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Why I will not buy another BMW to many problems.

I started having problems after 3 years. Car stopped in my driveway and could not get the car in neutral to have it towed in the process of them trying to get it started ran down the battery. When it was finally towed there was a problem with the engine a part had to be replaced the total was $2600. 00 which is too much when the car is not yet paid off. Also had to replace a key but I had bought an extra warranty and that was covered. I was not crazy about the run flat tires that came with the car the cannot be repaired that just have to be replaced. Thank god they were on the extra warranty I bought. I eventually replaced the tires with firestone run flats and I am so much happier. Always get warranties to expensive BMW will not be my next vehicle even though I love the style when a car stops on me that is it I do not feel safe and do not trust the car always thinking something might happen.

- Gail B

BMW 535i pros and cons after 5 years.

Pros: great performance for a sedan gets good gas mileage considering the weight of the car better on long highway trips. Handling is very smooth as well as the ride being smooth also. Interior leather very upscale and has been very durable. Exterior finish has held up very well over the years. Cons: run flat tires were loud (Goodyear) switched to Bridgestone much better but run flats tend to hum a little. Maintenance cost are higher on German cars and this one is no different brake jobs especially but I must say dealership work goes above to help you cut costs with promotions. This car has been very reliable had two trouble codes which were minor over the 5 years and 69, 000 miles I have put on it.

- Daniel J J

BMW is the ultimate driving machine so I will give you the safety and performance together

The very first time I drove a BMW, it was a 1993 E34 525i and was my parents'. It was black on black with an automatic, sadly, but it was still a BMW.This was only the second car I had ever driven, the first being a 1989 Honda Civic, also with an auto, as it was the car I tested for my driver's permit in. But I can remember so vividly, the sense of control that I felt in the 5er compared to the Civic. Not that the Civic was bad, in fact you'd be hard pressed to find a car that old and for that kind of money that is as fun, but the BMW just felt so much more connected. I felt like my inputs were so direct, with no lag in the response to the road. It felt instantaneous.


BMW 535i sedan - the good and the not so good.

Is a sleek looking car, gets very good gas mileage for its size. The interior could use improvements, the door handles are sticky, they have melted from heat, there is minimal storage space in the glove box. The sunroof drains get clogged and the water backs into the interior driver seat and back seat, have had the drains unclogged many times, recurring problem.

- Susan G

White 2013 BMW with a tan interior that performs excellently.

Even though my vehicle is a bit old the performance is excellent and I have not come across any problems recently with my vehicle. It is very spacious and the features within the vehicle are up to date with the technology today. I am very pleased and satisfied with my vehicle and plan on continuing to use it as my primary vehicle for a very long time.

- Natalie M

It delivers great performance and has one of the best interiors in the class.

The 5 series is a great car. It offers several energetic powertrains, a smooth ride, and sharper handling than many other luxury midsize cars. This BMW's spacious cabin uses plenty of quality materials and provides two rows of comfortable seats. It comes with a lot of standard features and gives you more cargo room than most rivals.

- Alejandra R

Smooth ride BMW 5 series with leather interior.

It has most of the features I want except for review camera, heated seats, push button keyless entry. I have navigation system, leather seats, sunroof, etc. The car runs smooth and is high tech for the most part. It will alert when I need a oil change or if my tires are low and which tire that is specifically low.

- Tiffany B

Every BMW is built for demanding drivers. With intuitive controls,

For more than forty years, the BMW 5 series stood for uncompromising performance and dynamic driving. Now it takes its place as one of the most interactive and innovative vehicles in the BMW lineup. Gorgeous design and luxurious comfort make the 5 series more than a statement piece – it is a work of art.

- Sarah H

BMW 535 car performance, ride and problem review

The car is very reliable with proper care meaning doing all the common maintenance, performance is amazing while still be very fuel efficient, car has a very comfortable ride. One problem I ran in is the head gasket leak minor fix if you do it yourself may run a couple hundred dollars at a mechanic shop.

- Wayne M

BMW 5 series - drives like a smooth machine

The water pump tends to go on most BMW's, which is a heavy cost. The comfort and performance is amazing. The car drives solid and has great pick up, and turns well. I enjoy the features on the car, such as the heated steering wheel, and heated seats. The navigation works well and is easy to use

- Vanessa B

Its new and drives great get good gas mileage.

