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I paid cash for the BMW 535I

I love the 8 cameras, the CD/DVD player we have our drive-in theater in the car. I have not had any mechanical problems, I only get compliments from others on the vehicle appearance. It's great for traveling as well as inner city riding. My five girls like to borrow it from time to time for a road trip. The gas mileage is great for long rides. The ride is smooth no outside noise we hear when the windows up. The BMW service at the push of a button has come in handy several times. All the controls at my fingertips to make for a safe enjoyable ride.

- Daphne A

I love the led lights in front of my car & you can change it to the angel eyes.

I bought my BMW used, but it was in great condition. Has special features: lots of space in the front as well as in the back for my passengers, automatic everything, sunroof. When there is a problem with my car either leakage, low tires, overheating, the car will alert you and sometimes slow down if you are driving to pull to the side. This is my third BMW and all my cars have been a great experience for me. Easy to buy parts and upgrade to sports package.

- Janice R

The features of my 2012 BMW 5 series that I enjoy the most!

Its push button start is great. I like the heated seats, including the back seats. It has a sport, comfort, and traction mode. Back up camera, Bluetooth. It saves gas because it shuts off while you are at a stop light. It has memory seat adjustments that are set with each key. I do not like that I can not have the windshield defrost on at the same time as I have heat blowing on my feet.

- Shannon M

Review of 2012 BMW 528i. Great luxury vehicle.

Performance is excellent, my only complaint is it takes a few seconds for the turbo to kick in, quick fix is to switch to sport mode. It is comfortable, but I wish the lumbar support would go lower. Lots of good features, such as the I drive options. I wish there were more physical storage areas in the front of the car (there's no good spot for large phones to be placed securely).

- Melissa S

Very comfortable and luxurious BMW.

My vehicle is really comfortable and fast. It is very luxurious and gives me status. The one and only thing I do not like as much about my vehicle is the fact that it consumes a lot of gas. I have to fill it up every week and it's about $80 USD premium gas. This car is really fast and my windshield reflects the mileage I am going at on the glass.

- Christopher T

Fun driving in a comfortable, stylish car.

Extremely comfortable to drive/ride in. Especially like the heated seats in the front and the back and the heated steering wheel. I like that you can choose to drive in 3 different modes (sport, comfort, economy). I use the integrated home system for my garage door and have my phone hooked up through Bluetooth. The USB port is essential for me.

- Diane B

Very sporty and stands out from others.

Love this vehicle. Performance is great for such a large vehicle and its weight. Very reliable as I have had no problems to date. Everything has been running smoothly since I purchased 3 years ago. The only problem that this vehicle has ever had was a suspension airbag leaking, but it turned out to be a recall so it was a free repair.

- Chris P

Review of the 2012 BMW, inside look

I love the way this vehicle drives, it's very smooth and has minimal issues. It has a great sound system and good entertainment system as well as comfortable seating for long drives. There are heated seats in the front which is good for cold days and ASL has a very powerful air conditioner for hotter days.

- Al P

A few thoughts on my BMW 528i.

The BMW 528i xDrive is the best riding car I have ever driven. It is very quick for the size of the motor. Switching into sport mode does amazing thing s to the suspension and transmission. The only downside to the car is the radio display. It does not seem as modern as other vehicles have.

- Jake G

BMW 5 series performance review.

Performs great and is a fun car to drive. I like all the features it has and it is luxury. Maintenance is expensive if you need to get something fixed. The car performs great and drives like it is on rails. The steering is tight and responsive and the braking is super on point.

- John J

Very reliable comfortable sports car.

The BMW 535i is a nice luxury sports car. If you're looking for a comfortable family car with some power this is the car for you. Really smooth suspension that offers eco mode, comfort mode, and sport mode. Really nice interior and music system. Very reliable minimum repairs.

- Ethan B

The overall performance of my BMW 5 series.

It is amazing I love this vehicle, it gets great gas mileage. I love the interior and I just love my new car period. It is a decent price. I love this car will get another if I could. It's reliable. The radio is amazing. Very comfortable. I have found no problems with it.

- Brittany H

Love the ability to switch from sport to comfort mode while driving.

My make and model has had problems with the panoramic sunroof, which I have had to repair as the warranty does not cover what they consider this to be a cosmetic flaw. I have had issues with the automatic power trunk. It does not always respond to the remote.

