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BMW M3. Good car for the maintenance?

currently own a BMW m3. Great car. Have not had many issues. A fuel injector did get stuck when I first bought the car but that was fixed for $1200. The car apparently can have other issues such as throttle actuators going out. there's 2 of them and they're $1200 each. So keep a emergency fund.

- sebastian M

Just because I drive a BMW does not mean I am a spoiled child, I've earned everything I have

I own a BMW M3 Manual, it is an excellent vehicle and I strongly recommend it. Driving a stick is very fun but is difficult for long drives or traffic. I love the features, speed, and look.

- Nick A

The nicest pur you will hear on the road!

My vehicle is very reliable and works well for my constantly moving lifestyle. It's perfect for everyday functionality and having fun when I'm not working

- Quillan C

The most important thing others should know about my car is it is fast.

I like that it is fast and sporty. I dislike how low to the ground it was lowered to before I bought it.

- Erica H

How long the car will last

What i don't like about the car is that the outside model i wish they made is more sporty looking

- Mark G

My car is fun to drive and comfortable to drive.

I like my car a lot and don't have any complaints.

- John D

safety secured reliable servicing

great no major problem so far reliable trust

- David C