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The BMW v8 that is faster than the v12.

None so far, drives great. Terrible gas economy. The alpina is a lot more subtle then the m-sport, but improve the styling. 600hp is great to slam you in the seat.It is $12,000 cheaper then the m760! And the top speed is 50 mph more. The 0-60 time of 3.3. Is great and master then most other bmw's.

- Brian D

I will buy a car at least 3 year.

People about my vehicle: problem: performance, reliability, comfort and features. My review is very well. And it is really good this is my third car and I would like to buy a new car at least three year. And I will buy this car minimum $70000. And it will be better.

- Thomas J

It can self park. I can park my vehicle in tight spots without being inside just like a RC toy car. This is the best feature and is extremely handy.

BMW 7 series is my dream car which i had always wanted. This car is flagship of BMW. It is a stylish and Extremely Luxurious. I comes with a self massaging seats auto start/stop and what not. This beauty is a 5 star hotel in itself.

- Drake D

my car is really Amazing .

I have a BMW car. It's really amazing. I can not think without my card. Because this car is my heart. I love my car. I can't live without it. Because driving is in my blood. I love my car.

- james c

That it's mine and only mine. And that it means a great deal to me

I love everything about it . Otherwise I'd wouldn't have bought it ... if I could reside in it I would but the post office Doesn't issue addresses for vehicles lol ????

- Jodi H

The amazing and powerful bmw 7

I like it because of the style and it goes fast. I've had trouble with my breaks though. They seem to rust fairly quickly and I have to bring them in to get fixed

- Brian K

BMW 7 series: description and personal opinion

Is a full size car, luxury sedan, great performance, and it has the last in technology, I don't have any problems with it

- Laura L

They should know quality and efficiency.

I love my car for both the interior the features and designs. I also enjoy the exterior and feel with great durability.

- Jane S

its rear traction that allows me to skid

my car is very reliable is one of the best car I have ever had because its engine and handling system is very reliable

- nathan n

Fast car and reliable must go hard and treat your car like family.

My vehicle is so nice I love it drives awesome love out of town trips only problems I have is tires and oil change.

- Trey H

its rear traction which allows me to slide very well

Actually my car does not give me problems because it is very modern and very reliable which allows me to be calm

- logan l

i like the sunroof and other little things

i tell people that it runs good it is worth the money i haven't had any problems with my car since i bought it

- robert S

I truly love it and it's a eye catcher! It's great for everyday life

I like that my vehicle is very comfortable and spacious! I like the extra features in my luxury sedan

- Carmen S

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it can automatically stop on its own.

I like how my vehicle has many great features such as leather seats.

- Theodore B

I own a Saturn SUV which I love but it is not in your list.

It's roomy and comfortable. Has all features to ensure safe driving.

- Susan I

is good and i think it looks great. i loved it and i recommended

looks great and i like it very much. is good and i recommended

- andrew m