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My dream car. Fast, comfy, my second home when sitting in car on my lunch break.

Get great gas mileage city and highway. Nice body style and color. You need to buy one. Reliable vehicle in your life. Great sound system, comfy seats leather of course. Great heat and air, lots leg room, roomy trunk, electric windows, sunroof. What's more to like in this luxury vehicle I am speechless.

- Patricia H

My car does not really have any highlight or interesting detail, it is okay.

My vehicle has problems like the ac feels like nothing. It is really annoying and hot it the car. They should make the ac stronger. But, honestly I am pretty okay with my vehicle. Another, thing they should add is adding a way to clean the car since I do not have time to take my car to the car wash.

- Ashley Y

Looking for a sleek and modern car? The BMW 7 series is for you.

Great and reliable car. Tons of features and tech. Sleek interior and exterior. Is very pricy, but you get what you pay for. The top model, which I have, is packed with great tech like 360 camera, heated/cooled/massage seats. Also is a great sounding car. Overall, BMW 7 series is a great car.

- Brady V

BMW is one of the best cars in the world high quality brand.

High performance, comfortable, economic, high tech, good brand, luxury, trustworthy, fixed on roads, unique, good engine, attractive, good quality, good design, good dealership, good price, modern, easy to drive, voice order, key controlling, auto driver and high quality suite.

- Austin R

Drives well, easy handling great on gas and can be used as everyday car.

Drives well, easy handling, good on gas. It is used for my primary vehicle because it is the car I spend most of my time driving when alone. My family loves it because it can be used as a everyday car or just on the weekend. I picked this car because of its style.

- Jacqueline L

Quality, safety and speed.

The best car for travels, trips and for those people who loves speed and long distances. I love the mechanic features of the car. Moreover, I would recommend this car to people who value the quality and brands. For me the BMW series are the most valuable cars.

- Mari C

It feels and actually is a safe car to drive and ride in. It has great tech in it but it does not overwhelm you when you try and use it.

It is just big enough to be comfortable but not so big as to be a road hog. I l really like how well it is built and the quality of the materials used. It also, lets be honest, look classy.

- Michael M

It is a luxurious, comfortable vehicle that adapts to my tastes and needs

the vehicle is excellent it does not present any failure, it is very comfortable and has a unique conforming, when sitting in front of the steering wheel you feel unique

- raymod t

very good fast and blindly recommended

bmw is one of the best cars there is one of the 3 cars that I own and as I told you, it is one of the best I do not have any complaints I recommend it blindly

- wil c

Others should know that it is functional.

It's extremely comfortable, easy to drive and has excellent pick-up. It handles so well. I dislike the side mirrors tilting downward when you go in reverse.

- Chris C

Most important thing would be to be careful , drive safe and enjoy.

I love everything about my car I won't change anything about it. Maybe the gas needs to last longer . And I wish people respect and don't scratch it.

- Liz S

I use it as my everyday driver and it works great. Gas mileage is really good for a V8

Great car, highly recommended. Expensive unless under warranty. Sport suspension a little rough and the 21 inch rims make the ride a bit bumpy.

- Alex G

Very High performance vehicle

It's very reliable and I enjoy it a lot. The performance of the vehicle itself is very strong and is one of the primary reasons I purchased it.

- Mike M

It is a 6 cylinder. With anti lock brakes.

No complaints. Love this car. Drives well and is extremely luxurious and comfortable. Has great technology. Very roomy. Great sound system.

- Richard B

The features and comforts are awesome and made for a king.

No issues yet, Although upon further research, repairs will be costly. I expected some degree of improvement from BMW.

- Justin S

Amazing car for the family

Amazing car, i love. It is very fast anda safety for me and my family, the best car in the world. Very recommended

- Andrew F

Amazing car for the family

Amazing carg, is fantastic, a family I love, superfast and safety, conforty, beautiful, the best car in the world

- David S

The best car a person can have own

Great car best performance possible Fast with great friction on tires for precise turning and driving capability

- Jeffery R

BMW is a high quality Performance is great Luxurious and great features on the inside

No complaints - I love the car, it is luxurious. Inside the car has great features Fast & high performance

- Audrey A

It's really fast and very very comfortable. Lots of fun

It's fun to drive. It drives well. It goes fast. It is reliable. Price is worth it. I enjoy this car a lot.

- Stewart L

amazing car for the safety the family

amazing car for the family, is very fast and safety. your wheels are incredible. the family love this car

- Anderson S

Amazing car for all family

My car is amazing, very innovative, very familiar, very fast and very safety, a family i love this car

- Fred T

The fact that I take great care of cleaning it and taking care of it

I love how the car looks and how efficient it is, but it's parts are too expensive for my liking

- Parsa K

It's very comfortable the be in and to drive it. The design is beautiful.

I like it because of its great design and the comfort that a can enjoy in the interior.

- Henry L

BMW "7 Series" A precision built vehicle that handles all the many road conditions and situations you'll ever encounter.

I enjoy the vehicle in all my different driving situations. It's a marvelous machine!

- Robert M

The car is top of the line with ratings in the poles for car of the Year to buy

I love my BMW 7 series 2018 sedan 4 door hybrid that i got Jan 1 for my birthday

- Xaydius S

The quality of the car and what are the capability of the car

it's not high maintenance and dependable car and it is easy to drive

- Ritchie J

The style and the extras are awesome! I love this car and will likely buy another.

I like everything about it! There's nothing I dislike about it

- graham w

is one of the best brands and is futuristic, all those who want to have a good car must buy this vehicle

It's a great car, I like its speed and the technology it uses

- Alber n

It's a BMW. It's nice and fast and clean. The sound system is good

It's a good car. It goes fast. I look good driving this car

- Jon S