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It is smooth ride and luxury feel.

I have owned my BMW for ten years and have been satisfied in every way. It drives smoothly and, with maintenance, has had few problems. I enjoy the heated seats and heated steering wheel as well as the communication and entertainment features. The one regret is that it does not have a build in GPS. It has been reliable in all types of weather and has comfortably fit my family as well. I leased BMW's prior to making my purchase. My satisfaction of the lease cars led me to buy this one as my retirement vehicle. Definitely a good choice!

- Kitty M

Comfort, Speed, and Class She has it All!

My car's biggest problem is it has twin turbos but those are an asset as well. I ask for a lot from my car and she delivers. She might need new spark plugs, and injection coil packs more often than most but that's ok. She has power like crazy! She is reliable, I never doubt she will take me where I want to go! She is very comfortable. I love the power, the drive, and well everything about my car.

- Rebecca B

Oil changes & service on time no exceptions.

Only problems I have are filling the tank up every 4 days, low tire pressure, wiring issues. Performance is great running 390 horsepower, new twin turbo charges & intake, intercooler. AWD so I am good in any weather. Comfort seating from & back. Heated & coolant seats. Dual climate control & rear as well. Angel eyes hid kit, sport mode is so good close to perfect.

- Marcel D

BMW 5-series is timeless.

Have owned for many years and had very few issues. drives as well as it did the first day I owned it. Being an older vehicle, it lacks some common “media” features found in many cars today, but it has Bluetooth, power and heated seats, integrated GPS (but an older version) and all the comfort you would expect with the BMW brand.

- Matt B

I just love how it drives.

Car is pretty nice and comfortable. The vehicle is very roomie and luxurious. When it is newer it is easy to drive. It is a bit harder when the vehicle gets a bit older, it tends to have a lot of problems. It is expensive to fix issues that the vehicle might have. You would have to get a good mechanic to deal with these issues.

- Laura M

BMW535xi. Reliable, handles well all around. Looks beautiful after 10 years.

Very reliable car. Comfortable for long rides. Handles well. Able to reach high speeds easily. Accessories easy to use, including navigation. Is very attractive car. Interior and outer body has held up very well, especially since this is a 10 year old car. Have had only minor service needs in last 10 years.

- Deborah T

Has great interior design and good halo headlights.

Problems I have with my car is the computer inside of my car messes up frequently and gives inadequate information, also has oil leaks, and a bad transmission. Some good things about the car is that it is fancy, looks nice, great halo headlights, buttons on the steering wheel, a sunroof, and great interior.

- Ashton H

Great family car for traveling fast and in comfort.

Great handling, speed and comfort. Advanced features for the time but still comparable to recent cars. Can have problems with the turbo and had past problems with fuel pump but most cars are fixed by now. Major repairs can be expensive but typical maintenance is not much more than standard car.

- Cody S

Awesome interior design, powerful engine, reliable transport,

BMW 5 series or the 5th generation e60. Model is super reliable and comfortable to drive. 535i model has twin turbo 3. 0l engine however, the fuel consumption is terrible. Range is between 15 mpg - 20 mpg. Also, if you live in a really hot place, the bushings will tear out in a few months.

- Chris P

A high performance vehicle.

My car is full of safety features. It has airbags in the front, back and in the side panels. The performance is great in the 5 series BMW. It is a very dependable vehicle. I love the backup feature as well as the navigation system. The anti lock brakes are great. This car stops on a dime.

- Angela G

Effortless elegance, Soulful, raw power with self control.

Its performance, comfort and safety are unmatched, in my opinion. The design is timeless and strong it looks refined and reserved, but is a fierce competitor on the closed track. Most importantly, this is the automobile that I trust to carry my family, and I do so, without hesitation!

- John A

BMW 535I series 2008 model.

Overall, it had been a very good car. Only expected repairs as the car ages. With 54 000 miles, the battery has been replaced twice, and the tires once. My dealership provides excellent service. It gets 18 mpg in town, and 27 mpg on the highway. I love the comfort if the seats.

- Jean W

It is a fine example of BMW's excellence and makes driving a pleasure.

I love my 2008 BMW 550i as it is stylish, powerful, well-appointed and great fun to drive. Like any BMW though, NEVER own one without a warranty as it will eat your heart out through your wallet. Maintain it well and it will reward you with an awesome driving experience.

- Dave D

It is 300 horsepower and all wheel drive.

Amazing performance, reliable if maintained, comfortable enough to drive long distances, it is a wagon so I can fit a lot of things inside. The twin turbos are good for driving in the mountains as well as the all wheel drive. The styling is timeless. I get about 25mpg.

- John G

Keep the maintenances up & the vehicle will run you for years to come.

I have had my BMW 525i for 13 years and the only major thing I had to replace was the starter. Other than that just regular maintenance like replacing the tires, windshield wipers, brakes 1 time and today after 13 years I have 152k miles on it and it still runs great.

- ShonA A

My 13 year old BMW is still looks classy and stylish. It is my most favorite car.

I love my BMW. Even though it is thirteen years old, it still rides and handles beautifully. The interior has held up well and we have had no substantial engine problems. The only negative thing I can say about it is I do not like where the cup holders are placed.

- Teresa P

Cost of owning a European car.

The maintenance is too expensive and too regular. Ordinary car parts are priced too high. For example, a single headlight is almost $1, 000 and that does not even include the bulb. Clearly, the thought process is to benefit distributors and service centers.

