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Do not buy unless you want a money pit.

I love how this car drives, the driver's seat cradles you, spacious for everyone of all heights to be comfortable in any seat. Sound system is amazing. Heated seats work so well, three levels make it great for when you have back pain and need it on high or just a little heat for extra relief after driving long trips. Car is heavy and hard to stop, turn and do not expect to make a u turn. Car parts and service cost and no one can ever seem to fully fix it no matter where I take it. Trunk leaks and all braking systems keep malfunctioning. Even though I like the pros the cons of this vehicle make it not worthwhile unless you want to throw money away.

- Sarah C

2006 BMW 750Li - High Maintenance

The BMW 750Li is a good looking, comfortable car that can go fast, but handles well. There is plenty of legroom in both the front and back. The truck space is excellent. The biggest drawback for the 7 Series is the extreme expense for maintenance and repairs. For example, replacement windshield wipers cost $75 at O'Reilly's or the BMW dealers. An oil change is $250 because they check all the fluids. I never have gotten used to relying on the vehicle's computer for almost everything. There is no dipstick. You are notified when the oil is below the minimum. This makes it difficult for me to decide how much to put in.

- Melissa H

The vehicle was all automatic. I loved it

My silver BMW 750i is the most amazing car I've ever owned. For the amount of time I had the car so far I have not had to take it to the shop to get it worked on, well except for new tires, but other than that the vehicle holds up really well and plus I take good care of her. That car was a super nice luxury car, and let me tell you, driving it everyday always felt like I was driving a spaceship everywhere.! No joke! The ride was amazingly smooth. It was just an amazing car all around.

- Shelby B

The ride you'll never forget.

This is a really great vehicle that is stylish and durable all at the same time. It is also special because it caters to disabled male or female with all of its features placed on the steering wheel. The inside is has more room than the average sedan vehicle and the ride is very smooth. This vehicle features heated seats during the winter front and back seats that is and air conditioning in the front and back during those hot summer months.

- Nicole K

BMW 750li is the biggest body car (sedan) BMW offers.

Only problem I have is the oil burning too fast constantly having to put quarts of oil and getting oil change. Comfort is ridiculously luxurious! Each seat has its own personal heater conditioner and massager. Bumper sensors very spacious. Back windows have shades that automatically roll up and down with just the push of a button including rear view window.

- Sarah C

Travel with style and with comfort.

I like that my vehicle is classy. The interior is beautiful and the cars runs smoothly. There is plenty of seating and the seats are extremely comfortable. The downside is the vehicle takes a large amount of gas. Other than minor fixes, the vehicle requires the basic maintenance of a used vehicle.

- Chelsea W

The interior of the car is ok. . . Overall safety is equipped with good safety.

The handling is not as smooth as I thought it would be compare to a Mercedes. . . Stability is ok and all the other options are ok. . Overall I would prefer to drive a Mercedes. . . I would purchase a Mercedes in the near future. . . The car oil has oil issues and airbag as well. .

- Paul T

BMW�s are considered a sport car and they are really awesome.

I love my BMW but the only problem is that if anything messes up, the parts are so expensive. So before you purchase a BMW make sure everything is good on it. Make sure they have it inspected and tell you if anything it's wrong with it. Make sure you have the money for a BMW.

- Esther R

Costly to repair and maintain.

I love the look and feel of the car but the down side is the price of the repairs and maintenance there's no comparison to the luxury though once you drive a 7 series BMW you will not want to drive anything else.

- Justin S

Very Comfortable and affordable

It is a very comfortable vehicle for the taller people and feels good when behind the wheel I do not struggle with fitting into the vehicle even with it's slender design

- Silas F

Car has all the bells and whistles. Like driving it.

Have a few minor issues also burns a ton of gas. Very large vehicle so parking can sometimes become a task. maintenance is very expensive.

- Darren H

I have driven BMW's for over 30 years. They are durable, reliable, and safe.

I have owned 3 types of BMW (3, 5, and 7 series). They reliable vehicles and high performance vehicles.

- Shirley B

Comfortable, fast,as new.

No problem at all,very comfortable, drive like new. Make sure purchase use car under 60,000mileage.


it's expensive to maintain

superb on long drives, comfortable, plenty of power, great looking

- paul h

the car is, if not the best, one of the best cars on the road. love the performance and the reliability. endless list of features, and comfort. like any car if you don't take car of it, the car won't take care of you. haven't had any big problems with the car, but I do keep up with all the check ups.

good cars don't come cheap, check ups are very important.

- Dajuan g

it is the car that i enjoy driving. however, there are some upgrades i would like to do, like tinted windows.

i like my car. however, repairs are quite expensive

- nancy m