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Perfect marriage between luxury styling and modern eco consciousness

I absolutely love the fact that the car is 95% recyclable, and that a portion of it is made in a hydroelectric plant and Washington State. I have encountered a charging glitch on the 120 volt charger that accompanies the car ' this is most commonly due to the age of the house I am currently living in and it's electrical outlets, but charging on 120 volt at a reduced level has significantly increased the charging time and has repeatedly left me with less than a 100% full charge come morning. This, coupled with a small network of public charging stations, is slightly stress-inducing. Lastly, it may not be an issue in all models (I am the second owner of this vehicle), but with rocketing temperatures nearing 100 degrees Fahrenheit before the official start of summer, I am noticing less-than-stellar AC quality in the vehicle on non comfort mode settings.

- Candice Q

Awesome car when not going in for issues.

I have had issues with the check engine light coming on. I have only owned it 6 months, and I had to have it towed to BMW for a faulty charging switch that made it so I was unable to decouple the Charger from the vehicle. The check engine light is back on again and I have to take it back to BMW. Otherwise, this car is a dream. That being said, I do not want a maintenance nightmare on my hands.

- Sylvia F

Powered By the My Solar System Means My i3 is Powered by the Sun!

This is my favorite car ever. It is fun to drive and more spacious than it looks. I love not paying high gasoline bills and since I have solar I feel like it is powered by the sun. The bamboo detailing on the inside is beautiful. The sound system and technology options make commuting way more enjoyable.

- Lisa H

It's a nice green choice and super stylish.

This car is super fun to drive. So far we have not had any major problems with it. I wish it had car play as sometimes the Bluetooth connection with my iPhone is a little crummy. I like it's reliability. And that I don't feel like one of the herd. I don't see a lot of these on the road!

- Abigail N

Comfortable and tons of room. I appreciate that I do not have to put gas.

Comfortable, durable, no gas expenses, reliable. I like the driving options available. So happy I do not have to fill up my gas tank on a daily basis. Drive is comfortable and there is room for my family when travelling. Seats are comfy and roomy. Heated seats help during cold weather.

- Bernice T

While it is an electric car there is a gas tank that holds 2 gallons of gas. This will help prolong trips that are longer than the electric charge will take you.

I love that it is quiet. There is more room inside then you expect and I can stretch my legs out. I also love that it is electric so we very rarely have to put any gas into it. I wish that it would charger faster and it was easier to find charging stations.

- Kara O

Its tech and high class but very simple.

No problems. It's an amazing car. It rides nice and smooth and is easy on fuel and maintenance. I have only had minor things like oil changes but nothing serious.

- Bray Y

engine quality is super that why its performance is great than others

MY BMW I3 permanence is really awesome. It's really comfort. Very much please to use. we really enjoy our every journey with my BMW car. Its Ac quality is super.

- Wendy C

extremely low cost to drive

It's a perfect city car. very low cost to drive low on emissions. I just wish that the range was more than 80 miles. noise on the highway at times is unbearable

- Ankur B

The roof is amazing. You can open it and see the sky at night and it is very beautiful.

It is very luxurious and I like to drive the bmw. It is big and spacious and can go very long distances without having to refill the tank.

- Mordred H

2015 bmw i3 range extender range with 150 total mile range.

Great performance, comfort and style. For its price and category, this is the electric vehicle to buy, and I would buy the BMW i3 again.

- Konstantinos P

Expensive but fun and comfortable car

Expensive to repair, air conditioning broke very quickly, smooth and fun to drive, lots of space for friends and cargo in the trunk

- Matt H

The highlight of my truck is that it's wonderful.

Runs wonderful. The red really pops out the color of the truck. I'm able to pull heavy weighted trailers for camping with ease.

- Hollie R

It has a gasoline range extender to help when battery is low. So no more range anxiety.

I get free charging at work so I don't have to pay for gas or electric. Very cost effective. Car is fun to drive.

- Dam N

It is good for the environment, and a smart choice

It handles great, is fun to drive. I get compliments on it from time to time. It looks great, is comfortable

- Jay J

BMW i3 Electrical and Gas

Great fuel efficiency, excellent acceleration. Spacious, could go up to 120 miles on electricity and gas.

- Kalina L

it's expensive but worth the price

quality,craftsman,fuel efficient and stylish.

- isabel j