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I feel like it's one of the best cars on the market.

Some of the problems with the 7 series BMW is they have a plastic valve piece thats starts to crack after so long causing them to blow out white smoke from the exhaust. It's not a blown head gasket. But for them to change the valve it's going to run you about $8, 000. BMW are not cheap repairs sometimes. Just keep up with the maintenance and be prepared for a rainy day. They do drive the best though when everything is running properly. Very smooth on the road with a lot of power.

- James M

Great performance, awesome looks and very reliable.

Costly repairs if expired warranty, but it is very comfortable and looks great, good working tool if you are in a sales industry. Performance is great compared to similar vehicles. Definitely better than Mercedes s series. Again parts and labor are very expensive and some parts on the vehicle start failing after a few years, parts such as window motors that are estimated to be a cost of $500+ for parts and replacement and other parts that you will need after.

- Douglas B

Love the seat warmers the most!

Engine dies quick. My car light is broke. Takes a lot of gas and is very expensive. Performs very nicely, super nice. Good mileage and I love the interior. Included radio, seat warmers in the two front seats and the back two also. Has leather seating which is great and seats 8 people.

- A G

BMW 2007 750LI review; the good and the bad.

Transmission issues ruin the experience. This car rides great with great features but an unreliable trannie. The car feature a quick response to acceleration, great road handling and comfortable seating. It. Also features heated and cooled seating and steering wheel with navigation.

- Keith G

BMW review of my car that I love.

The only thing I hate about the car it computer based system. Which make it cost so much more money to fix over time. The seats are nice I do like that offer a lot driver. I like the seat warmers. And luxury feel of the car. Gas is really high for the car.

- Harold F

The car has smooth handling and turns on a dime. It doesn't take much to turn it.

The car overall is nice and I had barely any problems with it. Handling is smooth and performance is great. The car seat is very comfortable and is easily adjustable. Don't have much to add other than its a nice car.

- Ryne S

You get what you pay for when you drive the ultimate driving machine.

Reliable good drive very comfortable. I do not like the expensive repairs or tedious services. I would like to upgrade to another model year in this series of car.

- John D

Comfortable and drives well and is easy to maintain and gets good gas mileage.

It's a pleasure to drive on our winding roads. Holds the road well and is very comfortable. We've had very few problems with this vehicle over the years.

- Barbara G

It was bought used and has good gas mileage.

It gets mildewed easily due to the leak in the convertible top. The CD player does not work. The auxiliary port is broken. I bought it used.

- Arianna H

The day in a Life of the 2007 BMW 750i

Engine overheats and the gas mileage is horrible. Love the way it drives and the interior is beautifully done with high quilting leather.

- Brodrique M

It feels brand new even though it is eleven years old.

I like how my car drives. It is very smooth and fast. I feel very safe driving my car. I dislike the high cost of maintenance.

- Amy M

repairs are expensive and so is gas

it's a great car, but gas and repairs are expensive

- Eric H