auto is very doable. Car has a lot of power. It accelerates very fast. There is a little rust on car. Auto maintains a nice shine. Electric windows can cause problems.

- Joel P

That the car is a very nice and comfortable and is definitely a great purchase.

The vehicle overall is a very nice car. It has all the basic features you would expect and the inside is very nice. The only problem is that the radio was confusing at first, bit I got it figured out pretty quickly.

- Sullivan K

It's a bmw with a great engine that can last up to even 300k. Relatively low maintenance and very, very comfortable.

I love the space it had on the inside. As when I go into other cars everything feels so compact. I also enjoy the smooth driving, excellent highway gas mileage (great for long distance) and overall low maintenance.

- Anne C

BMW make great riding cars great on picking up speed and very stylish.

My BMW is a great running car. It has some work that need to be done (1) air conditioner needs serviced (2) brakes are due to be changed (3) oil change that's all that needs to be fixed overall car runs good.

- Kasha H

Older BMW information!!!!

Great purchase. Very reliable. Monthly payments are not as high as most people would think. Service is extremely expensive and obviously is needed more and more as the vehicle ages.

- Megan B

it have never let me down and It's real clean

i love this car,it only have 72000 miles on it and It's like a new car inside and out,i really don't have any complaints,got nice rims on it and a lots of upgrades

- ronnie J

I love the cold air conditioner.

I love the way it is so smooth. The way it's laid out too is pretty amazing. I would love for it to have an additional features but overall a great car.

- Cooper N

It is very reliable and it does not have a lot of issues.

Price of maintenance and gas per mile is expensive. It is hard to find good body shop, the parts are hard to find and it is always a long wait.

- Nina K

Comfortable, easy to drive.

I like my car because it is very comfortable. The only thing that I do not like about it is that when it breaks it is so expensive to fix it.

- Angelina W

BMW'S are so much fun to drive.

My car is very comfortable and fast. It's a great looking car and well kept. The only thing I hate is the cost of maintenance.

- Connie B

That my car is very reliable and safe. The gas is very expensive though.

None at the moment. So far my vehicle is running smoothly. No problem at the moment so I don't really know what to put in.

- Andrea C

BMW always a reliable car, strong and powerful with a nice ride.

Nice size, very reliable, and has a good ride. No problem in the last 2 years, and before were just minor problems.

- Maria B

It has required minimal servicing and it's 13 years old.

It has beautiful lines and after over a decade drives like a charm. No complaints. It's not given us any problems.

- Sharon S

Brand name vehicle and the durability the car has

Like that it's a durable engine. Dislike the high price in gas and any repair work is too expensive

- Yesenia L

The room and is terrible for those who live on dirt road

It has a lot more room than my older viakal and bluetooth compatible and great stereo sound and eom

- Jacob T

It is very good quality and safe.

Like the size and safety aspects. I also like the radio.

- David P

Very safe and comfortable

Big and safe. It takes a lot of gas, though.

- Shawna G