- Carolyn J

Sweet looking great performance fun to drive ride

I love the comfort features like heated seats heated steering wheel. I like that it's all wheel drive. Good gas mileage. Great stereo. Fast great looking and kinda timeless. The down side is the expense for maintenance but it's been pretty maintenance free

- Carol B

BMW 5 series review - amazing vehicle.

My car is reliable, powerful yet luxurious. It is easy to navigate the controls. The only note is that the service on these vehicles can get costly. And if I had to do it again, I would not get run flat tires or I would get the tire warranty.

- Tim A

If it ain't foreign, then it's boring.

I love my BMW & all German made cars in general. They are more on high on the maintenance side but the ride is priceless. I would only recommend if you have space for it. If you need a car to just get to work & short on money, get a Honda.

- William H

Quality should be best. And should be comfortable.

My vehicle is best. I love and like my vehicle very much. It is so comfortable. Me and my family use this with comfortable. This so luxuries. This brand is my favorite. This brand BMW.

- Daniel J

Gets out of its own way when needed. In other words, it moves out when I need to enter the on ramps to the freeway.

Love that it feels sturdy so that if I got into an accident it would protect me. Love that it's so comfy and LOVe that it has such a strong air conditioner for the hot weather.

- Cathy G

It does cost a lot to maintain which I would tell someone if they wanted to buy one. If something goes wrong it will cost a lot of money to fix.

I love my car. I used to think that luxury car brands were overpriced and not worth it but the ride on my BMW is so smooth, the interior is nice and it looks really good.

- Aaron P

The BMW 5 Series is a Fantastic Car!

It's a wonderful, trustworthy car. It has great mileage and I've never yet experienced even a single problem with it. I believe I will purchase a newer model shortly.

- Megan C

Holds value.. Runs great.. Had no problem.

I love the dependability the style the speed model and the comfort., also for the past 20 years I have been driving BMW it is proving to be a dependable vehicle.

- Ricardo T

Black 528i with extreme tint.

I have a sporty, safe and responsive vehicle. It screams luxury without being overly expensive. Everyone loves my car, even the policeman who pulled me over!

- Kris M

Very reliable and it works very well and it is really good on gas.

Love how it drives.. Love sturdiness.. Love durability.. Dislike expensive when parts are broken.. Dislike things break down quickly.. Gas expensive.

- Allison C

It sucks I can't even drive it sometimes.

Because it runs slow and is really old that's why my engine works bad and also the interior smells and is getting od just like the car itself.

- Jeff C

It is dependable and handles well especially on mountain roads. It is not a gas guzzler.

Dislike that the hands free features do not work. Like the way it handles. Dislike the runlet tires have to be changed at the dealership

- Teresa P

It's very dependable. Keeping up on maintenance keeps my car performing at peak.

I love the power and performance especially when going uphill I seldom need to downshift. I can take tight turns with very little sway.

- Jerry H

It gets tire damage because the wheels stick out far from the body.

It is difficult for me to see over the steering wheel to see the road. It It is a beautiful car. It has a great backup camera.

- Deborah H

repair work on my bmw is very costly but the type of car it is the price is worth it

just had to fix my starter which meant I had to have the intake taken off so it was a costly fix but other than that I love it

- jay h

This is an Amazing comfortable car

I like the ride and handling. I also like all the high tech features. The interior is plush and so.comfortable. No complaints

- Mitch D

That it is a very reliable car and it feels great to drive.

It drives incredible, the inside is very luxurious. the gas mileage is very good as well. Plus, it is eye candy.

- Hirving L

There is nothing like a BMW seat!

Have not really had any problems it... I really love the seats that you can make fit like a glove,,

- angela w

It's made for true drivers.

I love the power and speed. It's sporty looking. And I love that it's manual transmission.

- Kerry P

How good it feels to drive it. Also fuel efficiency

It drives very smoothly and quiet. It has a very sleek appearance.

- Jonathan J

That it is safe and comfortable. Beautiful, and it's safe.

Very comfortable, beautiful looking car. Doesn't take a lot of gas

- Lanina B

It is loaded with features and amenities. It is extremely spacious with plenty of leg room. It is easy to drive and the navigation system is user friendly. It is not good on gas. While it's a beautiful car, it is expensive to repair and maintain.

it's important to know that this car is not great on gas mileage.

- marie h

it is very safe with a good style that will make you want it

it is very fun to drive the control is great the body is awesome

- Artae F

my car is safe and reliable

good mileage, color is great, sound is great, runs well

- laura o

luxury interior. style for look. safety for family.

advance technology and reliable, safety for a family.

- shirley L