- Elaine W

BMW loyal. Best driving car ever.

No major maintenance problems as long as you keep your scheduled updates such as oil changes. Excellent driving in city and long distance. Even though BMW makes updates to their cars body style, the older car styles still look very stylish and classic.

- Pamela B

The sunroof and interior I love about the car.

The features are awesome, it rides very smooth and quiet. I do not have to worry about constant oil changes. It has leather interior with a sunroof. The gas mileage is great on it. I love the run flat tires incase of a flat tire I can still drive.

- Carolyn M

Fancy interior and it's a great car for women!

To he honest my car has many minor issues every single month but overall I love it. It looks very fancy inside and out, which was the major reason of me choosing it back then. There's not too much space in the back seats but is comfortable so far.

- Alexandra L

The 2008 BMW 535i is a great family car for a car lover.

It is great! It's a 535i. It has a heads up display, paddle steering, built-in NAV and headlight detection. I love it. BMW is expensive to have fixed, but my husband works on cars for a hobby and that helps. He does most of the work himself.

- Kelly B

The car is great but when it is time to get it maintained, it will not be cheap.

I like the hp on the vehicle. I like that is well built. I like most features on the car. I like how the car looks. I dislike that it has sensors for almost everything, it gets annoying. I don't like that repairs are very expensive.

- Juan M

Safety, quality and comfort is the top priority of my car.

I like my car has power and is very smooth and comfortable. The gas mileage is average but not too bad. My only dislike is I wish it could have a sleeker side window since one part blocks me when I look for my blind spot.

- Andrew h

Great on gas. Change oil on time no exceptions. Service car on time.

I own a 2008 bmw 535xi. Great in the snow & Summer Ride. Very comfortable ,heated seats ,coolant seats. Turbo issue , that's about it. Great car to own just make sure you have a job to maintain it.

- Marcel D

It is very fast, and the engine has a lot of pickup speed.

Love my vehicle. I have the twin turbo engine and it is fully loaded. the only drawback is age so the technology could be a little more upgraded. otherwise the best one i have ever owned.

- Lynette B

I love the stylish look the smell of the leather and the performance of the car.

Maintenance is too high parts are high an oil change costs over 185 dollars brakes are high as well its a good car it is just the up-keep is very expensive to maintain.

- Anthony M

It's ride and handling are the best and it gets pretty good gas mileage.

I love the ride and handling of my bmw but the cup holders are very awkward in their placement. I also wish I could wirelessly connect to my car but I can't

- Lauren W

Comfortable car with good performance

Repairs needs to be done most of the times. Comfortable car.hands free bluetooth is great feature. Can talk over bluetooth from passenger seat as well

- Swetha M

Vehicle (all BMW) suffer from now oil leaks that need routine repairs

Great handling vehicle with a great riding, would recommend only if owner is willing to paid for required maintenance and repairs, extremely high.

- Robert V

The extremely high repair cost to own this type of vehicle.

I like that it is a BMW. I hate the maintenance cost. And the extremely high cost for repairs! Also the warranty period for BMW's is horrible.

- Michael G

My car takes premium gas 93. So it really is not that good on gas.

I love the color of my car. I love how the stick shift you have to press the button on it to put it in Park. And I love how it has a sunroof.

- Jenna C

That it might be 10 years old but still runs like it is new.

I like my BMW because it is fast and has beautiful wood trim on the inside that they do not put in cars anymore these days. No complaints.

- Cindy B

Best car for best price u don't have to worry about the car breaking down

Great vehicle I would not trade it for the work one of the best cars I have ever drove I would give it a thumbs up and a 10 out of 10

- James R

It's foreign, so don't expect that repairs are done just like US vehicles

My vehicle is black. I like that it's sporty, but yet family. It gets great gas mileage. I don't like how expensive it is to fix

- Jason h

that if you keep up with the maintenance the car will last a long time

have to keep up with the maintenance 367 horsepower 0-60 in 4.8 seconds very comfortable leather seats with heated front seats

- larry v

It's not much more expensive to maintain than any other car.

Like that it is fast, great handling and pretty good gas mileage. Dislike the stigma of being a BMW owner and expensive parts.

- Cody S

The smoothness of it. It definitely turns heads

I love the way it drives. The sound system definitely works with what I need. It's pretty good on gas but could be better

- Donovan T

BMW Sedan: A must have car

Great vehicle to have. Highly recommended. Super comfortable. Good transmission and comfortable. Mileage is not so good.

- Dalma H

it's a great, reliable car that has served us well over the past few years

it's a dark grey color with tan leather interior. overall, the car works well although it does have a few minor issues

- kirsten s

It is fun to drive with a V8 engine and manual transmission.

It is peppy with a 6 speed manual transmission. I like that. It is good looking. It has 4 doors. That is convenient.

- VSnowden A

Does not pass emissions anymore. Needs very expensive work.

Comfortable, smooth ride. Long-term problem with emissions standards. Catalytic converter not built to last.

- Chris R

It lets you know when there’s anything wrong with the car.

I like the luxury amenities. I like the speed. I like the look of the car. I do not like the maintenance.

- Tee W

The maintenance cost is too high.One should be careful about the cost before planning to have a BMW.

BMW is on the most luxurious car.It runs on high speed.It feels very good to own a BMW.

- Fabiha B

My car mileage is over 200k and it's still run good

I like my car because it's BMW, runs good and it's beautiful

- Abraham A