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The driver's side is very comfortable, my seat actually hugs me when I get it!

2009 BMW 5 Series 528i

Love driving the vehicle! It's responsive and great on the freeway, fast and it doesn't feel like it. It's very comfortable, both front and back seats. Love the moonroof and that the passenger side view mirror tilts down when I put the car in reverse. For such a well engineered vehicle, the 5 series problems seem to be common to BMW. For example; the engine oil housing needed to replaced and the radiator system. Very expensive to repair and I wonder why these parts are not of a better quality. Like my oil housing piece that cracked used to be made of some kind of metal and the crack could be repaired by welding it. Now its made of some kind of plastic and when it cracks (and it will) you need to buy the whole piece because it is unrepairable.

- Mary Ellen W

It goes faster for longer and cheaper.

2009 BMW 5 Series

This BMW is a luxury sports car. The gas pedal is sensitive and you can get up to speed quickly. The cruise control is the best I have had, it saves the last speed you set it to so when you stop you just have to get up to 25 mph and then hit the resume button and it speeds up for you. The leather seats are comfortable and the floor space is roomy. A spacious trunk for groceries, camping supplies, beach toys. Gas mileage is amazing, 10 hour car trip costs about 80 dollars one way. And so far no problems have come up with the car in terms of breaking down. The only problem is most everything in the car is electric and has to be fixed by a professional which is pricy. You can not fix this car at home unless you have the new computer tools.

- Jade T

BMW 528xi Valve Cover and Gasket

2009 BMW 5 Series 528i xDrive

The performance of the car is awesome, but it requires that you use 91 gas which can get expensive. The AWD is fantastic in the snow, and is a must have in the Midwest. I've done routine maintenance as expected, and the only major issue was having to replace a cracked valve cover because BMW decided that a part that is constantly hot/cold should be made out of plastic. This is a pretty expensive repair, but if it was not done, the leaking oil would have gotten on all of the hoses and made them brittle or crack and the smell inside the car while driving was pretty unbearable.

- Cole T

BMW's Are Maintenance Queens

2009 BMW 5 Series 535i

Multiple problems with high-pressure fuel pump (which required factory recall to replace after I went through about 4 of them). Already went through 2 regular fuel pumps, 1 set of injectors, 2 turbo wastegate replacements, and 1 transmission. I would never own another BMW because of poor reliability and high cost of maintenance. This thing has died on me several times on the side of a road.

- Eric N

BMW performance & luxury.

2009 BMW 5 Series 528i

Expensive maintenance. Great driving experience. Reliability rating a 6 out of 10. Has many computer triggers that can hinder driving ability. The BMW is a great luxury vehicle if your wallet can handle all maintenance & service issues. Would rethink my purchase 5 years ago, but still drive for the look & feel that BMW offers.

- Kristen S

Don't buy a 2009 BMW 5 series

2009 BMW 5 Series 535i

Got the car December 2016. From December 2016 till now had to get a new alternator, serpentine belt broke, had coolant leak twice, turbo has a horrible leak, have a horrible oil leak as well. Air bag needs to be checked, got a message saying that the airbag will not deploy. Would not recommend this car.

- Maya C

Good price for great deal

2009 BMW 5 Series 550i

Not sure just purchased it and the previous owner didn't tell me anything. So far everything runs great I get good gas mileage and ac is so cold. The car never stutters and I love the interior I did not pay much for the car for it being used and is in really good condition

- Mandy L

BMW is very expensive and not recommended at all.

2009 BMW 5 Series

Maintenance cost is very high. Brake pads replacement costs 2000. Battery change costs 700 and just now replaced the spark plugs for all 6 cylinders and it cost me 1800. There is also oil pan gasket leak that's causing another 1500 to replace it. Oil change cost 110.

- Satis G

My BMW 535, lovable, old, somewhat unreliable.

2009 BMW 5 Series 535i xDrive

It's very comfortable and easy to use, accelerates quickly and easily. It has to go to the BMW shop relatively often and in it's old age, has constant issues with the display/constant 'engine failure call sos' alerts even when the engine is perfectly fine.

- Agnes Q

Very good performance and handling. Good passenger comfort.

2009 BMW 5 Series

Overall, a nice car but a little large when driving in cities. It's difficult to continue repairs for an earlier, not bad accident. Some of the functions can be a little difficult, but I'm old and some of the layout is for a younger generation.

- Thomas W

It gets good gas mileage and holds up well over time.

2009 BMW 5 Series

Maintenance is pricy and most things need to be done at BMW which is a headache. It gets good gas mileage but is not the most comfortable ride. I do like how tight the steering is but the sports model side of it makes it hug the ground.

- Heather B

Amazing car!! Never looking elsewhere.

2009 BMW 5 Series

Love BMW for its sharp performance and reliability! I have had no problems with the car, since it is routinely maintained. Would never drive anything else!

- Cynthia B

Good on gas. That is about it.

2009 BMW 5 Series

I like how it looks, I do not like the seat comfort. I also do not like backing up my car. There are to many blind spots.

- Mark S

On Chevy blazers they need new wheel bearings at 150,000 at $400 per wheel.

2009 BMW 5 Series

I love it because it is very comfortable car.. A reliable car. Always love to drive it.. Looks cool over all..

- Maryam A

mi carro esta bien equipado

2009 BMW 5 Series

excelente todo es excelente este carro es el mejor del mundo confio plenamente en este carro todo esta bueno

- sticher a

A lot of bells and whistles. The car is fast, has a sleek look to it.

2009 BMW 5 Series

It's done pretty good since I had it but gas mileage is pretty bad. Maintenance is also on the high side.

- Jane J