I like the way it handles. I like the size. I like the comfortable seats I paid extra for. I like the way it accelerates and fuel economy. I dislike that I have had mechanical issues and items replaced but were at least under warranty. Did not like run flat tires. Replaced with regular tires.

- Jane K

Best car we ever owned. It�s safe and family friendly.

Heated seats, reliable, comfortable, low maintenance, best car we ever owned, four doors, safe car to drive. Family and kid friendly. USB port option. Easy to drive. Sounds system is great. All wheel drive. Worth the money. Safest car to own. Large trunk. A lot of usable compartments.

- Whitener A

Great touring luxury sedan.

Love the BMW. No real problems. Low profile tires which I dislike because they wear down really quickly. The locking mechanism on the drivers door broke. $800 to fix because part not readily available. Smooth drive and an eco, sport and luxury option. Seats have ac and heat.

- Sylvia G

Great for road trips, very unreliable tires but lovely speed control.

I love the versatility of my vehicle. It's great for road trips and leisurely activities. I definitely would not recommend it for reliability due to some of the issues with the wheels. I think anyone in the market for a good family vehicle should be sure to check this one out.

- Chelsea P

It is amazing and comfortable.

The car is smooth in driving and has a good power steering facility. The seats are comfortable and it is really smooth in driving. It is automatic and can speed up to 180 miles an hour. The backseat is comfy and is spacious. Also there is a nice finish on the exterior side.

- Mark C

Performance quality and character.

It has very high performance, ride is very smooth and acceleration is good, I love the look, repairs can be expensive but I work at a car dealer so it is cheaper, probably wouldn't be able to have at full repair costs, would buy again and suggest to other to buy a BMW.

- Colin G

My Car is So Great, Amazing Heating Seats!

It has very good performance the screen features are good but are a little bit outdated, newer cars have the apple car feature. It is very comfortable with the padded seating and the heating seats. The top window is also a favorite of mine as well as the ac in the car.

- Kayla M

Great vehicle, suitable for family.

My car is 2013 model. The only problem I had so far is the worn out fuel pipe. The rest is perfect, it drives great, awesome performance, smooth and fast. Very big car, suitable for my big family, has a huge trunk. Love the way it looks, luxurious. Beautiful vehicle!

- Diana S

So far very satisfied with this car.

It is a big family vehicle. The biggest one BMW makes I guess. The car drives great. I drove it in rain, snow and hurricane Harvey. So far I had only one problem with it about 4 months back, the fuel pump was worn out and had to be replaced which was no big deal.

- Ryan D

Love this car the BMW 5 series.

BMW 528I hugs the road while driving, the ride is smooth, comfortable and quite. One feature that I like you can set the timer for the ac to come too cool the car before you get in after a long hot day of work. Have had my car for 5 yrs. no problems at all.

- Sharon F

Perfect family car with luxury features.

Performs great. drives smooth and quick for the size of engine. Safe vehicle which is key for family. Tires had short life span. Routine maintenance is only service to date. On board computer system like radio and navigation system is easy to operate.

- Sar C

The ultimate driving machine

The best car and make on the road. Performance is awesome. 5 series are the best and most reliable. Fast and safe as well. I would buy many more. Safe and reliable. I would recommend this make and model to friends and family. It is a pleasure to drive

- Belle H

It is great for traveling on the highway it's a smooth ride and quick.

The vehicle is beautiful on the inside and out and is full full of all the bells and whistles. It is plenty roomy on the inside and has a lot of get up and go. The expensive maintenance and frequent check engine lights are the vehicles only downfall.

- Stefanie G

The maintenance is expensive.

My BMW was everything I thought it would be. I have not had any mechanical problems and yields a very smooth ride. My BMW handles the road very well, with great turning ability. I would recommend this vehicle to everyone time and time again.

- Carmen W

Its fast, very comfortable to drive , can be use as a family car.

I Love everything about my model. It's a 550I M SPORT package twin turbo Only problem i have with it is there's common parts that can go out easily. They say it's because 550i isn't meant to be twin turbo.

