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My car is very comfortable and clear. It is black and sits up very high.

Well I have a 2017 BMW, my car does not really have any problems with it. My car drive really smooth and silently. I love my car it get me from point A to point B. My car seats are every soft and comfortable, my car also sits up every high and has amazing ac in it. My windows are the perfect tint and nice and clear. I love how easy it is to drive it and stir.

- Tania E

The highlight of my vehicle is the inside.

There are no problems with, y car the car is very fast and has a very nice interior design the outside is also very nice. The car seats are real leather and the headlights can be any color of your choice. You can customize your car and have it however you like for a little to nothing.

- Alyssa C

My best purchase that I have ever made.

The i8 is so smooth, definitely one of my favorite purchases to make. Looks good and feels good. It is good on gas for being a sports car and I have had very little car problems. Keep in mind I have had my car for only 2 years and have had only 2 things I have had to fix.

- Michael H

Excellent Ride With A Couple Setbacks

It�s a very smooth ride. Comfortable and spacious seating. LOVE the radio! At the same time though, there�s often recalls issued for the vehicle and the occasional engine issues that require it being taken in for repair, but other than that it�s a great car!

- Shane H

The best part about my car is that it's nice looking and the rims look good.

The car that I have is a nice car but sometimes when I'm driving around the engine seems like it's messed up like it be making weird sounds and I have to get parts shipped to my house cause it's a foreign car.

- Ziare G

The BMW i8 best looking car they made.

It rides smooth and its fast also I love the doors the seats are comfortable. The design is slick. The only problem is the car is low so it makes it hard to get out of it.

- Christopher B

The smooth riding I was driving a bumpy ride and it don't feel it.

I really love the car it rides smooth and have the right speed. But problem is if you have kids the back seats is not bog is just a family car is personal car.

- Bailey P

The BMW i8 2017 in one of the best cars ever

I have a BMW i8, it is an awesome car. It has an awesome engine, it has never let me down. The color is black and it has leather seats.

- Christopher L

I love my BMW i8 2017. It is the best car.

BMW is a very good brand. They always help me whenever my car has a problem. The good thing is that the car barely has any problems

- Jamaal L

My vehicle is big and black

It's a safe vehicle reliable airbags. Haven't had any problems with it it runs smoothly. It's quiet and got good sound system.

- Justin H

i8 Monster, one of a kind luxury at its finest.

Its is a top of the line performance car could be used for racing. Luxury interior with Lamborghini doors a quiet start up..

- Jashaan T

It has all the bluetooth/wifi features you look for in a modern vehicle.

Very reliable and high quality vehicle. Comfortable, and has features that are innovative. Doesn't have many problems.

- Steven C

the acceleration is great, the transmission is great I like it a lot as I can trust the

my vehicle is great I really like it to tell the truth the performance is very good I have not had problems with the

- Stron W

Its blue and black and its fast

The car is really fast but it doesn't have a lot of space and the model is really good and it is a really nice car

- Quan J

e-mobile nice interior and a lot of power

really comfortable looks very nice and driving is much fun i would like to drive every second in my spare time

- Paul M

My Review of the BMW i8 - I love it!

I love it sooooo much! It is very fast and comfortable to sit in. I use it to commute to work everyday!

- Mike R

It is a new car. I bought it myself. It looks good. It runs good.

I like how fast it goes. I like the interior. I like the color of my car. I like how good on gas it is.

- Dorian M

The best car that someone can have

It's a very beautiful car, all electric and modern. It has strong and is quiet. I like a lot the car.

- Mark C

It doesn't hold a lot of people inside of the car so its hard to get a round with a lot of people

I like the look and feel of it. It's a great car. very accessible. but I don't like the speed.

- John B


It's amazing. It gets me where I need to get. And it looks and runs amazing

- Taylor m

It's fast like really really fast

The car had a lot of power when you step on the gas and great control

- Tyler a

It's a great car to purchase if you love the BMW franchise and if you love sports cars.

I like that it's a sports car and have lots of features

- Kentrell O