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The inside of my vehicle is beautiful the luxury is awesome.

My 2007 BMW 5 series has cost me more to maintenance it then to purchase it. When things go wrong you must go to a specialized mechanic that has a computer that can hook up to the BMW. Parts cost a fortune because they are foreign and if you have to buy a part from the junkyard they can also run you big money one used axle in my car from the junkyard cost $900 and that did not include the mechanics hours of doing the work. Also buyer beware-there is a recall because the airbags do not deploy when you are in an accident unless you have brought it in to have the airbags replaced.

- Christine L

My car is fast and looks nice a sleek. It's engine roars, but you will pay to keep it in top shape.

I l9ve the sleek design of the 5 series. I live that I can put up sunshade at the touch of a button. I like the in dash system the helps me diagnosis anything wrong with the car. I like that it has a very strong performance off the line(helps with driving around town). I don't like the gas mileage in town. I don't like the cost for an oil change, upwards of $120. I don't like i can't check the oil with a dipstick, all computerized. I don't like that I have to use premium fuel only, very expensive per gallon. Overall I enjoy my car although it's expensive to keep running.

- Adam f

Find, reliable car that performs well, it gets you places.

The main car I usually use on a daily basis is a fine car. There's nothing really major to complain or to make such significant points on. There was recently a problem with the a/c, but that was fixed in no time. It is not the prettiest of cars though. We bought it with one of the headlights that was cracked a bit. There's also a bit of wear on the roof of the car, and some scratches. Other than those minor inconveniences, the car is reliable, and takes me places, basically operating as a normal car would.

- Mario A

We love the awesome stereo and sunroof along with the smooth ride!

We purchased our first BMW 525i in 2015. This vehicles performance is just outstanding. People always compliment us on what a beautiful vehicle we have. We feel very safe and comfortable while driving in this car due to the security features and leather seats. Everything in this car is a big upgrade from the American made vehicles we have owned in the past, we will never go back. The only negative thing I can say is the maintenance on this car is a little pricey.

- Lisa J

BMW xi 525 is a great ride

I purchased the vehicle about two years ago as a pre owned 2007 BMW with well over 100k miles on it. Since my purchase, I have managed to add a significant amount of additional miles and the car still runs exceptionally well. With it being an older model, I was impressed with the amount of fast-forward features. The comfortable seating and spacious interior has accommodated plenty of fun trips. Overall, I have been and continue to be satisfied with my purchase.

- Mari A

BMW x5 a must have sport truck.

BMW x5 2007 sport. That car is lit and rough. That's a real good truck. For long distance driving this is the best. Very comfortable and luxurious car. A lot of space in the trunk which is good for an escapade. Fast car and about the gas it is a very good deal. And as a woman I don't have to bother myself for maintenance. Just take the car to the regular check ups since I've got it about 3 years now! This is just amazing.

- Valerie V

The facts about my Bimmer.

It's very comfortable, and spacious. Sporty and luxurious. I've had it for a year and I have to replace the starter. The parts are easy to get. I don't have to wait to order them. Very efficient on gas. Has a Bluetooth Option so you can hook up your phone to the car and talk while driving. CD player holds six CD's. There is rear heat and cooling controls. And also has a sunroof that opens two different ways.

- Nicki F

reliable, comfortable, sexy looking

Problems ,very expensive to maintain and only be cared for by a BMW dealer, parts are expensive . Performance, car run very well very fast car sits down well on open road, does not eat up gas. reliability, does not need more than a normal maintenance like oil change, brakes , tune up. comfort, very luxurious feeling, leathers seats sunroof, navi system, very beautiful car.

- Cindy B

The BMW 530i is a very sporty vehicle. It�s a nice luxury car at the same time.

The BMW 530i is a nice car but the retail trade in value is very low and they do have mechanical problems later on. Something that I've noticed is that the 5 series is really fast and can just about race anything from a mustang to a challenger. The BMW is a nice car it has great potential to be a very good car if you get it brand new and are the first owner.

- Joey R

My 2007 BMW is still looking good!

Comfortable seating. Good legroom in back. Older model but it still looks good. Performance is great. Drives smoothly be careful you will not realize that you are speeding. You want to make sure you keep up with having your car serviced. It is costly to have your car serviced but it is worth it in the long run. It is pretty reliable in the snow.

- Robbin F

The ultimate driving machine.

My car is mostly reliable. I have had it for about two years and haven't had many problems. The most expensive repair I had to make was for the water pump and thermostat. Other than that, the car is reliable and very comfortable. I love the heated seats and heated steering wheel. The sound is great in the audio system.

- Kiara V

Luxury Sports car for any Age

This is my second BMW. I LOVE IT. I have had it since it was new, have had nothing major regarding repairs, it's easy to maintain, a wonderful drive with plenty of room and speed. Even after twelve years it runs great and gets good gas Mileage. It's style stands the test of time. I can't imagine not having a BMW.

- Deborah H

Good Car. Reliable and comfortable.

It's a very good car that when it needs repair It cost a lot to repair. But it does not break down a lot. It is comfortable and can withstand long drives. It is very nice ride and looks nice. It has Bluetooth, Stereo, satellite radio and aux plug. The AC is cold and the heated seats are nice.

