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A car that's a diamond in the rough.

My 1998 Nissan Sentra xe is a reliable car up to a point, I can't drive my car farther than 60 miles without it overheating, I purchased it in Arizona and the person I bought it from must have did some major body work because there's parts on my car that do not match, parts that are missing and has made it hard for me with the dmv, other then that performance, reliability and looks of the vehicle are good.

- Rebecca J

I love the classic 03-08 bimmer 7.

Amp short out. 1 speaker plays. Crankshaft sensor just went out. Flywheel is clattering. But other than that it had power and stability. Luxury inside and out. Just wish I had my music. The battery has been draining out as well not sure what that is but I thought that may have been why my flywheel was making noise.

- Victor R

BMWs: love and hate them!

I love my BMW for its speed, and smooth sailing down the road. No speed wobbles! But it also has had quite a few repairs, and expensive at that! It is a luxury car with a love hate relationship. The interior is absolutely stunning it is almost like a mini limousine with leather seats that all warm up!

- Taylor M

My BMW, the best car ever!!

I have no complaints. It is a smooth ride. It does not break down. It has great gas mileage. It is appearance is so beautiful, classy and sophisticated. It is roomy, and very comfortable. The car tells you when or if there's a problem or needs maintenance.

- Gina D

Do the normal upkeep to ensure your repair cost do not go up if not needed.

It is great on gas has more than enough room for 5 adults. Enough room for a car seat and legroom is amazing. Only downside if it is not under warrants the repairs have ran no less that 350 (which was to replace a battery).

- Julian F

It gets great gas mileage.

I like the fact that the car rides very smooth and its nice to ride. But the bad thing about the car is that if the car ever brakes down it is very expensive to fix and the parts are not cheap.

- Pearl G

If you cannot afford high oil change or premium gas, stick to non-luxury cars.

I like the fact that it is a car and gets to me where I need to be. However, the previous owner didn't treat it good so it has malfunctions. And the gas is too expensive.

- Ashley C

It's what's right for me.

My car is the perfect size for me. For such a perfect fit, it has just the right amount of base functionality. My car out performs most cars on the street.

- Icius Z

It is super fast and it never runs bad so it can't be any better

Very reliable it runs well and it never breaks down. I didn't Pay much and it's a very well looking car.

- Aaron P