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The side view mirror package helps with seeing traffic all around you.

Very reliable auto. Tell me in advance what needs to be fixed. Reliable in most weather conditions. It is all wheel drive makes it adaptable in snow. Every safety caution is added in this vehicle. Rear view camera and side view mirrors help. With highway driving. Lombard seats are comfortable and easy to adjust. Excellent stereo package, including satellite radio. Navigation system and highway safer conditions are a help when driving alone. Smooth sailing on the highway with cruise control. BMW also has Its own emergency service. .

- Andrea B

Fabulous performance vehicle & practical for everyday driving!

I have experienced a minor problem involving the sensitivity with the sensors on the front of the BMW m550xi. It was sensing that something was there, but when I would check there wasn't an obstruction. I took the vehicle in for service and it was an computer programming update that needed to be performed. Since then it has been fine.

- Mandy S

BMW - technology they got just right.

Quality throughout, both inside out. Best engine and transmission I have ever enjoyed in a car. Smooth ride, and beautiful infotainment system. Interacts seamlessly with my iPhone. Spacious both in the front as well as in the back, and baby car seat fits perfectly. Certainly also enjoy all the technology BMW put in this vehicle.

- James G

2018 BMW 5 series a terrific car.

Great car I love it, nothing I dislike about it. I would buy it again. It has terrific safety rating good on gas trunk is pretty ample rear seat are comfortable with a decent amount of legroom. I like the reliability of BMW brand also the resell value is higher when selling it.

- Tim W

Excellent car, absolutely crazy.

Excellent car, really nice. Looks good, feels good, rides smooth. Luxurious. Elegant. Fast. Classy. Sports mode, black and white and blue. Lights change. Voice command. Gesturing for volume and stuff which is really modern and cool. Self parking and what not. It's perfect.

- Goyal G

Lifetime roadside assistance, BMW apps.

It is so comfortable, I love all of the sensory and feel safe. It also has a paddle for the remote and I can change the interior lights. I have BMW apps that I can download lifetime roadside assistance, it gets 72 miles per hour and it runs on both electric and gas.

- Anitra Y

It drives wonderfully and is very comfortable and spacious.

No complaints at all. I love the technology that this vehicle came with. I also love the sport, comfort and eco settings. I find that the driver profile settings are a fantastic way to ensure your comfort.

- Mary M

This is a car you could easily get in trouble in.

This car is a sport sedan that is every bit as fun as any other sports car. This specific model is as good looking as it is fun. This car is leased so I can trade it in for the newer model.

- Dennis H

Issues with maintenance lights

I have had a lot of trips to the dealer due to issues with maintenance lights coming on. When I first purchased the car, I had to return 5 times to get the issue resolved.

- Kristina D

540i Xdrive is the Ultimate Driving Machine!

The BMW 540i Xdrive is an amazing car! Powerful, handles extremely well, luxurious, and so quiet! I have had not problems with the BMW 540i and am glad I bought it.

- Patrick S

Great car but with some warranty issues

Car is a hybrid. Great gas mileage. Have had 2 warrant repairs in first 4 months. Otherwise it's great drive, very comfortable. It's very powerful with superhandlig

- Robert T

This is a beautiful car that performs really well.

The one problem I have with this vehicle is they its expensive to replace parts since it is a foreign car. But other then that it is one of the best cars I had.

- Michael F

Heads up display is life changing.

Just got the car - no problems as of yet. Rides smoother than my previous car which was a BMW x6. Would recommend and the heads up display is life changing.

- Alex H

Thoughts on my ultimate CD army 540 beemer

A high performing well crafted car. Well appointed, has high tech features and support. Fun to drive, lives up to "the ultimate driving machine" tagline.

- Joe S

It's well made, and will last for years.

I just LOVE my BMR, it's the second one that I've owned. It's great to drive, love the acceleration, and of course the interior is awesome as well.

- Dwayne M

It is a great car for families. It is easy to drive. It is reliable.

No complaints.. I love it. Smooth ride looks beautiful. Carplay feature could be better currently mirrors iphone which is useless.

- Priya S


My 5 series BMW is the best car i have ever purchased, it is luxurious and stylish and i would buy again and highly recommend

- Travis R

City and Highway driving conditions in various perspectives

great performance and overall handling and driving in various conditions. can drive in city streets or major highways

- Wll G

unsurpassed design and comfort

I have no complaints excellent quality unsurpassed quality and reliability to 100% recommendable security excellence

- Jordan P

BMW 2018 lover - must buy.

Love our new BMW 2018 vehicle that we purchased recently. It rides very smooth. The leather seats are comfortable.

- Dawny S

One of the best car that is out there

The reason why I love driving my BMW car is because it is reliable and great looking. I saved up and

- Stacey L

my car is very comfortable for my wife and me, i like my car

is nice, so comfortable, is a good car. nice driving, good suspension. a big motor. the changes is ok

- andy j

I really like my car and it is a very recognized brand. It is of good quality and I recommend it

I really like my car and it is a very recognized brand. It is of good quality and I recommend it. ok

- pedro m

It should be well designed from inside and outside.

I like that it is really well designed. I like the safety of my car.

- Lucas P

I love how fast it goes, but I hate how much gas it has to take.

It's a pretty good car for the most part, I'd recommend it.

- Keisha J

how luxurious it is and the quality

it is a great car very comfortable and fashion wing

- Cindy o

Up to you if you want to come by and see if I can get a ride

It's crazy because it's a lil bit of a drive for me

- Andre J