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Limited edition color Yaz Marina Blue BMW M4

The performance is fabulous. It's a lot of fun to drive. However, when it comes to comfort that is a different story. There is definitely not much room in the vehicle for the driver and the passengers. As for reliability I have not had any issues with the car.

- Brandi S

It is a fast car and can get you in trouble with the law. Also, tire maintenance is important and the tires are very expensive.

It has 425 HP and is very very fast. It has a sleek design. It handles like it's on rails. The only complaint I have is that it requires more preventive maintenance that a regular BMW, which is no problem really with the 4 year maintenance plan it comes with

- Hunter A

The fact that it is not a regular 4 series and has 425 horsepower.

I love the torque that my car has. I like all the safety features that my car has. I like the technology that my car comes with such as the heads up display. I love the quality of the interior. However, I would like my car to be louder.

- Angel C


Well, my vehicle is working absolutely fine, It's everything I need to survive and to do all the things that I want to do, it has conditioner air and the KM are alright.


The vehicle can have the same power as a F-150.

I brought this vehicle brand new. The gasoline amount for every gallon is beneficial. There is no need for wide turns. No problem is here.

- Alex A

It's a luxury coupe that is fast.

I like that ts fast, sleek and very nice inside and out. I disliked that It's costs a lot.

- Dylan S