- A G

Why I love my car and accept it with a defect

My cars ac constantly goes out. The car gets extremely hot inside. Other than that I love my car. It lets me know if the air is going out in the tire it also has a computer that notifies me if anything is going on with the car. I also have GPS navigation that shows me the maps of the street

- Deborah R

Fun and fancy but financially a monster.

My car is a fantastic winter vehicle with AWD, heated seats and steering wheel, Bluetooth for ha sake free communication. It has decent mpg both highway and city and it is an overall fun car to drive. However, when it breaks down, it is nothing less than $1,000 to fix every single time.

- Becky Y

2007 BMW 525xi is a great vehicle and I would purchase it again in the future.

I love my car. The one thing that I do not like is the cost for repairs is very expensive. But it is worth it. It is very reliable and stylish. Repairs typically cost more than an American car, but it is worth it. I would but this car again in a heartbeat. Love the sleek stylish look.

- Aly S

I love the performance of the car. Rides like a luxury, quick like a sport.

I have been driving this car for two years now, really enjoyable, quick and reliable, I have only ran into a few issues, but not major, just replacing stuff rather than fixing it. I really love it, rides really smooth, great performance, great look, great on gas, the whole nine.

- Shane T

Smooth and Built to last.

I received the E60 in 2014, and boy is My car really is reliable. I like the fact that it has a smart sensor to help you know what your car needs. One of the main issues, premium gas and poor city gas mileage. The car is a bit heavy, in my opinion, it is an E60 though.

- Darren J

The ride is great, smooth and comfortable.

It is a very smooth ride. It has AWD good for snow. The problems with it is repairs are outrageously priced gas is ridiculously pricey. If you cannot afford the repairs you shouldn't buy this vehicle. It rides like a dream. It is nice on the eyes. It is a status car.

- Jeanne S

The 2007 BMW 525xi This car has great performance starting with acceleration along with comfort and handling.

The performance of this car is great it is what they say, it's the ultimate driving machine, it has lots of comfort and room. If you like music the sound system is good with other good factory features and technology. The car is reliable on gas for good mileage.

- Rhubur R

Great car, but expensive upkeep

It's older now, so it has some issues with acceleration and power. Additionally, fixing it costs a lot because it's a BMW. That being said, it's been running smoothly since 2007, and it has 160,000 miles on it. I can probably keep it past 200,000

- Tammy G

The shape is very slick, and the interior is nice

It drives very well and smooth, I haven't had any problem with it since I've gotten the car. Since I live in a place that snows during winter the heated seats are extremely helpful especially because the seats are leather

- Jess R

That it is a reliable and practical car!.

It gets good gas mileage. It drives good and I like the control it has. It's not the most comfortable ride. It's starting to have problems and repairs are expensive on it. Overall for its age it is been a good car.

- Heather B

Amazing car but be willing to open your wallet

Very costly to own, starts and runs every time with proper maintenance. Rims are extremely prone to bending which can be very costly. A very nice car to drive overall but be willing to shell out the cash

- Mat K

driving performance it grips to the freeway smooth,

Had to replace the water pump, smelled gas besides a few problems had been a good vehicle and I live the performance while driving long distances the stability in the road

- Tulibelle I

very quiet soundproof interior.

very reliable. exceptional performance. parts and repairs expensive. if properly maintained will run forever. has 249,000 miles and still performs brand new.

- brian s

Fantastic and quality BMW that meets all my driving needs.

Rarely needs repair. Has been a great car for me. Repairs are not cheap but rarely occur. Plenty of trunk space for groceries, travel or even golf bags.

- Sandra K

The most important thing is that the car is extremely reliable and dependable. If you take care of it, it will last for 200,000 miles or more.

I've had my 2007 BMW 5 Series for 11 years now and it has been an extremely reliable car. It still handles and looks they way it did when I bought it.

- Michael K

It gets 15 mpg which is horrible, makes me want to buy a hybrid vehicle.

I bought it salvaged in 2013. Unfortunately got hit in 2016 but accident was not too bad. Still going strong but needs plenty of repairs

- Bert L

Repairs and parts are expensive even when not taken to the dealer. Requires 93 octane gas

Normal wear and tear for a 12 year old car. Runs runs, handles well. Smooth ride. Few problems in the 12 years I've owned it.

- Lynette B

It is great and gets good gas mileage.

It is a great car overall. It is had a few issues but it is awesome. It'd be nice if it was more updated on the inside.

- Olivia W

That looks perfect and it is comfortable.

I love it, everything in my car it is perfect, if I should change anything, it would be the originals rims that have.

- Sergio H

It is a Ford and I do not like it.

It is extremely responsive. It looks amazing. My vehicle has held. Its value. I have had no major issues with it.

- Steve B

Overall BMW makes great cars and they have great features.

I like BMW cars, the color and series. However, the car is small inside and wish they came with a bit more room.

- Nina B

Maintenance cost is expensive . The Warning light can be annoying when it comes on. Expect to have routine maintenance to avoid higher fees later

Maintenance is expensive. It's a luxury car but hard to keep up with the cost. I would get a Honda next

- Roma S

We bought it used but It's still badass and fun to drive

I love that it's a powerful, beautiful car. It has prestige but wasn't expensive

- g h

There are nothing I should know about my car. there are no difference

I like it because is heavy. I dislike it because the maintenance is expensive

- kim S

It is a nice car and it handles great

I like the way the car drives I like luxury car I Like the size of the car

- Christine G