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Reliable and smooth ride. Do not speed.

2015 BMW 5 Series

This luxury car drives smoothly and is reliable. It is comfortable and roomy. One consideration is that the maintenance can get expensive and factory parts are preferred. Tires are run/flats which means there is no space in the car for a spare tire. However, in my years of driving the vehicle, I have never had a flat (but if I did, I could rely on the tires to get me to nearest repair). One major problem is that the car runs so smoothly that you can easily go 20 mph over the speed limit without feeling it; so you have to be mindful of your speed.

- Natasha C

BMW cars have very few mechanical problems.

2015 BMW 5 Series

Overall, I really like owning and driving my BMW. It rarely has mechanical problems. The last issue I had with the car was an oil change and I had to get new tires because I was negligent and having them rotated. My only complaint with my BMW is that when you have repairs, they are very expensive. However, I wouldn't trade my BMW for any other model because of the way it handles the road and is a very comfortable and quiet ride.

- Gerardo Y

Our car is white with tan interior.

2015 BMW 5 Series Base

It has been great so far. Very stylish and good family car. We would consider getting another one for our second car. Very smooth ride. We haven't had any mechanical issues with the car at this point. It is our go to car in our household. It's a little expensive to fill up, but it gets good miles to the gallon in our opinion. The inside feels very luxurious but also very comfortable as well. I give it an A

- Micah C

BMW 535i GT review: great crossover vehicle when you can't decide between an SUV, sedan, or luxury vehicle.

2015 BMW 5 Series

My vehicle is great because it's a crossover. I have a long commute and an SUV would be very costly with gas but I have a growing family and really needed the space. It also has an eco setting for my commute and then comfort and even turbo settings for when I need the car to be quicker. My car also has all the BMW luxuries, soft close doors, talk to text and Nav, backup camera, handles trunk open, etc.

- Katrina B

That it is as fun to drive as it looks. The performance, handling and feel backs up the exterior.

2015 BMW 5 Series

I bought the vehicle used about 2 months ago. It looks sharp, drives well and handles well. I am not a big fan of the cupholder and the entertainment system is extremely complicated It has a few too many bells and whistles and is confusing at times and the sideview mirror leaves something to be desired. But overall, it is fun to drive and I am very pleased with it.

- Matthew M

Luxurious, everything you need and want.

2015 BMW 5 Series

My car is fast, it takes up a lot of gas. . . It is really comfortable. . . I have to fill it up at least 3 times driving from Ny to Florida which is not that bad. . But local it takes a lot of gas. Car is comfortable, ac works really good and so does the heat, it is also a push start and have navigation and heads up display built in. It is one of my best investments.

- Catherine T

BMW 535, great performance and even better reliability.

2015 BMW 5 Series 535i

Very reliable. I have driven this car all over the western United States with no problems at all. Besides the scheduled services, I have only had to replace tires as they've worn out. Comfortable car and gets on average 32 mpg on the highway/freeway. Around 22 in the city. It is a very quick car and has great handling and can be very fun driving on mountain roads.

- Lance S

Bold and Beautiful, ready for the world

2015 BMW 5 Series 528i

I have went through so many sets of tires in under a year, no other car that I have owned has went through this many tires, and it only takes 93 gas boy oh boy what a hurting on my pockets. No other real problems except of the seats peeling that's it I like the car it makes you feel like nothing else in the world matters cause all eyes are on you.

- Sasha G

My vehicle is a hybrid Infiniti. It is perfect for driving around in style

2015 BMW 5 Series 535d

My vehicle is a hybrid Infiniti and it is very beautiful. The way it runs is still surprisingly perfect even though it is an old car. I have never got an oil change from that car. When I turn it on, it doesn't make a lot of noise. It doesn't make noise at all. It is the perfect car to have if you have children. You can drive around in style.

- Alice K

The BMW is gold tier and you should buy it.

2015 BMW 5 Series

It is a very reliable vehicle that has gotten me through thick and thin. I have had a lot of travel in my work and this bad boy will do the trick! The performance itself is beautiful enough but once you do the math the car practically drives itself because on top of that it gets great mileage! This the car of the future.

- Jacob L

I want to give it 4 star out of five. Cause it is interior it is performance.

2015 BMW 5 Series

It is a perfect machine I have ever bought and it is very smooth and perfect from every angel it is suspension and acceleration and all other specifications are perfect. So I can call it my favorite car! But I will change my car if I can get a new version of BMW so I will definitely change the car that I am driving now.

- Abdul L

Sports and luxury makes it the best of both worlds.

