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The most important thing to be aware is that they are expensive to maintain.

BMW's are expensive to maintain. Everything on them seems to cost more than a typical American made car. They must be taken to the dealership for service and maintenance versus taking them to your local mechanic. Insuring them cost a bit more than most cars do. However, they are a dream to drive. The engineering makes you feel very safe even in bad weather conditions. They last forever and if properly maintained will become a collector's item.

- Karin Z

High mileage, saves you money, does not eat up gas quick. Good for taking trips.

It's so good very easy to drive considered a family car. It is also good for traveling in the state mileage is good and do not have to spend a lot of money on gas. One pump of gas can take you far. In addition I my other family have it and we take it to the northern regions where there are a lot of mountains and boy does it execute. It can be considered to not have and would just be plain dumb if you do not invest in the money to buy one.

- Noah B

It is fragile and deserves respect. But honestly I just want people to know i like my car clean.

It's okay honestly. I wish I had more money to buy a Mustang Because some of my friends have one. I could use some pimps to my car but hey whatever floats your boat.

- sefsf a

My car that I drive to work

It's pretty reliable and also it gets me to my job so that's all that I care about. I give it about a three

- Jeff M