- joe R

Handle with care and take care of the tires and engine.

I call it The Beast. It has horsepower of 446 with a twin turbo engine. It is so much fun to drive. The front bumper is very low so I have to be careful when parking.

- Deanne L

It is a reliable,dependable car, that is safe and will not give you any problems. The car is easy to maintain and it's affordable.

I don't have any complaints about the car.I love how the car feels when driving,I love how it hugs the road and the ride is smooth. The car is easy to handle.

- Valerie M

Don't follow the manufacturer's recommendation on oil changes. They say every 10000 miles but it should be no more than 6000 for a oil change. If not you will be replacing a turbo like I have.

I like that it is all wheel drive and that it gets great gas mileage. I hate the fact that it breaks down way to often. Also the ride isn't the greatest

- Steve E

The cars performance is awesome

Great car overall. Love the interior, with the all black and silver trim. Stereo sounds great. The moonroof if nice as well as all the extra features.

- Lee P

It does not feel like a luxury ride. The BMW was built for speed. Not luxury.

I like the car because it is not a typical four door sedan. It is more of a sports car, just with four doors. I do not have any complaints.

- Shawn S

BMW’s quality is impeccable.

Love the make of the car. As well as the comfort of the vehicle. Haven't had many problems with this car. And I love how it drives.

- Jennifer S

It is all wheel drive. It is comfortable and room.

No complaints. I love everything about the car. It is a smooth ride and very reliable. In the snow it moves and doesn't get stuck.

- Crystal S

It was created by German engineering which we feel is excellent.

The car handles very well. It is comfortable to drive and ride in. It is solidly built and makes us feel safe when riding in it.

- Margaret E

BMW 5 Series Mediocre Review

Not even storage space overall. Arm rest had no depth. There's a button to make the mirrors fold but would like that be automatic

- Dane B

It is expensive to maintain, highly recommend you take the extended warranty

The vehicle is comfortable, stylish and sporty combined. Engineered with high performance options and make you feel spoiled

- Joseph V

It's nice and it rides very smooth.

I like the overall ride of the car. I like the design of the car. I do not like the fact it does not have a bu camera.

- Daniel H

It's handling is exceptional.

The things I Like are great design good Handling. The thing I don't like at some road surfaces not very smooth.

- Payman S

Looks great, and runs great.

I like the looks, and performance. I don't like that it doesn't have a spare tire. I don't like run flat tires.

- Jacob K

Holds up well. Handling is superb, and corners well.

Very fast. Handles extremely well. Looks good. Energy efficient. Very comfortable. Very roomy, but not a boat.

- Stephen T

Everything is great about the car.

My car is a 535i all wheel drive with twin turbo. It has every option available and is a great and fast car.

- Ger K

It's a comfortable fast smooth riding .lots of comfort extras. Roomy interior .

Smooth fast good handling car . i like the heated seats. It's truly a luxury car . good value for a car .

- Kathy N

It's a great car suitable for all ages. It's luxury, sporty and roomy enough for a family

I love how spacious it is, comfortable and a luxury sporty looking family car. Dislike is the gas usage

- Ani B

It has great miles per gallon.

Drive smooth and service is great. It expensive to get it fix. So times it take a while to get parts.

- Sha S

Love the comfort. It's a good size w kids. The trunk is huge. Gas mileage is great!

It's a very comfortable, smooth ride. The reliability is very important to me

- Shanda F

The BMW 550 is extremely comfortable and offers a smooth, luxurious ride. I love the programmable seats, since my husband and I often switch cars. My only quibbles are 1, a small backseat, 2, that the trunk cannot be closed from inside the car, and 3, that the oil needs to be topped off often.

Beautiful, comfortable ride that offers luxury and safety.


It is safe and I feel very safe in my car while driving it.

I handles very well, feels safe and I love driving it.

- Adam P

It's smooth and fun to drive

I like the look, speed and overall way that it drives

- C D

It's a perfect daily driver.

I love it's a great mix of luxury and performance.

- m c

It's a good car. I would recommend it to anyone.

Reliable and safe. I feel good driving it.

- Adam G