2015 BMW 5 Series 535i xDrive

Stylish looking with an abundant of luxury features. Great handling with sufficient horsepower to make commuting enjoyable. Warranty is a must with these type of vehicles since reliability can be an issue in the long term. Proves to be very confident handling in any kind of weather. Recommend all wheel drive option.

- Noah J

Fast engine Good gas mileage Sporty looking Very classy looking

2015 BMW 5 Series 535i xDrive

I absolutely love this vehicle. The color, the inside everything. I have had no problems with it except in the summer it can be hot. But I guess that is with all vehicles. This car is sporty and very fast for only a v6. But it has twin turbo engine. For as powerful as the motor is it is extremely good on gas also.

- John M

Black 550 BMW from Warwick Rhode island dealership.

2015 BMW 5 Series

No problems. I love my car. BMW makes a great car. Great performance and very comfortable. Mine is black with oyster interior and tinted windows. I have the m-sport package. You must have tires that are performance. I use continentals, they handle the road and look good being a little thinner than standard tires.

- Barb S

Review of my BMW 5 -Series

2015 BMW 5 Series 535i

Tires seem to wear out quickly. Battery has had to be replaced twice. Air pressure in tires goes down when out in cold weather for an extended period of time. Front fender too low... many times scrape curb, even with front camera sensor. Performance is excellent overall. Stereo system top of the line.

- Greg V

BMW 535I, black on black.

2015 BMW 5 Series 535i

This vehicle is very reliable, it is smooth, and it has all the bells and whistles. It has a sharp look and makes you look good while you drive it. I have owned it for 3 months and I'm still not done discovering new things on it. I love the auto stop engine (eco), it really helps me save gas.

- Luis M

Vehicle summary for survey response.

2015 BMW 5 Series 535d xDrive

I love it is easy to drive, great on gas, and is a great vehicle for friends and family. I also like the steering wheel handling and the warranty I got. The seats are comfortable and features a lot of properties useful for travels. High recommended for anyone on the go and drives a lot.

- Jimi O

My car is good and I enjoy it very much.

2015 BMW 5 Series

I find everything about my vehicle very good. It was very easy to purchase. It is very good when going on long drives. Since I end up in a lot of traffic comfort is key. My car is reliable which is good since I have a very busy schedule. Overall I am very happy with my choose of vehicle.

- Samantha M

2015 BMW 535i well worth the price

2015 BMW 5 Series 535i

Extremely smooth ride, undeniable comfort and well-appointed features. Drive transitions undetectable and advantageous on the road. The comfort of drive and ride are incomparable. The ease of each trip makes drive worth it. Gas mileage is of high value added to the luxury of the ride.

- Carolyn W

It's is a beautifully crafted vehicle. It looks good, it drives well.

2015 BMW 5 Series

I love, love, love this car! Its roomy both in the cabin and the trunk. I love the parking assist camera, and lane departure warning system. It is a very well crafted vehicle. My complaint has to do with memory seats...it seems to forget, but then remembers the next time.

- Sandy F

Great reliability rating. Has comfort and luxury all in one

2015 BMW 5 Series 535i

Drives smooth, has heads up display, 2 cameras in front 1 in back with parking assist. Great on gas. Gets to places quick and fast due to sports package. Awesome interior quality, has good trunk space has greater predict reliability rating. 5 series comes in different models

- Martinez M

My vehicle is the epitome of class and performance on a budget.

2015 BMW 5 Series

Since I got my car this January of this year, I have not encountered any problems so far. The performance is good but personally I think it could be better. I like the fact that the gas/mileage is great for a 5 series. Comfort is the best and the technology is also a plus.

- Guy A

The BMW 528i is sleek and safe

2015 BMW 5 Series 528i

It is pretty reliable, have to take it in to the shop a lot for random inspections or minor problems. It is comfortable and has a sleek design. There is a decent amount of legroom. It performs well on the road, no problems with steering or brakes. Overall I would recommend

- Hannah C

Why a BMW should be your next car.

2015 BMW 5 Series

This car drives great. It has an extensive vehicle diagnostic system where you can see is there are any defaults to the car. It drive smoothly and has great features. The only thing that I would mention that I do not necessarily love about this car is the media section.

- Ella B

I enjoy the comfort my car offers and all of the extras it came with.

2015 BMW 5 Series 535i

I love the safety this vehicle offers and it doesn't have any blind spots. The car handles great and I only wish I got a backup camera. My next car will also have heated and cooling seats. Besides that I enjoy the extended sunroof that makes it feel like a convertible.

- Mariana D

Comfortable smooth riding vehicle.

2015 BMW 5 Series

Runs well in snow and icy roads. Smooth ride. Reliable. No major repairs needed since we purchased the vehicle. Seats are extremely comfortable with many customizable seating positions. Heated steering wheel is wonderful. Good gas mileage and pick up it is fantastic.

- Karen R

Love the color, wheels and the height of the vehicle

2015 BMW 5 Series 535i xDrive

Great ride, inside could be more spacious with more leg room in the passenger side. Phone connectivity for the 2015 model is a little poor. Have to constantly click radio then media. The parking sensors could be more user friendly with better rear camera safety

- Sandra F

Its mileage so it makes it good on gas to go further especially on vacation.

2015 BMW 5 Series

It's an amazing car that runs well looks good. Gas rarely needs to be changed great on mileage. Great family car on and off-road. Gas is cheap and goes further. It is sleek lovely color and amazing style, almost every color looks good on it mainly black.

- Ashley E

Very reliable and safe and gets great gas mileage.

2015 BMW 5 Series

No problems car is amazing. Smooth drive and hugs the road. Very good on gas. Comfortable, it has a great stereo system. The navigation system is amazing you can either talk to it or type in the address.

- Rose K

Lights are easy to see with and use.

2015 BMW 5 Series

It looks good and it drives wonderful. You do not have to worry about a key and the phone is wonderful to use. I love the color. Riding in the evening the lights are bright and makes driving easy.

- Janet G

Great when brand new, would not get used.

2015 BMW 5 Series

Car handles adequately, though should be better for a sports car. Acceleration is acceptable, amenities are well appointed, through quality of materials seems questionable at times.

- Henry T

Space is important, feeling comfortable in the car makes you happy.

2015 BMW 5 Series

My car is very comfortable and has a lot of spaces, it feels very spacious sitting in the car and I love it! Furthermore driving it feels very smooth and the roof window is perfect.

- Caroline Y

The condition of engine in the car which helps to drive.

2015 BMW 5 Series

I love the drive, its smooth and very reliable. The interiors are very good and you can see the speedometer on the glass while you are driving which helps to be in speed limit.

- Shree M

It's not a cheap car so a lot of people couldn't afford it.

2015 BMW 5 Series

The styling is really great. I love the interior and feel of the seats. Acceleration is good. There is enough room for passengers and luggage. I have no complaints over all

- Jeremy H

More than pleased with BMW 5 series.

2015 BMW 5 Series

So pleased with the reliability of the car. Gas mileage is excellent and though maintenance fees are higher they require fewer trips than other vehicles so it balances out.

- Kena G

BMW 5 Ser. 2015. Beautiful black interior.

2015 BMW 5 Series

Rides excellently, never any issues. Check up on the vehicle regularly will keep a good run on any vehicle so make sure to check in to your dealer every 2 - 3 months.


It is really fast meaning the speed is amazing.

2015 BMW 5 Series

I like how smoothly the car runs. I love how fast it breaks. I also love how the gears run and the only dislike is that sometimes my cars windows get stuck.

- Abby M

I like color and it is a very nice car and clean also.

2015 BMW 5 Series

I like it and it is a very nice car and I drive it daily and really admire it very much so and I will get another car and do the best I can to clean it.

- Mike A

The car of the future! It's the best!

2015 BMW 5 Series

My car is amazing. I love how easy and comfortable it is to drive. I like how the car also has a warranty just in case anything happens to the car.

- Jason S

The various driving modes of a BMW

2015 BMW 5 Series

It is very comfortable especially when I travel to far places. There are also different modes such as sports mode and a fuel efficiency mode.

- Mark H

I enjoy the ride and feel my car is extremely dependable.

2015 BMW 5 Series

Lots of perks. Handles and drives beautifully and looks great. I love driving it. There is nothing currently that I dislike about my car.

- Carol O

My BMW is really fast! It also has some of the best driving controls out there!

2015 BMW 5 Series

I really like my BMW because it is super classy. I like how easy it is to drive as well. I also like how the it looks its very stylish

- S W

It has wonderful performance and is a fun, not stuffy, luxury car.

2015 BMW 5 Series

I love the performance. It's acceleration is key. It has nothing to complain about yet, seeing as I've had it for less than a month.

- John B

It's very comfortable interiors which contrast with the car's power.

2015 BMW 5 Series

It's a powerful car yet it doesn't consume much gasoline. Interiors are magnificent. The only problem is it can be a little too big.

- Hector H

History for repairs. how often do things go wrong and how does the dealer service the issues.

2015 BMW 5 Series

Terrific Ride - very smooth with great handling. excellent acceleration and very little repair issues. Only complaint is with tires

- John R

I am loyal to the brand as it has been a reliable vehicle

2015 BMW 5 Series

LOve the luxurious feel. Love the power. Love the aesthetics of the design. Love the overall exhilarating feel when I drive it

- rj s

Beautiful suv and is great for a family of four just not a smooth as a Mercedes

2015 BMW 5 Series

I absolutely love this suv and it fits my family perfectly the only thing I have to take away a star for is how rough it rides.

- Brianna B

it is a very reliable car that you would not regret buying

2015 BMW 5 Series

My bmw is a very reliable car that runs extremely well and very fuel efficient. the interior is also very comfortable and cozy

- Julian C

fast, quite, with a lot of features convenient for a driver

2015 BMW 5 Series

beautiful car. a lot of room. computerized and with maintenance free for 4 years. great dealer service with shuttle to pick up

- ra h

It's fast and is easy to handle. Marking a change in what and

2015 BMW 5 Series

The car is sporty looking and fast. Has get handling and hangs corners great.a very elegant car. A car that has r You in mind

- Jack T

Comfortable ride and great on gas.

2015 BMW 5 Series

I love the ride, the gas mileage and the ease of driving it. The one complaint I have is the tires are very expensive.

- Rebecca M

Black BMW 5 series 2015 model

2015 BMW 5 Series

I love my BMW 5 series. I recommend it to all of my family and friends who are interested in buying or leasing a car.

- Asmik C

Power, look and performance.

2015 BMW 5 Series

Likes: power, efficiency, reliability, technology, luxury, performance, sport. Dislike: maintenance, gas mileage.

- Sh K

Excellent Vehicle, Worth The Price.

2015 BMW 5 Series

Drives smoothly, reliable, dependable, good mileage, good price, motor runs smoothly, no issues, will buy again.

- robert m

This is very good vehicle.

2015 BMW 5 Series

This vehicles performance is very good. I am satisfied on performance of this vehicles.I feel very comfortable.

- James J

Service cost of repairs cost for extended warranty is outrageous. Over $10k to get a extended warranty. Crazy

2015 BMW 5 Series

So far no problems with the car. It is a certified pre owned vehicle from a dealership. Bought only 6 weeks ago

- Craig I

It is a nice car for long distance driving.

2015 BMW 5 Series

It is comfortable. It is fast and efficient on gas. It is fast and has a good 0-60 time with good acceleration.

- Ivan G

It is German manufactured in the engine is designed for the most efficient driving. My car is the perfect mix of luxury and sport.

2015 BMW 5 Series

Statement car, fast, sleek, features. When you pull up in a BMW it makes me look accomplished and successful.

- Brannon C

A car that comes with the slogan safety first. Very safe car to drive.

2015 BMW 5 Series

I enjoy the inside of the vehicle. I also enjoy the money it saves me. Finally I like how fresh the car is.

- Chris L

The most important car is my BMW is a love.

2015 BMW 5 Series

My car is good and excellent, the problems, performance, reliability and comfort in my life is excellent.

- Ryan S

The brake dust is really bad. You will need to stay on top of this problem.

2015 BMW 5 Series

I love my BMW. It is a smooth ride. The leather interior is superb quality. The cup holders are just ok.

- Mike S

Free maintenance for 4 yr.

2015 BMW 5 Series

Outstanding automobile, handles very nicely, smooth ride. Cup holders are typical BMW - they are awful.

- Lewis M

It handles extremely well.

2015 BMW 5 Series

I drive about 30 minutes to work and it is fun to drive. The sound system is nice. I love the sunroof.

- Char P


2015 BMW 5 Series



looks fantastic and feels like you are driving a sport car

2015 BMW 5 Series

it's a great car for everyday lifestyle i love it buy i wish it had more space

- brent s

The exterior styling, modern and sleek

2015 BMW 5 Series

Like the exterior style, performance and handling and comfortable interior

- Stephen s

Rear Camera and leather seats

2015 BMW 5 Series

I like the navigation, leather seat, the moon roof and it drives smooth.

- Yv L

The smoothness of the ride when you're in it. Going over bumps is easy peasy lemon squeezy

2015 BMW 5 Series

The performance is great. Very Sturdy and turns well on tight turns.

- Steven L

It is very safe to drive and it looks good. It last a long time

2015 BMW 5 Series

I like my car because it run smoothly and it has good interior

- K B

How fast it can go and how safe the car is for other people

2015 BMW 5 Series

I like it fast. Simple and fast.But it was fun I like it

- Luigi G

it is very good and durable and will last very long

2015 BMW 5 Series

it is a good vehicle that is great for going to work

- gerard c

A vehicle that is a comfortable ride.

2015 BMW 5 Series 535i xDrive

- Donald D